tagSci-Fi & FantasyGiven to the Enemy Ch. 02

Given to the Enemy Ch. 02


*Warning: This story contains gay content in a fantasy world. Any negative comments about the main characters sexual orientation will be deleted.*


My body was sore the next morning when I woke up. I tried to lay on my back, only to realize I was pressed against a hard body. I stilled and looked over my shoulder. Xaven, the commander, was spooned behind me. He was still sleeping. His breathing even and slow. I knew I should feel upset about how he used me last night. How he took my virginity in front of his men. Sygrians were more open with their sexuality than my home kingdom. It was frowned upon here to take a lover the same sex. Especially a prince, whose duty it was to wed a daughter of royalty or nobility. Since I was the second son, it would be a woman of nobility and wealth. Or was.

I remember nannies and teachers telling me that Sygrians weren't ashamed to love who they loved. A warrior taking a mail lover wasn't considered wrong or dirty. It was almost expected. It would have been wrong for them to take up with a female if they were married. Common practice, I was told. I wasn't so sure how I felt about Xaven having a wife back home. He said I was the price for my father's freedom. I still wasn't entirely sure what that meant.

I slowly slipped out of Xaven's embrace. While I enjoyed the warmth of his arms, though I wouldn't admit it out loud, I needed to answer nature's call. Xaven had brought me to my room the previous night so I walked into my own bathroom. I longed to take a bath, but all I was confidant to do on my own was to relieve my bladder.

When I walked back into my bedroom, Xaven was awake. He was propped up on his elbow, waiting for me. I ducked my head and approached the bed.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled.

"For? You don't need to ask permission to relieve yourself," Xaven said as he pulled me back onto the bed and into his arms. "You are a lot more compliant than I thought you would be. I expected more fight, even after being slip aphrodisiacs."

I felt myself blush, I felt hot with embarrassment. I pushed my face until it was buried between his chin and chest. I felt him chuckle more than heard him.

"Did you ever get along with your father?"

"Well, I never really saw him. I spent more time with nannies and teachers. I rarely saw him. When I was old enough to train, I spent my time outside with the other kids who were training to pick up arms. My brother saw him daily though. He got to be there for everything."

Xaven pulled me away from his chest and tipped my head back to look into his eyes.

"It's a cruel fate, sometimes, being second born. Especially without a mother to guide you."

I never knew my mother. She died hours after I had been born. I wasn't even sure if she held me in her arms before she passed. Xaven didn't give me any more time to wallow in my circumstances. His lips crashed down on mine. I didn't need laced wine to respond. I let him roll me onto my back as he covered my body with his. My hands clawed at his back as his roamed my body. He broke the kiss to suckle my left nipple, which seemed to be directly attached to my cock. I felt myself harden, almost painfully. But I also felt his cock against my leg. He was hard too. He bit my nipple and I lost a bit of my erection. I tried to throw him off me, but he was too strong. The gleam in his eye made me think he liked it when I fought back. I felt a shiver of fear go down my spine.

Xaven flipped me onto my stomach and pressed me down into the bedding.

"You'll come to learn that a little pain increases pleasure," he whispered into my ear. He pressed his body against mine, I could feel him grinding his cock on my ass. I wanted him to fuck me, but at the same time I didn't. I was still sore from the previous night. Suddenly he stopped and climbed to his feet.

"Kneel before me."

I really didn't want to do that. I slowly sat up on the bed. There was no where to run. Even if I tried, he would be on me before I made it to the door or the bathroom.

"The more you hesitate, the bigger your punishment will be." My eyes widened as they snapped to his. I didn't want another punishment. "You are mine to do as I please. That includes your punishment if you something wrong. Or if I just feel like it."

Xaven stepped forward and fisted my hair and dragged me to the floor in front of him. He pressed down on me and I sank to my knees. His cock was mere inches away from my face. He smelled musky and masculine. He kept his hair trimmed short. Maybe he even shaved it, and it was growing back. With his free hand he guided his cock to my mouth. With a jerk of my hair, I opened up and he pushed my head on his cock. He thrust in and out of my mouth for a few minutes before slapping my face, just hard enough to sting a bit.

"Suck on it. Use your tongue." I sucked on his cock and tried to figure out how to please him with my tongue. As he pulled his cock out, I swirled my tongue around the head, which he groaned as he shoved it back into my throat. He continued to train me on how to suck his cock for a few minutes before he pulled out his cock, pulled it to his stomach and ordered me to suck and lick his balls. As gently as I could, I suckled them in my mouth, using my tongue to massage them the best I could.

"Ah, boy, that is good." Praise felt good. Xaven pulled my face away sat on the bed. I followed him. His cock was still face level. But instead of having me suck his cock, he leaned back and pushed my face into his crack. I tried to pull back but he kept my lips pressed against his hole.

"Use your tongue, boy." Tentatively, I circled my tongue around his hole. His hips started to grind on my face. I swirled my tongue, trying to please him the best I could.

