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Ginny’s Black Satin Panties


This story has a little something to excite or piss off almost everybody. There is a cheating wife, panty fetish, masturbation, vaginal sex, anal sex, hints of dominance/submission and a guy fucking his best friend's wife. If you do not like any of those things then I strongly suggest you click the back button and find a story more to your tastes. Otherwise enjoy. SCOUNDREL

I was at Sam's apartment that Saturday afternoon helping him and his wife, Ginny, get ready for the party later that night.

I had known Sam for nearly two years. We were both serving in a destroyer in Mayport, Florida. Although our jobs were different we were in the same division so I saw him every working day and of course every day we were at sea. We became good friends shortly after I reported aboard.

When in other ports we pulled liberty together and when home he had rented a place close to the beach and a few months later a couple of ship mates and I also rented a place a few blocks away.

About every month or 6 weeks Sam would throw a party at his place for a few of his friends who he had known out in the Midwest, some guys from the ship and who ever else he wanted. The parties were cheap to throw. It cost five bucks up front per attendee, BYOB and bring enough to share it possible.

These affairs were pretty low key, music not too loud, no fights or crashers. Both Sam and I were big enough to enforce the no fighting and no crashers rule. I'm 6'3" 250 or so and he is 6'1" 215. Also knowing Sam I was pretty sure he was making a bit of profit he always seemed tocome out ahead of the game.

This Saturday I was happy as a pig in stuff. Well, you know what I mean. I was prep cook to Ginny. Peeling, chopping, cutting veggies as she directed. When she ran out of things for me to do in the kitchen she had me moving furniture around to her satisfaction. I was happy because I was working with Ginny. I had been half in love with her since the first time we met. She was a tall, 5' 9", blond curvy woman. Bit tits and a really fine looking ass, I swear it looked like two kittens playing under a blanket when she walked.

She had very shapely legs, a great full ass (Am I repeating myself?), and what was I was sure were more then a hand full of breasts and I have big hands. Today she was wearing a pair of tight white short shorts and a shiny red blouse tied under those fine large breasts.

In a lot of ways it was a love hate thing with me. I loved seeing her, I loved being with her, I especially loved watching her unrestrained breast move under her red blouse, I loved seeing her nipples harden on occasion.

I hated she was married, I hated she was married to my good friend, I hated she was not mine. I hated she was sleeping with him. I especially hated she was fucking him and not me. I was so torn.I also hated having a hard on every time I was around her. That too was a love hate thing.

I loved she never made a comment about it. I hated she never seemed to notice my reaction to her. I could not stand to be around her and I could not stand not being around her. How can something be so wonderful and hurt so badly at the same time?

A few hours later the party was in full swing. Drinks were flowing, chips, veggies and dips were placed around the room. There were about 15 or 20 of us floating from one conversation group to the next. I was having a good time. Sam had a knack for finding a good mix of people for his soirees.

Before everything started Ginny had changed into a short patterned skirt and a soft almost transparent top, let me tell you she looked sexy as hell. About 8:30 I needed to make a head (bathroom) call. As I walked past the host's bedroom the door was open and glanced in and saw Ginny's shorts on the bed, lying top were a pair of black panties. I couldn't help myself. I looked around, saw no one around. I stepped in and pushed the door closed.

I picked up the panties and ran my fingers over them Ummm. They were satin, black satin panties. Satin little boy shorts with black lace legs and around the top were embroidered hearts and an embroidered red heart on the front. As my fingers caressed Ginny's panties I felt a wet spot. Damn I was harder then I have ever been in my life.

I pressed the wetness to my nose and inhaled deeply. Pussy, hot, wet, needy pussy is what my nose screamed at me. I was afraid my cock would explode. I needed some relief. I carefully folded the panties with the wet spot inside and put them in the pocket of my shorts. I cracked the door. No one was near and I took the couple of steps to the head (Bathroom). I stepped in, locked the door and unzipped, freed my hard cock and stroked it a few times.

I got the panties and pressed the wetness against my nose and inhaled. My hand worked my thickness. Pressing the wet into my mouth I worked myself harder. She tasted so good. Her flavor was exactly what I had imagined. Ginny tasted womanly, sexy, needy and oh so ready for my cock. That's what my mind told me anyway. I sucked every drop of her wetness from the crouch of her panties. It was bliss. I was getting close, so close.

