tagLoving WivesGiving My Husband His Fantasy

Giving My Husband His Fantasy


Alta was running late, she was supposed to meet Gwen at home. She could depend upon her husband to keep her best friend entertained until she got there, but was worried what form that entertainment would take.

Trisha had tried to hurry but she was delayed anyway. She flew out of the school and saw her mom waiting for her. As she headed for the car, she tried to see if her mom was mad. She opened the car door, "I'm sorry I was late mom."

Alta took off almost before her daughter was in. "Don't worry about it, it'll be all right."

"I tried to hurry."

"I know, honey, I'm just nervous leaving your father alone with Gwen."


Alta hesitated in answering, "My friend is very pretty; your father is only human."

Trish wondered if her mom trusted her dad, it didn't sound like it. She decided to get her mom's mind off of it, "What do you think dad will give you for Mother's Day?"

Alta chuckled, "Oh I'm sure he'll pick up something, probably at the last minute."

Trish saw her mom driving like a maniac and questioned if she didn't trust Gwen, why was she her mom's best friend. And what did all of this say about her mom and dad's marriage. She hoped that this ended well but had her doubts.

As they approached their home, Trish suggested, "Mom, slow down."


"Let's go in quietly, sneak in the back door. Let's find out if you can trust your best friend and your husband." She saw the indecision her mom had, "I mean it, because this is the stuff that ends in divorce. Wouldn't you rather know?"

Alta reluctantly slowed down and as they drove up, she parked the car on the street, behind Gwen's car instead of in the driveway. The two walked around the back of the house, and slipped in the back door.

Phil felt himself cornered, "Alta and Trish should be home soon, I'm sorry you have to wait."

Both women heard the airy voice that was Gwen, "It's all right; I don't mind spending time with a handsome man."

Phil chuckled, "Well I guess I should leave you two alone then."

"Don't you think you're handsome?"

"No, I don't, and for good reason."

"I think you are very handsome. Doesn't your wife think so?"

"I don't really know." Trish gave her mom a dirty look.

They saw Gwen shake her long blonde hair, which was a habit of hers. She came near Phil and bent down in front of him, her shirt having a few buttons open. "Not only do I think you're handsome, I can think of plenty of very nice things we can do together." Trish saw that her mom was justified in not trusting Gwen.

Swallowing hard, he stammered, "I-I-I'm sure you can."

Gwen knew men, and what they wanted. She sat down next to him, "I can give you anything you have ever desired. Just think of it..." she put her arms around him, "...I will do anything you want." When Alta and Trish saw Gwen put her hand between his legs, they knew what his reaction was going to be.

Gwen, Alta and Trish were all surprised when Phil stood up. "Gwen, you are beautiful, and I would be lying if I told you that I didn't find you desirable."

"Then come back and let's kiss a little. We can meet this weekend for a nice long play time."

All three women could see the struggle he was having. "I don't understand it Gwen, you can have any man you want, why do you want me? "I'm not handsome or rich or powerful, I know I should be honored that you desire me, but my mind just can't comprehend it."

Gwen wasn't used to not getting her way and her temper was starting to show, "I want to have sex with you, what more do you need?"

"What I need, is what I have. Alta was hurt very badly by someone else, and I have been paying the price for that. I love her, so I'm willing to do that, but I am not willing to add to her pain. Trish watched her mom's face as she was remembering that hurt.

Gwen wasn't giving up, "I willing to do things to you she will never do, think about how good that will feel."

"I'm tempted, but that doesn't mean anything except that I'm a guy that thinks with his dick. But as a husband, I also think with my heart, and Alta had that the first time I ever saw her. I've never been with another woman, she was my first, and I've never cheated on her."

Phil paused, "So, yes, there are things I would like to experience, but she isn't comfortable doing them. And because I love her, I'm willing to give that stuff up."

Gwen pouted, her voice getting sultry, "You don't understand, you can still be with her, and you can have me as well."

"I know there are men whose wedding ring means so little, that they think nothing of wearing it while they have sex with another woman, or they take it off and put it in their pocket. I can't do those things, I don't want to. I'd have to be able to look her in the eye afterwards pretending nothing happened, and she would be able to see right through me."

