Goin' Pop Vol. 1


Some people dream their whole lives and never achieve what it is that they're really after. Some people want the perfect life and it just isn't possible. Except for me. You see I put the two together and dreamed of the perfect life and here I am, living proof that it is possible. My name is Kurt William. You might know my other brother Kurt who told you about his petty escapades with the WWF Divas. Now I'm a man, and so I can respect a man that did what he did, but you see, at the beginning he was just a desperate little man with even littler hopes of getting into diva's pants. It just so happened it worked out that way. The question you ask yourself now is, how am I so much better then me then. Well you see it's quite simple. I'm Security. Not as in Security as in protection from freaks out in the public, I'm security for pop princesses when their loneliness is just too much to bear and they need a man. I've been with them all. Well, all that's worth it. I bet you wonder how I can accomplish this. It's quite simple really.

I live near Dallas, Texas. Who else lives around Dallas? One Jessica Simpson does. Jessica and I went to the same school since 7th grade and have been great friends since the day we met. We were prom king and queen. Don't let her fake image fool you. Jessica Simpson is a sex genius. I managed to have sex with her for the 1st time in late 1998, right before her album "Sweet Kisses" came out. We've done it 17 times since then. She's an incredible fuck, but with her boyfriend Nick of 98 Degrees, it got harder and harder to get it going again, but we've managed. Nick is a damned fool. He thinks she is still a virgin. He tells me he's only gotten head from her like 3 times in the period they've been together. That's quite sad. Anyways, as Jessica became more mainstream, and more in with the crowd, so to speak, it came back to me that all the little pop princesses talk about is sex. They need it; it's like their oxygen.

So I come into play because Jessica at all these conversations would throw my name into the pot and let the girls know about our experiences, and apparently I was good to Jessica because she highly recommended me to some of the ladies. My list includes the likes of Britney Spears, Beyonce Knowles, Faith Hill, and my last encounter, Mandy Moore. As my predecessor brother, I will tell you how these experiences came to pass. I think I shall start from the beginning…Miss Britney Spears.

My Pop sexual escapades started in the summer of 2000. I had been out of my sophomore year of college for 2 weeks now, and didn't have to worry about being a junior until early September. I had rented a lake house for the 1st month of the vacation to rest my mind and put myself to ease. It works magnificently. Jessica had an 8-day break and she said she would be at the house for 5 of them. She also said she had a welcome home gift for me. I believe at this point her and me had hit the big 1-0 in number of sexual encounters, so maybe it was just a sexy outfit. Far be it for me to guess it would've been Britney Spears! It was around Tuesday of the 2nd week I had been on the lake and Jessica rolled up in her pickup truck. A purple Ford Ranger, decked out to her likings, but it is one thing I truly admire about her, no matter where she goes and what she does, you'll never get the Texan out of her.

I looked around and didn't see anything out the ordinary, but all of the sudden, a silver Mercedes convertible with the top down came rolling in, in front of Jessica's truck. Brownish-Blonde hair was whipping into the wind, while an incredible looking woman was behind the wheel. I noticed she had the best tan I'd seen in ages and a great rack to go with a body that seemed to work magic for her. The door opened and she stepped out, wearing a sexy purple leather skirt that was very short. Her top was a custom designed halter-top made out of a Shaquille O'Neal jersey. Her midriff was exposed and it was one I wanted to lay kisses on forever. If this was Jessica's present, it was already the best I had received.

The mystery woman came up to us and gave Jessica a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She pulled down her shades and my eyes lit up, the mystery was no more. "Kurt, I'd like you to meet a good friend of mine, Britney Spears." My jaw just dropped. I was in amazement. Britney walked over to me and put my arm around her shoulder and I just went with the flow, Jessica having a big smile on her face. "He's really cute Jessica, you never lied to me once about me!" I could only imagine what that meant as we walked to the house.

It was now Friday night and actually nothing had transpired in the time period. I was in no complaint because since Tuesday, both women, 24/7 have been wearing nothing by bikini's. Jessica's in particular were the sexiest, with a see-through bikini on one day, but her nipples were covered with blue stars and her bush was showing through the letters "Shining Star" on her bottom. Britney just went with thongs every time, one was green, one was plaid and the other was an incredibly sexy pink. Every day, Britney's ass memorized me, swaying back and forth, almost calling for my dick in between the cheeks.

Today was Saturday and a kink in the plans had almost ruined the trip. Early in the morning, Jessica received a call from her mom basically ordering her back home to be with "the family that never sees her anymore". Jessica said this would take a day probably to get away, but she'd come back to finish her vacation here. Britney assured her that it'd be quite all right and she'd stay until Jessica was able to return. Jessica left me with a breath-taking kiss and then drove off in her truck, leaving Britney and me together. I didn't know what to expect out of Britney then, but I figured while Jessica was gone, I'd use the day to restock on some drinks and fix up some little things to pass the time. Britney had other plans, as it would turn out.