"I love your tongue, but come up on the bed."

He positioned me so I was on my back with my legs pulled up to my chest as he spread the cool liquid around my entrance like yesterday. Slowly, he pushed his cock in me. It didn't burn as bad this time. He watched my face as he entered me, watching my reactions. His face lit up as I gasped when he hit that spot inside again. I really liked it when he hit that spot. He swallowed my moans as he kissed me again. His tongue thrust into my mouth in the same rhythm as his cock fucked my ass. This time, he let my hands touch him. I gripped his back at first and slowly, I gripped his ass and helped him fuck me harder as I got worked into a frenzy. He angled his cock so it hit just right inside me. My orgasm built until I finally cried out as I came. I felt boneless, my hands dropped to my side as Xaven continued to thrust inside me. Several thrusts later, Xaven grunted to his completion.

Xaven rolled me onto my side and spooned me from behind. I was just about to fall asleep when there was a knock at the door.

"Enter," Xaven called out. I tried to cover myself, but Xaven hugged my arms to my chest. A man entered the room and approached the bed. He looked me up and down, his eyes finally settling on the mess between my legs before he turned his gaze to the commander.

"Sir, we have finished setting up. We took up most of the south wing for lodging our men, but there was plenty of room for us to set up in. Would you like to tour it and see if it means your approval?"

South wing? That had been closed off for as long as I could remember. It was the same as the other two wings. One to house the royal family and throne room, although we had plenty of spare room since there were no aunts, uncles, grandparents or cousins to share the space with us. And another to house our warriors. Our feast hall stood where the fourth wing used to reside, before being torn down to make room for the extravagant hall.

"Yes. Up, Kregan. Time to see what my men have done with the place." Xaven stood and pulled leather pants up quickly and tied them on. I turned to head to my wardrobe but Xaven stopped me. "You won't be needing clothes."

I blushed and stepped back from him. He studied me as he covered his powerful shoulders and chest with his shirt before stepping to me. He grabbed my wrists, gently turned me to secure them behind my back with the leather bonds he used before.

"Don't fret. All will be well." He patted my ass and guided me to the door. His grip on my bond wrists guided me through the corridor, down the stairs and through the populated section of the castle. I kept my eyes down, hoping not to see anyone I knew. We finally came upon the corridor that had been sealed shut for ages. It stood wide open. I couldn't see dust or cobwebs anywhere as we walked. There were men, presumably Xaven's men, standing in the corridor. The corridor was wide that we didn't have to push through the men. Most looked as if they already settled into their chosen rooms and were still celebrating their victory.

"How long are you staying here?" I asked, turning to look at Xaven. I had thought that his men here would be temporary.

"That's right, you ran from your father before he could tell you. I'm one of the new counsel members. My troop will be staying and taking over from everything from training to supplementing the castle guards. Whatever of the old army is willing to serve will be retrained and added to the ranks."

I let out a small sigh of relief. Not because Xaven was staying, but because what was left of his comrades won't be killed or imprisoned. I hoped I would be able to join them.

"Will I be joining the men?" I asked.

"No," Xaven said. "You are my spoils of war, young prince. You are here to service me however I wish it of you."

Despair overcame me as we continued down the corridor. I didn't want to be a slave. Servants got paid, and they did it to feed their families. I would forced to endure anything he wanted for the sake of my father's freedom. At this moment, I could care less about my father's freedom.

"All will be well," Xaven reassured me. We came to another set of stairs that lead down. I frowned and wondered what they were doing with the rooms below that were usually reserved for servants. The air was cooler as we descended below and I shivered. The corridor here was barely lit. Just light enough to make out the way to each room. The man stopped in front of the first room and ushered us in. I gasped when I walked in. There were odd things in this room, but what made me gasp was that the walls connecting the rooms were tore down. The three rooms became one. It was dim in here as well. Enough to see clearly without eye strain.

"Thank you, Brackus," Xaven said in dismissal. The man, Brackus rather, turned and left us alone in the room. "We will get some privacy to try out a few of these, but the room will be shared later on. Which ever of the men who were willing to submit last night will brought down here and get to experience all that you will."

"They want that?"

"Not yet. But they will. Those, like you, who ended up enjoying themselves have found themselves in the same situation. Your father granted my men their choosing of any man who would submit. See, young prince, you won't be the only one to trained to service another. There was a fair amount of men than fell last night. But enough about that. Let me show you around."

My eyes widened as he explained what various pieces were for. A big wooden X to be whipped on and to be taken from behind. A spanking bench. Also able to be taken from behind. A padded table to be bent over, chains to be hung by. And there were various "toys" as he called them hanging on the walls around the room. He lead me to a structure I recognized. It looked just like the stocks we had in the middle of the courtyard to punish those who committed lesser crimes.

