tagLoving WivesGite Ch. 08: Return from North Spain

Gite Ch. 08: Return from North Spain


The Saga continues! Sorry for the delay, another project came up, as it were, and i also suffer from having to work. Thanks for the comments etc, please do not tell me how bad i am, I know!!


The Village 08 - Yachting returning from Northern Spain


Beth was being shaken, gently, it was Pierre, "Wake up." he whispered.

"Why?" she asked, "What time is it?"

"It's dawn, and I want to make love to you." He said, "As you asked last night."

"Please," she whispered, "I want sweet gentle quiet love. We must not wake Denise and Jerome..."

"Fine." he said reaching for her.


She woke up, Pierre was in the room, holding mugs "GOOD MORNING!" he said.

"Why did I get you and not Jerome?" she said, "All I ask for in the morning is quiet."

"I chose you for your beauty." Pierre said.

Beth looked at him, holding her mug of tea. "Why should I believe this?" she asked.

Pierre was puzzled, "I give you complements and what happened?"

Beth laughed "I have conversations like this with my husband!" she said. Pierre joined in her laughter.

Denise walked in, naked, as was Pierre. "Good morning." she said.

"You can go off people." Said Beth, "I like peace and quiet in the morning."

"You got it at dawn!" said Denise.

"What?" said Beth.

"You woke up this morning, and asked for quiet lovemaking, we heard you." said Denise. Beth looked at her.

"You two were very quiet." Said Denise.

"Obviously not quite enough!" said Beth, irritably.

Denise laughed and said, "Come for breakfast!"


They all ate breakfast laughing and chatting, 'Like we were friends on holiday.' thought Beth. "So, what now?" Asked Beth.

Pierre said, "The others have gone south, we must go north, to get you back for tomorrow!"

She looked out, the other yacht had gone. "They left an hour ago." said Jerome.

Pierre said, "We will go north today, spend one more night in Spain, then a short run back Saturday morning,"

"Fine" said Beth. "Something to do before we go!" said Beth. The others looked at her. "Snorkelling," said Beth.


Beth and Pierre went snorkelling, Denise and Jerome joined them, Beth led the way, Denise was puzzled, not knowing. Beth made her follow, took her to the outcrop, and pointed. Denise understood and came out of the water. "Octopus!" she said.

"Yes" Said Beth.

"Pierre ate that the other night!" Said Denise.

"Exactly!" said Beth.

Denise understood "This was after you found the octopus here?"

"Yes" said Beth.

"You were very mild, I would have cut off his balls!" said Denise.

"Good idea, but it would have spoilt a good holiday." said Beth, "But the octopus is still here, and I check every day."


The engines were running, Pierre and Jerome were above.

Beth and Denise were sunbathing, "Not long left to finish your all-over tan." said Denise.

"My husband is going to get a shock." said Beth.

Denise looked at her, "Why, how?" she said.

"Well, what this... has taught me is that I've got husband problems, and it's my fault." Said Beth.

"How?" said Denise.

"Well," said Beth, "I'm cooking a meal, and he comes up behind me, puts his hips against my bum, puts his hands on my breasts, and I push him away." She continued, "He does this because he loves me and wants me, and I reject him."

"You're busy like the rest of us." said Denise, loyally.

"No, stupid," said Beth, "What do I want, a divorce? I like him fondling my breasts, I'm just too stupid to tell him." Said Beth with passion.

"Calm down," said Denise.

"Like you said." continued Beth, "We only have sex on a Saturday night after a bottle of wine, in future, it's going to be on a Saturday afternoon, when the children are at sports." Said Beth, with feeling.

Denise said, "I can understand. Anyway, do you have any white bits?"

Beth looked down, "Not really, Andrew's going to get a shock! I'm also shaved, he's going to be amazed." Beth's phone rang, she picked it up. "Hello?" she said, without looking.

"Hi Stuart!" she said, "How's things?"

"Hi mum," he said, "just so you know..." He said.

Beth raised her eyebrows, and looked at Denise, this approach from her son was new. "Go on, she said.

"Well Monique is coming down to Barcelona for the weekend, Nicolle is coming down too." He said.

"Good," she said, "That's nice." wondering what was coming.

"Well" said Stuart, "We are going to Nimes to talk to the hospital later."

