tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGiving Her A Show

Giving Her A Show


John spotted her the minute he walked into the bar. She was gorgeous; 5-foot-10, short brown hair, athletic body, nice tits and a tight ass. John gulped and told himself that he would not leave without her number tonight.

John had had a fair amount of success with women, but was not what anyone would consider a "ladies' man." He was six feet tall, dark hair, and of average complexion. Although in his early 30s, John was a successful salesman. Sales was his business and tonight, John resolved his effort to "sell" himself to the beautiful woman at the bar.

The men paraded in front of her, chatting her up all night. Who could pass up that opportunity? Finally John looked up and saw her sitting alone. Here's my chance, he thought, and walked over to her.

The conversation was pleasant enough. Her name was Emily. She was 28 and was working while trying to complete her culinary arts program. She had a pleasant smile that John knew had convinced other men to follow her anywhere. He gulped and realized he would do the same.

Emily flashed her seductive smile and laughed at John's anecdotes, even though he didn't think they were too funny. "Things are going well," John thought. "Here's my chance to ask for her number." But just as John was about to ask, Emily cut him off.

"I've had enough of this place for one night," she said. "How 'bout we head over to my apartment?"

John couldn't believe his luck. He finished his drink and helped Emily with her jacket and they departed together.

Emily gave John a brief tour of her apartment. It was crammed with cookbooks and fancy cooking utensils. It wasn't a huge place, but let's face it, John didn't really care what the apartment looked like when the occupant was this fine. The tour ended in the bedroom.

"This is where we'll be spending most of our time," Emily said. "Now I want you to do something for me."

John's penis jumped in his pants. He had been watching Emily's sexy ass sway as she walked and was ready to fuck it.

Emily moved close to John and placed her hand on his crotch, rubbing his cock through his thin pants. God, her hand felt so good on his dick. Every movement made him grow harder.

"That's quite a monster you have there," Emily said. "Why don't you strip for me and show me what it can do?"

John slowly unbuttoned his shirt, rocking his body to imaginary music. He let his shirt hang open at his belt and kicked off his shoes. John ran his hands up and down his taught chest and briefly teased his nipples, making them firm. Emily applauded and felt her own breasts through her shirt.

John unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants and slowly drew down the fly. He was so turned on by his performance and the fact that Emily was still fully clothed but running her hand between her legs, obviously appreciating the show.

John's fly parted and exposed the white shield of his underwear. His cock was raging hard and the head hand pushed its way out of the jockeys. John's knob was slick with precum and it left a shiny trail across his hairy abdomen. John's pants fell to the ground. He stood before Emily in his tight underwear which hugged his balls and plainly outlined his hard shaft. There was little left to the imagination and John couldn't wait to shove his raging erection into the soft folds of skin between Emily's smooth legs.

Emily had unzipped her pants and John noticed that her pink panties were darker with wetness on the thin fabric between her legs. John's cock jumped as he hooked his thumbs into the elastic waistband and pulled down his underwear, exposing his dark triangle of groomed pubic hair and, finally his engorged member, which celebrated the fresh air.

John took a step toward Emily, ready to help her out of her clothes.

"Wait a minute," Emily said lustily. "Would you play with it for me?"

John didn't know what to do. He'd never touched himself in front of anyone else before, but he didn't want to disappoint Emily. John reached down and played with his balls, feeling them sway in his hand between his legs. He ran his fingers through his pubic hair and tickled up the sides of his dick. He ran a delicate finger over the shiny dome of his cock and spread the juices down the sides of his shaft and rubbed it into his hairy ball sac.

Emily intently stared at John as he did this. She knew she was hot and held power over men, but didn't know if she could get them to do this until now. She loved the way John's hard body sloped into the furriness of his crotch. How his large, erect penis seemed to sprout from between his legs and how his furry balls hung between them, swaying from side to side as he moved. She wanted to put them in her mouth and lick them. She wanted to feel his cock between her lips and milk cum out of it. She wanted to feel his ass flex in her hands as her head bobbed up and down on his dick, pubic hairs tickling her nose. But right now, more than that, she wanted to see John stroke his dick and make himself cum.

"Stroke it," Emily said in a deep, husky voice.

A wave of embarrassment shot through John. No one had ever seen him masturbate before. This was his most private activity. He hesitated, hand cupped around his balls.

"Please," Emily said, exposing her right breast. "For me?"

John tepidly took his penis in his right hand, curling his fingers around the shaft. He'd never felt it this hard before. He was still a little bashfully, but at the same time surprised at how turned on he was. His fist pumped his cock up and down. Emily had her shirt off now and was playing with her perky breasts, licking her fingers and rolling them over her nipples.

Emily felt the juices seep from between her legs as she watched John's hand encircle his cock. She loved the way the skin on his shaft rolled up and down beneath his hand. The way his balls bounced as he tugged up and down. It was hypnotic.

John knew he was getting close. A moan escaped his pursed lips.

"Cum on my chest," Emily said, offering her plucky tits as a target.

John stepped closer, his hand rocking up and down on his cock.

"Cum for me," Emily said. "You turn me on so much with your hard dick in your hand. I want you to cum."

John could feel the tension mount as Emily's gaze fixed itself on him. Her stare intensified his pumping and he felt the pressure build, steadily in his balls and fill his shaft. John moaned as cum exploded from his cock, splattering on Emily's chest, dripping down his hand and running onto his balls. Emily cooed as the warm liquid hit her and rubbed the jizz into her cleavage.

It was one of the most powerful orgasms John had experienced. He legs felt weak and he stood motionless in front of Emily, watching him play with his cum on her body. He could have watched her all night. Suddenly Emily looked up and saw that John's hand was frozen around his cock, transfixed by her erotic play. Semen was running down his knuckles and dripping from his balls onto the floor.

"We'd better get you cleaned up," Emily said, standing up and reaching for a towel. She wiped off her chest and toweled off John's cock, balls and hand.

"I have a busy day tomorrow, so you'd better go," she said to John's astonishment. "But don't worry, I WILL call you."

Emily stayed true to her word, but what happened after that is another story altogether.

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