tagText With AudioGiving You What He Can't (Irish Accent)

Giving You What He Can't (Irish Accent)


Warnings: #subdom #rough #consent # humiliation #noaftercare #belt #beingabitmeanbutonlyalittlebit

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Hi baby.

We both know why you're here, don't we my darling? Yes we do. You want me. You need to feel like a woman right now. You need to feel used. You crave it. And this? This is not a conversation. Your pleasure is incidental. All that matters right now is that I get to use you for my entertainment.

Hmmm...so...I wonder...I'm sure as fuck not going to bring you flowers. I'm certainly not going to make you dinner tonight. You know that. You already get those things. You're already treated like a princess. If that was all you needed you wouldn't be here...would you?

And you know that he - whoever that HE is that jumps into your head when I say that word - HE is not going to make you feel the way you want to feel right now. The way you NEED to feel - in spite of yourself. In spite of what a good girl you usually are. Or at least, the good girl you pretend to be in front of everyone else. But a good girl doesn't think the thoughts that are filling your mind right now, does she? A good girl doesn't get wet thinking of swallowing cock. Or of being bound while being used as a fuck toy for the pleasure of her man. A good girl doesn't crave that delicious pain that comes inextricably wrapped in the pleasure of being completely. Fucking. Owned.

I know you want to feel owned, sweetheart. Possessed. Possessed like your very existence is defined by the need to do exactly as you're told, and then beg daddy for more. More of what? Well that doesn't fucking matter. What matters is that you're mine, and you belong to me, and you know it. You're my toy. My pet. To do with as I please. And you? You will please me in whatever fucking way I decide I want you to, and you will do it eagerly and without hesitation. Do you understand me? You will do whatever you are told because that is exactly what you need right now. That is why you are here listening to me.

I know you try to pretend. Pretend like I don't have absolute power and control over you. A power and control you fucking wish he had over you. A power to make you feel sexy. Insatiable. Filthy. A primal need to be utterly dominated. To feel as though your entire purpose, the very reason you exist is to satisfy me. To please me. To be mine in every fucking way because only I know that that is exactly what you want. Exactly what you need. A power to make you my whore - no baby, not A whore, you're certainly not a whore - but you are MY whore. My whore, cock-hungry and eager to be a slut for me. Only for me.

Sweetheart, your only purpose tonight is to do exactly what you're told, and submit to me the way a woman who wants to please her man should. In that fierce, animal way where you can be completely free to lose yourself to what we're experiencing right in this moment.

So let's not deny why you're here. That's just wasting my time, and I have things to do. We both know how you crave me. We both know why you're here with me right now and not with him. Don't we? Yes, we do. You're here because you know you're mine. And yes, I know you want to be a good girl, or at least that's what you tell yourself when thoughts of the outside world come rushing in. But that doesn't matter. Not when you're here with me. Here, you don't need to pretend to be a good girl, or to maintain the illusion that you have control of this situation. We both know you don't. You have no control, not here. You have no choice other than to do whatever I decide is best for you. The only choice you have right now is to submit to me completely.

Submit to me, and feel your mouth water. Feel your skin flush hot and burn...can you feel it baby? As though your body is on fire? How your breasts feel heavier and fuller, craving my attention? Your nipples sensitive and your face burning hot as my eyes slowly roam over you? All over that gorgeous face, that sexy body. Can you feel that baby? The way my eyes take in every inch of you, missing nothing. Watching your breath catch just there in your throat. Dragging my eyes slowly up your pretty neck...so exposed and vulnerable. Just waiting to be covered in my kisses...in my bites...waiting to be marked by my fingers. Hmmm...yes you like that don't you sweetheart? You like the thought of going back to him, with your body mapped out with the marks of our sex. A landscape of bites and bruises, each one a tiny reminder of how I claimed you completely. Mmm...my bad girl. You're so naughty, and that's just how I want you right now.

