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Giving Head to a Woman


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You would think that, as a straight woman, I would have the least experience in going down on women on the site, and that may be true. I have gone down on a few in the course of group sex, but I am not really attracted to the cunt at all. What gives me authority to write this essay is my experience both in going down and in being gone down on.

I have had my share of men. Some might say I have had more than my share. If you talk to some of my relatives, more than my share came at about two, which I hit at an age which we are not supposed to talk about on Literotica, but it was less than eighteen. I can't say that I have enjoyed every guy I have been with, since I started out with teenagers who had less than no clue what was going on, but all in all sex has been a very pleasurable experience for me. Why else would I do it so much?

Oral sex is a little different story. I have had some REALLY bad oral sex experiences. Bad to the point where I had to say "okay, you are done." I am sure that none of the men (or women, let's be equal opportunity here) on this site are that bad, but I thought that I ought to give some pointers just so that we could avoid further mishaps.

Okay, first, you don't just hit your knees and start with the oral sex. Start with the kissing and the feeling her up and the sucking her breasts . . . all this is terribly erotic and lets her know you are not just interested in her pussy. Kiss the neck and the stomach and act like she is the prettiest girl you have ever seen, because, just for tonight, she is. Make her feel like she is, and she will take YOU over the moon.

So now you have her naked and spread before you and you are ready to eat her out. Who came up with that stupid term? If you dive in and start munching away at her clit it will be over before it has begun.

Likewise, if you use too much delicacy, she will be asleep by the time you are through. Here is a step by step walk through of what to do.

Take a deep breath, open your eyes, and let it out. The breath on her pussy actually feels good. No fear. Her pussy is a beautiful thing. Kiss her thighs, and lick and kiss her pussy lips. They are very sensitive, and she will get very aroused.

Now. Part the flesh of her pussy and take a good look at where everything is. Every girl is different, so take a second to appreciate THIS one before you dive in and eat her.

Now. You see the pearly bud toward the top of her slit? That is her clitoris. NO. Don't go munching on it like a piece of pie. That would be painful and never bring her to orgasm.

Some talk about doing the ABC's on the clit (or around it), and that is actually a very good technique, but the key is to mix things up. At first the key is to work your way around the clit, only lightly touching it until it is fully aroused. Then, as she becomes more aroused, you will want to apply more firm pressure, and more direct pressure to it. When she comes the first time, assuming she is multi orgasmic, you will move on to other kinds of stimulation.

This lesson is about the tongue, but the hands also help with cunnilingus. If you stuff your fingers up her and they are dirty and have hangnails, they can breed infection, however. If you want to finger her, take care to wash your hands and cut off any rough spots or hang nails that might scratch her. Start with one finger. Add a second, and, if you feel the need, a third. Crook your fingers a little bit in a "come hither" kind of action toward her belly button to try to catch her G-Spot. It really does exist, but every girl is shaped differently and each one is going to be placed in a little different place. You will know when you have found it, because it is a little bit different in texture-- spongy, or soft. Manipulating the G-spot can cause different reactions in different women. Some scream, some relax. Some even squirt! To all of them it should be pleasurable, especially during cunnilingus.

While you give her the finger play, you can start really sucking on her clit. It should be fully erect by now, and the sucking action should really be incredible. While you suck, run your tongue over it in a flicking motion.

I do not suggest the use of teeth unless you really know what you are doing, as biting too hard can really cause a lot of pain (just like your cock-- do you really want an amateur putting her teeth on your family jewels?). However, judicious use of teeth on her clit can send her to the moon and over, if you are gentle and do it sparingly.

If you choose to tongue fuck her at this point, you are probably going to be one very tired boy. However, it is up to you.

Be aware that, no matter how long your tongue is it is not a cock, so should not be used as such. Your goal here is to give her the maximum sensation around the vaginal opening, which you will best do if you move your tongue in circles. Your nose will probably press against her clit, bringing her more pleasure, and she will be grateful for the attention.

As for ass play, it is up to you entirely. Personally, I love it. Having my ass tongued is incredibly erotic, and I have been known to cum from that alone.

Again, concentrate on your strength, which will be the anal opening.

Now for the coupe de grace. The best thing you can do for your girl, assuming she is into it, of course, is to finger her in both the ass and the pussy while sucking on her clit. Make sure she is okay with it and that you lube her ass properly, of course, but let me tell you the sensation is out of this world.

Give her this and she will fuck your brains out, gentlemen.

You still doubt me? Ah, I dare you to come try me.

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by Anonymous05/19/18

All of these are very good tips. I have found that when I eat out my girl that if I press the tip of my tongue into the opening where she pees that this causes some very pleasurable sensations for her.more...

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