tagSci-Fi & FantasyGift of the Goddess

Gift of the Goddess


I woke to the deep darkness of the room. I didn't know what had awakened me and glancing at the bedside clock luminous in the blackness it showed a little after midnight. I lay listening for any noise that might have drawn me out of a sound sleep.

At first I could hear nothing, but gradually I became aware of what sounded like the muted chanting of a female voice, incantation-like and beguiling in its melodious rhythm.

My first thought was that a radio had been left on so I rose from the bed to go and find out. I had only been in the house for one day but I had noticed two radios, one in the lounge and another in the kitchen. I got to the lounge and found the radio off; it was the same in the kitchen, but once in the kitchen the chanting had grown more distinct and seemed to be coming from outside the house.

Curious, and I suppose a trifle uneasy, I went out through the door that led to the back veranda to emerge into a world flooded with light; the dark blue light of a full moon except where its rays did not penetrate, leaving deep shadows.

The sound was still gentle, but very clear and even more enticing. The night was still, warm and so silent that it was as if I had been transported from my sister's suburban back garden to some sacred grove in a dreamland, and in the air was the fragrance of cedar wood.

I looked around for the source of the chanting and finding it, I stood staring in amazement.

A woman stood on the lawn bathed in the moonlight, arms outstretched with the palms of her hands turned upwards as if in supplication. She was so still that I might have thought she was a statue had not been for the chanting and the fact that there had been no statue there earlier in the day.

Her head was thrown back slightly, her hair hanging like a shimmering curtain down her back reaching almost to her waist, and she seemed to be suffused in a golden light.

Tall, her body held straight, she was naked and from where I stood I was seeing her in profile; her figure was superb, with ample breasts and a slightly swelling abdomen. Her facial profile somehow seemed familiar and dazed by the vision of beauty as I was I dimly knew I had seen that outline before. Then it came to me that what I was looking at resembled a painting of one of the Amazons of legend.

I may have made a slight sound, an intake of breath, or perhaps some instinct alerted her to my presence. She lowered her arms and turned towards me. I thought she might be frightened seeing me there, but she seemed unaffected.

Her face was in shadow, but I could see the promise of her profile born out in the soft moulding of her shoulders, the slender waist, gently swelling hips and her long beautifully shaped legs.

She stood looking at me for a few moments, then raising one arm she beckoned me to come to her. As if in a dream I stepped off the veranda and crossed over the lawn to her.

She again beckoned me to come close to her and as I drew near the sweet fragrance of meadow flowers and herbs seemed to emanate from her.

I became aware of my own nakedness when, under the influence of her female loveliness, desire stirred in me and my manhood rose.

She spoke almost in a whisper; "Good, you have come my beloved."

As she murmured these words her head turned slightly and the moonlight fell on her face showing it clearly for the first time. "Juno," I gasped.

Juno, my sister; two years older than me and always something of an enigma, not only to me, but to my parents and all who knew her. She had been baptised "Joan," but when she was sixteen she had insisted on being called "Juno."

For as long as I could remember she had seemed to be with us, yet never quite of us. It was as if she inhabited some other world or space; with us physically but spiritually of another place.

There had never seemed to be a real bond between us, and if during her teenage years you had asked me if she was attractive I would have probably shrugged and said carelessly, "I suppose so."

My "suppose so" judgement would have been based not upon my own view of her looks, because for me she was neither beautiful nor ugly, she was just my rather peculiar sister. No, my judgement would have been based on the fact that she drew so many males to her, none of whom lasted long with her, and I had been fairly certain that none had reached the longed for goal.

At school she had been outstanding both academically and in sport. When she finished high school all who knew her expected she would go on to a brilliant academic career. It was not to be. She announced that she had taken a job in a book shop; it was not even a bookshop in our city, but one in a distant city.

My parents were angry and bitterly disappointed, but Juno was adamant. To make it worse it turned out to be a shop that sold mainly occult literature, referred to by my parents as, "That bloody weird bookshop."

Juno started as an employee – as I understood it she was the only employee – but in a few years she had bought out the previous owner and became the sole proprietor. Where and how she got the money was, like everything else about Juno, a mystery.

We saw nothing of her once she moved out from home, and only occasionally did letters arrive. It was as if Juno had really gone into her other world.

I had never been sure how my parents felt about Juno's self imposed isolation from them but had the feeling that they were in some respects relieved. Living with Juno, it was as if one lived in a highly charged atmosphere – a not very comfortable one.

As for me; never feeling we had been close, Juno's absence made little difference, except that the atmosphere became a little more comfortable. Not nearly as clever as she, I still had my own way to make, and had opted for managerial studies.

Given the absence of any close bond between us, it came as a surprise that after about seven years of not seeing her, I got an invitation to go and visit Juno. Being just at the point of launching my career and with several applications in for various positions, my first inclination was to politely refuse the invitation.

