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Ginger Snap


Dana yawned and stretched, combing her fingers through her dark, wavy hair. She refastened the tortoiseshell barrette at the nape of her neck that was supposed to make it look neat and professional – "supposed to" being the operative words. It always seemed to look as if she'd just rolled out of bed. Oh well. Her eyes drifted between the three camera monitors; still nothing exciting going on, and it was almost closing time. She leaned back in the slightly creaky leather chair and put her feet up on the solid oak desk. Being the loss-prevention officer for her friend Jade's exclusive shop was really a dream job. Trashy Treasures was an upscale boutique, located in a trendy section of downtown -- not a bad neighborhood -- a place for fashionable, stylish clientele to buy lingerie, cosmetics, books, and "quality toys". The pay was great (Jade was very generous to her closest friends), and nobody shot at her anymore. It was much better than being a cop. All she had to do was wear a pseudo-police uniform, keep an eye on the monitors and the observation window in this cushy office, and come downstairs from time to time to intimidate the occasional shoplifter.

Dana's deep brown eyes narrowed as she scanned the black and white flickering images, then she stood to get a better view through the one way mirror that overlooked the floor of the store. Ah, that cute redhead was back, and dressed to kill, as usual. She shopped here a few times a week, always in the most…interesting…outfits. Tonight she wore a short black skirt of a heavy, quilted material – maybe velvet? – with silver zippers scattered in the most intriguing locations. Her little scoop-necked t-shirt was cherry red, with a cartoon picture of a black kitten on the front, and some writing on it that Dana couldn't quite make out from the distance. Black and white striped tights and black combat boots completed the ensemble. The girl's shiny auburn hair barely brushed her shoulders, and straight heavy bangs emphasized her slanted green eyes. She glanced briefly up toward the mirrored window, and then reached for a book on a bottom shelf. She didn't bend her knees and crouch down, but bent over at the waist in a most unladylike manner, her short black skirt riding up over her curvaceous ass. She wasn't wearing tights after all; they were thigh high stockings, with lacy white garters decorated with red ribbon rosettes. The pose revealed not only the tops of the stockings, but also a heart-stopping view of the lower curves of her butt cheeks, clad in black satin panties.

Dana swallowed, hard, and could hear her own heart pounding. As usual, she wanted to peel off that slutty outfit, pin the little tease down on cool sheets, and lick every inch of her body. She glanced at the clock – 9:50, ten minutes to closing. The girl would make her purchase soon and be gone, until next time. Dana rubbed her palm against her heavy breasts, feeling her nipples, hard as pebbles, through the khaki uniform. She sighed resignedly, knowing that visions of a certain redheaded sugarplum would fuel her fantasies tonight – again.

Dana grabbed the ring of keys out of the drawer to go lock up. Bobbi, the sweet little blonde who was cashiering tonight, was already starting to count out the register – it was a few minutes early, but forgivable since there was only one shopper left in the store. Besides, Bobbi had mentioned earlier that she was on her way to a party right after work. But just as she was turning to head downstairs, Dana saw something that made her pause.

The redhead was in the far corner of the store, in the lingerie section. She had pulled a pair of panties off a hanger and was holding them flat in front of her pelvis, measuring them from hip to hip to be sure they'd fit. They were some sort of frothy red and white confection, and Dana's imagination went wild, thinking about how pretty they'd look on her…then off her...

The girl glanced briefly at Bobbi, but instead of walking over to make her purchase, she looked up at the mirror -- a long, studied look. Then, slowly smiling, she opened her little black purse and deliberately stuffed the panties inside. She tilted her head to one side, grinning, never taking her eyes from the mirror. That little bitch, Dana thought, if I didn't know better I'd swear she was challenging me. Hell, maybe I don't know better. The girl began strolling nonchalantly toward the exit, right past the preoccupied cashier. Dana headed down the wooden stairs almost silently, but took them two at a time.

She strode across the store so quickly and quietly that Bobbi didn't even notice or look up from the coins she was counting into the register drawer. The girl had the front door open and one foot actually on the sidewalk when Dana grabbed her elbow and gently but firmly steered her back into the store. "Excuse me, miss, I'd like to have a word with you."

The redhead looked Dana up and down, apparently not intimidated by the uniform or the striking brunette who towered over her by at least six inches. "Is there a problem, Officer…" with a quick look at Dana's badge, "…Garcia?" she asked demurely.