"Yes," she said," I know that."

"So," he said, "I'm just wondering..."

"If Monique could come to us in England afterwards." she finished.

"How did you know?" he asked, realising too late...

Beth laughed "Your girlfriends are always welcome," she said, "and I like Monique."

"Thanks" he said.

Beth was still laughing, "Look, be mature," she said, "you are eighteen, you are going to have girlfriends, bring them to meet us. Please be open with us."

"Thanks mum." he said.

"Look Stuart," She said, "I was eighteen once, so was your dad, we are on your side, let's have a chat when you get home... with Monique." she said.

Stuart got the message, put the phone down and thought "Wow, that went well."

Beth thought the same, thinking of how her parents would have dealt with that. She would have to tell Stuart that later. She promised herself that she would have a different relationship with her children.


The yacht started moving out to sea, Pierre came down, "We will stop near where we stopped the first time," he said, "until then, relax."

Beth looked at him, "Why relax?" she asked, "Come here..." she patted the seat next to her, Pierre sat there, and she put her arms around him and kissed him. Then started running her hands over his body.

"I'll do some sunbathing." said Denise.

"Why not join in," said Beth, "I'm happy to share..."

Denise went and sat the other side of Pierre, joining in the fondling.

"Tell us about some of your other conquests, please?" said Beth.

Pierre thought and started to tell them, then stopped, moved Denise's hand off his cock and said, "Very nice but distracting."

"We met two English ladies a few weeks ago, we were at the restaurant of a local hotel. We saw them looking at maps in the bar, before the meal, so offered to help them, as we lived here. We got on well, and we suggested they join us for a meal. Just like with you two, there was a little touching, and stroking under the table, after the meal we were offered coffee by the waitress and we suggested coffee in their rooms. They were embarrassed, as they were sharing a room, and like most people, had never had sex at the same time, so I excused myself from the table, had a word with reception, and booked another room, with coffee and cognac to be served in the rooms." He stopped.

"Denise said "What happened? We want all the details."

Pierre continued, "So I went back to the table, and told them of my plan and invited one of them, to join me. They looked at each other, and went to the toilet, obviously to discuss it. They returned smiling, so we knew they were going to accept, and they did. So, we stood up, and led them upstairs, they were concerned about what the other residents would think, but as we said, who would know?" He stopped.

"So, you didn't drag them upstairs like you did with us?" said Beth.

Pierre frowned and said "No, of course not." He continued, "Jerome went with one into their room, and I took the other into an adjacent room. Coffee and cognac were already there, on a table. We sat on the bed and I put the table near us and poured the coffee. We drank the coffee and cognac, then I got up, turned the main light off and left the bedside light on. I kissed her, then we laid back on the bed, and embraced, and my hands were over her body. After a while, I pulled us side by side and I started to pull down the zip of her dress, she seemed surprised at first, but then relaxed, when I had the zip all the way down and the catch undone, she stopped, and asked if I would go in the bathroom, while she got into bed. I was just about to undo her bra strap, but nodded and went to the bathroom, always a good time for a pee!" he laughed.

He carried on, "I returned from the bathroom, to find her in bed, under the clothes, only her head showing. I turned away, turned the bedside light off, only leaving the light from the window to illuminate the room. I joined her in bed, to find to my surprise, she was still wearing her bra and pants. Some women like the man to finish taking her clothes off, so never mind, I thought. She was lying on her back, and did not move, when I gently tried to pull her to me. So, I lay with my chest on top of her, my legs at her side, kissing her and stroking her breasts, she started kissing me back, as she got aroused. 'it's working' I thought." He stopped and smiled.

"Carry on, said Denise, softly.

"I pulled her to me, lying alongside her, and gently unclipped her bra, she cannot have noticed, so she jumped when I started removing it. Anyway, off it came, and I could play with her bare breasts. I worked my way down and began kissing her nipples and sucking her breasts, I was going to go lower, but she held my head, stopping me. 'this is going to take a while' I thought, she's obviously very shy and nervous. So, I just kept working on her lips and breasts, and could feel her passion rising, and she began to moan gently. I moved my hand down, and started pulling her pants down, but she put her hand over her mons, stopping me. I just continued arousing her, and she moved her hand away, I put my hand on her knee and slowly worked it upwards, on the inside of her thighs. I then got to the point where I could touch her labia and clit through her pants. This was then my playground for a while. She then became roused, and started pushing herself against me, I moved my hand up, and put it down the front of her pants, this time she let me in, and I found her wet. I ran my fingers around her, hooking one inside her vagina, the other curled up, rubbing her clit. This worked well, and the moans became more intense.