I call it an "invitation" but there was something of the imperious summons about it. Its rather peremptory tone at first annoyed me, but every time I was about to write the letter of refusal, something seemed to stop me. It may have been simply curiosity to go and see what had become of her and her "Bloody weird bookshop," so I finally relented and wrote a letter of acceptance.

I had expected that seven years would have brought about some changes in her, but when she picked me up at the airport she looked pretty much the same as I remembered her; almost as tall as I was, very upright and dignified with something of a military bearing, her golden hair tied back rather severely into a coil at the back of her head.

When we met there were no hugs or kisses; she merely looked at me appraisingly and said somewhat ambiguously, "The time is right for you to be here." Since Juno had always been given to expressing herself in odd ways, I decided that this was something that hadn't changed either.

As far as her house was concerned I hadn't know what to expect but when I saw it I was a bit disappointed. It was in an older city suburb and is better described as a cottage rather than a house. I was shown over the place which didn't take long. There as one room that I was not taken into, and that without any explanation. The back garden was well stocked with trees, shrubs and what I took to be herbs, but when I had seen it in daylight it had none of the enchanted atmosphere that under the light of the full moon I was now experiencing.

It was Juno who stood close to me, her breasts almost brushing my chest, yet it was Juno as I had never perceived her before.

In a voice that expressed the astonishment that I felt I said, "Juno, you're lovely."

She laughed quietly and replied, "You are seeing me as the Goddess would have you see me."


Her reply was to point at the moon. I looked up, and momentarily I had the strange feeling I was being drawn into its golden depths.

"Come," Juno murmured, "it is time for our union and sacrifice."

"Union; sacrifice; what union and sacrifice?"

When she replied I could hear the note of puzzlement in her voice.

"You don't know...you don't yet understand?"

"Please Juno, what's happening? You, the chanting, the garden, and the whole atmosphere it's...it's..."

"It is the night of the Goddess and the night in which we must fulfil the destiny she has ordained for us."

"What...what has she ordained?"

"That we should be bound together as one body and soul and if she favours us we shall receive her gift."

"Juno, what are you talking about?"

She sighed and said, "We are to be united in an act of sexual love; it is the will of the Goddess."

I stepped back from her, stunned. "But that's impossible, it's forbidden, against the law, brother and sister..."

She laughed softly again and said, "Oh Aden, you are speaking of the law of man, not the Goddess. The Goddess herself united with her brother to bear famous heroes of old. Don't you understand, this has been our destiny before even we were born?"

She stretched out her hand and touched my rigid penis; "See you are ready for the act of love and you know you desire me, so come, everything is ready for us."

She took my hand and led me towards the house; I, still not understanding, nevertheless went willingly.

Entering the house she took me to the room which earlier she had not invited me to look at. Seeing it my breath was taken away. Its predominating colours were moonlight blue and gold, with a large golden circle dominating one wall. On the other walls were scattered stars and strange symbols and on the floor beneath the golden orb stood a large divan-like raised area covered with a golden clothe that matched the orb.

"What is this place?" I whispered, awe struck.

"It is the sacred shrine of the Goddess, and this," she pointed to the raised area, "is the altar of sacrifice."

"But what is the sacrifice?"

"My virginity that I shall offer to the Goddess; you are to be the instrument of sacrifice."

I made a vain attempt to protest, but I felt myself to be in the power of that which was greater than myself; a will stronger than mine and a desire for Juno more potent than I had ever experienced with any other woman.

She indicated that I should lie on the altar and once there, lying on my back, she came to lie beside me for a few moments, slowly masturbating me. Then as if making up her mind she sat astride me and lowered her sex organ so that the crown of my penis touched the soft, moist inner lips of her vulva.

She paused again, looking up at the great golden circle and in the chanting manner I had heard before she spoke what sounded like a supplication.

"Great Goddess, Holy One, I thank you for bringing me to this hour and for the instrument of sacrifice you have ordained for me. Grant that through his seed I shall receive your gift and that we shall in this act be bound to each other in faithfulness in this world, and when you draw us from this world to be with you in your Holy Realm we shall be as one for all eternity in your presence."

Another moment then she pressed down on me. There was a brief resistance and then I was through into the paradise of her vagina.

As I split her hymen I felt her give a shudder of pain, but unlike the only other female whose virginity I had taken, she did not scream, but cried out faintly, "Receive my sacrifice, Holy One."

I thought that the pain might make her withdraw from me, but instead she continued to plunge down on me until my full length was in her. She stopped still and I experienced the most exquisite coupling I had ever known.

Her vaginal wall was tight around my shaft and it felt as if she was sucking the semen from my testes. Then with the slightest of flicking movements of her sex organ it came, pouring into her. As she felt my sperm enter her she gave a low moan; "Fertilise me," then in silence she continued her delicate movements.

When other women had sat astride me they had, at the moment of orgasm, bucked and reared, but Juno's tiny movements gave me an orgasm beyond all I had know before. All the anguish and joy of orgasmic release was there, but more intense and it seemed to go on for a lot longer than my other orgasms. It was as if she was bent upon draining the last drops of semen from me.

