tagIncest/TabooGirija My Innocent Mom

Girija My Innocent Mom


I can still remember those days. It's as clear as the stars in the sky. Sweet memories of yesterday ran through my head, as I lie awake in the bed, my wife sleeping beside me. It was raining outside quiet heavily. I remember all those things that made me the man who I am right now. There I lie taking a journey into my past.

A young man of 18, I was a very lively man. I live in our small house in a small town in south India. Surely not alone. There was my mother, Girija who is a widow and she is in her early 40s. It has been 9 years since my father died and she spent most of her time in prayers and meditation. On the other hand it was around this time I discovered the art of masturbation and I start spending most of the time in the new hobby.

Then there comes a friend of my mom, Sindhu, to our house. That's when all the fantasies and joy in my life started. She was 38, a teacher who just joined a school near to our house and so my mother persuaded her to stay with us. She started living at our house and I was forced to sleep with mother because our house only had two bedrooms. It was one rainy day I noticed my mom in the fade light of moon through the window. She laid sideways facing me wearing a light yellow sari and I saw her dark nipples inside her blouse as her sari has fallen apart leaving her top half naked. The sight suddenly created waves on my mind and my prick become rock hard. I hardly can control my erection. I was only wearing boxers and my 8" cock was pushing hard to break free.

I moved close to her and watched her tits from all possible angles I can from lying in bed. Her tits very huge each sized about a coconut and her white belly added even more beauty to her gorgeous body. She was 5' 7 and got nice big ass too. Very meaty ass. I move even close to her to smell her scent. The scent of her body strengthens my manliness a bit more. I thought to myself I am really having a slut at my own house. Her lips were red and face pretty beautiful.

I forgot for a moment that I am examining my own mother. I was crossing all boundaries of a mom-son relationship and I slowly put one of my hands around her my chest pressing against her huge tits and my lips pressing her lips. And my other hand holding my penis. She seemed to have had no knowledge of what was going own. Her eyes closed and breathe falling on my face. I slowly make her lay on her back and positioned her towards the side of the bed. My hands suddenly caught on her tits and started squeezing them and released them. When I thought I've played enough with those and slowly pulled her sari up to get a view of her cunt, my first cunt, my mothers cunt. I found out that she was not wearing underwear and her fat cunt lips already soft and wet.

I pushed one finger inside her and started moving it up and down. A heard a cry from her mouth and her eyes opened suddenly. I was frozen and became motionless. But she was hot, after a long sexless period. "Don't stop my son, go with it. Please don't stop," she pleaded. And she placed my finger inside her with her own hands. I heard a cry of joy "Ooooh aaaaaaaaah, I am cuuuuuuuuuumiiingggggggg o Rama oooooooh. " I moved the fingers faster and suddenly a hot stream of cunt water rushed out wetting my fingers and flow down to her asshole. I was much aroused by the situation as I saw my mom cumming. She stood from the bed and removed my boxers in a flash and started eating my long cock like a hungry lioness. My moms beautiful mouth is having my cock, the heat inside her mouth is really sensational. I was in heaven I felt. I screamed, "Suck it Girija, suck u bitch, you slut."

I pulled my cock out of her mouth when I felt that I was going to come. I took off her dresses. I pulled her closer and slapped one of her ass cheeks. "Aaah, " she let out a moan. My eye was on her cunt that badly needed some work. I made her lie on her back and said, "I am going to fuck you mom, fuck you really hard". I was wild with lust and I rubbed my cock-head on her cunt. Not before long the cunt swallowed the cock and she led out a sweet cry, "ooooh aaaaaaaah, fuck me Manu, fuck me hard, ooooh yeeeeeeees." My hips started to move rapidly.

Blood was running hot inside me and I varied the speed of thrusts slowing my cumming. I lowered my face down and licked her hard nipples holding the other breasts firmly. "Fuck me harder you fucker oooooooh aaaaaaaaah aah fuuuuuuuuuuck." She let out a wild cry giving the signs of her cumming. My hips moved faster; "Oooh aah aaaaaaaaah I aaaaaaam cuuuuuuuuuu aaah." A loud cry left her mouth as her hot juices flow out of her burning cunt.

"Now doggy style mom," I said and made her kneel down. Her sweet ass was a pleasure sight. I slapped it and I saw it jumping like jelly. I kissed her ass cheeks and licked her ass hole. I placed my dick inside her vagina with her kneeling down on the bed and I rolled my dick up and down. Her whole body began to buck wildly off the bed as she grinding her searing ass back against me. Within a moment my cock head disappeared inside her hole. "Oooh yaaah Fuck mmmmeeeeee," she squealed out helplessly. She pressed her forehead into the bed sheets. With my right hand reaching her breast I rode her pussy. She was so aroused that her body was trembling. I was still slapping her ass cheeks. Her cries filled the room. I caught hold of her hair and pulled it back as if she is a horse and I the rider. "You little bastard do it harder, harder, fuck meeee like a slut, ooh ooooh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah yyeeeeeeees do it." I rode her harder and I found that she came two more times before I shot my hot load inside her. After the royal fuck she told me that it was the best fuck she ever had. I smiled and kissed her without knowing that it is the beginning of a big fuck fest.

To Be Continued...

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