Give Me A Treat


Silas began thrusting up into Kenzie's dripping hot cunt. With each thrust he continued to slam into her g-spot, causing her to cry out over and over again. Tilting his head down, he began licking up and down the column of her throat, pausing to nibble and bite hard. With every brush of his fangs against her sensitive neck, Kenzie broke out in goosebumps, not of fear, but of pure, unadulterated desire.

Silas felt his balls draw up against his body and his cock get impossibly harder. "I'm about to come in your hot cunt, little girl. Are you ready for that?" he asked.

"Yes," she cried out, nearly there herself.

"Do you want to come, baby?"

"Please, Silas. Please let me come!"

"I'm going to bite you now. I'm going to suck your blood right out of you, while you cunt sucks my cum right out of my cock!"

"DO IT!" Kenzie screamed, nearly incoherent with the need to come.

With a final thrust, Silas buried his cock deep in her cunt. At the same time he sank his fangs deep into her throat. Kenzie gave out a scream, as pleasure so intense it was blinding filled her body and mind. The feel of his fangs buried deep in her neck caused her pussy to spasm harder than she'd ever felt in her life. With each pull of Silas's mouth on her neck, she felt his cock twitch as he shot another spurt of cum deep in her cunt. This caused her cunt to spasm again and again in a seemingly endless cycle. Finally, her body could take now more and her world began spinning and her vision went black.

When Kenzie came back to herself, she was lying on the bed wrapped in a pair of strong arms.

"Welcome back, little girl," she heard Silas say, amusement clear in his voice. Kenzie opened her eyes she saw that Silas was half-reclined against the headboard, one arm resting behind his head. The other arm held her secure to his side. Coming to complete awareness, Kenzie shot upright, her hand going to her neck.

"Fuck! You really are a vampire!" she squeaked.

Silas smiled. "Yes."

Kenzie grabbed a pillow and pulled it in front of herself to cover her nakedness, suddenly self-conscious when not in the throes of lust.

"No," Silas commanded, as he sat up and snatched the pillow away, "you will not cover yourself in front of me."

Kenzie gulped, sudden fear filling her.

"You have nothing to be ashamed of. Your body is amazingly beautiful. Don't insult yourself by hiding it from me."

Hands fluttering with the desire to cover herself, Kenzie chose to converse to take her mind off of her nakedness.

"Did you really say you're a king?"

"Yes," Silas replied, chuckling at her disbelief. "There are many vampire kings throughout the world, several in America. I am one. Younger than most, but powerful nonetheless. I have many princes under me, so I don't have to get my hands as dirty in vampire business as I used to. That is one of the reasons I set out to find my mate, my queen."

"How old are you," Kenzie asked, grasping onto the most innocuous piece of information he'd just given her.

"Close to 800 years."

"Holy fuck," Kenzie whispered. "You don't fuck like an old man," she told him, shooting for levity.

"On the contrary, I fuck like a very old man who's had 800 years to learn how to please his woman."

"Very true. That was incredible."

"Kenzie, I want to turn you. I want you to be my queen, to bond you to me forever."

"Turn me?" Kenzie squeaked. "Umm, I don't know. That's fucking scary."

"Not so much. It's not Hollywood, Kenzie. It's really not that big of a deal. No draining you dry of blood. No sleeping in coffins. Being a vampire in this modern age is really quite easy. Vampirism, our scientists have discovered, is really just a fluke of DNA. We pass it to others through blood exchange. We don't feed off of other, only each other. It keeps the gene flowing through us, which keeps us young. Most of the vampire myths are bullshit. We aren't minions of the devil, we go out in daylight, enjoy eating and drinking. We love, have children, even. It's really a great life. But if the world knew we were the key to the fountain of youth, we'd be hunted and experimented on until none of us were left. So we are very choosy in who we turn."

"How do I become a vampire?"

"It's simple. I've taken your blood so you are bonded to me. I'll always know where you are, you can call to me through your thoughts and I'll hear you. To fully make you a vampire all we need is for you to take my blood. You'll sleep for a day or so, while your body makes the change, and you'll awake a vampire; a very powerful vampire, considering the age and power of your sire."

Kenzie stood up and started pacing, clad only in her heels. "Do I become all perfect if I change?"

"Define perfect."

"Skinny, Silas. Do I get to have a perfect body?"

"Goddammit, Kenzie, you're perfect the way you are!"

"Oh, really?" she asked, her voice dripping sarcasm. "Since when did fat become the new perfect?"

"That's enough!" Silas commanded, jumping up off the bed and Kenzie had the good sense to be frightened enough to stop talking. Silas stalked toward her and Kenzie began backing away, looking over her shoulder for an escape route before remembering she was completely naked. Silas continued to advance until Kenzie's back bumped into the wall behind her. Silas kept coming until his body was pressed hard against her. Placing his hands on the wall on either side of her head, effectively caging her in, Silas leaned down until he was eye to eye with Kenzie.

