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Girlfriend's Son


I used to go out with Joanne a few years back but as with my previous other relationships it tapered off to the point where we were more or less fuck buddies. Joanne is about 5'7" tall with smallish breasts that have dark thick nipples that jut out and seemingly always want to be sucked, licked and stroked. Her stomach is flat but has the hallmarks of childbirth with a gradual bulge down towards her pubic hair.

Lying back on the bed with her legs open she looks beautiful. Her pussy lips are long and stick out about an inch when she is lubricated and aroused. Her body is almost hairless except for her cunt, which is very hairy and extends all the back up the crack of her pear shaped arse.

Normally Joanne is, if anything, a bit quiet but once in bed turned into a slut whose language gets more and more primitive the more she gets excited. It degenerates into series of words screamed out at the top of her lungs like "yes", "fuck me", "harder", "cock", "please fuck me up my arse", "ohhh", "aaaarrgh". She is a real slut who needs to be fucked -- and doesn't care what hole my cock is in as long as it is in. Sometimes I would arrive home and find her in the kitchen. Without saying anything I would pull off her pants and bend her over the bench and slop cooking oil all over her arse so I could slip in her bottom more easily. There would be bent over the kitchen bench heaving and straining, yelling out for me to fuck her up the arse harder.

Like I said earlier, things tapered off until we were just fuck buddies. This suited both of us in a lot of ways. She was bi sexual anyway and had a girlfriend who she would visit and lick the juice out her cunt.

Although I didn't have sex with men I had always had gay tendencies and would sometimes drop I at public toilets to catch a glimpse of a nice fat cock being played with.

There are some toilets not too far from where Joanne lives that I stop off at some times. Through the small hole between the cubicles you often get to see someone playing with themselves or being sucked off.

About twelve months ago I looked through the hole and got the shock of my life when I saw Joanne's son Ben who turned eighteen last year. I knew it was Ben because of his watch and also the recent cut on his left hand. I stayed there studying his cock, which was nice and thick and had a very large purple head like a mushroom. All of a sudden he started jerking and his muscles started straining. I had forgotten how cum spurts out when you are young but there it was jetting out in long pulses splatting noisily onto the floor.

Ben had always been a bit of a handful for Joanne and was often very moody and difficult to get on with. Over the next week I got to thinking, I wonder if Ben would like to go away for a weekend of camping and fishing. After having a word to his Mum I asked Ben who surprisingly said yes.

We set out on the Friday night the following weekend and after some early awkwardness were chatting away about whatever sprang to mind. It was getting late by the time we reached our destination, had something to eat and set up the tent. After talking for a while we both went to sleep. The following day was spent walking through the bush and across the river to a quiet spot where we threw our fishing rods in to the water and relaxed in the warm sun.

We had finished out dinner early that day and sat for a while by the fire looking at the flames and glowing embers. Eventually I sprang up to announce that I was going down to the stream for a cleansing swim. I had been in the water for a while before Ben came down to do the same. He started slowly stripping off down to his jocks which he kept on. By the time he entered the water my cock was very hard which he noticed straight away. The fact that he stayed there was a good sign. After a few minutes I could see that his jocks were tenting out and I could clearly see the outline of his knob.

I just smiled at him and reached out for his cock. I rolled his knob around through his jocks and he got stiffer and stiffer. I reached out with the other hand and gently pulled his jocks down and off. He nodded obediently when I suggested we go back to the tent where it would be more comfortable.

Once inside the tent I took his hand and pulled him towards me where I could run my hands up and down his body, feeling the curves of his bum and the flat tight muscles of his stomach. He was breathing deeply by the time I reached his cock. It was just over six inches long but very thick and uncircumcised. Like his mother he had almost no body hair except his dense, thick, pubic hair.

I knelt down in front of him a lovingly licked his cock, up and down, up and down the shaft. Down a bit further, a bit further until I am licking his balls which are hanging a long way down. I suck one up into my mouth and roll it around and then the other one. At the same time I am stroking the globes of his bum both hands and gently running my fingers down his crack.

He is moaning and panting and is gripping my shoulders by the time I start licking the head of his penis around and around with my tongue. When I think he is ready I slowly start sucking the rest of his penis into my mouth until it is right down my throat. He is very worked up by this time and I can feel his body becoming rigid and his breathing becoming deeper and deeper when all of a sudden I start to feel his cock throbbing and squirting warm cum down the back of my throat. His body is shaking violently as he keeps on squirting into my mouth hanging onto my shoulders tighter and tighter until the waves of pleasure start subsiding. Slowly his penis starts becoming soft until it is swollen and half hard.

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