tagMind ControlGift of the Goddess Ch. 01

Gift of the Goddess Ch. 01


Author's Note: This story involves elements of reluctance/non-consent (since it's mind control) as well as oral, vaginal and anal sex and group sex. Enjoy!


Jonathon staggered down the hill, looking delirious and grinning like a complete loon. Although his girlfriend had been cheating on him with his best friend for the entire trip, both of them were still worried about him. He wanted to laugh at the expression on Dana and Robert's faces as he walked up to them; instead he collapsed at their feet.

When he woke, he was alone in a hotel room, obviously still in Greece. Jonathon's mind raced over the period of time that he spent in the temple to Aphrodite, still feeling unable to grasp everything that had happened. The Goddess of Love had sympathized with him, cuddling him to her perfect breasts as he cried at the betrayal of the two people he'd loved best in the world. Her eyes had glowed golden as she'd promised him power... power beyond his wildest imagination. Power... and revenge.


Dana woke, as if out of a dream... she felt herself leaving the bedroll that she'd been sharing with Robert, even after Jonathon had returned. It wasn't as if he didn't know anyway... he'd found out right before disappearing for 3 heart-wrenching days. She hadn't cheated on him because she didn't care about him, but they just weren't right together. And she should've broken up with him first, before sleeping with Robert (and getting caught), but she'd never been very good at that type of thing.

Now she followed a tug at her mind, everything seeming hazy and dream-like... she walked into the tent next to her. There stood a God-like figure, glowing bright to her eyes and she cried out in wonder and stumbled, falling to her knees before him. She couldn't make out any of his features, it was if her mind and eyes were clouded... all she could do was gaze up at his luminescent brilliance. The form of the man was tall, broad-shouldered, muscular... and naked. A large heavy dick swung between his legs and made her mouth water and pussy wetten, without her even realizing it.

The golden form stepped up to her, holding its heavy dick out to her and saying, "Suck it."

Opening her mouth, Dana found herself a little shocked at her actions... she'd always hated oral sex. In fact, she didn't really like any deviation from straight missionary position, but for some reason she was very eager to suck on this glowing figure's dick. Her soft lips wrapped around it, her jaw barely wide enough to accommodate the wide mushroom head. It tasted sweet, like honey, and she wrapped her hands around the base of it, starting to work her mouth down the shaft.

Something in the back of her head realized that this was wrong... she never sucked dick willingly, and certainly not for a stranger! But... everything felt so hazy... maybe she was dreaming. Dreaming that she was sucking on the dick of a glowing figure.


Jonathon smiled as he watched the naked Dana suck on his swollen member, her face ecstatic, almost as though she was worshiping the dick that she was orally pleasuring. Aphrodite had promised him all of this and more... and he intended to enjoy himself. Apparently she and Robert had been having sex earlier or she wouldn't have been sleeping naked... well now it was his turn to say goodbye to his old, cheating girlfriend. None of what was happening was the least-bit hazy or dream-like to him, and it wouldn't be to Robert either, when he called him in here.

Letting a tendril of thought drift toward the man in the other tent, Jonathon used his new powers to stir Robert to waking, calling him into the tent where Dana was sucking his dick... but without clouding Robert's mind. As the other man walked in, and saw Dana sucking eagerly on Jonathon's dick, he gasped and would have called out... but suddenly Jonathon had control of his body. Not of his mind, like Dana, but of Robert's ability to cry out or to move.

"Hello Robert..." Jonathon caressed Dana's hair as she shoved more and more of his meat into her mouth, humming pleasurably as she tasted it, "Isn't our little slut eager tonight? She's so pretty. And you get to sit and watch the show you lucky man!" And with a gesture, Jonathon moved Robert's body to the chair, where the man sat and watched as his new girlfriend sucked her ex's huge dick. He didn't remember Jonathon being that large... but then everything that was happening seemed a little unreal. Dana didn't even seem to notice his existence, she was so involved in sucking Jonathon's dick.

In fact, Dana didn't know that Robert was there... Jonathon had clouded her mind so that all she knew was that there was a glowing figure, pushing his dick further and further down her throat. She struggled to breath, but she wanted so badly to please him! Then Jonathon's hands went from her hair to her breasts, and she gasped around his dick with intense pleasure. Her body felt like it was heating up with desire, her pussy wet between her thighs... and his hands on her breasts and nipples sent heated shivers through her entire body.