"Did it seem like I had a hard time fucking you, Kenzie?"

Kenzie turned her head away, unwilling to answer.

"Look at me, Kenzie." Silas didn't raise his voice, but the inherent command in it made her turn her head back and look at him. "Answer me. Did I have a hard time thrusting my cock into your soft, hot, willing body and making you come harder than any man ever has? Did I have a hard time fucking you until you screamed? Shoving my cock down your throat and nearly losing control and shooting off right then?" Becoming aroused by his own recitation of what he'd done to her, Silas's cock hardened into a stiff pole that poked into Kenzie's soft belly.

"No," she whispered.

"Does it fucking seem like a have a problem with the way you look?"

"No, but why me? You could have anyone! A supermodel for fuck's sake!"

"Exactly! I'm an 800 year old vampire king, Kenzie. I'm rich, powerful and fucking immortal! I could have just about any woman I want and I want you." Silas grabbed Kenzie's hair in both his hands and roughly lowered his mouth to hers. He kissed her with punishing force, only succeeding in making cream leak down Kenzie's thighs. He thrust his tongue deep, fucking her mouth as he'd done her cunt minutes before. Kenzie moaned into his mouth. Releasing her hair and bending his knees, Silas reached down and grabbed Kenzie under her ass cheeks. Straightening, he lifted her off the ground. Startled, Kenzie grabbed his shoulders and squeaked into his mouth.

"See, easy," Silas said as he tore his mouth from Kenzie's. "Now wrap your beautiful legs around my waist because I'm going to fuck you again."

Kenzie obeyed with great speed, needing the reassurance of his cock deep inside of her.

"Reach down and put my cock into you gorgeous, soft cunt little girl. Guide me in."

Kenzie complied, moaning as he slid in; grunting when he bottomed out against her. Silas held still, deep inside her, while he leaned down to kiss her again. Then moving from her lips, he trailed his tongue down her throat and up to her ear.

"You are perfect, Kenzie," he whispered, licking the shell of her ear. "Soft, round, beautiful. I could stay inside your hot cunt forever. Don't doubt your beauty or your worth." Kenzie shuddered, from the eroticism of her lips, tongue and breath against her ear and from the feelings his words evoked. Holding her in place against the wall with his hips, Silas moved one hand lower until his fingers were dipping into the wetness flowing out of her. He brought his finger up to the tiny, puckered opening of her ass and using her own fluid as lubrication, inserted his finger deep into her hole. Kenzie let out a moan of pure desire.

"Look at me," he commanded. When she complied, he told her, "Don't take your eyes off of me. You are going to see how much I want you while I finger your ass."

Kenzie kept her bright blue eyes glued to his nearly white gaze. He moved his finger out of her ass and back to her cunt to gather more fluid before thrusting it back into her ass. He began thrusting in a steady rhythm, causing her cunt to clench around his cock, before adding a second finger to her ass, stretching her. As he began thrusting both fingers into her ass, he started moving his cock in her. Kenzie dropped her head against the wall, her gaze never leaving his, moaning loudly, creaming steadily at the pleasure of having both of her wholes filled at once. Tilting his hips slightly, Silas began bumping her g-spot with every thrust. Her cunt began to flutter, signaling the coming of another orgasm.

"That's it little girl," he praised, staring into her eyes as they began to glaze over, "milk my cock. Come all over me, baby."

As Silas began to pump his cock into her cunt and his fingers into her ass in a harder, faster rhythm Kenzie let out a scream, coming hard. She came with such force, cream streamed out of her cunt, coating Silas's balls. While Kenzie was still in the throes of orgasm, Silas turned and walked them back to bed. Lifting her off of his cock, he lowered her feet to the floor. When Kenzie looked up at him questioningly, he told her, "Turn around and put your hands on the bed. I'm going to fuck that hot ass of yours, baby."

Kenzie let out a whimper of desire and, turning quickly to do his bidding, bent over the bed, palms down, legs apart and her knees locked against the edge of the mattress for leverage. Her hair fell around her face creating a dark red curtain and effectively blocking out the world. Her main focus was on the vampire behind her preparing to fuck her ass. She shivered in anticipation. When she felt his hand rub against her dripping wet cunt, she gave a start.

"Relax, baby, this'll be good."

"I know," she assured him.

He reached two fingers deep into her cunt, drawing out more of her creamy wetness. Dragging his fingers up, he coated the entrance to her ass with it before slipping his fingers in, painlessly moving past the tight ring of her sphincter. Kenzie moaned and thrust back against his fingers.

