tagRomanceGirl Gone Mild Ch. 02

Girl Gone Mild Ch. 02

byLothario the Great©

Robin awoke to the sensation of smooth sheets, too smooth to be hers, against her naked skin. She was generally used to much colder temperatures first thing in the morning, attending a New England college. Her sleepy mind and half-opened eyes struggled to make sense of the warmth, pervasive and thick. Then she remembered her current location: Panama City Beach, Florida, during the bohemian Spring Break season.

At least that explained the temperature, but it still took minute to remember whose bed she was in. Not only were the sheets not her own—they were far too luxurious—but she was sleeping in the nude, not a habit of hers. Still trapped in her half-dream state, she shifted and slipped imperceptibly against the fabric, relishing the silky grit against her warm flesh, a pure sensory joy detached from emotion. It just felt good.

Relatively speaking, it wasn't long at all before Robin remembered to look for a boy in the bed. And there he was... Brian. So much space separated them in the king size bed, but she didn't feel isolated. On the contrary, she suspected she'd been sleeping for several long, uninterrupted hours, and that she had Brian and the bed to thank for it. Such would not have been the case back in her hotel room.

Their love-making had been a workout, though not extreme. Certainly the exertion had prepared her for a long nap, but also, Brian made her feel safe. Her first fully conscious thought was to wonder if she'd put him off by dozing so quickly. Surely he'd expected more fun than just a single go in the sack. Perhaps he wouldn't mind being awakened in a slightly carnal fashion.

Robin leered over Brian to see the digital clock on his nightstand. It read 4:30 in the morning. She was surprised. Why did the room seem to glow with the soft light of morningtime? A powerful white streetlamp just outside the villa was the culprit, bathing Brian's room in a soft glow like moonlight on speed. The light and its effect on the room further heightened the fairy tale ambiance of the event. This was as close to a waking dream as she would ever come.

No decision, just instinct, compelling her fingertips to reach out for Brian's bare shoulder blade. He did not wake. Robin slid closer, as the sheets wiped across her breasts, making her nipples hard. She made an effort to push her brain deeper into the groggy state of barely-awake, falling in love with the dreamy quality of the moment. At last she lay curled up behind Brian, her naked body pressed against his, rocking her torso like a boat on the water so her tits flowed across his strong back muscles. She wrapped one leg over his knees, moving her toes across his calves. Every breath in her lungs was deep and soothing like sweet schnapps.

"Wha..." Brian's head snapped up sleepily. His brown hair appeared jet-black in the dark room.

"Shhhhhhh." Robin blew warm air across Brian's ear. He smelled a little like salt and sweat, an aroma which pervaded the entire town. Lovers everywhere, mostly in their twenties, had just spent the long night grappling in the dark as she had, some with friends, most with strangers, exuding the sweet stench of copulation out across the gulf waters like a tide. Robin considered Brian both a stranger and a friend. She wondered if others would make the distinction, then quickly shunted the idea aside. Value judgments would wait until the light of day.

Slowly, Brian turned his body until he lay on his back. Robin, with her leg still curled around his, felt her inner thigh pressing against the boy's sleepy penis, which was impressive even in its placid state. She inhaled at the touch of his genitals. Once again acting on instinct, she tasted the skin of his shoulder, lapping at it with her tongue, spreading her warm saliva down to his neck. She moved her open palm across his strong chest, circling a fingertip around his nipples.

Brian came alive. He buried his hand in her hair and pulled her face toward his, then kissed her smoothly, a sleepy kiss, free of obligation or reservation, transmitting only one message: I want you.

His hands moved like butter across her torso and tummy, as he turned his body toward hers. Robin moaned as he kissed her neck muscles, pressing his lips hard against her flesh. He grabbed her ass tenderly, and she felt the first twinge of craving in her vagina, the moisture welling up at the entrance until a single drop slid down her leg and onto the sheets. Robin kissed Brian hard in response, rewarding the inside of his mouth with her tongue.

The lovers kissed and hugged for several long minutes, moving their hands slowly across one another, using their legs to stimulate the genitals, almost like a dance. At last Brian moved his hands up to Robin's rib cage and held her in place as he covered her breast with his mouth. "Ahh..." Robin gasped, her lips and teeth parted, as all her pretty brown hair fell across her face. She struggled to hold still as Brian touched the goosebumps of her areola with the tip of his tongue, persuading the center stone to swell and harden. Once the nipple was hard, Brian sucked her gently, pulling the stone between his teeth, holding it in place as he continued to lick. Then he moved his fingers up to her other breast to keep the second nipple from feeling neglected. He rubbed tenderly with a single fingertip, across and around, then pinched it against his thumb, all the while sucking the first with his mouth.