Taking a chance, I knelt between her legs, reaching with one hand to play with her clit, the other working side to side, pulling her pants down. I got them from under her bum, and raised myself up, pulling her pants off one leg. I gently moved her legs either side of me, bent down and kissed her labia and clit, she shook as I did that, and I found out later that was her first experience of oral sex. I kissed my way up her body, past her pubic hair, navel, breasts. I realised that she did not realise what was to be my next move, I kissed her, my face on hers, then moved back, reached down and guided my cock into her wet slit, Knowing the time was ripe, as it were, I kept pushing, keeping quiet, as I did not want her to realise what was happening, I kept pushing gently, and I was halfway in, before she gasped, realising how far we had gone, I pushed quickly on, until my cock was fully in. I paused, holding my cock hard in with my hips, kissing her and pushing my tongue in her mouth, then as I got no protests I smiled at her, said 'yes?' she nodded and I carried on, running my cock in and out and shagging her. She came with a good orgasm, I followed her."

"What happened next?" said Beth.

"We finished and talked, she rarely had orgasms, never had sex naked, since the early days of her marriage, never had a shower with her husband..."

Beth was shocked, "I never thought I was err, wild or anything till I met you, but we've always had showers and things together, we've both loved it, you have a meal, wine, make love, on the carpet or in bed, then get in the bath or shower and err... She stopped, embarrassed. I thought everybody did that, it's just as good as actually making love." she finished.

Denise looked at her, "Hidden passions here," she said," but just as we do..."

Pierre, agreed, "Most people do, but a few don't."

Beth had never thought of this, she thought of her friends, she had just assumed that everyone did these things.

"So, what then?" asked Denise.

"We made love for the rest of the night, then had breakfast in our room." He carried on. "Then we met the others and discussed the rest of their holiday, as we were free for a week as well. We have access to a small house in a village in the Pyrenees, the owner only uses it in the winter for skiing. So, we took them there and continued their education!"

"Details, details?" said, Beth firmly.

"OK" said Pierre, laughing, "We collected them from their hotel later in the morning, having arranged for their hire car to be returned. We drove to the village in the Mercedes, taking a scenic route, went to a café for lunch, drank some wine, then unloaded the car and went in the house. It was cold in the house, so we put on the heating and lit a fire. We took them upstairs and let them unpack. I had a blue suitcase!" said Pierre to Denise.

She laughed, "We want the sex details, not suitcase colours!" She said.

"Sorry." Said Pierre, laughing himself, "Then we met them downstairs, opened champagne, and toasted them. We then sat them down and sat next to them." He looked at Denise.

"Do not tell me you watched TV..." She said.

Pierre smiled, "Nearly right," he said, "We put a video on... of arousal techniques and sex positions, use of sex toys and so on. Neither had seen anything remotely pornographic before and had never read a sex book. They were fascinated, all we had to do was to keep topping the champagne up. Of course, we also put our arms around them, a little breast playing helped, and gradually stripped them, and encouraged them to strip us. Then we stated talking about sex positions, what they had tried and also uses for the sex toys. They were both very naïve, but seemed willing to at least try some of the suggestions.

So, with mine, we lay on the floor in front of the fire, played with each other, then we did it on hands and knees, as you say, Beth. Jerome took his kneeling between her legs as she sprawled on the settee.

I took mine upstairs and ran a bath, similar size to the one in the gite. Jerome stayed downstairs with his and took her in front of the fire, the second time.

We lay in the bath, resting then I showed how to wash and arouse me, then washed her and took especial care to wash her labia and clit."

"Of course." Said Beth, smiling.

"Having got her clean, I laid her down and did a detailed licking out of her labia and clit, asking her where the best effect was. I gave her a good orgasm, well it was good for her." He continued. "Then decision time, try to get her to do oral sex on me then, or wait until later. I went for the immediate, and suggested she might like to try returning the favour, like in the video. She looked a little reluctant, so I told her that I would tell her when I was close, so she could stop and let go. I lay back in the bath, as she knelt between my kegs, moving back, so she could reach me. 'Or just play with me' I offered as a compromise.