"That remains to be seen," replied Dana, guiding the little thief toward the back of the store, and the stairs that led to the office.

Bobbi straightened up from the night drop safe and said, almost pleadingly, "Dana, I have a date…"

Dana smiled, "No problem, kid, I can take care of this..." she looked pointedly at the girl still firmly in her grasp, "…situation myself. Lock the door on your way out, I'll come down and deadbolt it in a bit. Go have fun."

Bobbi flashed a grin and gave a mock salute. "Yes ma'am." She giggled as she headed for the exit, "You too…"

Dana smiled, thinking, oh yeah, I intend to, and began leading her charge once again toward the stairs.

"Wait a minute, where are we going?" the girl asked, digging in her heels and trying unsuccessfully to free her arm from Dana's steel grip.

"Upstairs to the office."

"And if I refuse?" she asked petulantly. God, what a brat. She looked for all the world as if she was about throw a full blown temper tantrum. Her perfect eyebrows were knitted together in a pretty frown, and her glossy pink lips were in an absolutely kissable pout. Dana wanted to grab the hair at the nape of her neck, pull her head back, and force her tongue between those sweet lips…just for an appetizer. Now she could finally read the words on the tiny t-shirt stretched across the girl's round little tits: "Bad Kitty, Meow, Meow". Bad Kitty, you don't know what's in store for you, Dana thought.

"Well, we can do this one of two ways," Dana said quietly. "I can call the cops to come right now and arrest you – and I know for a fact that a few of my buddies down at the station house would just love to have a dress-up dolly like you to play with all night long." The girl's eyes widened considerably, and she visibly gulped – yep, this was going to be fun. "Or," Dana continued, "you can march your ass up to the office, and we'll have ourselves a little chat." The girl conceded the staring match and reluctantly allowed herself to be half-shoved up the stairs.

Dana closed the office door behind them and turned on the desk lamp. "Have a seat," she said, indicating the straight-backed wooden chair in front of the desk. It wasn't exactly designed for comfort. But then, thieves didn't deserve to be comfortable, did they? Dana sat on the corner of the desk, folded her arms, and said, "OK, let's see what's in your purse."

The girl started pulling individual items out and dropping them one by one on the desk – a comb, some eye shadow, a pen, a piece of gum (which she paused to unwrap and pop in her mouth), a wad of bills, her ID…

Dana picked up the license, read it, and smiled. 24…not quite as young as she acted, but definitely of age. "Your name is Ginger?" The girl nodded, distractedly chewing the gum, and kept carefully pulling things out of her bag – lip gloss, breath mints, keys…

Dana grabbed the purse and unceremoniously dumped the remaining contents on the desk. And there, in all their price-tagged glory, were the red and white panties.

"Well, look at this. Do you have a receipt for these?"

Ginger glared. "Obviously not…but I'll pay for them now."

"Of course you will," chuckled Dana. "But that's what you should have done in the first place. That's what all law-abiding citizens do – they pay for things they want, they don't just shove them in their pockets or purses."

Ginger's lovely green eyes narrowed to slits. She opened her mouth as if to say something, then thought better of it and closed it. She snatched up the wad of bills and started counting them out. "They're 22.50, right? Here's 25.00, that should cover tax, too." Dana grinned and didn't answer, but she leaned lazily across the desk, reached in the drawer for a small pair of scissors, and snipped the tags off the stolen garment. Ginger cleared her throat nervously. "Unless you want more…" She counted out three more twenties and laid them deliberately on the desk. Dana put the first 25.00 in the petty cash box with the price tags, and pushed the remaining bills back toward Ginger. "Sure, honey, I want more, but not that."

Ginger huffed a little sound of exasperation, and started shoving her cash and belongings back into her purse. "What the hell do you want from me, then?"

"Why did you shoplift? You had plenty of money to pay for those."

Ginger shrugged, noncommittally, and looked pointedly at the floor. Dana said, "Excuse me, I'm talking to you." Ginger rolled her eyes, and blew a bubble.

Unbelievable, Dana thought, shaking her head. She pulled a tissue out of the box, and sat on the edge of the desk directly in front of the girl, holding it out to her. "Spit out that gum and answer me."

