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Gina Carano Rules


While I'm certainly not the hottest woman around, since I got divorced six months ago it became clear that I am good-looking and sleek enough to get a decent lay whenever I want one. Getting a great fuck, on the other hand, isn't so easy. You need a really handsome guy with a good personality who is really motivated.

I had still not yet escaped the vestiges of my unpleasant short marriage and divorce and was feeling a little down one weekend. I knew I would feel much better if a got a really top notch fuck, but none of the available guys I knew were likely candidates. I decided that I needed to pull my "Get Fucked Quick Trick," aka my "Gina Carano trick!" I had executed it successfully twice before, the first time almost by accident, and the second time with good preparation and a little luck.

The two times I had executed my Gina maneuver I found that many guys in the 18-22 age range have a fantasy about fucking a famous woman, especially if she is a little older and hot. If presented with the opportunity they are extremely anxious to please and perform at their best. I had three of the ten best fucks of my life when fucked by guys who thought I was Gina.

Having succeeded twice before, and not wanting to leave anything to chance, I refined my trick so that it was almost foolproof. However, assuring the success of my duplicity required that I enlist the help of an accomplice with particular attributes. My collaborator needed to be a big strong guy in his twenties, preferably but not necessarily good looking too.

June, one of my co-workers, had a boyfriend, Jesse, who fit my needs to a T and from the four or five times I had talked with him I was sure he could pull it off. I wasn't particularly fond of June -- okay, I thought she was a bitch and that Jesse was too good for her -- but she thought I liked her. At least she always opened up to me about her personal issues. [I got sick and tired of hearing about what a great fuck Jesse was especially since my ex-husband was only interested in pleasing himself and I could never brag about him; does that make me catty?] So the Friday morning of my subterfuge weekend I asked June if she and Jesse could help me out with a prank.

"What ya got in mind, Amy?"

"Well, June, I want guys in a bar to think that I'm Gina Carano."

"Who's that?"

"The former female Mixed Martial Arts champion of the world, and now an action movie star."

"No shit! Well how are ya gonna do that?"

"She and I are both 5'8", she weighs about 145 and I weigh 135, I'm her age, we wear the same size bra, we have the same color hair and similar facial features, and while I'm not as buff as she is I've got decent muscle tone, especially in my biceps and calves. Also, I can mimic her manner of speech and hand gestures since I've seen every video interview she's given and the movie she starred in."

"So what do you want Jesse and me to do?"

"Well I just need you to travel to a bar in Hanover, New Hampshire -- where Dartmouth College is -- and when I text Jesse have him come in, make a scene, and act like I kick his ass. After the event I'll pay for both your drinks at a nearby bar and you can leave whenever you want to."

"Ha, ha. Sounds like fun. When is it?"

"Tomorrow night."

"Shit, I'm gonna be gone this weekend, but if Jesse wants to do it I'm good with it."

"Hey, thanks June. I owe you one if he does. Should I call him?"

"Give me your cell number and I'll have him call you."

I was really surprised at how up for it Jesse was. Some guys are not confident enough in their manhood to pretend to get their ass kicked by a woman, but not Jesse. Then again when you're 6'4", 260 pounds, and finished 2nd in the state championships in wrestling in high school and played tackle on your college football team I guess you're pretty secure.

Just to be coy, however, with a smile Jesse did ask "What's in it for me to be your whipping boy?"

"I'll owe you one and do something nice for you when you need it."

"Deal," was his prompt response.

On Saturday morning Jesse and I practiced the scenario that was to play out in the bar, including possible complications, for a good forty-five minutes. He got me to tell him my entire plan, and offered to hang around the whole evening just in case anything got out of hand. I was flabbergasted, but accepted.

Jesse was an important part of my plan but there were several other ingredients. I had my hair cut and did it up exactly the way Gina normally wears it, put on my "Strike Force" T-shirt with a caricature of Gina on the back of it, prepared a two inch thick cutting board so that it could be shattered by a well-placed kick, and had Jesse drop me off early at "College Bar & Grill," where Dartmouth athletes of drinking age congregated on Saturday night so that I could talk to the bartender and waitresses. I also wore pedal-pushers to show off my calves, and sandals.