"Ah, I see you found one you know. But maybe not how it will be meant to be used here. Why don't we test it out?"

Xaven had to drag me around it and forced my neck into place before closing the top portion over my neck and securing it in place. He left my hands bound behind me instead of fighting to put them in the holes provided. I was already panicking as he caressed my ass. He gave me a firm pat before I heard him walk away. I started to struggle, I didn't want him to leave me here like this.

"Shhhh," Xaven crooned. "I'm not leaving you."

I felt something smooth over my ass. And it wasn't his hand. Coming to stand in front of me, he showed me what he had. It looked like a paddle. Like the kind my nannies used on me when I had misbehaved as a child. Only, it was covered in leather. Only, it bent when Xaven put pressure on the end. I didn't know what it was.

"You like it? It's a leather paddle. It will deliver a good sting and make your ass a cherry red for me. You will learn to love it, eventually. For now, you have a punishment or two to take."

"No, please!" I cried out. I didn't want him to hit me with that. It hurt bad enough when he used his hands against me the previous night. I grit my teeth and tried not to cry out as he slapped my ass. I made it to the third slap before crying out in pain as he continued to bring it down again and again on my ass. My ass was on fire as he continued to spank me with the paddle. Finally he stopped. I gasped for breath, tears streaming down my face.

Xaven stood before me once more. This time in his hand he held a single candle. I looked warily up at him. He lit the candle and waited for it to burn down before walking behind me again. I still hadn't caught my breath from before and I felt like I was about to faint from lack of breath. The first splash of wax on my ass sent a scream out of my mouth. I had trouble sucking in air as more splashed down on my ass, stinging my flesh before it cooled to a hard shell.

"No! Please, no!" I pleaded as I felt Xaven grab my balls and pull them out behind my legs. I let out a hoarse scream as he dropped wax on my balls. After my balls were coated in wax he finally let them go. I heard him blow out the candle and set it down. He smoothed his hands over my ass, feeling the hardened wax that covered me.

"Shhhh," Xaven said, as I silently cried, hoarse again from screaming. I felt something cool touch my hole as he spread my cheeks. It took me a moment to figure out it was his tongue. He swirled his tongue over my entrance, teasing me. Slowly, the pain receded and I started to feel a different heat. One that went straight to my cock. He continued to lick and nibble at my ass. He pushed his tongue in me and it forced a gasp out of my mouth. He thrust in and out of my ass for a few moments before standing back up.

"Are you sore here?"

"A little," I admitted.

He came around front. His cock was hanging out, it was standing tall and proud against his stomach. This time, he didn't have to ask me. I opened my mouth and let him thrust into my throat. I was learning to over come my gag reflex fast. I sucked as he thrust in and out of my mouth. My hands clenched behind me. I wanted to touch him. I didn't understand how I could react this way to him after he spanked, but it took little for him to get me hard after my punishment was over. He thrust all the way down my throat, shoving my nose into his trimmed hair and stayed there. A moment later he withdrew to let me breathe. He thrust back into my throat. I looked up and saw his look of approval at my not gagging as hey thrust in and out of my throat. He fucked my mouth slowly for a few minutes before he finally seemed to lose control and started to thrust faster and faster. He pulled out of my throat and stroked his cock until he came on my face. I liked his come off my lips as he moved behind me.

I was painfully hard as he stood behind me. He spread cool liquid around my entrance and I tensed.

"It's okay, just my fingers."

A finger pushed and stroked me inside. A few moments he inserted another and slowly stroked my ass. There was no pain this time. Nothing but pleasure as he found that spot inside me that made me squirm and massaged it. His free hand stroked my cock.

"Come for me, young prince," Xaven growled behind me. I gasped as I came. He stroked my cock as I groaned out my orgasm. His fingers withdrew, leaving me feeling empty and unlatched the top of the stocks to let me out. I tried to stand but my legs gave out, too boneless to hold me. Xaven chuckled as he catch me and carried me in his arms. I let my eyes close as I rested my head on his chest. A gasp made my eyes pop open.

"Corin, you do not belong in this wing," Xaven said firmly. My brother, the former prince, stood before us. Eyes open in shock. I realized my face, head, chest and stomach were covered in come and my ass was still covered in wax. My brother turned and fled. Xaven called for one of his men to make sure that Corin made his way back to his own wing before continuing carrying me away. Only, we didn't stop at the first floor, like I thought we would. He continued to carry me up the last flight of stairs. If I was right, this would resemble the rooms my father and brother have in the other wing. Spacious rooms with a sitting room and study.

"My room is up here. I have one of the four suites up here. The men of the counsel will all get one suite. Two will move in the wing with your father and the rest will take up in the other wing."

Xaven brought me into his suite, walked past the sitting room and into the bathroom. The tub was already filled with hot water as he lowered me in and started to bathe me. My eyes closed as he took care of me. I was still warring on the inside, but I let my troubles slip away as I drifted off to sleep.

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