Jonathon started pumping his dick in and out of her mouth, using her breasts for leverage... Robert was frozen in the chair, watching the oral abuse and the way Dana writhed with pleasure as her nipples were pinched and twisted. When Jonathon started to cum in her mouth, she swallowed greedily, although the amount of jizz that he pumped into her mouth was far too much for her to swallow. Robert stared... the two times that she had been willing to blow him, she certainly hadn't been willing to even let him cum in her mouth, much less swallow it! And now she was guzzling it like a two dollar whore.

When Jonathon pulled his long dick out of her mouth, Robert stared... it was huge! Thick and long, and not softened at all despite the huge load of cum that was in Dana's belly and dripping out of her mouth.

Looking over at the man frozen on the chair, Jonathon let his mind tug at Dana's.


In a haze, Dana felt a tug, turning she saw another glowing figure, in a sitting position, its dick - although smaller than the first figure's - was pointing straight upright. Smiling, she crawled over to the figure, still able to taste the sweet honey that had poured into her mouth. Although she knew that she was performing sexual acts that she never would have, this hazy dream state made everything seem pleasurable. She'd been so turned on by sucking on the golden figure's dick that she'd almost cum when the sticky honey sweetness had filled her mouth.

Now, kneeling, she took her second dick in her mouth... hearing a kind of far-away groan from a voice that seemed vaguely familiar. But she ignored it, just eager to get the meat into her mouth... and behind her she could feel the hands on her hips of the first golden figure...

As the thick dick pressed against her pussy, she realized that she was going to be fucked doggy-style, while she sucked on another dick. Her waking self would have run screaming in the opposite direction, but right now she lifted her hips a little, asking to be penetrated. Dana's cloudy mind felt that something was slightly wrong... but she didn't care either.

Gasping, she sucked the dick in her mouth all the way till her lips touched the groin of the glowing figure, hungry for cock as she was penetrated from the other side. Her pussy felt so swollen and stretched as the fat dick pushed inside her body, it was huge... going incredibly deep and feeling soooo good. Shuddering, she felt hands on her swaying breasts, squeezing them as she was rutted from behind.

Robert didn't know what to do, although he had full control of his mind - although not his body - he couldn't help but enjoy the phenomenal blow job he was receiving. Dana was just being so enthusiastic! And taking him all the way down her throat... the only thing keeping him from cumming right away was having to watch Jonathon fuck her from behind. He was possessive enough not to want to watch her ex-boyfriend fuck her, even though he knew it had certainly happened before.

Also, Robert didn't know what was going on... but somehow he felt like something supernatural was at work here. Certainly this was not the normal run of things.

Slowly his resistance crumbled, giving way to the oral pleasure he was receiving. Moaning, he wished he could hump back into her mouth, instead he was forced to stay there as Jonathon's thrusting dick pushed her head down with each stroke... Dana sucked and licked at him, pleasuring him incredibly.

As she began orgasming, her pussy clenching around Jonathon's cock, she screamed around Robert's dick. The vibrations her voice and her lips wrapped around the base of his cock caused him to spew cum into her mouth, moaning with pleasure as she swallowed for the first time, her throat working around his dick.

"Feels good to have the bitch swallow huh?" Jonathon asked. And Robert opened his eyes to see the other man pulling away from Dana's swollen pussy... but not to end the sex. Although Robert's dick was already shrinking, Jonathon's was still rock hard, despite the fact that when he pulled Dana away, Robert could see cum sliding down her thighs.

Jonathon lay on his back, thoroughly enjoying himself as Dana clambered onto his body, straddling his groin with her thighs and slowly lowering herself onto his large cock. The Gift of the Goddess indeed... he wouldn't finish cumming until he was ready to, and he certainly wasn't ready to now... he wanted to take Dana over and over again in as many different positions as possible... except for missionary. All the ways she would never let him...

She began to ride him, and a little nudge of his mind had her groping her breasts as she bounced up and down on his cock, moaning loudly. Pinching her own nipples she gasped and her hips ground down... it was an incredible show, one completely new to him AND Robert. Then Jonathon reached around, gripping her buttocks and sliding his index finger into her crinkled anus.

Dana paused for a moment, her face wrinkling as the finger penetrated her ass.... something was wrong.

"You love it," Jonathon told her, his voice husky... and Dana's face cleared. She DID love it. It felt so good... full, strangely erotic... naughty... naughty...