Later that afternoon I told her I was going down to the local store to stock up on some drinks and such and she told me I could take her Mercedes and give it a whirl. I jumped at the opportunity because the nicest car I had ever driven was a Escalade. I sped that car down the road into the store and got some beer for myself and then plenty of chips, dips, meats and bread and then ran over to the liquor store and got some vodka & Crown Royal. I drove back (the long way) and parked in front of the house. I got all the stuff together and brought it into the kitchen. It was about 4:45 at this time and I noticed that Britney wasn't around anymore. I yelled for her and then went back to putting things up. I heard a bouncing down the stairs and I turned my head to see miss Britney in the most stunning dress I'd ever laid eyes on. It was a spaghetti-strap dress in a Navy Blue color, with slits all the way down the sides of the dress and it stopped above mid-thigh. Her hair lay on her shoulders and her eyes sparkled. Not overly done with her makeup, she just looked amazing. "Hey babe, if you're not busy I'd like to take you over to this club that's just down the road on the edge of the lake." I rushed right past her to hurry and get ready.

After a shower and dressing/grooming I was ready at a little after 5:30. Britney said the club didn't open til 7 so she'd take me to a place to eat 1st. I was nothing compared to her, but I tried my best in a Tommy polo shirt and khakis. Britney drove us to a nice restaurant called Bahama Breeze. We each had a fish dinner that was great and then we drove around the lake once before going to the club. While she was driving, Britney put my left hand on her thigh and I took that as an invite and started to rub up and down her thigh. Britney then started talking more intimately and said we had a connection that she had never felt. It was like I had magnetically pulled her into me. Yeah, I guess I do have that effect on women. Britney pulled the car over in a shaded region and leaned into me and gave me a life-altering kiss while unzipping my pants and taking my hardening cock out to stroke it gently. She broke the kiss and placed my cock back in its place. It was a little uncomfortable back in, but Britney's next words soothed me. "You can give me that later, we'll be late for the club."

We arrived at a club called Coastline and it was off the hook. So many beautiful women in skin-tight dresses and/or skirts. My woman was the hottest of course and we wasted no time in getting on the dance floor. Now I'll admit right here, right now I suck at fast dancing, I can't do it for shit, BUT Britney sure as hell knew how to and she took the initiative. Her body was all over mine. It took no time at all for our sweat to mix with each other's as our bodies became one. One time Britney grinded her pussy right on my leg as we bounced up and down, the heat of her pussy warming me up some. Then she bounced her ass right in front of my crotch, so I took it as a once in a lifetime chance and pulled her back and acted like we were doin' it doggy style and she loved it. We had to stop for a while and we ordered some "Texas-Made" Long-Island Ice Teas and drank those up. It became a slow song and Britney wanted to dance to it. She basically threw her body upon mine and as we danced, we were so close it was like we were one body. Britney was such an amazing woman. She knew what she wanted and her personality made it hard to say no about anything to her. The song ended with us kissing again and then her whispering in my ear, "We're done here, let's go home."

Britney gave me the keys and I drove us home. It wasn't exactly the safest ride home considering Britney had raised her skirt up to reveal a very sexy looking black thong, to which she had moved to the side to finger her pussy. Britney was seductively rubbing 2-3 fingers down her slit and then pushing them all the way inside while smiling into the wind that blew to us. Her intoxicating scent was being spread everywhere as she took my right hand and pushed it on her clit. The feeling of me on her was unbearable to both of us and she orgasmed right there and then in the car, juices flowing down onto the car. She wiped all that she could onto my mouth and the taste was so sweet, it was almost an instantaneous addiction to it. I had to have more of that.

We rode up to the house and I carried her into the house. There was no more time to be wasted so I just carried into the only downstairs bedroom instead of going all the way up stairs. Britney was out of her dress in a flash as her sexy matching underwear just stunned me. I undressed as cool and calmly as possible, the looks in Britney's eyes letting me know she wanted me just as bad as I wanted her. She slid her underwear down ever so sexily and we were both naked…together.