Ginger grinned wickedly, and then spit the gum at Dana, hitting her squarely in the chest. Dana looked down at the sticky wad, then back up at the girl. "I can't believe you just did that." She calmly pulled most of the gum off with the tissue and tossed it in the trashcan. "Kitty thinks she has claws," she murmured, shaking her head. "You are so going to pay for that, baby."

The look of triumph on Ginger's face faded as Dana placed a hand on each arm of the wooden chair, and leaned in very close, staring down into those now-uneasy green eyes. "Now let me tell you how it's gonna be. You've paid for the item you stole – that's restitution. But you still need to be punished." Ginger squirmed, trapped in her seat; her breath smelled like cinnamon, and Dana wanted so badly to kiss her, to taste her, but there would be time enough for that later. Kisses were the best medicine to ease the sting of discipline. "Don't think I didn't notice the baggie and rolling papers you shoved back in your purse." Ginger stopped squirming – and also appeared to stop breathing for a moment. "Personally, I don't give a shit if you have pot," Dana continued, levelly. "But the police sure would. Shoplifting and possession of marijuana wouldn't look good on your record. So I can call them to come take you off my hands…or…you can let me be judge and jury and punish you as I see fit. And we'll resolve this right here and now. Agreed?"

Ginger, wide-eyed, gave a slight nod of her head.

"I can't hear you," said Dana. "Do you agree to allow me to discipline you for your crimes?"

"Yes," Ginger managed, hoarsely.

Dana raised an eyebrow and waited patiently.

"Yes…ma'am?" Ginger tried.

"That's better," Dana laughed. She leaned back against the desk and her face was instantly serious again. "Now strip."

"What? W-why?" Ginger stammered, shocked.

Dana reached over and pinched both of Ginger's nipples, hard, causing the girl to gasp. "Because I told you to, and I make the rules -- you'd better figure that out quick." Dana leaned back against the desk again and folded her arms.

Ginger stood, bit her lower lip uncertainly, then lifted her t-shirt over her head. She wore a plunging lacy white bra trimmed with little red bows. Her nipples were hard little points, straining against the sheer fabric. She seemed to respond positively to a little pain and humiliation. Good.

"Nice," said Dana. "Now the rest – need to be sure you aren't hiding any other merchandise."

Ginger stalled a bit, untying and removing her boots, then carefully rolling up the stockings and tucking them inside, before she finally unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She blushed charmingly, and hugged herself, shivering a little. Her skin was a lovely pale ivory, with a light sprinkling of freckles on her arms and between her breasts. She had a small, neat tattoo of twin cherries on her right hip, just above the waistband of her panties.

Dana chuckled. "Nice ink, but probably false advertising." She threw the panties at Ginger. "Put these on – they're yours now, you paid for them."

Bashfully, Ginger slid the black satin down her legs, revealing a small patch of red fur that was only slightly darker than her hair. She slipped on the tiny red and white scrap of fabric that matched her dainty bra, and the picture made Dana catch her breath, then give a low, admiring whistle. "You look like a fucking porno valentine," she said. Ginger blushed and ducked her head, biting her lip again.

"OK, back in the chair, hands behind you," ordered Dana. Ginger looked a bit puzzled, but complied. "Let's try this again. You shop here all the time -- might even be called a good customer. So why did you try to steal tonight?"

Ginger looked at the floor and said softly, "Maybe I was trying to get your attention."

Dana raised her eyebrows. "Trying to get my attention?"

Ginger looked up, exasperated. "Well, yeah…the clothes weren't working!"

"Oh, I see," Dana laughed, "the fashion show was for my benefit. And here I thought you were just some kind of punk princess clothes horse."

Ginger's cheeks colored and she looked at the floor again. The flush spread all the way down to her cleavage. Redheads blush so easily, thought Dana, amused. She stepped behind the wooden chair and, before Ginger could even protest, deftly cuffed the girl's right wrist, wound the chain behind the wooden chair slats, and cuffed her left wrist. Ginger gasped and instinctively but futilely tugged on the cuffs. Dana patted her shoulder and said, "I'll be back in a bit."

"Wait, where are you going?" asked Ginger.

"Relax, I just have a few things to take care of," said Dana, heading for the door.

"How long are you going to be gone?" asked Ginger nervously.

"I need to lock up and get a few things. I'll be back when I'm done," Dana said, beginning to get irritated.

"But you can't leave me here – what if you don't come back?" And edge of panic was creeping into Ginger's voice.

