tagIllustratedGift from Outer Space Ch. 07

Gift from Outer Space Ch. 07


This is the final installment in the "Gift" series. As with the previous chapters, the story revolves around a dickgirl or three. If that offends you, read no more. Also, the bulk of this chapter is spent delivering a non-erotic story that concludes the series.

To those of you who have returned for the final installment and wonder what is going to happen to Renee and her friends, I present without further ado the final chapter of "Gift from Outer Space."

* * * * *

"A real friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out." -Walter Winchell

"Alone? How precious!" Lady Vera shuddered with excitement. She watched as Nina walked into the courtyard of Pleasure Castle. "What could she possibly hope to accomplish by coming here alone?"

Vera's electronic brain sent a command to a remote computer which activated a small, steel-encased flying saucer. The machine gently hummed as it floated out of one of the castle windows. It slowly descended, moving directly towards Nina.

Nina noticed it and bolted for the gates. However, she found her legs had left the ground and she was suspended in mid air. She felt herself being lifted up and pulled towards the saucer.

The small saucer carried Nina up and towards the castle. A hidden door in the main keep's upper walls opened and soon they both disappeared through it.


After a long day of panhandling, the girls went up to their room and flopped onto their beds. They had a small bag full of currency. They were not sure how to total the varying denominations of mines, notes, and heirs, but they were amazed at how easy the living was on Serra-5.

Josie walked over to the entertainment console and turned on some soothing music. Behtorian music was strange but they were already starting to get used to it.

"I wouldn't mind staying here," Josie said.

"I miss my family though," Kirsten sighed. "It would not be right to stay. I have to go home."

"I'm not thinking about that yet," Bonnie fretted.

The girls turned to Bonnie with solemn looks on their faces. Bonnie had reminded them that their friends were in much more dire circumstances.

"Maybe they're alright," Bonnie speculated. "Maybe Renee just needs some time to get her symbiont to come off. We still have to wait a few more days. We can't give up!"


Loki searched and searched. He had a way of finding people, even on their home turf, and he was confident he was looking in all the right places for the girls. He only hoped they were not all in the Castle. Even "Plan B" might not work if they were Vera's prisoners.

As he walked along an alleyway, he spotted one of the girls posing as a beggar. He walked up to Kirsten and dropped a coin at her feet.

"Thank you for your kindness, sir," Kirsten said, snatching the coin off the pavement.

Normally passers-by just moved along, but every now and then one wanted to talk to Kirsten. She glanced up at him quickly but then looked away, as Josie had trained her to do.

The man standing before her now looked dignified and wealthy. She wondered if he was some sort of galactic aristocrat.

"You are Kirsten," the man said. The sound of her name on his lips made her freeze. "Don't be afraid. I've been looking for you. I'm here to help. Where are the others?"

He knows.

For an instant, she thought the police had come to kick her from the curb for begging. Logic and intuition told her he was not the police, but that made her even more nervous.

"Where is Renee?" he asked.

Kirsten stared at the ground.

"Where is Nina?"

No response.

"Bonnie? Josie?" Loki patiently recited their names. "Can you guess how far I have traveled to find you?"

Kirsten looked up at him, finally. He had a kind face, a face she could trust.

"I don't know," she admitted.

"Earth," he said. "I came all the way from Earth. I know about Renee and I'm your best friend on this whole planet. Now, where is Nina?"

Kirsten shook her head. "Nina is gone. Into the castle. Sh-she she went into there after we got out. The next day."

"Bonnie and Josie, then?"

"They are in other alleys near here."

"Hmm." Loki looked around furtively. "It seems I can't stay here any longer. I'll be here tonight, at that bar on the corner," he said. He strode down the alleyway and turned the corner.


The girls arrived early at the bar and waited for the mysterious gentleman to appear. They wondered if he would even show up. As they waited, they speculated about him. Maybe he was rich and powerful. Maybe he helped arrange the delivery of Renee's data book. Maybe he was their ticket back to Earth.

He arrived on time and called them all outside. "Let's walk and talk," he said. They stepped out into the cool night breeze.

"What's going on?" Josie began.

"Josie, my girl," he said, "It is good to finally meet you."

"And you are?" Bonnie asked.

