tagHow ToGiving Orgasms to Willing Females

Giving Orgasms to Willing Females


I've always loved making love to women, but early in life found that giving orgasms is the best. Giving them gives you power you never knew you had and if you are the best at it, you can get whatever you want, whenever you want and for as long as you want. Getting great at it does take time.

One of my first girl friends, a red head, loved getting stimulated orgasms and or oral and was my real teacher, she was verbal and told me what to do and not to do which made me excellent at giving orgasms by finger or eating pussy, both I loved equally. Doing that all the time, made it second nature, I could always tell when they were going to hit their peak, sometimes I would drag it out to make it even better. They would beg me to fuck them as they couldn't stand my tongue teasing them, but having them cum by tongue was so much better than by cock as you can see and feel the cum, the hot cum running down your tongue and they are ever so grateful...

I recently had the experience of giving a double orgasm to my wife. We really haven't had much sex since being married, 10 years. Early on, my large cock injured her by tearing her, but she didn't tell me for a long time. She just didn't have the lubrication needed I guess. She went to the doctor, got estrogen and we bought KY lube which is great, very slippery and she would let me finger fuck her with sometimes two fingers, but I could always lick her clit and she always got to cum.

One day after reading articles about women's orgasms, I stopped in a Spencer's Gifts in the mall (they have a huge selection and you can buy discreetly online). I bought her a 6.25" G spot vibrator, not knowing if I could talk her into using it or not, but after some coaching, she agreed. She already had a small electric vibrator for her clit, like the size of the tip of your finger, but it worked and fast.

So we get out the KY, put some on my hand so I can finger fuck her and get her warmed up. My wife is very pretty, has nice sized tits, don't hang, just a nice handful, very skinny butt and legs, light colored pussy hair and not a lot, makes it nice when eating her out which she loves and I always get her to cum.

We start with me finger fucking her with my middle finger, then as she gets wetter, I put middle finger and ring finger in and literally fuck her with them in and out, she loves it.

I hit her G spot regularly. After about 10 minutes of that, I pull my fingers out slowly and so gently slide in the vibrator. A little at a time, not turning it on just yet. Finally I have most of it in her and turn it on low, she jumps, more shocked than anything, but says it feels weird but great, so I'm sliding it in and out of her with ease as it has lots of lube, so it's just a natural feeling. She says it feels like a cock, smaller, but too hard to be a cock. She then gets her electric vibrator and starts on her clit. If she just used the electric for the clit, it takes her no time to cum and cum she does, you can watch the liquid cumming out of her when she cums and it's so warm, it's really hot to watch.

So we're using both vibrators one on her clit, the other inside of her on a low vibrate mode, slowing pulling it in and out just like a cock would do. You can see on her face and in her voice that she's getting ready to cum, she wants me to do the dildo faster and turn up the vibrator, when I do, OMG she about comes off the bed with excitement. We're going strong in and out and her electric clit vibrator, then it happens, she cums so hard, she is actually squirting cum which she never did before and she's almost screaming as she cumming. I'd never seen anyone cum that hard and pleasurable before, she was like cumming in waves, over and over, I thought she might pass out, but it eventually slowed down, she said that she had 5 or 6 full blown double orgasms like she had never had before. She wanted more, but had to rest first and actually fell asleep.

When she woke up, she remembered that nothing happened to me, she wanted me to lube her hand up again, I did and then she started playing with my full blown 7.5" cock cut, rubbing my balls, and jacking me off, first the full length, then just the head with two fingers and her thumb. Wow, she had never done that before, just with the two fingers and thumb. OMG I was going to cum, I came, one of the best hand or finger jobs I ever had and I was happy with that, didn't need to fuck or get blown. She was going to town pulling on it and boy did I cum, all over me, her hand, seemed like I'd been saving a years worth for that moment, I think the best hand/finger job ever, didn't think I'd stop, was the longest cum ever and oh so good! OMG

Wish I could find more willing participants for me to try out more...

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