"If I don't come back, then someone will find you here in the morning. You are really beginning to piss me off," Dana snapped. She strode back across the room and snatched Ginger's discarded panties from the floor. The crotch was very damp, and Dana could smell her clean, enticing scent. Cupping the girl's chin, she pressed in firmly with her thumb and middle finger on either side of her jaw, commanding, "Open." And she thoroughly enjoyed the look of shocked outrage in Ginger's eyes as she stuffed half of the wadded black satin into the girl's mouth as a make-shift gag. "Don't even think about spitting those out," Dana said. "If you do, I have duct tape in the drawer. Now, behave." She patted Ginger once on the head, as if she were a puppy. She exited the office without a backward glance, and shut the door with a satisfying click.

Dana deadbolted the front and back doors, then did a little shopping of her own. She perused the shelves, dropping a few interesting and useful items from the shelves into one of the store's distinctive black and silver shopping bags. Humming to herself, knowing that Ginger was bound and helpless upstairs, she totaled her items on a sales ticket and slipped it into a drawer. Jade could deduct the purchases from her paycheck at the end of the month (after the generous employee discount she offered), but after seeing the list of items, her employer would be more likely to ask if she could come to Dana's place for a slumber party. Dana shook her head and chuckled at the thought.

"Honey, I'm home…" Dana announced cheerfully as she re-entered the office. "Did you miss me?" Ginger, wide-eyed over the gag, looked at her with a mixture of relief and terror. Dana eased the wet panties out of the girl's mouth, murmuring, "I see I didn't need the duct tape after all." Dana undid the cuffs, unhooked Ginger's bra, and removed it in one smooth, practiced motion. Ginger opened her mouth to protest, but Dana stopped her abruptly. "You will speak when spoken to, when I ask you a direct question, understand?" Ginger nodded and said meekly, "Yes, Ma'am."

"Good girl, you're learning," Dana said. "Now, stand up."

Ginger obeyed, and Dana ran her hands gently over the girl's breasts, admiring her soft pale skin and exquisitely responsive nipples. She pinched them tightly, feeling them harden under her fingertips, eliciting a slight squeak from the distressed girl. She longed to slide her arms around Ginger, pull her close and nuzzle her neck…but first things first. Dana moved the few items on the desk to the side – blotter, pens, stapler – then ordered, "Bend over," indicating the broad smooth surface. She pulled a small but wicked looking black leather paddle out of the shopping bag.

Ginger stood frozen in disbelief, looking from the paddle, to Dana's stern expression, back to the paddle.

"OK, that's three more for acting stupid," Dana said through gritted teeth. "Down." Dana shoved the nearly naked girl up against the edge of the desk, and pushed Ginger down with her left hand on the small of the girl's back. She pulled the panties down over Ginger's hips in one swift motion, letting them slide down to her ankles, leaving her bare and vulnerable. Dana noted another tattoo, a tiny pink rosebud at the base of the girl's spine, right where the cleft of her lovely ass began; Dana couldn't resist smiling to herself, oh, isn't that just too fucking perfect. But she made damn sure Ginger wouldn't hear any amusement in her voice. "First you get twenty for stealing -- now, count."

After the first swat, there was nothing but a sharp gasp from the girl; at the second, still no count, but Ginger let out a painfully genuine shriek and instinctively tried to protect her bottom with her hands. Dana fisted her fingers in the hair at the nape of Ginger's neck and pulled her head far enough off the desk to look her in the eye. "You've never been spanked in your life, have you?" Ginger shook her head – as well as she could, being held by her hair. "Maybe if you had, you wouldn't be such a goddamn brat." Seeing Ginger's eyes well with tears, Dana relented, if only slightly. "You're new at this, so I'm gonna fill you in on some rules," she said, gruffly. "Get your hands out of the way, unless you need me to cuff you again." Ginger quickly folded her arms under her chest. "Better," said Dana, releasing the handful of hair and straightening. "You're allowed to cry – this is a punishment and it's supposed to hurt. But another scream like that, and I'll gag you. Got it?" The girl sprawled across the desk nodded vigorously. "And without a gag, I expect you to count each swat: twenty for stealing, five for being a smartass, and three for being stupid. You better count to keep me honest, because sometimes I lose track and have to start over." She ignored what sounded like a tiny gasp of dismay. "Where were we?"

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