"Call me Monty, for now," he said, mindful of the possibility of being heard by outlaw detectors. "Ladies, you know that symbiont on Renee? About a month ago, I handed that symbiont to a shop owner in Chinatown to let him sell it to someone. I wanted to see what would happen."

"Oh my god," Bonnie groaned under her breath.

"There was a reason behind it," Loki went on. "Part of it was trying something that would create the unexpected. You never know what will happen when you get the ball rolling on a little chaos. This has been a great experiment so far."

"Now we're a million miles from home," Kirsten sighed.

"More like trillions," Josie snorted.

"Anyway my point is this," Loki broke in. The more they talked, the greater the risk of being detected. "It once was mine, now it is Nina's, or in fact Renee's if Nina gave it to Renee. Lady Vera had no right to it. She is stealing it, which violates a treaty we have with the Alhani. We can stop her and get the law on Renee's side!"

"Really?" the girls gasped. They brightened up, eager to hear more.

Loki paused, listening to the quiet of the town at night.

"Gotta go!" he said, vanishing.

Loki escaped by only a heartbeat. There was a thunderous clap as the teleportation damper field was activated in the area. The girls, of course, were confused by all of this.

Things were about to become downright bewildering.

The viewscreens in the area began to sound an alarm "Bwooop! Bwooop! Bwooop!"while displaying a message which read "REMAIN WHERE YOU ARE."

A moment later a stocky, man-shaped robot bounded into the area at high velocity. As he slowed down, a gust of wind hit the girls. Kirsten, cowering, was nearly bowled over and Bonnie cringed. Josie looked at the machine in wonder and admiration.

The figure waved casually as if to say, "Take it easy."

It was a police officer named Lieutenant Diggers. He was wearing a complete suit of exoskeletal armor. His voice came through loudly from speakers on his mask. "Have you seen a man in the area, just now?" he asked.

"Yes! There was a man, in a suit and tie," Josie blurted out.

Lieutenant Diggers lifted his mask visor so that the girls could get a look at his face. He took a step forward, tentatively. "Are you aware that you were speaking with a space pirate?"

They quickly glanced at each other, then shook their heads.

"Hey, where are you from?" he asked.

"Earth," Josie replied.

His eyes widened.

"When did you get here?" he asked.

"Less than a week ago," Josie answered.

"Earth," Diggers breathed, nodding to himself. "Yep, that was Loki. He's here," he said. "We need to take you down to the station. Please board the ship."

As soon as he spoke, a small aircraft swooped in from above, and hovered only inches above the pavement. Wide side doors swung up to reveal rows of seats.

"Are we going home?" Kirsten asked.

Meanwhile, Loki crouched between a pair of boulders far from the city limits and gazed towards the town, wondering what might have happened to the girls. Then a smile crossed his lips.

"I tried. It's time to do this the hard way," he said to himself. Then he chuckled. "Sorry girls, but you're in for a shock!"


Nina and Renee were in a single large dungeon cell. Nina was able to enjoy a hot bath, a bed, and other basic comforts. Renee was in a cell within a cell, caged inside a small force field prison in the center of the room. A heavy sack held her symbiont, and it was securely strapped to her hips with a thick leathery belt.

At least she and Nina could talk.

Renee had insisted that Nina pamper herself by taking a hot bubble bath. There was nothing but time. Renee stood, arms above her, in her invisible cage, brooding patiently.

Finally, Nina emerged from the tub, white suds streaming down her tan skin. She dried herself off and then went over to Renee.

"It's been a few days now, hasn't it?" Nina began.

Renee nodded.

"As long as Vera keeps her end of the bargain, we'll get out of this in one piece. Then we can get on with our lives."

Renee nodded wearily.

"Do you trust her?" Nina asked.

"Maybe. Either way, I am so done with this fight."

Suddenly, Renee became very woozy.

"Renee? Are you okay? Hey!" Nina banged on the force field as the blonde fainted and hung by her arms, unconscious.

Then Nina watched as the bag holding the symbiont began to droop and grow heavy. Nina spotted several long, slimy tentacles in the gap between the bag and Renee's mound. They disappeared, leaving only a large object resting in the bag.

Renee had a normal vagina once more, although it was a little red and puffy.

"Somebody get in here!" Nina yelled. "Come take what you want, you goons!"

Lady Vera was watching. She ordered Seppa to ready a flying taxi. Then she herself collected the symbiont from the room. Her massive bodyguard trailed behind her.