I gave the bartender and each of the three waitresses $25, asked them to call me Gina, gave the special cutting board to the barkeep and asked him to give it to anyone who asked for a cutting board, and told them to serve me tea no matter what I ordered or was ordered for me (and I'd pay the cost of the drink ordered).

About half an hour after I arrived things started to fall into place. I was definitely noticed at the bar. As is typical for celebrities guys were hesitant about approaching me at first but after a few drinks and seeing how friendly I was with the bartender and wait staff I soon had a group of guys coyly hitting on me. Of course I wasn't after just any guy -- I wanted one or more great fucks and wasn't settling for anyone I wasn't excited about.

After chatting me up for a while one guy, the only one tipsy at that point, said "Are you Gina Carano?"

"A lot of people think that," I deadpanned. I had no intention of lying to anyone and say that I was her -- I was going to let them draw their own conclusions.

"Could you kick my ass?"

"I don't have to be Gina Carano to kick your ass," I shot back to the laughter of the other guys congregating around us.

"You some sort of martial arts chick?" the drunk asked.

"Why don't you ask the bartender if he has a cutting board?" was my reply.

Of course one of the guys immediately did, the bartender gave him my special board, he handed it to me, and I gave it to the drunk.

"Hold this arm's length from your body and waist high," I told him. As he tried to do so I positioned it properly and told him "Hold still because if you don't you might get hurt."

As he held the board I could tell he was unsteady but I karate-kicked it anyway, resulting in him toppling over but no broken board. The other guys laughed and he got up and scurried away. "Can you really break it?" another dude asked.

"You want to hold it?" I inquired.

"I'm game," he replied. I properly positioned the board in his hands, could see that he would hold it steady, and then kicked it right at its point of weakness. It virtually "exploded," functioning just as I had hoped when I doctored it, resulting in a collective gasp and then rousing cheers from the bar patrons.

After that more guys congregated around, I had lots of offers to buy me drinks, but it was time to hone in on my prey. I had identified three guys who looked like volleyball or basketball players as potential targets, but they weren't showing as much interest as some others. I texted Jesse telling him that it was ShowTime and where I wanted him to position himself.

Jesse sauntered in, got a drink from the bar, and properly positioned himself near the three targets. Once he was there five or ten minutes I made an excuse to break away from the guys at the bar and walked toward him. As I walked by him he grabbed my arm and started talking dirty. I told him to let go or he'd be sorry. He kept it up and to my relief out of the corner of my eye I saw the three targets starting to get up from their booth. I winked at Jesse, he grabbed one of my tits, and then we played out the drama we had practiced.

I hit Jesse with an elbow in the chest, bent in front of him, grabbed his neck, flipped him over me onto the floor, and then got him in a submission hold. He squirmed around, banged the floor, cried out, and then hoarsely said "I give, let go."

"I can't hear you," I mocked. By then one of the volleyball types was standing next to him with a shocked look on his face -- perfect.

"Tell my witness here what you said," I taunted, motioning with my head for the guy standing next to him to bend down to hear.

"I give -- let go," Jesse mumbled.

"Did you hear 'please'?" I asked the bent over guy.

"No, I sure didn't," he cackled.

"Please let go -- I give," Jesse muttered, barely audible.

I let Jesse up, he pretended to be gagging, and I told him to get out. He shuffled out the door holding his neck with one hand and with the other on his back, looking like a dog with its tail between its legs. He couldn't have played his part better.

The bar exploded in laughter and clapping -- I had the crowd just where I wanted them. I quickly turned and thanked the guy who had gotten out of the booth and he and his buddies invited me to sit with them. After I slid into their booth they introduced themselves as Jim, Jason and Simon.

"I guess you really didn't need our help with that boor," Jim laughed.

"I appreciate your attempted help," I replied, "with a guy that big things could have gone differently."

"You really are Gina Carano, aren't you?" Jason asked, wide-eyed.

"No comment," I chuckled; but of course they were convinced I was Gina and were obviously star-struck. However, I turned the dialogue to be primarily about them and soon we were having a great conversation filled with mirth. These guys were just what I was looking for. They were tall and athletic; one of them was good-looking and the other two were extremely good looking.

It was now time to close the deal. I let it be known that I was in the mood for a good time and hoped that one of them could help me. "You may be too much woman for just one of us," Simon half-whispered; "how about all three of us."

