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Gilmore Girls: Sleepover


(Warning: Femslash. Rory/Paris pairing. The characters are not mine. They are the creation of Amy Sherman-Palladino and belong to the WB and the CW. The idea for this was suggested by the episode "There's The Rub" if you can assume that after Paris arrived to find Rory home by herself that no one else showed up. These events would have taken place however in the spring of their final year at Chiltons. Since Rory's birthday is October 8th and Paris was born in December by that time they would have both unquestionably been over 18. My extremely grateful thanks to Nate Schimpf, knowledgable in all things Gilmore, for having reviewed the story and made corrections to bring in properly inline with the show.)


Paris Geller groaned and pushed herself back from the dining room table and looked at her oldest friend Rory Gilmore. "Well, its taken half the night but I think I finally have this whole thing figured out. Somehow this subject just got blocked in my head and as you know once that happens I am stuck."

"I remember," chuckled Rory. "Well it took a little longer than last time but I think your look says 'She's got it, by George she's got it'. Its just lucky I was home and once again my Mom is gone so she didn't breeze in and out the entire time."

"And this time we didn't have half the young male population of Star's Hollow dropping by to see you," teased Paris.

"True, true," replied Rory. Noticing how tired her friend seemed she made an offer. "Tell you what. You can spend the night again if you want. It'll save you from having to go all the way home."

"Okay," replied Paris, a bit surprised but also pleased. The pair of friendly rivals closed up books and laptops and headed for the kitchen for a snack before going to Rory's bedroom.

Paris kicked off her shoes and gave a tremendous yawn. "Good gosh what a day. Thanks for helping me out by the way. I really appreciate it Rory."

"No problem," replied Rory. "Now let's find you something to sleep in besides your underwear."

"Now there is a very good idea. My bra is killing me." Paris suddenly giggled. "But no flannel PJ's with little bears on them please."

Rory looked down at her outfit and laughed. "I wasn't expecting company after all and I'll have you know these are near and dear to my heart. However," she opened a dresser drawer and pulled out a double handful of clothes, "I'm sure there's a t-shirt or something like that you can sleep in."

Paris looked through the offered clothing. She grinned and held up a nearly sheer short nightie that fastened with only a couple of ties across the front. "T-shirt huh? Is this what you call comfortable sleepwear? Looks more like something to make the boys stay awake all night. I didn't know you had it in you Gilmore."

Rory made a futile swipe at the garment. Truth be told, she had bought it and another one on a trip to New York City but had never had the courage to wear either one. Not even alone, much less for any guy. Paris deftly avoided the swipe and held the garment up in front of herself.

"Actually this looks more like something I would wear," she announced with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Well then," Rory put her hands on her hips, "Why don't you?"

"Why don't I what?" replied Paris.

"Put it on. Then you'll have something to sleep in that isn't covered in bears."

Paris arched her eyebrow. "well I'm sure I'll look very good in it, but what are you going to wear?"

"Me?" replied Rory indignantly. "I'm already wearing something."

"Not like this you're not," teased the other girl. "Or like, Paris suddenly darted forward and grabbed something else from the bundle Rory was holding. "Or like THIS!" Paris triumphantly brandished the other nearly transparent nightie. "Woohoo, Gilmore you little sexy thing you. Who would have thought it?"

Rory was torn between indignant denials and laughter. Laughter finally won out. Paris joined in, even as she pretended to flaunt both skimpy outfits in front of her.

"Okay, I tell you what," Rory finally managed to say. "You pick the one you want to wear and I'll wear the other."

"Deal," replied the blonde.

There was an awkward silence after the acceptance of what was practically a dare. The girls both continued to shoot defiant glances at each other. Neither made a move until finally Paris turned away slightly and started to unbutton her blouse.

Rory gulped deeply and began to undo the buttons of her pajama top. It wasn't that she had never seen Paris at least partially undressed; after all they had shared a gym class together. And it was all innocent she reassured herself. She and Paris were just friends and sleeping together was no big deal. Neither was donning these sexy outfits she had bought and then buried in the drawer.