After collecting the symbiont, Lady Vera left the dungeon. Then the girls were escorted to their transportation by the bodyguard.

The taxi whisked Nina and Renee away from the castle and into the night sky. It flew on autopilot. Nina did not know or care where they were going. She had Renee.

She shook her sleeping lover until she was awake.

Renee looked up at the Serran sky for the first time through the glass dome ceiling of the car. Nina was there too, smiling and holding her, kissing her. She thought it was a vivid dream. She pulled Nina's lips hard against hers and ground her heat against Nina's upper thigh.

She could not feel her symbiont.

"Am I dreaming?" she asked Nina.

"No," Nina whispered.

"Oh, thank god, Nina," Renee said, holding Nina close.

Nina began licking and sucking on Renee's nipples. Each touch of her lips and nibble of her teeth caused Renee to kick and shiver. She spread her legs wide and thrust her hips out at Nina.

"Please," she moaned.

Nina crawled down a bit and rubbed her erect nipple against Renee's clit. Renee writhed against Nina's tender touch, desperate for more.

"Like this?" Nina teased.

"You're driving me insane, just do me!" Renee begged.

When Nina slid her fingers into Renee's drenched pussy lips, Renee felt like she was being touched for the first time. The very moment Nina's full lips kissed Renee's clit, she felt herself beginning to cum.

Nina licked and fingered Renee to several orgasms. With each taste of ecstasy, the pain of Renee's ordeal faded, while Nina's passion and lust burned hotter.

They moved into a 69, but before they had a chance to continue, their car stopped at a balcony. Nina poked her head up to look around.

"Wow, it's like, a hotel room. Let's go inside."

They stepped off the flying car onto the balcony of their luxury suite. Instead of a bed in the room, there was a large, soft square on the floor.

Renee crawled onto it and found that the material was somewhat warm to the touch and yielded to pressure gradually. The material shaped itself to her every contour as she lay on it, cradling her hips and shoulders.

"Wow, this is comfy!" Renee exclaimed.

Nina tried out the square as well. She was tired but far too horny to sleep just yet. She reached out for Renee, snuggling her close.

Renee was already sound asleep.

Nina sighed. Her pussy was so wet, whatever was a girl to do?

"Get some sleep, then, chica. You deserve it," she murmured to her sleeping lover. Moments later, she was sound asleep as well.


Lieutenant Diggers had a very interesting shift that night.

After questioning Josie, Bonnie, and Kirsten, he decided that he needed to see the classified portions of Lieutenant Talon's report.

It took only moments to obtain the clearance, thanks to the Matrix. Once he was granted access to the full report, he got quite an eyeful of Talon's homemade porn before focusing on the facts of the report.

By the time he finished watching Talon's entire video brief, it was early morning. He now knew Loki was after a symbiont, and the symbiont was in Pleasure Castle.

Diggers used his suit to fly there, arcing across the star-strewn sky at near supersonic speeds.

After an inquiry at the gates and almost twenty minutes of stonewalling from the Castle security desk, the guards at the castle informed him that Renee and Nina were now at a resort hotel. He went straight there, landing on their balcony as stealthily as his exo-suit would allow.

He looked upon the sleeping figures within the glass doors of the balcony. When he saw that the symbiont was gone, he cursed.

He decided to relax a while and let them have their sleep. Later that morning they emerged from their room, confused and bewildered, and made their way to the lobby.

"Renee, Nina," he called, beckoning them over. They were lost and confused, but they were drawn to Diggers' tone of authority and confidence.

With all five girls in his custody, the exo-cop felt he had at least some hope of luring Loki into a trap. A fleeting hope.

He decided to review the interrogation tape for clues, watching it right from a screen built into the inside of his massive neck guard.

"What did the man in the black suit tell you about this symbiont?" Diggers watched himself ask.

"He said he gave it to some shop owner in Chinatown, who happened to sell the symbiont to Nina."

"What else did he say?"

"He said he wanted to use a treaty to stop Lady Vera from taking away the symbiont, but he said he needed our help."

He put the girls up in their old free hotel room, and placed some surveillance in the area. If Loki came by to see them, his squad would swoop out of nowhere in a heartbeat and nail him. He hoped. If not, he would call off the stake out after a few days, and the girls would simply carry on with their new lives.