Do you see me sweetheart? I'm only just in from work, I've still got my suit on. I haven't even had a chance to undo my tie. Do you see me as your eyelids flutter and get heavy and your eyes lose focus and then close? I can see you. I like the way you're licking your lips, already fuck-hungry and greedy for me. And I haven't even laid a finger on you.

You're already wet at the thought of my hard cock filling your pretty mouth, aren't you? Oh baby, don't even try to deny it. I see it written all over your beautiful face.

On another day I would make you kneel for me nice and slow, and have you crawl across the floor to me. Right to where I sit, and nod down at you, giving you my approval to take this thick, hard cock into your mouth. And you'd do so, willingly, with eyes wide and nodding eagerly in response, looking up at me, so fucking enthusiastic to please me. That mouth open wide and hungry, looking to fill your throat until your eyes water. Me looking down at you and letting you suck this cock so hard that you gag, only to pull it out and slap it against that pretty face. Tease you with it until you beg "please daddy, please let me have it again" as you moan like a whore on your knees. Until I let you have it again.

On another day, I'd let you do that. Let you devour my cock, swallow it down over and over until I shot my hot fucking load down your throat as I held the back of your head on my shaft until you sucked down every. Last. Fucking. Drop.

I know you want to do this for me. Need to do this for me. Have me claim you as mine, and break you as I do it. Leave you collapsed and breathing ragged and teary, and yet craving, hungry and begging for more. Feeling utterly fucking ravaged, used...but desperate to be demolished all over again.

But babe, you're not getting my cock in your mouth today. No baby, not today. I'll treat you to that another time. Oh I know you want to taste my cum sweetheart. I know. But, right now I want you to lay back and look up at me - do you see me sweetheart? Do you see the way I look down at you, my eyes heavy with lust and drinking in every inch of your beautiful sexy body? Do you see the way I kneel and slip my hands into the crook of both legs, behind your knees, and spread those sexy fucking legs wide? Do you my love? Good. Now lay back. Lay back so I can taste my pussy. I want to play with my toy.

Yes, I'm still fully dressed. Haha, yes, I know you like this tie. No, no need for me to undress yet. Right now all you need is my mouth.

Mmm, you taste so fucking good baby.

Ah-ah - take your hands off me. Yes, out of my hair.

I said hands off. Now. You won't be ready for this cock until you've cum on my face first.

Yes. Good. Your hands? Keep them right there. Right by your sides.

While I...


And lick

And mmm...oh my baby I'm making such a mess of your cunt. Such a wet greedy mess.

Mmm-oh baby that bite on your thigh, did it hurt? Did that hurt sweetheart? Don't worry, the pain will fade...the mark might take little longer to fade though.

Yeah...how are you going to explain that one, I wonder?

Ah-ah. Hands. Off. Out of my hair. I warned you. Do you want this cock?

Answer me sweetheart. Do you want this cock?

Do you? Tell me. Tell daddy you want this big thick hard cock...say it.

Hmmm of course you do baby, of course you want daddy's cock. You're so fucking hungry baby.

Haven't you been cumming nice and hard lately? Hmm? No?

Of course you fucking haven't because he can't fuck you like me...he can't get inside your head like I do and make you beg for me before I've even laid a finger on you.

And look at you right now. So dirty and naughty, laying there with your legs spread wide for me.

You're mine to do as I please with. So do as you're told and keep those hands by your sides. I'm not done playing with my pussy yet.

Mmmm...good girl. Yes.

Hmmm? Okay baby yes you can grip the bed sheet like that. Hold it tight.

I do like it when you thrash around like that. When you lift those hips and try to fuck my face. When your scream catches in your throat and you gasp and say don't fucking stop.

Oh I'm making you cum am I? That's nice sweetheart. I'm not sure why you think that matters to me. I'm doing this for my entertainment.

Mmm...oh my...good girl. Oh fuck! I admit, I do like it when you lose control like that.