Still, she couldn't help but steal the occasional glance at Paris as they both undressed. She had always felt a bit insecure around her. The other girl was cuter and had curves in places Rory only dreamed of having. Her legs were better too, Rory thought in envy as the other girl stepped out of her slacks. Paris turned completely away to remove her bra and Rory found herself fascinated by the cheeks of the blonde's butt peeking out from her high cut skimpy panties.

"Oh GOD!" Rory suddenly thought. Panties! She wasn't wearing any. She had turned away from Paris herself as she removed her top but now she didn't know what to do. She hurriedly donned the nightie, pushed down the PJ bottoms and scampered to the bed. She knelt on the covers and sat back on her heels. Maybe that would hide her until they actually went to bed and turned out the lights.

What Rory didn't realize was that Paris had been covertly peeking at her as much as she had been at her blonde friend. Paris had even sighed to herself too. Rory was so good-looking, she had thought. Taller than her with long slender legs and a trim body to die for. Paris' match in brains too. No wonder they had clashed together so much. It was better being friends though.

She was quite startled when the brunette suddenly threw the other nightie on and made a dash for the bed. For just a moment she only stared, wondering what was going on. Then a wicked smile curved her lips as she realized the reason for the other girl's panicked action. Rory wasn't wearing panties. And damn it, on top of everything else the taller girl had a better looking butt than she did. Paris wondered briefly why she was finding the other girl's butt so interesting and then dismissed the thought as she considered how to best tease her friend. She climbed onto the bed and settled down facing Rory in the same kneeling position as the other girl.

"Well what do you think?"

"About what," replied a distracted Rory, who was shifting back and forth as she tried to avoid showing herself. The attempt was not made easier when she noticed that Paris seemed to be, well, looking exactly at the part of her anatomy that Rory was attempting to conceal.

"About the outfit, you silly." Paris rose up onto her knees and lifted her arms over her head, showing off. The blonde seemed to a little wiggle and laughed.

"Oh, yes, well, very nice," sputtered Rory who couldn't help bit notice the subtle sway of the other girl's breasts. She hadn't realized just HOW thin the material was when she had bought either outfit. She could even see the darkening spots of the other girl's nipples through the lacy satin.

"Thanks. Now you show yours off Gilmore," winked Paris, secretly amused at how flustered her friend was.

"Err, no."

"Oh come ON," teased Paris, now really getting a kick out of Rory's discomfort. She leaned forward to the brunette and pretended to catch her under her arms. "Upsy-daisy!"

"She KNOWS," thought Rory. Noticing that her friend had missed one of the paired ties that held her nightie closed the taller girl attempted to change the course of the conversation.

"Hey now, unlike you I managed to get all the buttons fastened. Who are you trying to impress now, letting the front of that outfit gap open like that?" Laughing now, Rory leaned forward herself and reached out, intending to flick one of the undone ties.

Both girls leaned and the bed shifted slightly. Instead of Rory's fingers grasping the errant fastener they caught the material where it gaped. Before she could stop her hand slid inside the other girl's nightie and touched the blonde's breast.

Time seemed to stand still. Both girls held their breath, staring at each other. Rory struggled but could not seem to make herself remove her hand from Paris' breast. Indeed, her fingers crept further until she was cupping it.

It wasn't that she had never touched her own breasts. She had, often, as she lay in bed or stood in the shower with her eyes closed and dreamed of Jess or Dean or some other guy. But this was completely different. this was another girl's. She marveled at the silky feel of it, her fingertips stroking and exploring it. It was firm and alive and smooth except for the rapidly hardening tip.

Blue eyes met brown ones. Rory could see the same things that she felt herself: surprise, uncertainty and a growing spark of excitement. She could feel the blonde girl's warm breath on her face, the pace of her breathing quickening. Her eyes dropped to the full lips that breath was coming from. Like her own they were slightly parted.

Beyond the slight strokes of Rory's fingers neither girl had moved at all. So slowly an observer could have barely seen it Rory leaned forward until her lips touched Paris' mouth and clung there. For one panicked moment Rory thought that Paris was going to push her away as she felt the other girl's hands on her shoulders. Then the shorter girl's mouth opened and her arms slid around Rory, pulling her into a tight embrace.