Finally the five girls were reunited once more, this time without a specter of dread over their heads. Each girl tearfully embraced Renee, grateful to the powers that be that she and Nina were safe and unharmed. They all praised Nina for her courage and devotion.

Bonnie stole a few kisses from Renee's lips. "We were all worried for you," she said, taking Renee's hands in hers. "Are you okay?"

Renee kissed Bonnie back and then blushed. "It's good to see you girls are all okay as well."

Josie came next. She gave Renee a big tight hug, kissing her a few times on the neck. Josie made an attempt to surreptitiously feel up Renee, as Nina watched. Nina gave Josie a playful but territorial slap on the arm.

"That's right, I'm normal again!" Renee said with a grin. It was hard to tell if Renee was faking her smile.

"Thank goodness you're alright!" Josie said.

Kirsten came next, giving Renee a hug and a smile. "I'm so glad you're alright," she said. "We've been doing some panhandling here in the hopes that you guys would pull through."

"So I hear," Renee said. "How did that go?"

Josie giggled. "Here!" she pulled two thumb-sized devices from her small handbag and handed them to Renee and Nina. "They're like smartphones. I've, um, taken the liberty to program in all our numbers."

"How much did they cost?" Nina asked.

"That's the best thing, we still have most of what we begged for left over, and they're prepaid -- for life!"

"Wow, not bad," Renee exclaimed. "Thanks!"

"Sweet!" Nina concurred.

"So, if we have money, let's go shopping!" Renee said, growing excited at the thought of seeing what the town had to offer.

"Wait wait. It's going to be lunch time soon," Bonnie said. "We want to get out there and do some serious begging, right?"

They all looked at each other.

"She's right you know," Josie said. "We definitely make more money during lunch than at other times."

"Well, I really want to see some of this town already. Besides, Nina and I really could use a break and some time to recharge," Renee said.

Josie looked at Kirsten and Bonnie, and they both nodded. "Okay, let's all take off for a bit, and do some shopping. Sound good?"

Josie, Bonnie and Kirsten had saved up so much money from begging that they were able to buy all sorts of knick-knacks. Since their nano-treatment, they had long dark lashes and impeccable skin, so they had no need for make-up. Serran-style feminine hygiene products and other basics took some getting used to, however.

They found a department store where they could stay for hours just shopping around. Meanwhile, Diggers and his team maintained surveillance at all times.

While at the store, Nina and the others began to notice a few people stopping and staring at them, and some shoppers pointing them out to their friends. After a while, Nina began to get really self-conscious.

"Man, what's up with them, yo?" she grumbled. "We must stick out like sore thumbs. I think it's these free clothes that's giving us a bad rep. Let's grab some new stuff, yeah?"

They all headed to the women's fashion department.

While Nina was trying on outfits, Renee and Josie sat down on a bench together to do some catching up.

"So tell me about these smartphones, you said they can do all sorts of stuff?" Renee asked.

"Yep. They have all sorts of sensors, you can shop on them, hold them up like a flash light or look through them for night vision, video recording, and video playback, not to mention all sorts of games and apps. The interface is all holographic. Watch."

Josie set the phone down on her thigh and pressed a button. A holographic keyboard appeared a few inches above her thighs. She pressed a few keys and a screen appeared.

With a few more keystrokes, Josie had summoned up a 3-D hologram showing some Serran sit-com. Josie started squeezing a button on the device, each press causing the image to flip from one channel to the next.

Suddenly the girls came across a channel that appeared to be broadcasting hard-core porn.

Their jaws dropped when they realized it was them. They recognized the big bath and shower they had used while in Talon's custody.

"Oh. My. God." Josie breathed. "Where did this come from?"

"That, that fucking cunt!" Renee cursed as it dawned on her that not only did Talon record the events that took place within her outpost, but she allowed them to leak out as well. "I should have seen it coming!"

"Guys, guys!" Kirsten called as she rushed over to them. "I just panhandled out front for like five minutes and two guys alone gave me a hundred notes, each," she said. Under her breath, she added, "They were kinda scumbags, though."

Then she spotted the holographic projection. The image depicted the moment that Renee's giant cock filled her ass with so much cum that she shot across the room like a cork.

Kirsten began blushing a violent shade of red.

Almost without warning, the montage of porn transitioned into some kind of news. In the background was an image of Kirsten tumbling through the air in a torrent of cum.

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