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Glory Hole Surprise


I am a twenty-nine year old guy, 5'8" 165lbs and have been told I look like a geek. I am currently attending community college in a town about 50 miles away and this job helps pay for gas money. I have no rent as I still live with my mom. As you have probably guessed I also have no girlfriend, but that doesn't stop me from fantasizing about women.

It was my day off and after my sociology class I decided to drive to the adult bookstore just outside of town before the long drive home. I have been going to the bookstore every couple of weeks since last semester. It is a small place with a few magazines, adult toys, videos, a small theater and about sixteen video booths. Eight of the booths have glory holes in them. These glory holes are actually a 12"x12" square hole. I had never experienced a glory hole until my third visit to the bookstore. I thought they were for people who liked to watch others and be watched while masturbating. It was only after reading a story on Literotica that I learned what they were really used for. I will admit that I have had my cock sucked a few times by a guy in the next booth, but I never sucked or touched another cock myself. I was just there to get my rocks off since I had no girlfriend.

As I said earlier I went to the bookstore after class and noticed that the action was slow, actually I was the only one back by the booths. I chose one of the booths without a glory hole and figured I would pop a few quarters watch some porn and jack off. I was on my second quarter when I heard someone walk back toward the booths. I peeked out the crack in the door and was stunned to see a blonde woman with a great ass walk by. I about fell off the stool when she turned to go in one of the glory hole booths. I knew this woman! It was Samantha, the pharmacy tech from work! Samantha was 37 years old, short blond hair cut just above the shoulder, a beautiful round ass, perfect tits which I was told she had done a few years ago, full lips, and the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen. Samantha always waved and said hi to me every morning and I have fantasized about her more than once. Although she was 37, married, and had two kids, she still looked younger than I did.

I watched as Samantha, wearing blue jeans and a light blue T-shirt entered the booth. A few seconds later after hearing some quarters drop into the machine the light above her booth door lit up. I immediately went to the booth next to her with the glory hole. I stood up because I didn't want her to see my face. I leaned down just enough to see her T-shirt and bra was pulled above her perfect tan tits. Her nipples were hard and she rolling them with her fingers. Samantha's other hand was down the front of her jeans which were now unzipped I couldn't see her pussy but her fingers were sure having fun there. I couldn't stand it anymore, I dropped all my quarters into the machine, undid my pants, took out my cock and started to slowly stroke it. To my surprise Samantha's hand appeared through the glory hole and she was motioning me closer. I turned and stuck my cock through the hole. Her hand gently reached up and began touching my cock and balls. She wrapped her hand around my cock shaft and then I felt her lips on my cock head. She removed her hand and guided her mouth down the length of my cock until her bottom lip was against my balls. I couldn't believe it Samantha was deep throating me! I was in heaven, as she slowly bobbed her head back and forth deep throating me with each stroke. She then pulled her lips off my cock and licked up and down the shaft and licked my balls.

"Don't say a word, I just want you to fuck me." She whispered through the hole.

Who was I to argue? I felt her leave my cock and heard the sound of her pants sliding down her legs. I backed up and peeked through the hole to see her take her pants off and fold them before placing them on the seat. Her pussy was magnificent. It was almost shaved clean except for a two inch close cut strip of light colored pubic hair just above her slit. She was tanned all over as she turned and backed her ass up to the hole. I could feel her hand reach back through the hole, grab my cock and guide it into her dripping wet pussy. I couldn't believe how good she felt. Even after birthing two kids she was still tight. I had only fucked two other women ever in my life and Samantha's pussy was by far the wettest and tightest. I slowly began sliding in and out of her. I could hear her cooing on the other side. I soon began to notice her ass was beginning to slam back into me with more force.

"Fuck me harder, please, fuck me harder!" She quietly ordered.

I began to thrust into her hot wet pussy as deep as I could go. I heard her breathing very hard. "Oh yes, don't stop," She said

I kept up my pace, driving deep into her.

"I'm cumming! Oh yeah I'm cumming!" she shouted.

I am surprised the old lady working out in the front of the store didn't hear her. I could feel her pussy tighten up and squeeze my cock, as she suddenly became quiet. I tried to keep thrusting into her but her pussy was so tight. I could feel my load building in my balls.

I whispered "I am going to cum."

Samantha immediately pulled her pussy off of my cock, turned and deep throated me again. I thrust into her throat as deep as I thrust into her pussy.

"I'm cumming." I quietly groaned.

I could feel cum rise through my cock and explode into Samantha's' mouth. She swallowed the first squirt, but more surges of cum followed and I felt her lips pull back so that only the head of my cock was now in her mouth. I continued to fill her mouth with cum. When I was done I pulled back slightly and heard her try to say "Thank You." Before swallowing the rest of my load.

"Stay in there until I leave." She said as she backed away and got dressed.

I heard her finally zip her pants and then her hand appeared through the hole again, this time holding a slip of paper.

"This is my e-mail address. E-mail me yours and I will let you know when I will be back here again. I want to keep this secret and anonymous. Thanks." She whispered to me.

I heard her leave and waited about 20 minutes before leaving myself.

The next day at work I was stocking a shelf when Samantha walked by.

"Hi Dave." She said with her usual beautiful smile.

"Hi Samantha, how was your day off?" I casually said

"It was Ok, I just got caught up on my housework. How was yours?" Samantha asked.

"I had class yesterday." I replied

"Well don't work too hard." She said as she walked back towards the pharmacy part of the store.

I couldn't believe it, she had no idea it was me. Wow the possibilities are endless, I will meet her a few more times and who knows maybe I will even let her know it is me; after all, I have always wanted to blackmail a beautiful woman into being my sex slave.

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