Paris moaned deeply into Rory's mouth as the kiss turned passionate. Rory could feel the other girl's heartbeat. It was speeding up and her own heart quickened, as much in response to the other heartbeat as from the fact that the other girl's fingers had danced down her back and under her own short nightie. Rory shivered. Now she was thrilled that she didn't have panties on.

The kiss broke long enough for Paris to gasp "Rory, what are you, what are we doing? This isn't, I mean, we shouldn't be doing this."

"I know," breathed Rory, even as her free hand sought the mate to the rounded orb she was holding. "I know, I know," she nearly babbled as she showered kisses over the blonde girl's face, who was still weakly protesting, even as her own grip tightened on Rory's body.

The fire that had lit deep inside Rory could not be denied. Ties gave way as she frantically undid them and pushed the flimsy nightie off Paris's shoulders and then down her arms. The shorter girl, even as she made a last ditch effort to deny what was happening, pulled at the buttons of Rory's outfit until they let go and she could strip her friend.

Now they were nude except for the tiny pink panties that Paris still wore. With a burst of strength she couldn't believe; Rory pushed her friend back on the bed. Kneeling between the flailing legs she reached down, caught the hem of those panties and drew them down the shapely legs. As they cleared Paris' painted toenails Rory flung them aside.

For what seemed like forever the two girls hesitated. Each raked the other's nude body with their eyes, wanting what was to come but even at this last second hesitant about what they knew they were about to do. Then with a choking cry Rory flung herself onto her friend.

For the first time in their lives the two girls felt the pressure of another woman's body against their own. Breasts, bellies, and damp mounds met and rubbed. Four pink nipples dueled, scraping their counterparts. Instinctively hips shifted back and forth, each girl pushing her wetness against the other's.

Rory was at a loss for a moment. Her sexual experiences had always been with guys. Her fantasies had rarely included another girl. Even then the other woman had been a pretty amorphous figure introduced just to spice up and excite whatever guy she was thinking about. She almost didn't know where to start.

Then instinct took over. Her eyes zeroed in on Paris' breasts, the touching of which had been the spark that ignited everything. She resumed kissing the blonde girl, now concentrating of the smoothness of her neck and the softness of her throat. Then she slid her body down until her open mouth closed over one firm tit and slowly swallowed it. She covered that other already familiar breast with one hand and started to caress it again with her fingers. Her free hand slid down the other girl's side to her hip. A slight shift of her body and she touched Paris between her legs.

The shorter girl squirmed wildly under Rory. She had barely any more experience in this than her friend did. She had experimented kissing with another girl once or twice back in their prep school days at Chilton's but never anything like this. She was a prisoner of what Rory was doing to her and all she could do for right now was run her fingers through the brown hair while her legs responded as though they had a mind of their own and parted.

Rory sucked carefully on the breast in her mouth. She had been disappointed before when someone got too rough too quickly with her own tits. At the same time, she was almost desperate to tease and then pinch and pull and even bite the hard nubbins. She contented herself with releasing the now slick wet breast and closing her lips on the nipple. She squeezed gently, while her busy fingers rolled the other rock hard one in tiny circles.

Meanwhile one finger had parted Paris' labia and was stroking up and down the pink slit. The tip brushed other the other girl's opening and circled there as Rory arched her hips to allow for more room. She didn't enter the blonde, rather she continued to explore and found her prize, the still hooded pearl of the blonde's clit.

Paris moaned loudly. Without knowing just what she was doing her hands found Rory's shoulders and pushed. The taller girl on top of her responded immediately. Rory's hand remained on her breast, the fingers busy, but the wet warm mouth began to work its way down her body. Soft sucking kisses danced over her quivering tummy while fingers damp with what Paris knew to be juices from her pussy trailed up over her skin until they settled on her abandoned breast.

Rory was almost frantic now. She could scent the aroma floating up from the wetness of the girl under her and it did everything but make her mouth water in return. Pausing only to dart her tongue into Paris's navel, she slid her body down between the other girl's legs until she was face to face with the blonde curls that already showed the results of the fingers that had burrowed through them.

Now that her prize was in sight Rory took a deep breath. She studied the tangle, wet with droplets shinning like dew. Matching traces of Paris' arousal showed on the inside of the firm thighs the brunette's head rested between. The whimpers and pleas from the other girl sounded so far away and yet were music to he ears.

