tagNovels and NovellasGirl's Night In Ch. 04

Girl's Night In Ch. 04


"So do I taste as good as my Mom?" she stunned me by asking while running her tongue around my lips sampling her mother's cum. "Because she tastes pretty damn good. I can't believe you made her cum twice, it was so hot to listen to and she definitely needed it. Maybe this will stop her from asking so many questions about our sex life."

My mind was having trouble keeping up with all the revelations Lori had just shared with me. I was unable to speak and just stood there slack jawed.

"So do I taste as good?" Lori asked while sliding her fingers, wet with her cum, into my open mouth. "I came too the first time," she whispered seductively in my ear, "the second orgasm caught me by surprise although I can't wait to see if you can make me cum that fast later tonight."

"I hate to interrupt you love birds," Jennifer announced her arrival, "but we need to get John back out there before people put their purses away and go home to fuck their husbands. In this business there is such a thing as too excited if you make people wait too long."

"Shit Lori, you haven't even gotten him out of this stuff yet," Jennifer complained as she unsnapped the strap around my scrotum. "Get the rings off him if you can. It would have been better off if you'd have just waited another minute and let him cum in your cousin's mouth."

"Not for me it wouldn't have," Lori mumbled as she took hold of the top ring and tried to roll it toward the end of my cock but it wouldn't budge. She tried adding some lube but that wasn't the issue. I had swollen so much since they had dressed me that the rings weren't going anywhere until I lost my erection. Finally I would have to get my relief, I thought.

"They aren't coming off," Lori said to Jennifer, "I have an idea. I'll be right back."

I was hoping her idea included going to get someone to help finish me off but I suspected I wouldn't be that lucky. I could hear Jennifer digging through her bags before walking over to me.

"So are you enjoying yourself?" She asked.

"I'm going crazy. Does your regular guy ever get to cum?" I responded. "This has been the amazing but I'm dying over here."

"He always has a good time but it all depends on the crowd. Sometimes he cums and sometimes he doesn't. This is new for me because ultimately Lori will decide what you do and based on what we've discussed so far I have no idea what is going to happen out there."

"So you were with her when her Mom was cumming? Was she pissed? Did she really cum in front of you?" I had to know.

"I didn't tell her you could hear anything so she figured you had no idea who was doing what with you out there. I think that helped her not be too freaked out," Jennifer shared. "I wouldn't say she came in front of me, above me might be more accurate."

"Wait, what?" I turned my body trying to locate Jennifer, "You're joking right? No way Lori did that. You're just fucking with me, aren't you? Take my mask off I've got to see your face. Lori has told me she would never want to be with a girl, no way she did that."

"No way who did what?" Lori asked, entering the room. I clammed up because I didn't want to make Lori uncomfortable but we would definitely discuss it later.

"I was telling him how your Mom took her thong underwear off right in front of everyone and he couldn't believe it," Jennifer lied.

"I'm glad I wasn't out there to see it. I may have had to put an early end to the night after that," Lori joked. I could hear her crunching something in her hands and suddenly she wrapped my cock in something ice cold.

"What the hell?" I cried as the shock made me pull away from her.

"It's just some frozen peas to take the swelling down," she said in her best innocent little girl voice. The shock and cold had an immediate effect as my dick lost some of its firmness even after I pulled away. "See it's working."

She pressed the peas back into my groin as I tried to squirm away from her.

"Am I going to need to reattach the strap and leash?" Lori jokingly warned me. "I told Jennifer you'd be fine without it but if I have to I will." I reluctantly allowed her to ice me down until I was swimming in the ocean-shrinkage small.

"Those rings should come right off now," Jennifer reminded Lori why she was icing me in the first place. Lori removed the ice and rolled the rings off of me before replacing the ice.

"I think we should keep him like this to make the next presentation more dramatic," Lori said to Jennifer. "Do you have some type of underwear we can use to hold this on there?"

