Ginger Snaps Does the Farm


My Dad wouldn't let her use the shower upstairs, she was banned from upstairs in fact, after she had finished her chores, she'd wash in outhouse next to the barn.

There was a cold water shower in the barn, my Dad usually used it to take water to the nearby horse trough, and this was where Ginger was to bathe each day if she wanted to get clean which of course she did because she stank of manure and sex.

She cried when she saw the shower, but my father handed her an old towel and a bar of carbolic soap.

"It's that or nothing," he told her.

"You're so cruel!" she sobbed and he laughed at her and said.

"Crocodile tears never touched my heart Ginger," he said, "Only real ones, and you don't know how to cry real tears, now shower and get your fat ass into the house, unless you want to miss supper?"

Not surprisingly Ginger was ravenously hungry this time and I will give my father credit, he didn't deprive her of food but she had to wash up afterwards, something she had never done in her life and she didn't know where to start.

I took pity on her and showed her what to do but I didn't help her, the expression on my father's face told me I could only do so much for Ginger and then he'd intervene.

She sniffed trying to make me feel sorry for her but I didn't really, well I did a tiny bit, I'm not all heartless, but I wasn't going to interfere, Ginger was my father's responsibility, when he wanted more of my input he would ask.

At seven she was locked in the darkened utility room and we went out for the evening, we didn't talk about Ginger, we went to a bar for a drink and came back late.

We had told her we would be doing this and she had let out a howl of protest but to no avail, and when we returned the utility room was silent, she was either sulking or fast asleep.

Of course she tried to run away, on the fourth day in fact, my Dad visited her in the utility room each night, I didn't bother to listen again, and I could imagine it on my own and jack myself off.

She didn't get very far, Dad realised she was missing fairly quickly when she didn't appear from mucking out the barn again.

I offered to find her but he knew which way she would be heading so he took the truck and two hours later he was back with a furious red faced Ginger in tow. She had followed the road as he expected her too and had caught up with her long before she had hit the main road.

He carried her kicking, swearing and squealing out of the truck, he was trying not to laugh, I scratched my head, not sure what to say or do and my Dad said.

"Go get my leather belt from the back door Rusty," he said.

Ginger's face whitened, she jerked in his arms, trying to bite and scratch him, but to no avail, I got the belt as instructed and followed my father into the barn.

I had to help my father this time, not as reluctantly as I expected, he pulled her hands over her head, made me hold them in place and basically strung her up like a side of beef, her feet barely touching the straw covered floor, when she tried to kick him, he yanked off her shoes and tossed them to one side.

"Whilst I'm doing this," he said to me as he yanked down her panties and bunched up her skirt around her thighs and I got a glimpse of a shaven moist crotch, "You go to her suit case and get all her shoes and put them into the corn grinder, she can go barefoot from now on, she won't want to go down that road without any shoes on, the stones will cut her feet to ribbons."

"Don't you touch my things!" Ginger screamed jerking back and forth desperately and then she was shrieking in pain as the belt bit into her buttocks.

She was strung up in such away she could only jerk back and forth, and side to side, I watched fascinated as the belt landed on her ass, not as hard it could have, but hard enough.

I picked up the shoes that my father had tossed to one side, and obeyed his command to get all of Ginger's other shoes and grind them up.

They were expensive shoes, all designer but they ground up quite well though it took about 45 give minutes.

I wonder if my father was still whupping Ginger's ass, I hoped not, I'm not that cruel so I quietly made my way to the barn, I'd chance his wrath and tell him to stop if he was.

I certainly didn't expect to find Ginger on her knees in front of my father sucking his cock whilst fondling his balls that took me by surprise that is for sure!

The barn door was open but I was in the shadows, I stayed there and watched my mouth wide open in amazement.

Ginger certainly knew how to suck a cock, she could deep throat like an expert and my father has a cock and a half, it's at least 10 inches when its hard on, and it's wide too, I should know, I've inherited his genes in that department, well hung if you know what I mean.