"That's it, baby. Show me how much you want it. Oh, yeah, push against my fingers little girl. Fuck, you're tight."

With his other hand, Silas reached into her pussy again, gathering a good amount of cream and slathered it onto his rock hard cock. Removing his fingers, he placed the tip of his cock against her asshole and, pausing a moment to let Kenzie prepare, pushed into her ass and sank balls deep in one thrust.

Kenzie let out a scream. "Did I hurt you, baby?" Silas asked.

"Fuck no!" Kenzie moaned. "You feel so good buried deep in my ass." Kenzie began thrusting back against Silas, unwilling to wait further.

Grabbing her hips to still her, Silas told her, "I want you to open your mind to me. Listen to my voice in your head, baby."

Stopping for a moment to concentrate, Kenzie consciously opened herself, reaching for his mind with her own.

I'm here, baby, she heard him whisper in her mind. Can you hear me?

Yes, she mind-talked back to him. That's amazing!

"Yes, it is," Silas spoke aloud to her. "You're mine! That proves it. Don't forget it," he commanded and, with no warning, he pulled back and began pounding into Kenzie's ass. Kenzie gripped the comforter to keep from sliding forward and took all he had to give her, loving every deep, pounding thrust into her ass. "That's it, baby, take it all. Take all of my big cock up your soft little ass," he told her as, moaning, Kenzie bent over farther to take his cock deeper.

As he drove his cock into her, Silas began to slap her ass with each thrust. Kenzie cried out in pleasure, pushing her ass back against him. "Yes, Silas, fuck my ass. Spank me. I can't get enough of you. Fuck me harder, I love it." Kenzie was nearly sobbing with the pleasure of having her ass reamed by his huge cock.

"You listen to me Kenzie," Silas ordered, slowing his thrusting to the timing of his words. "You," thrust, "will never," thrust, "doubt," thrust, "for a second," thrust, "your beauty." He stopped altogether. Kenzie cried out in protest. "Do you understand me McKenzie?"

"Yes, Silas. Yes, I'm sorry. I won't doubt it again, I promise. Please just don't stop!"

Without hesitation, Silas began thrusting deep and hard into her ass again. Kenzie cried out in pleasure.

"Good girl. Open your ass up to me, take it all, baby." Silas reached around her body and began to rub her clit. Kenzie was going crazy now, thrusting her ass back against his cock and her cunt forward against his hand. She was letting out little grunts with each punishing thrust into her ass, loving every one. Anchoring her to his body with the hand on her cunt, Silas reached his other hand into the hair at the nape of her neck to lift her upright onto his cock. Jerking her head back, he sank his fangs deep into her throat, never slowing his hard thrusts into her ass.

Sucking her warm blood into his mouth while fucking her deep in her ass, Silas kept up his attention to her little clit, alternating rubbing with pinching. It only took moments before Kenzie let out a guttural scream and came, her cunt seizing around the fingers he thrust into her the moment she began to come.

Seconds later, Silas stiffened and, with a shout of his own, he poured his seed deep in Kenzie's ass. She continued to thrust back against him for several moments, milking all the cum from his cock she could, before collapsing in a boneless heap on the bed. Silas came down next to her, wrapping her in his arms and claiming her mouth in a slow, intimate kiss.

"You're mine, now. No going back, McKenzie. I'm going to turn you as soon as I get you home."

She looked up into his eyes. "Good. I don't want to go back. I'm yours."


A long while later, after cleaning up, they left the bedroom and re-entered the party, which was still in full swing.

"Are there any other vampires here?" Kenzie asked Silas.

He laughed. "Of course."

"How many?"

"Everyone here is either a vampire or a familiar."

"Wow. So I was the only ignorant one here? They must think I was pretty stupid."

"Hush. Everyone here loves you. Can't you tell? You've known most of these people for years. They're your family. They are all going to be thrilled with you as their queen."

She turned to him. "Wait a second. Bear and Lola?"

"Of course. I turned Bear a couple hundred years ago. Found him dying on a battlefield in Scotland before I came to the States, the kilt is no joke by the way, and he's been my subject ever since. He turned Lola around 50 years ago. They are like family to me too."

Kenzie looked up into Silas's pale blue eyes. "I think I love you," she told him.

"Good, because I already know I love you," he informed her, leaning down to kiss her, taking his time to do a thorough job with teeth and tongue.

When he lifted his head, a round of applause went out, and Kenzie realized it was for them. She blushed, understanding that they were paying homage to her as their new queen. Looking around, she spotted Bear and Lola, arms wrapped around each other. When they smiled at her, she saw their fangs gleaming white in the bright light of the room.

Kenzie smiled. Trick or treat, indeed!

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