Phil's face reflected the love of what he was seeing in his mind, "I wake up in the middle of the night and just watch her sleep. I see the moonlight make her softly glow, her chest rising and falling as she breathes. And I thank my lucky stars that this wonderful woman wants to share her life with someone like me." His voice cracked with emotion, "I don't deserve her, but I do love her. Plus, she has given me the most wonderful daughter in the world, a girl that is bubbly and full of life. I'm proud to tell everyone that Alta is my wife, and Trish is my daughter."

Trish felt tears running down her face; she saw that her mom had them as well. She whispered, "Mom," and took a deep breath, "I think dad just gave you the best Mother's Day present you are ever going to get, but it may have cost you your best friend."

Alta swallowed hard, "I don't think the price is too high." A very upset Alta stormed into the room and both Phil and Gwen jumped. She was followed closely by an equally upset Trish. The three women just stared at one another, saying nothing.

Phil would swear he could see sparks flying. He decided that in a sense of self-preservation he should probably just shut up. He figured, if it was hard for a man to argue with one woman, he had no chance with three.

Gwen smiled, "Alta, Trish, I didn't hear you come in."

Remarkably, Alta was talking normally, "You probably didn't or I wouldn't have heard you try to get my husband in bed with you. You are beautiful and I am not. You have money, and we don't. You can have a man do anything you want as easily as that," she snapped her fingers. Alta paused, and then whispered, "Why?"

"I don't know, really." She sighed, "If I have everything you and Phil say, how come I'm so lonely?"

"In spite of what my husband said, I feel that I am the lucky one for the display of love I just witnessed. You said you were my friend, you had no right to try to do this." Tears started running down her face, "Please leave."

They all watched as Gwen just left without saying a word. Trish was amazed that her mom hadn't gone ballistic on her former best friend. Trish knew if Gwen had been the wife in this situation there would have definitely been one hell of a fight.

With arms wrapped around him, Alta kissed her husband, "What's this nonsense about you not deserving me?"

Phil turned red, "I...ah...just..." Luckily he was stopped by another kiss.

Trish waited her turn and then hugged her father, "I love you dad." After a quick kiss, she turned to her mom and gave her a wink, "I think I will find someone to stay the night with."

Alta shook her head, "Not yet you won't."

Trish was confused, why wouldn't she want her husband, "Why not mom?"

Alta answered her daughter but said it to her husband while looking deep into his eyes, "I need your help to give my husband one of his fantasies." All kinds of things raced through the teenagers mind. Did her dad want a threesome? Was she to be the third person? She started to panic; she didn't want to have sex with them. With a single glance Alta saw what her daughter was thinking, "You have a dirty mind young lady. Your father doesn't want to have sex with you." She gave Phil a sideways glance, "You don't, right?"

Phil turned beet red, "Oh hell no!" Trish knew her mom had set herself and her dad up for that and both women started laughing at his embarrassment.

Alta kissed her husband again, "Don't you ever change. "Trish who were you going to call to stay with?"

"I thought I would call Becky."

"Call her and have her come over, we are going to need her help." She whispered in her daughter's ear, "See if she or her mother has a white negligee she can bring."

Becky came over and Trish and Alta told her what had happened. Becky smiled from ear to ear as she looked at Phil, "That is the most romantic thing I've ever heard of."

Alta gave her husband a quick kiss and then shooed him out of the house, "Go to Casey's bar and have a couple of beers, I'll call you when you can come home. When she shut the door, she looked at the two teenagers, "Okay girls we have to make me a fairy."

Both girls giggled. Trish was trying not to laugh, "That's his fantasy, to have sex with a fairy?"

Becky just shook her head, "Trish, your dad is officially the sweetest man I know."

The two teenagers soon had the house and Alta ready to fulfill Phil's fantasy. The girls left and Alta phoned her husband to come home. As soon as Phil walked in he saw his wife in a white negligee and a pair of wings coming from her back.

She was pleased to see the look on his face and did a little twirl for her husband, "What do you think?"

Phil stared open mouthed at his wife, "Wow, beautiful doesn't even cover it." She was wearing something incredible. It glistened and it was loose, so she could move freely, and even her wings could flutter, yet it showed off her curves. You had the impression you could see through it, yet nothing was revealed. "I've never seen anything like it." He reached to hold her.