As much as I wanted to fight it I was still at their mercy and dejectedly stepped into some tight boxer briefs that pressed the peas firmly against my shrunken penis. Lori then pulled off my masks and kissed me passionately again as I blinked back the light.

Just as my eyes were adjusting and I was relaxing into the kiss a leather hood was pulled back over my head. Once again I was surrounded by total darkness as just my nose and mouth were left uncovered.

"Sorry hun," Lori said while securing the hood tightly, "my friends seem to like being in charge because the dom stuff is what's selling, so we decided to give them more of it. Hopefully this time you'll be able to at least hear what is going on out there."

A collar was then attached to my neck and I felt the leash click again. Leather straps were secured around my wrists and connected before they removed the cuffs.

"Alright Lori, are you sure you're ready for this next part?" Jennifer asked "I usually do this myself so if you are nervous I can handle it."

"No way," Lori answered. "I'm looking forward to it. Just give me a hand for a minute."

"What are you guys doing?" I pleaded but both ladies ignored me. My mind raced trying to imagine what Lori had agreed to. With all that had happened so far I was sure whatever I imagined would seem innocent compared to what was about to take place.

"Ok you step here, perfect. Now pull this part to attach here," I could hear Jennifer assisting my wife with something but nothing she was saying gave me any hint to what they were doing.

"I think you've got it under control here so we'll go get started and I'll call you when we're ready for you," Jennifer said as she pulled on the collar around my neck and it was definitely more pleasant than the previous leash. My groin crunched with each step as the peas won their battle with the Viagra.

Just before we re-entered the living room Jennifer stopped me in the hall. I could hear the loud voices and was surprised to feel skin on skin contact when she pressed up against me. Her large breasts were pressing into my chest and I could feel the distinctive scratch of her lace bra as she leaned into me. Her hard stomach was bare and it rubbed against my naked stomach and pushed the cold more firmly into my crotch. Despite the ice, I began to lengthen and I could feel my groin begin to warm again with the rush of blood.

Her lips kissed gently up my neck before she spoke seductively into my ear, "You are doing an amazing job and your wife's friends are all going to be cumming tonight imagining your beautiful cock, but you need to trust me again. Do as I say and I promise you will enjoy yourself," Jennifer's words sounded almost like a warning, "Do you trust me?"

"Yes" I groaned as she went back to gently nibbling on my neck while rubbing her bra covered tits against me.

"Good boy." She whispered, "I'm going to tie your hands in front of you now and this will give you some more freedom but don't touch yourself or anyone else. Do you understand?" She asked while I felt her untying the leather straps behind my back. I nodded my consent and she quickly re-tied my hands tightly in front of me.

Once I was secured again I was disappointed to feel her step back away from me and in a loud harsh voice she yelled "Get on your knees slave."

I quickly obeyed and was surprised her voice had actually sent a jolt of fear through me for the first time since overcoming my initial hesitation. The eruption of cheers from the rest of the ladies when I was dragged, crawling back into my living room increased my dread about what was ahead. Did I really trust Jennifer? It was too late to think with my big head now.

She was pulling me around the circle in front of the cheering ladies like a show dog. Many of them took the opportunity to reach out and firmly smack my ass or pat my head, a few even made "good dog" comments. Jennifer was also being complimented on her hot body now clothed only in underwear.

I was finally led to the middle of the room and I began to lean back upright but Jennifer firmly place her foot on my lower back keeping me on all fours.

"Control can be an intoxicating feeling ladies. Being in control or completely relinquishing control can create an entirely new set of sexual sensations. Holding this leash with my man tied up, I am in control and he is at my mercy. I control his pleasure," She said this while running her hand all over my raised ass, "and I have the power to make him my toy, my servant or my bitch." She emphasized bitch by loudly smacking my ass.