I pulled her panties, wet with both her juices and my mouth wetness from my mouth. I wrapped them around my cock and stroked both harder and faster.

In my imagination I saw her on her back; knees pulled back to her breasts, her fingers working her pussy and her other hand beckoning me closer. My mouth was watering and my cock was so ready. I was cumming, exploding my desire and need into her panties. Grunting and groaning with each and every convulsion to fill her with my seed. I know two years of want, need and desire exploded out of me in those few seconds. My knees were weak. I leaned against the wall to catch my breath.

The panties were soaked with her wetness, my saliva, and cum. My hand was dripping with all the wetness.

There was a knock on the door. "Come on man I really need to go."

"O,K. give me a minute and I'll be out." A mumble from outside.

I wrapped the soaking panties in some toilet paper, washed my hands, and dried. Panties in my pocket and opened the door. He pushed past me cursing under his breath, and slammed the door.

I wondered what to do with the panties. I couldn't throw them away nor could I keep them as I really wanted to. The short hallway was clear so I stepped back into their room. Damn another quandary. I couldn't put them back where I found them. Ginny would know something was wrong if she even touched them. So I took the panties and her shorts and put them in the clothes hamper, checked the hallway, all clear and I rejoined the party.

A while later Ginny pulled me into the kitchen. "Mike, Sam is drunk as a skunk so I need you to slow down drinking. I'll need someone to put him to bed and you're the only one big enough to do it by yourself." I nodded my agreement and she was gone.

The rest of the party I always had a full glass but with only half as much booze as before. A while after midnight the party was winding down and Sam was crashed in a corner of the couch. Head down, legs sprawled wide, arms akimbo, and snoring. An hour later everyone else was gone except for Ginny, me and my two roommates.

"Come on Mike." Fred said. "We'll get Sam into bed and go home or out for one last drink."

Ginny spoke up. "No, you guys go and do what you want. Mike can get Sam into bed and he'll sleep on the couch and can help me if I need to get my drunken husband up to puke or something."

They looked at each other shrugged and said. "Sure Ginny, what ever you say." They thanked her and left.

I got Sam on his feet sort of and then got the big S.O.B up on my shoulder, sort of staggered into the bedroom and flopped him onto his bed. I left Ginny to deal with the rest.

I opened the sleeper bed and made it up, stripped to my boxers, got under the covers and turned off the light. A while later I was right on the edge of sleep when heard Ginny rattling around in the kitchen. I assumed she was loading the dish washer. Suddenly the table lamp behind me was turned on. It was Ginny. I turned, she was wearing an old, worn, thin cotton nightgown that ended a couple of inches above her knees and had a rather low scooped neck.

"Mike, we need to talk about several things. Are you awake enough?"

"Yeah, I guess." I replied a little groggily. I had been half asleep after all. She sat on the bed crossed legged giving me a brief glimpse of what looked like black satin panties. I was instantly hard. Her night gown was nearly up to her waist. She bent back, flashing me again and picked up a glass from the floor, bent forward and handed me a drink.

I sort of sat up and pulled an extra pillow across my lap to hid my hard on. As she bent toward me her scoop neck fell array from her and gave me a brief but, a prefect view of her free swinging breasts with small aureole and tight little nipples.

Oh shit, I thought, this is not going to end well. I just knew if she did that one more time I'd grab a handful of her breast and that would be the end of Sam and I, and much more importantly, of me being able to be around Ginny.

To cover my embarrassment I took a sip of the drink. It had a lot more bourbon then I usually pored. My face must have given me away. She grinned and said it was my reward for being able to still get her bastard husband into bed. She shifted a little and I got another flash of black between her legs again.

She took a deep breath and began. "Mike, I don't know if you know this but, you are the best friend I have in this town. I have a problem and I need my best friend to talk to about it. Are you up for it?"

I was her best friend? I understood women and their best friends. Well, as well as any guy does. Being her best friend was a special honor. One I did not want. I wanted to be her lover, her fuck buddy, her booty call but, not her best friend.

I took a healthy slug of the drink she had poured for me and WOW, I had forgotten it was almost all booze and damn little water. I was coughing and it almost brought tears to my eyes.

She giggled. "What's the matter big guy, too much for you?"