Robin's pussy throbbed warm and wet. She knew the cream now covered Brian's abdomen as she squeezed against him, writhing with pleasure. Her hand moved down to Brian's penis, already hard against her legs, and not just hard but thick and twitching. She stroked him once and felt his reaction in his mouth, as he sucked her nipple harder. The pre-cum dripped from his dickhead, and she covered her palm in it as she jerked him off. Looking for more lubricant, she fingered her own pussy, finding the lips swollen and her clitoris hard enough to protrude from the hood, then returned her juicy fingers back to his dick. Her fist moved sloppily down Brian's eight-inch cock, so thick that her fingers almost didn't fit around it.

Brian bucked his hips as he fucked Robin's hand. He returned the favor, moving his hand between her legs. Robin instinctively lifted one leg, exposing her crotch to him. His two fingers drove effortlessly into her, and she squeezed them with her vagina. Brian's mouth moved to her sternum, licking up and down her chest as they got one another off. Their hands made slow movements, exploring the other's privates in a patient fashion, stimulating almost as a side-effect.

Robin moved her body down, further under the sheet, until the tip of the boy's cock barely touched her labia. Her breathing sped up, as did Brian's. A shiver went down her body, and she held onto Brian looking to calm her nerves. She felt him reach under her leg, rubbing her flesh up to her bottom, calming her. At last she licked her dry lips, held her breath and scooted down further on the bed, inviting the gratuitously thick head into her pussy. A thick dollop of cream spilled across her leg.

"Uh..." she muttered. Brian breathed hard against her neck, drooling at little. Robin felt the first patches of perspiration across her lower back, chest and forehead. Her hand felt sweat on Brian's back as well. As he thrust his penis deeper inside her, she gritted her teeth and growled. Brian held her by the ass and worked himself further in, pressing forward once and finding a dry spot, then pulling out just a tad, then fully impaling the girl with a dramatic burst of effort.

Robin spread her legs even further, trying by instinct to open her poor little pussy further for the tool forcing her open. She touched the flesh of her pussy lips and marveled at how they stretched tight around the cock, forming a sealed ring which made her outer crotch swell puffy with hot blood. She had no rational explanation for how something so wide could fit inside her. The two fuzzy testicles bobbed against her, proving how deep the boy had ventured.

Brian thrust again. Robin grabbed his body like a nervous equestrian. "OHH!" she cried, her eyes open as wide as her mouth. Brian fucked her again, then again, pounding a magnificently slow rhythm, quite obviously trying to ensure that Robin fully experienced each thrust as a separate, glorious event. Then the girl licked his cheek from the chin to the eyebrow, her way of saying that playtime had ended, as she rocked her pelvis against the boy three times fast, stroking his cock hard and smooth.

Unable to resist, Brian began fucking her harder, faster and, if possible, deeper with every drive. Both lovers turned noisy. Robin emitted a helpless, feminine grunt in time with each stroke, while Brian hissed his deep breaths through closed teeth. They held fast to one another by the arms and back, with Robin's ear pressed to the side of Brian's head.

After a while on their sides, Brian pulled the girl on top, straight up with her knees against his ribs. They fucked hard, with Brian pounding from underneath and Robin exerting only enough muscle control to remain vertical. She played with her bouncing titties and discovered she was now sweating in earnest, the drops forming and pouring down her round orbs and onto her stomach. She felt the sweat in her hair, and in Brian's hair as well. She heard wet slapping echoing in the room.

The pole of Brian's big dick swiped across the top of Robin's vagina, coaxing moisture from her lubrication mechanism each passing minute. At first she was self-conscious about the amount of pussy cream dripping from her body into Brian's pubic hair, but when the boy started massaging her clitoris with his thumb, he reached up and licked the cream from his hand, then went back for more. Next he shoved his fingers into Robin's mouth so she would taste herself, sweat and cream and all. She knew Brian's sweat and jizz were also in that brew, and it made her suck hard on his fingers.