She lowered her head, and I knew I was there. She put her lips to the end of my cock, and just held them there in like, a gentle kiss, for a while. Then she opened her lips slightly as she pushed her head down, and my cock went in her mouth. She took it about half way in, and then pulled out to the end, and let it go, she looked at me and asked me what she should do. I reminded her what the girl in the video said and did. She put her head back down and got my cock in her mouth, she set to work, sucking my cock, using her tongue, and moving her head up and down. I reminded her to keep her lips tight, and to move them up and down around the bell end. Also, to use her hands on the shaft of my cock and on my balls. 'I will warn you,' I said.

She had the right effect and shortly later I warned her that I was about to come, she ignored me, and kept going, in fact sucking harder and speeding up, like the girl in the video. I came in her mouth, she came off my cock and looked surprised. She did not expect it to feel as it did. She went to the sink to rinse her mouth out, then got back in the bath. She dragged me down to lie with her, kissing me in delight. She said she felt so powerful and in control. She said she wanted to do it again later, but sixty-nine, as the girl had said that was best."


"Can you show us the video, when we get back," asked Beth.

"Better than that, we have a copy here, I think." He said.

"Let's see it then." Said Denise.

Pierre led them down to Denise's bedroom, walked to one of the drawers, felt around and held up a DVD, put it in the player, below the TV and used the remote to set it going.

Pierre said, "I have seen it before, I'll join you later." He went to join Jerome. Beth and Denise sat on the bed, and watched the screen. Two people appeared in a large room, with a settee, double bed and a bath and shower. "Studio" said Beth. "About twenty-five years old." she thought.

The young man and woman, dressed in normal clothes, short and trousers for the man, blouse and knee length skirt for the woman. They introduced themselves in English, and alternately gave an introduction to the video. It covered arousal techniques including oral sex, and, as they said, what the bits did and how to position for the best results, sex positions, and holding back from orgasm, sex toys, girl on girl and man on man.

Beth and Denise watched the video, with increasing arousal, Denise put her arm around Beth's shoulder, "Need someone to practice on" she said, laughing.

Beth moved closer to her "Where's Pierre when we want him?" she said, dropping her hand on Denise's thigh. What she didn't know at the time was that Pierre and Jerome were watching from the screen above. They had forgotten about the video cameras recording them...

Denise turned to Beth and kissed her. "Stop the DVD, we can watch it later..." Denise said.

Beth nodded, "Let's get the toys out," she said, surprising herself.

Beth held the remote and stopped the DVD, Denise went for the box of Pierre's toys, she put them on the side table, and climbed back on the bed and got on top of Beth. Beth spread herself in a big X underneath Denise. "mmmm" said Beth as Denise snogged her and fondled Beth's breasts. "What's first and who's first?" said Beth.

Denise rolled off Beth and ran her hand down to Beth's clit. "Let's lie side by side, playing for a while," said Denise, "then we'll decide." They lay side by side, faces touching, but room between their thighs to touch each other, each raised the top leg to allow the other access. They snogged, holding breasts with a bottom hand and using the other on their partner's clit.

"This is good," said Beth breathily "is this it or shall we do something else?"

"What do you want" asked Denise.

"A shag," said Beth, "now."

"Just close your eyes and wait." said Denise. Beth thought she was going for Pierre, and was not surprised when a body pushed her onto her back, spread her legs wide, and crawled up her, she felt a cock butt up against her pussy, then realised this body had breasts! She opened her eyes, Denise was on top of her smiling, Beth looked down, Denise was wearing a large strap on dildo, lubed and ready to go. The dildo looked bigger than hubby's, slightly bigger than Alain's...

"You can do me next!" said Denise, "Guide me in." Beth put her hands down and guided Denise into her pussy. She pushed up against her and helped get it in.

"Why am I doing this?" she thought. Then she felt something flicking against her clit, "That's nice," she said to Denise, "What are you doing?"

"It's the dildo..." said Denise, "It's got like fronds on the top, to rub against you."

"I wondered what they were." Said Beth, getting into the rhythm with her hips, holding Denise with her hands on Denise's shoulders.

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