Alta looked into his eyes, "A girl doesn't like every man to just desire her, but she wants her husband to. Don't..."

Phil kissed her in mid-sentence. Looking into her eyes, he said, "I love you so much, I need you, and I most certainly want you. I've never had anyone do stuff like this for me."

As Alta kissed him back, she tried to remember why she had always said no to pretending. As her lips touched his the reason didn't seem important and she liked the way doing stuff for him made her feel, "Well, you see, I'm only 200 years old --," she saw the surprise on his face, "-- and I'm a little nervous, but that doesn't mean that I don't want you. Fairies don't usually have sex with humans."

They walked hand in hand to their bedroom. Inside was romantic and enchanting, a place where dreams come true. The room had been decorated with tiny lights that looked a lot like Christmas tree lights but tonight they were tiny crystals reflecting sunlight making the walls twinkle with a rainbow of shifting colors. She made Phil sit down and then joined him on the bed.

Phil kissed her, "Are you sorry I want you to give me this?"

She laughed, "Since when could a human make a fairy do anything, I want to do this, and I will never be sorry you are in my life." Fairy and human were wrapped in each other's arms, their kisses slowly turning more heated.

It could have been fate, or magic, or luck that brought this into his life. Whatever the reason, Phil saw the woman he loved giving him a look that made his blood run hot, "I love you."

"Yes, --" her hand slid down to play between his legs, "-- and, maybe something else." Alta had no idea why he fantasized about being with a fairy, but she loved Phil and wanted to please him. She had been attracted to him not just because he was nice looking but when she discovered he never harmed anything. When he had wanted to save a dog that had been hit by a car she had started to feel affection for him. His gentle, kind and caring nature had helped her get over a disastrous time in her life.

Phil didn't know anything about fairies, and until today he didn't even know they were real. He saw a beautiful elfin woman. She was lithesome, moving and bending with ease. She was supple, slender and graceful. Her personality was lively, playful and energetic, and he hoped he could be the kind of man she deserved. His lips touched hers, "I love you."

A mix of emotions and thoughts raced through the fairy, "I know." She sucked in her breath as his fingers ran over her nipple through the fabric of her negligee.

Phil continued to touch and explore his fairy, "The material you're wearing seems magical."

The fairy was trying to get her human's clothes off, "It's a gift from the queen of the fairies."

Phil helped the fairy and soon his clothes were a pile on the floor. He saw that the negligee tied at the neck, unfastening the cord he slipped his hands through the opening, his fingers touched her chest and slowly played making his way to her breasts. The fairies skin was smooth and soft and he gently ran his fingers across her nipple. Feeling her react, he lowered his lips to her skin and continued to play.

Alta was glad he wasn't in a hurry; it let the pleasure build. She softly moaned as he stimulated the outer sides of her breasts, just below the armpits, with his tongue and fingertips.

Phil made flipping motions on the nipples with his tongue and even experimented with light nibbling. He knew her nipples were sensitive, so he didn't just want to stay there. Using his palms he gently cupped her breasts and focused on the undersides, gently massaging. Moving all around he licked and sucked, finally focusing on the upper part of her breasts passing the tongue over the surface of her areolas.

Alta loved how gentle he was trying to be as he experienced his very own fairy. She softly moaned as he contacted the dark colored circle that surrounded her nipples which was actually more sensitive than the nipple itself. She realized that when Phil moved up, he was hoping she would want to touch him.

Alta raised her hand to his thing; she didn't even know what to call it. Would a fairy call it a penis or a cock, or maybe something else? He was semi hard now, but soon reacted to her touch and he was so into this that it was like touching a rock hard piece of skin. It felt hard but the skin felt soft and was very moveable. Acting as a fairy, she explored and was amazed and a little apprehensive, it was huge.

Phil loved the way her delicate fingers felt on him. He let her play for a while then he lifted himself so that his hard cock was at her mouth. Her lips parted and he slid the head of his hard cock into her mouth.