"On the other hand, give your man the leash and there is a whole other set of feelings you can experience as he controls you. He may make you do things he's never even expressed an interest in. Give him control and you will see a side of your man you never knew existed. You'll also learn things about yourself that you never knew. These are some of the most powerful sexual toys you can ever play with," she continued.

She was gently stroking my ass again as she challenged the group, "Would any of you ladies be brave enough to try on the same mask and leash John is wearing? You're among friends. We're not here to humiliate anyone and I strongly recommend trying this out if you've ever had fantasies of giving control to someone else."

The room was silent while everyone waited to see if anyone would volunteer. Jennifer encouraged everyone some more, "Come on ladies, I know there are a few of you out there that are dying to experience this, don't let fear stop you. This is the perfect chance to try something out while protected by your closest friends. Remember what happens here tonight stays here."

There was another pause that was broken by Lori's best friend Betsy, "I want to try it out but you guys better not do anything mean to me. I know where you all live," she said trying to sound confident but to me it was nervous excitement that I heard in her voice.

"You won't be disappointed and Lori and I will keep everyone in line," Jennifer reassured her, "Lori is in the back waiting for you so we'll look forward to seeing you in a few minutes."

The ladies were applauding as Betsy left the room but it quieted down quickly as Jennifer asked "Now who wants to try taking control of my little toy here?"

"I like Lori's idea of making this a contest so we're going to try another one," Jennifer continued, "This is one of my favorite toys. The winner of this contest will get John and they get to keep this beauty for their own personal enjoyment."

"Oh my, how big is that?" Ellen interrupted.

"It's 12 inches Ellen but the two heads make it ideal for sharing with a friend," Jennifer responded. "We are going to have a deep throat contest and the winner will get the toy and the toy. Who is going to go first?"

"I'm ready," Diane quickly responded. I heard some ladies complaining that she'd already had a turn but from the sucking sounds she apparently ignored them and was already trying to get round two.

"I think it's unfair that she got to warm up first," Sharon half joked but Jennifer ignored her.

"The bar has been set ladies, an impressive 8 inches Diane. Who thinks they're a better cocksucker than Diane here?" Jennifer's question hung in the air until Terry decided she was up for the challenge.

"I'll give it a try. I'm not sure I can top that but we can't let the youngster put us all to shame. Experience should still count for something," she said.

There were cheers briefly but they dissolved into laughter as I heard Terry start to sputter and cough.

"At least I tried you bitches. Troy is a lot thicker than this thing but I'm a little out of practice with something that long," Terry answered the laughs.

"6 inches is nothing to be embarrassed by Terry. You just swallowed half the dicks in the world whole so I'd say that's impressive," Jennifer tried to take some of the sting out of Terry's embarrassment.

"Someone else has to be willing to try or do you all just plan to let Terry and Diane pass John back and forth all night?" she challenged.

"I'll try," came a timid voice to my left. I was shocked because I recognized Tina's voice and could not believe she was here, let alone about to try deep throating a double dildo.

Tina was a friend of Lori's from work and she was about 10 years older than the rest of my wife's friends. She had married later in life so our kids were the same age but the age gap meant she was typically more reserved and uncomfortable when we all were together. She wasn't a drinker and was typically the first to leave a party.

She was attractive at 40 but always conservative with make-up and dress. She worked out and had the legs of a 25-year-old but she did not show them often and she definitely retreated whenever the conversation got a little bit sexual. Lori once told me that Tina had almost walked out of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" because it was too graphic and yet here she was at a sex toy party.

It sounded like everyone was surprised by Tina because the cheers were much more muted than when Terry had tried. The room got quiet and I could hear the smacking sound that accompanies a good blow job. I heard Tina moan around the dildo and then I heard Jennifer cheer, "It looks like we have our winner. Unless anyone else thinks they can take more than 10 inches."

"My god Tina, that was the coolest thing I've ever seen. Brad must love that," Ellen complimented her.

"I think we all enjoyed that, Tina. How about a round of applause for our winner," Jennifer clapped, "Here is your take home prize and come on over here to claim your other prize."