"This is better than a whipping, isn't it?" my father said in a calm voice, he has control over his body my father, he was obviously enjoying what Ginger was doing but he was not letting her know it, he had a hard on but his breathing was steady and he was looking down at her, his hands at his sides, making no attempt to caress or touch her.

She looked up at him with her large green, her eyes were bulging slightly in their sockets because he was so large in her mouth but she managed to nod her head, her backside was a flaming red colour, he obviously had given her a choice, more ass whupping or cock sucking, she had chosen the cock sucking option.

"If you try and run away again," my father said, "Not that you have any shoes now, I'll give you a whipping worse than what you just got, not only that, I'll fuck you up your virgin ass right afterward and I won't be gentle!"

You might have thought that threat would have terrified my cousin but to my amazement I heard a groan come from her over filled mouth, she squirmed on her knees and sucked harder, and then her tongue flicked out and she began to lap at my father's balls.

That almost took him by surprise, luckily she wasn't looking up at him right at that moment or she would have seen the pleasurable shock cross over his face but he turned it to his advantage quickly.

"Let's see if you can kiss my balls whilst you're sucking my cock," he said, "If you can, I'll let you stay up an extra hour tonight and watch TV."

My cousin's mouth puckered over the huge swollen cock she was sucking, and slowly but surely she began to kiss his balls, a suck and then a kiss, a suck and then a kiss.

My father chuckled, slightly strained but only to my ear as I knew him well.

I was totally turned on but I restrained from jacking myself off, I was getting a raging hard on but I ignored it.

Eventually my father had to come, he said in a light voice that was tinged with well disguised lust.

"I'll give you a choice Ginger, I can come over tits or you can do some real deep swallowing, you choose."

He leaned over and ripped open her stained designer blouse to make a point and pulled up her lacy bra so her large pendulous tits were exposed.

Ginger grabbed his buttocks with both her manicured hands, well all her nails were broken now but they were still polished though a little cracked and she sucked his cock like a demon, and my Dad got the message.

He shot a full load down her throat, she gulped, she swallowed, she lapped, she slurped, creamy cum oozed out of the sides of her mouth and down her chin but she took the lot with ease.

He slid out of her mouth, her saliva and his cum dripping off his flaccid cock.

"Lick me clean," he said to her as she looked up at him, wiping her mouth with her hand and she obeyed him, she didn't even protest, she just lowered her head, and lapped at his cock and balls until there was no cum left and then he fastened his pants.

"Now you learn some manners," he said to the still kneeling girl who was looking slightly dazed by then, "You learn to say please and thank you, and on this occasion you say thank you."

She wouldn't in a million years say thank you I thought but some common sense pervaded and scarlet faced she muttered.

"Thank you Uncle Dutch."

"You're going to say please and thank you a lot around this farm," my father said, "Your parents despair of your bad manners, well this is one way of learning them, isn't it?"

She couldn't answer that could she? She just looked at the ground, flame faced and angry with herself because even though she had been given the option of a further whupping or sucking a cock, she had actually enjoyed getting on her knees and giving her Uncle a blow job and they both knew it.

"Go and have a shower and get on with your work," my father said, and I slipped away before either of them saw me though I was sure my father knew I was watching them both.

Ginger got her extra hour up that night, she watched TV silently sitting on the sofa, and she still looked sullen but also a little excited too. She kept glancing at my father and then at me, but only every now and then.

When her hour was up she meekly went to the utility room to be locked in. She wasn't totally tamed by half I suspected but my Dad knew that, Ginger Slut still had a lot to learn in her month at the farm and it was going to be more interesting with each passing day!

My Dad worked Ginger harder than he ever worked me on the farm, he really made her earn her keep, he fed her well, she got plumper but not fat but she learned more about housekeeping and running a farm than any city girl I have ever known that is for sure.

Ginger soon ran out of designer clothes, they were rags by the end of the first week, so many tore and were messed up with horse and pig shit.

My Dad gave her a pair of my old dungarees which barely covered her tits and were tight on the crotch, they were mine when I was about 14 and they just about fitted her.

Along with work on the farm my Dad fucked Ginger whenever he got the chance, she resisted initially, well that is only natural but with each fucking, she resisted less and less because in the end it was so futile and also because she was enjoying the sex if not the hard work she had to do.