Moaning she squeezed her breasts harder, riding his dick and his finger. Robert watched from his seat on the chair, completely aghast... Dana never allowed ANYTHING near her ass! And now Jonathon just told her that she loved it, and she obviously did! His dick started to twitch again as he watched both of her holes being penetrated, her slutty attitude as she rode Jonathon's dick. She'd never ridden HIS dick... she hated being on top, hated being WATCHED...

Using his finger in her ass, Jonathon began to speed her up, thrusting his own hips upwards to meet her as she sank down... it felt so good, especially because her pussy kept squeezing and clenching in pleasure. It helped that he could use his powers to keep her tight now too... They moaned together, it was as if he hadn't even cum once! Her pussy was so slick and warm, spasming around his large dick, and he loved watching her throw her head back as she felt herself up, her ass tightening around his finger with pleasure.

As she began to scream in ecstacy on top of him, he lifted his hips up high, making her ride his body as he started to cum too, filling her pussy with potent seed.

Next he fucked her as she lay on her side, one of her legs over his shoulder, she faced Robert as he straddled one of her thighs and fucked her. Then he held her up, fucking her standing so that she was like a rag-doll in his arms, flopping and holding onto him for dear life as she screamed in pleasure. As many different positions as he could think of, standing and bending over, her legs thrown over his shoulders, both of them sitting as she rode him again... and every time Dana had a mind-blowing, ecstatic orgasm. And so did he.

Finally he decided that he'd almost had enough... but he really wanted something for the grand finale.

Looking over, he saw that Robert was extremely hard, almost sweating in his lust in fact. Although Robert might not like watching his new girlfriend getting royally fucked by her ex, the site of her acting the slut completely turned him on. Jonathon smiled.

He gestured to Robert, and Dana turned to see that second golden figure again. Smiling she walked over and straddled the sitting figure, moaning in lustful pleasure as his dick slid into her like a stick of butter. Jonathon watched as she began to ride Robert, her breasts bouncing in his face. Standing behind her, Jonathon squatted just a little bit and lined up his dick with her bouncing asshole.

Slowly he began to press into her virgin ass, listening to her moans of agonized pleasure as she was doubly penetrated.

"You love it you whore... LOVE IT..." he whispered in her ear. Dana shuddered and her holes tightened around both men as she was filled to the brim, Jonathon's groin pressed against her ass.

Robert had thought he'd cum immediately, he'd been so turned on... but to his horror he didn't seem to be able to find more pleasure than the brink of orgasm. He could feel Jonathon in Dana's ass, see both of their pleasured faces, feeling the erotic tightness of her pussy, the gliding of Jonathon's dick against his in her body... and he was so ready to cum... and couldn't. It was agonizing... horrible... he needed to cum so badly!

Dana kept riding both of their dicks, her ass fully open to Jonathon, she was completely filled and moaning with the pleasure of it. Her mind was so far lost in the lust and the ecstacy of everything, that there weren't even the little warning bells that something was wrong. All she knew was that she was building up to yet another fantastic orgasm.

It wasn't until both she and Jonathon started to cum, that Robert's orgasm was finally released from Jonathon's control and he started to cum as well. Dana writhed between them, wave after wave of indescribable pleasure wracking her body... until she slumped between them in a faint.

Then, as Jonathon pulled himself from Dana's deflowered ass, his dick finally softening, Robert found that his body was back in his own control. Wrapping his arms around Dana's body he hissed at Jonathon,

"What the hell did you do to her?"

Jonathon smiled, "Well you got to watch all of it Robert..." his grin widened, "She's just tired out from the pleasure. Don't worry, she won't really remember any of this. You won't have to do a repeat of my feat to satisfy her. I don't think you could anyway."

Clutching his girlfriend close, her thighs and buttocks slippery with cum, Robert carried her back to their tent, where he sponge-bathed her.

Content, and more than just physically, Jonathon fell asleep in his own tent.


The next day, on the plane ride home, Dana kept shooting suspicious glances at Jonathon. Her dreams had been... strange. And although she remembered having sex with Robert the night before, her pussy and thighs were incredibly sore... and so was her ass for some reason. Somehow, she felt like it had something to do with Jonathon... but he just ignored her for the entire flight. Although, Robert kept squeezing her hand as she looked at her former boyfriend.

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What a crappy revenge... ugh

And he let them both cum?... at the very least he should have denied them the pleasure and maybe even wilt Roberts dick... what a dickhead of a friend

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