I could feel the passing of the leash but remained on all fours. Tina didn't say a word she just pulled me softly by the leash toward the corner of the room she had been in before. I crawled behind her and was rubbed and patted as I passed by some of the other ladies.

Tina stopped me at her seat. She sat down in front of me and in her soft voice she asked me to stand up. A few people giggled at how timid she seemed and it must have angered her because her voice was firm when she spoke again.

"I said stand up now," she yanked me hard upward with the leash and I quickly scrambled to my feet, "Good, now get rid of these pants."

I rushed pulling down the briefs and the bag of frozen peas dropped to the floor as I stood back in front of her. I covered my shrunken genitals with my hands embarrassed to be seen in my current state.

"I didn't give you permission to cover up," she barked at me while smacking my hands away from my dick, "keep those hands up and turn around so everyone can see your little penis. How dare you insult me by putting that little thing in my face," she continued while smacking me on the ass.

"If you're going to be my slave than you should be hard whenever you are naked in front of me," she smacked my ass again while the group gasped and giggled at this new side of Tina. Unfortunately her words had the opposite effect of what she wanted. My cock remained shriveled and I could feel the redness creeping over my face. "I said make it hard, now." She swatted me harder on my bare ass.

I quickly began to pull on my dick to try and get the blood flowing there again. I'm not sure if it was the ice, embarrassment or fear but my penis refused to grow even an inch. I was frantically trying to get it hard before Tina hit me again but it refused to co-operate.

I heard a few giggles from the crowd until Tina wound up and really smacked me hard on my ass. "Apparently it's true when they say never ask a man to do a woman's job," she ridiculed, "Get your hands away from my cock."

She proceeded to turn me sideways to face her and she moved my hands off of my dick. I was stunned when she took my entire shrunken penis into her mouth without even touching me. She planted her lips at the base of my freshly shaven cock and used her warm tongue to massage me.

The heat from her mouth was all it took and I felt myself immediately begin to grow. She did not back off in the slightest as her mouth filled with my expanding erection. The pressure was amazing as she continued to work her tongue all over me. The warmth of her tongue was electric as it rubbed my frozen dick and I put my bound hands on top of her head.

She moaned deeply around my cock when I grabbed her hair tightly in my fingers. Her lips remained suctioned tightly to the base of my cock as I threw my head back and tried to force myself deeper. I could feel the head of my cock expanding down her throat and she began to massage me with her throat muscles. The sensations were overwhelming and I writhed in pleasure.

Without consciously realizing it I had slid my hands off Tina's head down her neck and I was now massaging her right breast. I was amazed how firm her B cups were after 2 kids and her nipple was rock hard in the palm of my hand. I squeezed it firmly, pulling on it. I was never rough like this with Lori's sensitive nipples but Tina's guttural moan told me she was enjoying it.

Tina slid my now fully erect cock slowly out of her throat and gasped, "Now that's a man's cock," to a chorus of cheers from our friends before she swallowed me whole again. I continued pulling her nipples while she reached up and warmed my ice cold balls.

Lori had never been able to take my entire cock so the sensations Tina gave me were incredibly different. She began to slide my entire length out slowly and then would quickly suck me back in. I grabbed her by the top of the head again and began to fuck her mouth; pulling out slowly before driving my cock all the way down her throat. Tina was as good as any porn star I'd ever seen. She took me without hesitation and was moaning each time I pulled back.

I was focused on my impending orgasm and had blocked out the cheers that Tina and I had been getting from the other ladies. I also missed Lori leading a costumed Betsy back into the room.

"Ma--," she started to yell my real name at me but quickly recovered before giving us both away, "march your ass back over here John. Tina, why are you serving our slave? Someone get him back up here so Deep Throat Tina doesn't use him all up before the real fun begins." While the leash was being pulled away from Tina my cock popped free from her mouth and I was quickly led back to the center of the room.

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