I didn't listen every night to their sessions in the locked utility room but when I did it was worth it.

My father sure had a novel way of making Ginger Slut learn her manners that was for sure, he soon had her saying things like, "Please eat my pussy "and" Thank you for coming over my face" and things like that.

It rubbed off on her day to day working life on the farm, she no longer demanded things, well she knew she wouldn't get anything but a red hot ass if she was rude, the day she said thank you to me when I helped her put her way the dishes after supper one even almost made me faint with shock.

I managed to get two more weeks leave from the police; I wanted to see this through to the end, well wouldn't you?

I was totally fascinated not to mention turned on like a horn dog. I was jacking myself off each night just thinking about Ginger and Dad and it wasn't just there fucking that got me going, I actually liked what he was doing to her, making her work, making her squirm and be embarrassed and humiliated. Yes I admit I felt a little guilty about that, I am not as hard as my Dad but lust got the better of me and I still remembered what a bitch she had been in the past and still was.

Ginger didn't get too sassy with Dad because he just walloped her one if she did and she didn't talk much to me, mainly out of embarrassment I think she knew full well I was aware of what was going on in the utility room each night.

It was at the end of the second week and the beginning of the third that my father proved to me how far he had come with regard to taming and breaking Ginger Slut's nasty habits.

We had just finished eating our dinner when he said in an easy going voice.

"Ginger, why don't you unfasten your dungarees and let Rusty see your tits."

I don't know who was more surprised, me or Ginger, she opened her mouth to protest, saw the expression on my father's face, and quickly obeyed him.

Her tits popped out of her dungarees like two huge beach balls with pert pink rose buds on each one and I looked at them, my crotch contracting and my cock hardening but managing to keep my face neutral.

Her face reddened slightly but she sat at the table stiffly as my father said to me.

"Ginger's been stealing money from my wallet," he said almost conversationally and Ginger's face went ashen at his words.

I knew he was speaking the truth and I frowned, why on earth would she do that when she had nothing to spend it on?

"It's one of her little vices," my father said smiling at my pale faced cousin, "Her mother told me about it, she's been stealing from them for years, she couldn't give up the habit here either, I suspect she has gone through your wallet too Rusty."

She had done too, she had taken $20, but I was bewildered.

"Her parents are loaded," I said incredulously, "Why would she do that?"

"Because she can," my father replied, "Right Ginger?"

She went from pale faced to red faced, she scowled but the look on my father's face made her look away.

"How much has she stolen from you?" I asked.

"A little under $100," he said, "Don't worry Ginger, your parents won't find out, because you're going to earn all the money you have stolen from Rusty and me, you're going to earn it and pay interest too."

Ginger's head shot up, there was fear tinged with a little lust in her eyes, but for once she wasn't rude and she said in an almost pleading voice.

"Can't I just give it back?"

"Doesn't work like that honey," my father said mildly, "Now how about you get under the table and give Rusty a blow job, might as well get used to being on your knees for a while, it's what you're going to be doing a lot of!"

She couldn't refuse and she knew it, her eyes blinked rapidly for a moment or two, and then slowly she slid under the table and disappeared from sight and I felt a pair of hands part my knees and then fingers gently pull on the zipper on my crotch.

Ginger gave me the best blow job I have ever had in my entire life, I think she kind of hoped my Dad would go easy on her if she did a good job on me, not a chance because after she had finished swallowing the load I shot down her throat he took her into the barn whupped her ass good and proper and then fucked her up it right after, just as he had threatened he would do if she tried to run away again.

She bellowed like a stuck pig, I heard her from the kitchen where I was making myself a sandwich.

I winced slightly in sympathy but didn't bother going out to see, I could imagine it and that was enough and strangely I didn't feel as turned on as I thought I would though I was slightly, I won't deny it.

She hobbled into the kitchen in front of my father, barely able to walk, her face was once again as red as her hair, and her eyes were red from crying but she was also breathing heavily, and the crotch of her dungarees were heavily stained, she had juiced up so much she had saturated the front of her pants.