Suddenly, Robin's body took over. She felt the muscles in her bottom and legs rock faster, driving the penis viciously into her cervix. After only a few seconds of rapid pounding, the orgasm slammed into her lower body, burning hot like a white flash. "Ohh... Ohh... Ohhh..." she called out as the climax whipped her body like an escaped fire hose. She grabbed at the boy's solid chest muscles and rocked harder, commanding the orgasm to continue.

Robin's fingers laced around Brian's forearms as she sought to quickly steady herself. Then she worked her crotch faster across the boy's loins, ramming his huge cock inside again and again with a vibrating motion. The orgasm was kept in place by Robin's will, sending delicious shockwaves down her thigh muscles, waves she had to ignore in order to keep pounding the pole inside her. "Fuck... fuck..." she whispered in a high-pitched squeal. Brian grabbed her by the hips and helped her along, fucking her from below as he pushed and pulled her entire form, making her tits bounce hard, spraying her sweat his own naked body and all over bedsheets.

At last her legs clamped together around Brian's abdomen, forcing her to a halt like a car hitting a telephone pole. She dug her fingernails into Brian's sides and rode out the powerful aftershocks cascading up her torso—wham... wham... wham... She licked her lips and gave a tired laugh.

"Whew," Robin said as she wiped the sweat from her breasts and arms. Suddenly, before the boy knew what hit him, Robin pulled herself off the massive dick and fell to her stomach on the mattress. She slid as much of the penis inside her mouth as possible and began sucking him off as hard and fast as she could. The boy's body tensed as he struggled to withstand the onslaught. He wrapped his fingers inside Robin's dripping wet hair, pressing hard against her skull, trying to keep sane.

Robin stroked Brian's well-lubed cock with both her sweaty hands, while her mouth gobbled his shaft to the mid-way point. She wanted the experience to be as wet as possible, drooling and slobbering into his pubic hair, always with a sucking, slurping sound. She savored the musky taste of her own pussy cream, its odor strong in her nostrils. The spit and cream dripped from Brian's balls and across his thighs.

Without warning, Brian exploded in Robin's throat, shooting blasts of thick, slimy semen across the roof of her mouth. She started swallowing as fast as she could, but a good portion of that first, voluminous load spurted out through the seal her lips made. Finally, the big loads stopped, followed by a trickle of watery fluid. "Oh my god!" Brian yelled as Robin continued to suck, putting immense pressure on his tender cock, its lower vein now throbbing with blood.

The room reeked of sex. With no open windows or doors, no air conditioning turned on, and both lovers breathing hard and hot, the sweat and cum aromas were overwhelming.

Robin found her hand buried back between her legs, dipping inside her vagina, finding the G-spot and rubbing it absent-mindedly. She continued kissing Brian's penis, licking it clean, as she moved her legs back onto the bed. She climbed on top of Brian, settling her ass in his face, her crotch on his chest, and played with herself for him to see. In a heartbeat Brian's fingers were probing her, making her moan, making her toes curl. As Brian finger-fucked her, his own penis hardened once again, encouraged by Robin's stroking. She pumped him slowly with one fist and laid her head against his leg, trying to catch her breath. Taking a risk, she reached back with her other hand and played with her asscheeks, then inserted one finger inside her sweaty, steamy asshole. The risk was that Brian would be turned off or, at least, not get the hint.

Brian got the hint. He fingered her pussy with four fingers of one hand as two fingers on the other wiggled into her tight, slippery ass. His hot breath flooded the flesh of her inner legs, his tongue lapping against her. Robin used her hand, free once more, to rub her titties and pinch her nipples. Then she reached under Brian's body and found his asshole. She dipped one finger in, straight as an arrow, and found him wet and hot as well. His tight anus hugged her finger as he flexed his muscles around it.

Then Brian pulled Robin's body up to his face, as he buried his tongue and lips in her loins. He continued fingering her ass as his other hand slid up and down the strong, sweaty muscles of her back and shoulders. Robin moaned with her mouth open, then began to lick Brian's hard dick like a lollipop, paying special attention to the edges around his dickhead, probing the hole on top. Slowly but with pressure, the lovers ate and sucked each other for about ten minutes.