When it was over she continued to sit across me, my penis still in her vagina, then lifting up her head she closed her eyes and said, "I thank you, Holy One."

With those words she drew away from me and said, "Go now and sleep, we shall talk in the morning."

I left her there in the shrine and made my way to the bathroom. Looking at my penis I could see the residue of sperm and her lubricant mixed with a trace of blood. I washed it and went to bed to fall into asleep almost immediately.

When I woke in the morning it was to a day of bright sunlight. The memory of what had occurred during the night was with me, yet it seemed to have been a dream. I dressed and went in search of Juno and found her sitting at the kitchen table engaged in the mundane act eating breakfast.

The manner of her dress added to my doubts about the reality of the night's events. She wore a plain dark blue dress of the simplest cut and adorned only with a brooch in the shape of a golden circle.

She looked up at me a smiled saying, "I'm glad you're up early, we have to go to the shop. You will need to learn many things about it."

"What...I don't understand, why do I need to learn about your shop?"

"It is there we shall serve the Goddess, Aden, and there we shall earn our livelihood."

"But Juno, I'm not staying, I can't, I have to..."

"Of course you are staying Aden, don't you yet understand, we are one now, body and soul, we are in the service of the Goddess."

"But I only came to..."

"No, you came because I called you. Look into yourself; you do not want to leave, you are bound to me now and no matter where you go I will never release you; the Goddess forbids it."

She rose and came close to me. Her nearness and the memory of what had happened between us began to work its magic in me. Despite the plainness of her dress and her hair now being held back in its accustomed coil, the beauty was still there. My penis began to harden.

"See," she murmured, "you desire me and you will always desire me and the Goddess has given us the freedom of each other's bodies. You must eat and soon we must leave for the shop, but let me ease your hunger for me."

She took off her panties, undid the zip of my trousers, and took out my penis; then lifting up her skirt and pulling herself close to me she impaled herself on me.

She looked into my eyes and said, "Can you feel the love I have for you? We shall come to know each other's bodies and will fulfil each other's needs, but for now I shall draw your semen from you."

With those words I felt the same sensation that I had experienced the previous night; the drawing up from my testes of my love seed.

When she had emptied me she whispered, "There can be no other woman for you, or man for me. We are one."

In that moment I knew the truth of this. I felt a profound love for her and as she had pulled out the sperm from me, so words now seemed to be drawn out of me.

"Thanks be to the Goddess."

She smiled, "So at last you understand. By the time of the next full moon we shall know if the Goddess has granted us her gift."

She withdrew from me saying, "Eat something now, we must leave for the shop soon." She picked up her panties from the floor and left me for a while to get on with breakfast.

From the first moment of entering the bookshop fascinated me. It held not only occult literature, but also sold magical symbols, herbs and even robes. That day I spent most of my time trying to familiarise myself with the stock and watching what went on.

Firstly, I was amazed at how many customers came and bought, and noted that the majority were women. I commented on this to Juno.

"Yes," she said, "the old order is gradually dying and the time of the Goddess is returning. Of course she is known under many names, but she is one."

She laughed lightly, "Many of the women you see coming in here will have sought the Goddess's gift last night, and she is granting her gift ever more frequently. Many of us will know at the next full soon whether she has been gracious to us. Yes Aden, her time is coming again, the age of male barbarism is drawing to a close and the age of female peace and love is opening again after many thousands of years."

It may seem strange, but during that day I felt at peace. For all my previous attempts to protest, first at our sexual union, and then about staying, I felt as if I had come to where I belonged.

If as we left the shop I still had any lingering doubts, they left me when that night I went to Juno's bed. Still ignorant of the ways of the Goddess I asked why we had not gone to the shrine in order to be united in the presence of the Goddess.

As Juno slowly stroked my penis she said, "No, my love, you have been the instrument of sacrifice and now your shrine, your place of worship, is my body. Through me you will offer your worship to the Goddess."

Having said this she straddled me as she had the night before, but this time with her sex organ poised over my face. She parted the outer lips of her vulva saying, "Look at what for you will now be the holy of holies."

I saw the rose pink petals of her inner lips, smelt her meadow fragrance and tasted the sweetness of her female love fluid. All doubts floated away; Juno was my access to the Goddess.

At the time of the next full moon Juno was able to announce that the Goddess had granted her gift to us. The gift was born at the time of the new moon and was named Selene in honour of the Goddess.

Since then the Goddess has granted us her gift three more times, each granted at the time of the full moon and born at the time of the new moon.

It is many years now since that night in which Juno made her sacrifice. At that time she was beautiful and while I see others grow old Juno never seems to age. Her beauty is as fresh as ever, but then, as she once said, I see her as the Goddess would have me see her.

Looking at the many women who come into our shop, some young and attractive, some aging, I wonder if their men see them as the Goddess wills. Perhaps they and Juno will remain beautiful until the time when the Goddess takes them into her eternal realm.

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