"She's real stretched that end too," my father said with a grin and her face went scarlet at his words, "You can fuck her up her ass too if you want."

Ginger looked at me pleadingly, I could see the back of her pants were also rapidly staining where my father's load of cum was leaking out of her ass and to my surprise I took pity on her.

"Maybe another time," I said and the look of gratitude on her face surprised me.

My father however didn't seem too surprised by my refusal, instead, he told Ginger to get out to the barn and have a shower, she would have to wash her dungarees there too and seeing as she had no more clothes, it looked like she'd have to be butt naked until the morning.

Silently she left the kitchen to obey his command and my father gave me an amiable smile and went off to watch TV.

I knew my father would be mad but I went upstairs and found an old shirt of mine and slipped out to the barn where a butt sore Ginger was washing herself under the freezing cold shower, her teeth were chattering but she washed herself thoroughly with the carbolic soap and then dried herself on her towel which was too small for her even to use as a wrap.

She had washed and rung out the dungarees in the cold water and it would be some time before they dried in the barn.

She heard me enter the washroom, turned around, still a little defiant even though my father had done a good job in taming her and then she stared at the shirt I holding out to her.

"My Dad is going to whup my ass for this," I said wryly, "But what the hell, here you are."

She looked at me, and then at the shirt. I thought she was going to refuse it but then tears filled her eyes and slid down her pale cheeks.

"Thank you Rusty," she said in a shaky voice which still surprised me despite the fact her manners had improved greatly over the last couple of weeks.

She put the shirt on and buttoned it up.

"I'll tell him I stole it off you," she said wanly, "He'll believe me."

I shook my head, "I'll tell him I gave it you, because I did, come on, let's go back to the house."

My father didn't come into the kitchen when we entered, he shouted at me from the lounge to lock Ginger in the utility room and I heard myself suddenly shout back no to his order.

I don't know who was more surprised, me or Ginger, she stared at me incredulously.

"Are you mad Rusty? Jesus, don't be so stupid, he'll bust your ass!"

My Dad came out of the lounge but he didn't look all that mad, in fact he looked almost amused.

I didn't feel as brave as I was trying to be but I took a deep breath and said.

"I don't think Ginger is going to screw you or her family around any more, I think she has more than learned her lesson these last two weeks, cut her some slack okay, Jesus, you've worked her like a dog and fucked her like one too, she's deserved most of it but not any more, please Dad?"

Ginger's mouth dropped open real wide, shock written all over her face.

The slap I got across the face really hurt, I rocked on my feet as the palm of my father's hand collided with my cheek.

My eyes watered and Ginger's gave a little cry and put herself in front of me.

"Uncle Dutch don't! He was only sticking up for me, please don't hit him again!"

My arms instinctively wrapped around Ginger and I hugged her too me, if he was going to hit her I'd shield her from the blow, I wasn't going to let it happen, I had played my part and now I was felt really bad, as much as I wanted to fuck my cousin's brains out, I didn't want her to suffer any more.

My Dad smiled suddenly, a lovely smile that totally floored me and Ginger, we looked at each other, neither of us knowing what to think.

"He's going to kill us both," she said and my father roared with laughter then.

"No way," he said, "I love my son too much for that Ginger, and you Ginger, you just tried to protect him from me, have you ever done that before for anyone other than yourself?"

Ginger's green eyes widened, her hands had moved to cover mine and she stared at my father and then she said.


"Rusty likes you more than he cares to admit, he didn't like you at first, but he likes you now, and I'm glad, because I sure as hell am getting pretty damned exhausted screwing you on my own, not that I haven't enjoyed every moment of it but you are hot stuff girl, real hot stuff."

Ginger blushed then, not from embarrassment but from the pleasure of my father's words.

"I will cut you some slack as Rusty has asked but if you so much as put a foot wrong between now and the end of this month, you will go back to the way it was, Rusty or no Rusty, understand Ginger Snaps?"

Not Ginger Slut though she could be one when she wanted to be or when she was made to be.

"Yes Uncle Dutch," she said and then she added almost shyly, "And thank you."

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