In a fit of passion, Brian grabbed Robin and threw her onto her back. She felt the thick, burning hot sweat of her entire backside soak the bedsheets, or perhaps she was only feeling the wet spill that Brian had created. The boy positioned himself between Robin's spread eagle legs, as he gripped both her ankles and held them high in the air. Without using his hands, he dipped his hard dick inside Robin's gaping hole, teasing her passage with a hint of insertion, then pulling out, then dipping back in. Robin smiled, knowing her partner probably couldn't see her face in the dark, then arched her back up and slammed herself into Brian's crotch, taking all of him in at one go.

If she had expected the boy to start out slow and gentle, she was mistaken. Brian draped the girl's legs over his forearms, grabbed her by the ribcage and gave her the fucking of her life. Robin lay helpless as Brian pounded, pounded, faster and faster, whipping her across the bed almost as viciously as he moved his own body, bouncing her onto himself again and again.

Robin came quickly. "AHHHH! AHHHHH! EEEEEE!" For two long minutes she screamed and screamed with pleasure, holding onto Brian's knees for dear life. At last, either from mercy or exhaustion, Brian slowed his rhythm, but he did not stop. His thick, greasy pole continued to glide easily in and out of her, thumping against her uterus, building the friction across her entire vagina, slapping her engorged clitoris against his pelvis bone with expert repetition. Just as Robin thought she was descending to a recovery point, a new orgasm detonated from inside her pussy, spreading out like fire across an oil spill. The orgasm crawled up her stomach like an animal and grabbed her by the throat, making her scream again. She whipped her head from side to side, trying to manage the pleasure pouring out of her with such relentless force.

At this point, Brian caught his second wind. "Urr... Urr... Urrr..." he grunted and growled as he summoned all the physical stamina within him, attempting to fuck the very life from the helpless girl underneath him. Robin orgasmed, or maybe simply renewed the previous cum. No breathing would escape her throat as she pinched Brian's arms inside her knees and fucked him back, driving the orgasm across her flesh like sound waves peeled from a huge bell. The first breath she caught exited as the word "FUCK!" Then she begged her captor for more. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh god! Oh my fucking god! Fucking fuck me! Ooooh! Ooooh! Oh my! Oh my god!" The screaming and twisting and writhing worked Robin into such a frenzy that she actually summoned yet another orgasm. This time it was more than she could take. Every muscle, tense and taut during the last wave of cumming, failed her completely and left her as a spasming blob on the bed. A guttural sound escaped her mouth as she drooled onto the pillow. Sweat and tears poured across her hair.

And still the boy's penis continued to fuck her. Brian had once more picked up serious speed. He slapped his wet body against Robin's, whipping his balls against her ass, shaking sweat from his hair onto her burning flesh. Then at last, as though he didn't know it was about to happen, Brian's entire body tensed like flash-frozen beef. "Ahhh!" he yelled, as he arched his back and drove his cock deep inside Robin with one final thrust. Seconds later, he extracted the beast from her pussy with a slurp, aimed it at her breasts with one hand, and shot several thick ropes across and between her nipples.

Robin caressed her pussy, instinctively protecting it from further assault, as she rubbed the hot jizz into her tits, focusing on her throbbing hard nipples. Brian dropped almost his full weight on top of her, so that their naked bodies slid and slapped together, with their legs entwined. He covered her lips with his open mouth, and she kissed him in return, finding luxury in the early morning strength of his breath and returning her own. They licked each other wetly, across the tongue and teeth, their wet noses sliding together. Then Brian fell to one side, breathing hard, with one hand on top of Robin's and both of them feeling her sloppy pussy together. They were spent.

The weary, satisfied girl thought she might drift off to sleep, but it didn't happen. She dreamily rubbed her hand across her tummy as Brian caressed her breasts, kissed her neck. To be perfectly honest, she was still incredibly turned on. The last thing she wanted was for the sexual charge to dissipate. But she needed fluids, lots of fluids, and maybe something to eat.

"Hi," she said softly. Even in the dark, Brian's face was close enough that she could see his eyes illuminated by the streetlamp.

"Hi," Brian responded.

"Feed me."

"You mean... like... wait. What do you mean?"

"Food. I need breakfast."

"Oh! Thank god. I'm drained."

They laughed. Groaning like victims of physical violence, they pulled themselves from the bed, with Robin allowing Brian to help her to her feet. He led her by the hand to his kitchen and he opened the refrigerator. The bright light poured across their bodies, revealing their absolute nakedness for the first time. Brian went out of his way to not seem self-conscious, leaning against the appliance as he scanned its contents. "What are you hungry for?"

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