Instantly my pussy didn't just get wet; it started gushing. I never had a foursome before, but I was in the perfect frame of mind to experience one now. Within fifteen minutes the four of us were in a motel room a mile down the road from the bar; I texted Jesse the room number and asked him to pick me up in two and ½ hours.

The three amigos were a little hesitant so I got the ball rolling by slowly stripping in front of them. It was clear that my pussy was glistening and I was acting like a dog in heat, so they quickly disrobed and started running their hands all over me. I was kissing Jim while on my tippy-toes (they were all between 6'3" and 6'7") while Simon was standing behind me and fondling my tits as his flagpole poked my ass, and Jason was on his knees licking my pussy lips.

Within less than a minute there was no doubt but that the three of them were more anxious to please me than any other woman they had ever been with, and the thought of being able to brag that they gang-banged Gina Carano had their mouths salivating and their cocks hard as steel.

They all looked fantastic naked; slim athletic bodies, long sculptured cocks, hard asses, big shoulders.

They were happy to let me take the lead. I handed Jim a tube of lube, then laid Simon on his back on the bed and climbed on top of him. I slowly lowered my pussy onto his completely upright prick, each inch of penetration resulting in a groan from each of us. Once I was completely buried I twisted my body back and forth for a few seconds occasioning several "Fuck yeah"s from Simon.

As Simon and I lay almost still with my tits pressed against his chest and my ass in the air Jim lubed up my asshole, penetrated it with two lubed fingers, and then gently inserted his greased dick into my anus. It took a couple of minutes before he was completely buried balls deep, but once he was he and Simon both started slow pumping.

I moaned for Jason to get in front of me and engulfed his dick. I had never before deep-throated a cock as long as his, but I was charged and did it on the first try as Jason emitted a scream of joy.

Jim and Simon were obviously doing their best to please me, one pumping in while the other was pulling out, resolutely but not violently. I was so Goddamn full I couldn't believe it. I felt as if every nerve ending in my entire pelvic area was being constantly energized, and when that was combined with Jason's dick down my throat and being worked over by my tongue I was more invigorated than at any other time in my life.

With one hand on Simon's chest and the other playing with Jason's balls while deep-throating him I was unable to participate in my own fuck-fest. My pussy and ass were at the mercy of the two long cocks pleasuring them, but Jim and Simon didn't seem to mind. As I felt both Simon and Jim starting to tense up I could no longer suck Jason's cock and collapsed on top of Simon, screaming in ecstasy as both Simon and Jim fire-hosed my orifices at almost the same time.

I almost blacked out. The only reason I likely didn't was my determination to enjoy every nerve ending tingle I possibly could. I was on a natural high until Jim pulled out, and I then rolled off of Simon. Jim, Simon and I were giggling and exchanging expressions of appreciation and self-satisfaction; but poor Jason wasn't in the same frame of mind.

Jason knelt next to me and started rubbing my tits with one hand, and my thighs with the other. His cock, wet with my saliva, was pulsating.

"Sorry, Jason. Once your buddies started unloading in me I couldn't suck you anymore. You need relief, don't you?"

"Oh yeah, Gina, I'm about to explode."

"Do you want me to suck you off, or do you want to fuck an orifice?"

"I'd love to fuck your cunt doggy-style!"

I giggled as I got on my hands and knees and stuck my cunt out. Jason was buried in a flash and gave me as enthusiastic a banging as I ever received in my life. Despite my previous five-minute long orgasm by the time Jason was lambasting my pussy I was wracked by another massive orgasm. Jason apparently enjoyed my cunt because he stayed buried until he finally went completely flaccid.

To say that we were a happy quartet would be an understatement. While our bodies were tired our brains were anxious for more and the brain is the most important sex organ. To be polite I douched. Jim was hardening first, so I sucked him rigid, he pushed me against a wall, I put my arms around his neck and wrapped my thighs around his waist, and he penetrated my pussy. I undulated my pelvis while he pumped his, and our resulting virtually simultaneous orgasms were so strong that we collapsed onto the bed.

By the time Jim and I separated, Simon was ready for another round. He asked if I knew "The Wheelbarrow." I laughed, did a handstand, he lowered my legs to either side of his hips, stuck my pussy, and thrust vigorously. I was participating by doing modified "push-ups," and in this position his cock was briskly stroking my G-spot, giving me a quick orgasm. He kept driving his prick into my pussy all through my orgasm, and by the time he detonated his cum grenade inside me I had another orgasm, causing me to gently fall on my face.