"Please Rory, Oh my God PLEASE. Rory. do me, I need you there. Please, EAT meeeeeee."

The last word trailed off into a wail as Rory plunged her face into Paris. Her hands left the blonde's breasts to slip under the other girl and grasp her taut ass. Those hands were immediately replaced by Paris' own, that rolled and tugged her nipples in time to the assault by Rory's tongue.

Once again, the slight part of Rory's mind that remained in control directed how she feasted on Paris' pussy. She lapped up and down, opening the pink slit wide and parting the dark blonde hair that could no longer conceal what lay under it. She plunged her tongue deep inside Paris, rasping in and out as she strove to taste the other girl's secret garden as far inside her as she could. She settled down to a steady quick rhythm, her fingers flexing and gripping as she strove to push her friend over the edge.

It didn't take long. Paris squealed and her fingers closed hard on her own nipples and pulled sharply. Her hips bucked up, impaling herself on Rory's tongue. A flood of juices poured from the girl squirming wildly on the bed as she had her first orgasm with another woman.

Her first but by no means her last. Rory never stopped. She tasted Paris' nectar, so much like her own but so different. Her lips shifted and she found the other girl's hard clit, now unhooded and ripe for attack. Those questing lips closed over the throbbing nubbin and sucked. Rory's tongue lashed the tip and Paris went completely wild. Rory hung on, wondering with that detached part of her mind if this was what a bronco rider experienced.

Once the thrashing had calmed down to a reasonable recovery point Paris pulled Rory back up beside her. The two girls cuddled together, exchanging little soft kisses and sighs.

"Where in the world did you learn how to do THAT?" demanded Paris. "Is there a secret you have been keeping from me?"

"No, I swear," replied Rory, even as she blushed. "I really have never done that before. I just, well, I just did what I thought I would like for someone to do to me, and then it seemed so easy and so perfect."

"Hmmmmm," said Paris thoughtfully. "Just what you would like someone to do to you. Well, I have an idea about something that I would like being done to me!" With that statement Paris suddenly rolled the taller brunette onto her back and climbed on top of her. Her knees pushed Rory's legs apart and she pressed her still dripping pussy against that of her surprised friend.

"I think I'd like having THIS done to me. Let's see if you do," the blonde girl whispered as she captured Rory's wrists in her hands and held them above the other girl's head. Bracing her knees she began to thrust sharply with her hips.

"Oh. Ohhhhh!" Rory cried out as Paris proceeded to grind herself harder and harder against her. It felt completely different from a guy and she loved it. Blonde hair entangled with brown as she began to buck up to meet Paris each time the girl on top of rolled her hips.

Paris kissed Rory, jamming her tongue deep in her friend's mouth. She could taste herself there and savored her own juices, sucking them from the other girl's tongue. The two girls' bodies were plastered together as the blonde wildly girlfucked Rory. Nipples rubbed again harder and faster. Then Paris jammed down and into Rory and two hard clits met.

With an inarticulate cry Rory wrapped her legs around Paris and tried to crush her friend, who responded only by humping her even harder. The two girls locked together. Paris broke the kiss and her head lifted even as her body arched, driving herself tightly against Rory. The duo ground together almost savagely.

"Fuck me, Fuck me Paris!" Rory couldn't believe the words coming out of her own mouth. But she was lost in the moment of her friend pounding her like she felt she had never been pounded before. Her pleas were cut short as her body exploded and she announced her orgasm with a scream, then another one as Paris kept slamming her pussy against hers until the blonde girl growled and yelled and came herself before falling right down onto her friend and now lover. Eventually their breathing returned to normal, someone managed to turn out the light and they slept.

Rory woke the next morning. For a moment she didn't know where she was, and certainly couldn't recall who's arms and legs she was all tangled up with. She raised her head and took in the blonde hair spilled over the shared pillow, the smooth curves and finally the smile playing over Paris' lips.

She thought she would feel uncomfortable, ashamed even, certainly embarrassed. Instead, all she felt was comfortable. And from the kiss that the blonde girl bestowed on her that comfort was mutual.

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