She pounced at my hips, with her on fours and her mouth at a completely perfect level for sucking someone. She moved her body toward me and used one of her hands to grab the base of my dick. She slowly began to massage it with her right hand, and then she licked her lips. She said with the most sluttish smile on her face. "Just fuck my mouth." She moved her head completely forward with her mouth open, taking about 4.5 inches of my 9 inches into her mouth. Her mouth closed around it and I felt her begin to suck. It was like a warm velvet feeling around my dick. She moved forward again, this time taking in what seemed to be my entire dick. She must have had a lot of practice, doing the magic she was doing. She began to bob her head up and down, taking my dick in and out of her mouth. Her whole body began to move to her movements, and she groaned in pleasure as I fucked her with my dick inside her mouth. The feeling was overcoming me and it was like I was having an out-of-body experience and then I knew I was about to have a nerve-wrecking orgasm when Britney wrapped her lips over all that she could and then while licking the dick all the way around and then she started humming, the vibration being felt from the tip of my head to the tip of my toes. I groaned and tried to pull back before I came, but Britney forcefully kept me inside and looked at me with a look of sheer lust and I knew she wanted my seed there so I just let loose and rope after rope of my cum fell into the back of her mouth as she swallowed it all down, not one drop falling out of that sweet mouth.

I fell back onto the bed, Britney lying next to me. My cock was still springing to life, no end in sight it seemed. Britney rose up and looked me in the eyes and said, "Let me do the work." Britney worked her way down to the bottom of my feet and kissed my legs all the way up until she got to my cock and then she gave it one last hard lick and then positioned it to her heavenly opening. Her pussy lips were waiting to be parted and as soon as my cock touched that sweet softness of her pussy it was like fireworks had been ignited underneath us. Her pussy reluctantly gave way as she sank onto me, the walls squeezing me tight. She grunted and squirmed on top of me, saying she never had so much inside her. She began to ride and lift herself up; eyes closed in passion, and then sank back down trying to get more inside her. Grunting loudly in the room as more of my cock entered her. She became forceful, almost as if my 9 inches wasn't enough, she was dick and more dick entering her, she had her own sexual mission.

She grinded her pussy with my cock for a minute, giving her pussy a chance to get use to the action, so I wanted to then take the initiative and so I placed a hand on both of her ass cheeks and lifted her up, then pulled her down. Given that her pussy was squeezing me so tight, it was hard not to bust not right inside of Britney's pussy then, but firm determination kept the sex going. The feeling was one that you couldn't imagine, I did it and I still can't describe it, it was that good. I just gripped her ass tighter and continued the motion until she was moving on her own, picking up speed. Her hips bucking on me with increasing force, her calls to god like music to my ears.

"UNG! UNGGH! GOD! OH LORD!" she grunted out each time she pounded down on me. Her hands holding tightly on the headboard of the bed, her tits commanding in front of me to grab hold of them.

Her pussy was becoming soaked and slippery due to her outpouring of juices that allowed her and I to create a smoother rhythm. She was now rocking forward each time she came down on me and her grunts gave way to moans. I reached up and took hold of her tits, squeezing them, holding her tits in my hands, fondling them nicely as we just rocked back and forth, allowing the cock to move around inside her. He looked up at her and watched her face twist into a clear sign of pleasure. Her mouth open in a silent moan, no sounds, just ecstasy.

All of the sudden Britney popped up with a lustful smile and asked, "Are you about to cum?" I actually was sensing that time was nearing so I grunted a yes and she came off my cock with a pop, and actually I didn't think anything of it, I just figured she didn't want anything happening to her, such as pregnancy, but her next move was simply stunning. "I want it all so bad inside my ass." It was almost a need in her voice so she stroked my cock lightly, my cock jumping in response as it got back to full hardness. She spread her asscheeks herself and then basically impaled her ass onto my cock, not wanting to wait around. Her scream when I entered her actually had me concerned, but it vanished when Britney kept telling me how good I felt. Britney's tightness clung to me, almost a vise-grip I couldn't get out of. Britney lay back on my body and placed my hands on her tits as I rubbed and massaged them basically, getting my fingers on her rock-hard nipples. She decided to finger her sopping cunt and just basically kept telling me "Yes Kurt! Oh Kurt please keep it going!" I pumped for all I was worth and didn't know when I was going to cum, but Britney's next motion pushed me over the edge as she brought her wet fingers to her mouth and seductively licked them cleaned and with a moan of my own, released a torrent of cum into her ass, a flood almost that felt like it was literally draining me.

I finally got out my last spurts on cum and just flopped all over the bed closing my eyes. I felt Britney climb up my body, her breasts on my mouth and I took a nipple and lightly licked it as Britney positioned herself on my cock again. She wanted to orgasm again and it didn't take long as Britney bounced all on me as I played with her clit and she bent over quickly to kiss me deeply as I felt her body convulse with her orgasm.

We fell asleep like that and low and behold Jessica Simpson decides to return at 11:15 in the morning to wake us up. "Well, it's good to see that my 2 close friends became close themselves. Britney just stayed in my arms and I had a look of guilt on my face because Jessica really was a friend, but Jessica was just playing with me. "I still love you!" and with that climbed onto my body with a nice kiss, her breasts pressing against me and we all fell back asleep like that.

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