I coughed a couple of more times. "Jeeze, girl you might warn a guy."

She giggled again. "About what, the bourbon or the best friend thing?"

So I lied. "The booze." I coughed again.

Her face got serious. "I'm sure Sam is going to divorce me when he gets out of the navy."

I think I kinda gasp in disbelief. "Why would you think that?"

"I have been on birth control pills for years. I caught him checking the pills in the medicine cabinet at least twice. That plus he has refused to have sex with me for over three months. No sex of any kind for that long. I think he knows what I think and is afraid I will try to get pregnant to ether stay married or to force him to pay child support?"

I hesitated for a moment. "Ginny. I swear he has not said a word to me or done a single thing to make me think what you say is right. I mean about the divorce. The lack of sex, we never talked about his sex life. Most married guys just don't talk about it. Really."

She looked into my eyes for a moment. "Ok, but there is something else I need to talk to about. During the party I went into the bedroom and my shorts and panties were not where I left them. I found them in the hamper. I didn't put them in there and I'll guarantee Sam didn't. When I found them my panties were covered with cum. Male cum and not just my juices. It was you wasn't it? You jacked off into my panties and filled them with your cum, didn't you. Don't you dare lie to me I know it was you."

I stuttered, I stammered and I could feel myself blush. Blush? Me? For Christ's sake I haven't blushed since I was maybe 10 years old. Ginny giggled. I wanted to curl up in a ball and just die. Barring that pulling the blankets over my head and the pillow over my ears seemed like a good a good second option.

"Mike, take a big drink and I'll tell you a secret only you, my best friend, and I will know and no one else will ever know, O.K?" I kinda nodded I think. I killed about half the drink and didn't even taste it.

"Do you know what I did with my panties you covered them with your cum?" I shook my head. She smiled. "I took the pretty yellow ones, I was wearing, off and put the dirty nasty black ones on. I made sure your cum was against my dripping wet pussy. I have walked around all night long feeling your cum between my legs and adding my own juices. I squished all night with every step I took, here feel." and she grabbed my hand and pressed it against her panty covered pussy.

I froze. I didn't know what to do. I mean, I knew what I wanted to do, but I just couldn't do it. I could feel the mixture of my cum and her wetness against my hand. I was so hard I was afraid it would explode. Not with cum but, the throbbing and pulsing made me think my cock head might burst like an over inflated balloon.

She pressed her hand over mine and moved it against her pussy covered by her panties soaked in my cum and her sex juices. She knelt up for a moment and pulled her night gown over her head. Now she was nearly naked. Her only modesty was the sexy sopping black panties. Her breasts were...how do you describe perfection? Beautiful, full, heavy, gorgeous ...Think of the best looking, most beautiful, most perfect, breasts you have ever seen and you know what she exposed to me.

I finished the rest of my drink barely tasting it. She grabbed my head and pulled it to her nipple and my mouth enveloped it. I suckled, I laved it, I bit her, I pulled back a bit and rubbed my whiskery stubble against her nipple.

I could hear her moan, her whispers soft in my ear, feeling her pulling me harder against her. I have no idea of what she whispered to me. All I remember is the feel of those hard nipples in my mouth and the feel of my other hand full of her other breast. How my hand there I don't know. It just was.

Ginny pulled the pillow off my lap and my cock sprang free. Oooh, she almost moaned. "You're bigger then Sam everywhere and uncut. I've never had one that has not been cut before. I hope it feels as delicious as it looks" She pushed me onto my back and stripped my boxers off. Then holding my cock against my belly she mounted me. She rested her soaked panties directly on my cock. She slowly mover her panty covered pussy gently back and forth against my throbbing erection.

Bending down she whispered in my ear. "Feel how wet I am with my panties wet with your cum and my juices. Feel what I have been feeling all night. You are a dirty, nasty man. Tonight I want to be your dirty nasty bitch. I want you to fuck me any way you want I want you to cum in me and on me. I need you to make me cum and cum more then I ever have."

I was surprised. In the two years I had known her Ginny's worst words were hell or damn nothing more. Still if that's what she wanted then that's what I would give her. I wrapped my arms around her and rolled her until she was under me. I reached down and ripped the gusset out of her black panties and she jerked at my assault. My fingers were coated with our mixed juices. I brought one finger to my mouth and sucked it clean. I presented the other dipping wet finger to Ginny. She opened her mouth and sucked it in I could feel her tongue working my finger like it was a little cock. Is this what you want my little slut?