By this time I was pretty wasted, but Jason really was anxious to fuck my ass. He asked so nicely, and lubed up so well, I couldn't deny him. He simultaneously enthusiastically fucked my ass and massaged my tits as I sat on his lap facing away from him. When he blasted in me it felt wonderful, although it didn't result in a real orgasm.

By the time I got off Jason's lap we had been pleasuring each other for two hours. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more. But it was time to leave -- I didn't want to spend the night.

"Guys, you were awesome. Thank you so much; but all good things must come to an end."

Each of the guys dressed and gave my naked ass a squeeze while trying to tickle my tonsils with his tongue as we said goodbye. You never saw three happier twenty-one year olds in your life as despite the vigorous activities of the last two hours they skipped out the door.

Jesse was to arrive in less than thirty minutes so I douched, quickly (for me) showered, and got dressed. An obvious glow radiated out from the mirror -- yeah I was really one contented cow.

Jesse arrived right on time.

"How did you plan work out, Amy?"

"Wonderfully, thanks. You played your part perfectly."

Jesse gave me a strange look as he held my hands and scanned me with his eyes. "Wow, you have a great aura about you -- anyone ever tell you that?"

"Is that a line or do you need glasses?" I laughed.

"Neither," he said leading to a mirror. "Look."

Of course he was right -- I was radiant.

"You really are a remarkable woman, Amy," Jesse continued with a penetrating stare.

"You sound like you're hitting on me, dude," I said smiling.

"Actually, I'm not," Jesse grinned. "However, I do remember you said that if I helped you out you'd owe me one and do anything I asked."

"I don't remember saying 'anything,'" I chuckled.

"I promise this will be a lot easier on you than many other things I could ask," Jesse continued as he took me in his arms.

Maybe it was just the exhilaration from my previous activities but Jesse really felt good. His arms were powerful, his chest muscular, his gaze disarming. Then June's "greatest fuck ever" description of him popped into my mind.

"We're already at a motel, you're in a good mood, and you're hotter than hell," Jesse whispered as he placed kisses on my lips and neck more tender than I could imagine such a strong man could.

"What about June?" I murmured when his lips were on my neck. By that time I was hoping he would say "screw June," but his response was even better.

"Who's June?" he queried as he lifted me up like I weighed nothing and carried me to the bed.

My only thought was "let's see if he's as great a fuck as advertised?"

Jesse skillfully, gently, yet relentlessly removed my clothes; he wouldn't let me grab his dick through his pants though despite my best efforts, driving me crazy. Once the last article was whisked away his gentle lips were caressing my pussy lips, his tongue was flicking my clit, his fingers were probing for my G-spot, and he worked them all at the same time. He brought me to two orgasms and had me begging for his cock before he let up.

After my second orgasm he rose from the bed, took off his shirt to expose his rock-hard abs and muscular shoulders, dropped his trousers, and then ripped off his boxers. Impressive -- and I don't mean his strength at tearing his underwear like it was newspaper. A long, thick and beautiful cock -- but not so big as to be intimidating. "God I hope it works as perfectly as it looks," flashed through my brain as my mouth was attracted to it like a pin to a magnet.

I devoured his cock with enthusiasm while fondling his balls with both hands, but it was clear he was interested in something else. After only about thirty seconds he pushed me away, sat on the edge of the bed, lifted me onto his lap facing him, and pushed his dick up my pussy. I wrapped my legs the best I could around his thick torso, sunk my teeth into his neck, and started rippling my entire body. I don't know how he could manage it while sitting on the mattress, but he was able to push his dick all the way to the end of my vagina every time I undulated my pelvis.

When Jesse came it was like Niagara Falls. If I didn't black out I became semi-conscious. It probably was my best orgasm ever, but since I became semi-conscious I couldn't be sure, all I know is that the best fatigue of my life engulfed me.

By the time I came down from high Jesse had lifted me off of him and was spooning with me on the bed. I immediately fell asleep but despite my overwhelming fatigue and contentment and my disappointment in not being able to actively participate I fondly remember getting Jesse's beautiful dick rammed up my pussy twice more that night as he again fucked me senseless.

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