Aw look at you, shaking like that. Poor baby. You've done well my darling. I think you're ready for me now. Now I'm going to get inside your head. I'm going to take ownership of your body from the inside. Turn around for me. Do it, now. Yes, that's it, up on all fours like that.

Mmm you look fucking delicious.

I think I've had enough fun. I think I'm going to give you my cock.

Oh baby...

(undoing belt, slipping trousers off) (slap)

That's my belt and I just want to watch you gasp as I crack it against your ass.

Oh baby...do you like that sweetheart?

I'm going to let you feel how much I want you. How much you turn me on.

(whisper of tie coming off)

But first? First look back at me baby. Do you see what's in my hands? Yes baby, it's your favourite tie. Mmhmm. Wrapped around my hands. Here, put it over your head like that. Now, put it between your teeth. Yes, hold it tight between your teeth like that while I hold either end and

Mmm, yes. Oh sweetheart I love the way you take my cock...so tight but so yielding, so wet...so tight...so fucking hot...as I slide deep inside you...jesus fuck.

And oh my fucking god when I pull that tie and you arch your back and thrust back on me...oh god baby you are so fucking sexy.

So good sweetheart, yes, bounce that ass back, let me hold your hips and fuck you hard.

Take it...take that fucking cock. Jesus good girl.

Tell daddy what you need.

Fucking say it.

Yes, that's right. You need my cock. You need me to fuck you like this, slamming my entire thick, hard cock into you. Pounding your cunt. Pulling tighter on this fucking tie and watching you bridled like that, losing yourself to me. Fucking ruining you.

Because this cunt belongs to me (whispers) and I am going to fucking destroy you.

Now arch your back and take that fucking cock. Pump that sexy ass back on me.

No, not good enough. Here let me grab a handful of your hair, that's it. Now every time I pull it you thrust that sexy ass back on my cock do you understand?

Good. Good girl that's it, I love pulling your hair like that.

You're cumming for me? Oh well that's nice sweetheart. Go ahead. Fall to pieces all over my fucking cock. Explode for me.

But I'm not done yet. You feel this cock inside you? Still rock hard and pounding that wet cunt? I don't care that you've cum and your legs are shaking, I'm pulling your head back and giving it to you until I'm done.

Look at you, spread wide like that, taking this cock. You know you're going to feel so fucking dirty when you go back to him but right now you don't even care do you? You just want to be fucking destroyed in every way by me. Now look at me.

Aw did that hurt when I pulled your head back baby? Well fucking look at me. Look in my eyes. Look in my fucking eyes and BEG for my cum. Beg for it.

That's it. Mmm such a good girl. I think I'm going to have to give you my cum now. Stay like that. Just like that baby, I want to watch your ass bouncing on me...you turn me on so fucking much.

Holy fuck baby I can't stop. I'm thrusting deeper, harder.

Ohhh fuck I'm gonna cum so deep inside you you'll be feeling me on your thighs for days.

Grabbing your hips yes

You're gonna make me

Oh shit you're gonna take my cum deep

Take it deep like a good girl that's it

Oh god now yes

Yes baby

Oh god. You're such a good girl sweetheart...so good doing just what I tell you. Like you always do.

You'll do anything I say.

Won't you baby?

But right now? I'm done with you. Off you go. Get yourself home.

Yes, I know you'll be back. You can't fucking help yourself, can you?

(now imagine some loving, gentle aftercare, because you're not getting any in this audio my darling ;) )

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by Anonymous

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by purplexkitten08/28/19

Yes, please...

Oh I need this so badly.

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by Anonymous07/26/19

....looking into flights to Ireland after listening to this!

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by Anonymous07/18/19

No words...

I can't even explain how much I enjoyed this. You. Are. Amazing.

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by Anonymous06/13/19

Oh Yes

Ohgawd Daddy, this dildo feels so fucking awesome after I've squirted a couple of times....

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by Anonymous04/27/19

Thank you, Daddy ❤️

I'm at work listening to this, wishing I were being used like that instead of as a capitalist moneypig 😂

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