"Oh, gawd yes. Take me, use me, and make me yours. I need it so bad."

I rubbed my cock head between her nether lips several times and then seated it at her entrance. "Look at me my little bitch."

She looked into my eyes. "Yes now. Take me, fuck me as hard as you can. I need you so bad." I drove hard into her. She tensed for a moment then relaxed. I was buried in her as deep as I could get. Damn she was tight. I begin to move in her. Even though I was slapping against her but, to some degree I was holding beck a little. I did not want to hurt her.

After a minute or so she whispered in my ear. "Hard, harder, I'm a big girl and you won't break me or hurt me." I picked up the pace and was quickly slamming hard and deep into her welcoming body. She wrapped her long legs around my waist. One of her heels was banging against my ass with every thrust into her.

Soon her breathing went from deep and sexual to broken and gasping. I manager to wiggle a hand between us and my thumb found her engorged clit. Only a few strokes on her swollen bud and she took a deep shuddering breath, stiffened against me and screamed her released against my throat. Her muscles were clasping and clenching me inside her.

I had slowed and stopped moving while Ginny recovered from her orgasm. She lay under me for a while eyes closed and breathing deeply. Suddenly her eyes opened and she asked in an almost fearful voice. "Are you done? Did you cum with me? How long before you can do it again?"

I shook my head. "Girl this is the best night of my life, I am not going to let it end so soon. I can do it again right now."

She giggled. "Well lover you had better get back to work cuz I'm still needing more, a lot more." I quickly reestablished our prior rhythm. I was driving hard and powerfully into her again and again, the slap of flesh on flesh dilled the room. With each slap Ginny made a soft sound rather like a cross between a moan and a grunt. Her lovely legs embraced my waist, one hand holding on to my neck and the other under my arm and gripping my shoulder tightly. Soon her breathing changed to those gasps like last time and she came again shuddering and gasping against me. This time I didn't even show down. I kept taking and using her unlike the first time when I stopped. This time her orgasm lasted much longer then her first.

As her orgasm ended I pried her legs from around my waist and pulled them to my shoulders. She was bent with her legs straight up in the air. I continued my assault on her sopping cunt. Now I was able to get what felt like deeper penetration. Ginny seemed to like it too. In just a short time her third orgasm just seemed to burst from what seemed nowhere. I slowed and moved slowly in her. When she had calmed a bit I said. "Time to shift positions.

She asked how I wanted her and I told her doggy. She seemed to think for a minute, then said. "Mike can you wait for a few minutes, we need to talk."

I thought this was really not the best time to just talk. "Gin, if you don't like it that way it's O.K. We can do something else."

She shook her head. "Actually I love doggy but, this is something else." I had stopped moving. She slipped her legs off my shoulders and pulled me down to her. She pressed her face against my chest.

In a soft voice I could barely hear. "Mike I want you to sodomize me. I want your cock in my ass. Sam won't do it. We tried it a few times and then he said it was dirty and nasty and wouldn't do it any more. I loved it and I came so hard I thought I would pass out. Please, will you do it to me?" My cock was starting to wilt a little until she asked me to use her ass, then I was as hard as a piece of steel again.

Would I do it to her? I thought that was the dumbest question I had ever been asked. Her ass had played a major roll in all of the fantasy's I'd ever had about her. I pulled back a little and kissed her hard. My tongue was taking her mouth as I was planning to take her ass.

When I broke the kiss I said. "Ginny I would love to take your beautiful ass. You need to get some lube."

She murmured. "Thank you." "Lube, lots of lube, it's been a long time for me and as big as you are...yes, lots of lube." She pushed me away and rolled out from under me and scampered off into her bedroom. She was back in just a minute with a big bottle of skin lotion. Not the best stuff but better then butter.

"First you then you do me. You do know how, don't you?" I nodded. She pushed me onto my back, took a hand full of lotion and begin to lube my cock. She grabbed one of my hands and poured some lube into it. Work your hands together. It will soften them and help you to lube my ass inside. Her hands were heaven on my cock. Then she kept trying to force the foreskin over the shinny head. It would only cover about half and it would roll back behind the corona when she released the pressure.

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