A giggled slipped out of her as she realized that her husband had never been this way before. When he gently pressed his cock against her, she had only opened her mouth a little and felt him push his way in. She had never been so surprised in her life. For the first time he was putting his cock in her mouth not her going down on him. She started to lick him and was amazed when she heard him moan out loud, another first. Then she discovered that gently sucking while she played with his balls made him moan again. It was a total turn on for her and she continued to use her mouth and hand to explore ways to get him to make that sound again. She wondered why she had never thought to give him his fairy before now.

Alta did some moaning of her own as she felt his hand play between her legs and his finger slide into her. She stopped sucking. With her fingers wrapped around him, she squeezed, "Do human men do something like this to the women?"

Phil saw her big eyes watching him, and was overwhelmed with love and passion for his wife. He knew an invitation when he heard it. He bent down and kissed her, and then with wet kisses, he made his way down her body.

She excitedly watched everything her husband did, associating what he was doing with how it felt. When he got between her legs, and even though they had done this before, she really had no idea what to expect. "Oh my!" She clawed the bed with both hands as she felt his tongue lick her and then slide inside of her. "Um, this is incredible." He felt like wild man. As she experienced his tongue and lips going crazy on her sensitive flesh, waves of pleasure were coursing through her.

Phil was amazed; he had never been with her when she was vocal and it made him want to give her more, much more. Staring at her lips surrounding him, he watched his hard cock disappear into her mouth. His heart pounded harder, his breathing became faster, and finally he couldn't take any more. He had been gentle and had taken his time, but he desired his fairy, and longed to be inside of her. Positioning himself so that his hard cock was at her pussy, he used his hand to guide it; he gave her a passionate kiss, and pushed himself in.

"Ahhh..." Alta sucked in her breath as she felt him slide inside of her body. When they had dated they had fooled around for quite some time before they had gone all of the way. After her disastrous relationship before him she was reluctant to rush into anything. Sex with him had been nice and as their feelings grew making love was even better. But in the 25 years they had been together she had never known him to be so hard or so big. She knew when he was all the way in because he was hitting places he had never touched before. Wrapping her legs around him she held him deep inside, it felt amazing.

Alta relaxed and let her legs drop. She felt Phil start to slide in and out of her. Making love was different than having sex, and she knew it, but this was way beyond either. Looking into his eyes, seeing his love for her, made what she was feeling more intense. She loved giving this to him and it felt that they were joined both physically and spiritually, and her heart beat happily.

He was showering her with kisses, playing with her breasts as human and fairy made love. She moaned constantly because of the intense pleasure of her cock filled pussy. Moving against him she pushed back and closed her eyes as he slammed into her in response.

She felt Phil take himself out of her, but she knew he wasn't through. Her mind went into instant panic, worrying that her husband didn't find her appealing. "Is something wrong?"

He lay beside her on the bed, "I just thought you might want to try some other stuff."

She wondered what stuff he was referring to as she let herself be moved so that she was on top of him and facing away, her legs on either side of his head. "Ooh y—e—s," she closed her eyes and couldn't help moaning as she felt his tongue attack her clit again. Alta was bent over, and when she opened her eyes, she saw his hard cock right in front of her face. She placed her lips on it and sucked the end into her mouth. She heard Phil give a soft moan of his own, and she smiled, she liked doing things that made him make that sound.

As she continued to suck Alta took more and more of him into her mouth. She loved what he was doing to her, it felt fantastic. Each flick of his tongue, each nibble of his lips brought a new sensation. Her body was one big pleasure sensitive nerve and she absolutely had more of him in her mouth than she ever had before.

Phil stopped her, "We should probably stop this and make love, maybe try a different position."

Alta was so far gone with passion she could barely comprehend what he meant. She felt him using his hands to move her. This fairy was intent on giving her man the entire fantasy and went where he wanted her. She wound up sitting on top of him with her legs on the outside of his, his cock close to going in her.

"Use your hand to guide me in you."

She giggled again; he had never wanted her to do that before. Her fingers wrapped around him and she rubbed his cockhead against her pussy, "Ahh -- mmm."

Feeling his hands on her hips, she lowered herself and his hard cock slid easily into her. More moans escaped the little fairy. This was unbelievable. Staggering pleasure pulsed through her.

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