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Going Down Under


Before you read on, I'd like to take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU to my Best Friend, My Soul Mate and the Love of my Life. For helping me with this story, and the parts that will follow. You know who you are. Take a bow! Please enjoy my story...


As John stepped from the plane he had to shield his eyes from the bright sun. His sunglasses were still in his hand luggage and if he stopped now to find them he'd cause a back log of passengers exiting the plane.

So this is Australia he thought as his feet touched the tarmac of Darwin airport. The heat belting down on him was causing little beads of sweat to run down his temples. He wiped the back of his hand across his forehead as the line started moving towards the arrivals area.

Once inside the terminal building his body started to cool thanks to the powerful air conditioning. In his head he had a perfect image of Samantha or Sam as he called her. She was the reason he was here after all. He smiled to himself as he waited for his bag to come round on the carousel, thinking back to the filthy e-mails, and PMs the two of them had been swapping for a little over 6 months. He felt the fire in his loins beginning to stir again at the thought of this woman.

He spotted his bag gliding towards him. John couldn't wait to shower Sam his present he bought for her. Smiling to himself at the pictures painted in his head. He was so deep in thought that he missed his bag and had to wait for it to return. He was more than ready the second time and scooped it up and headed through to the main concourse. As he walked through the door he saw her, she was looking up at the arrivals board before her eyes met his.

Her eyes sparkled as she took in his entire 6'8" frame. She smiled as she scanned over his broad shoulders and chest, tattooed arms and messy brown hair. Sam had been waiting a little under half an hour and her legs were getting weaker every minute. The gusset of her black and pink pinstripe panties were a mess with her juices. She could feel the damp material against her shaven pussy. She started to walk towards him.

She was just as he knew she would be. Sam was a perfectly proportioned woman. John's gaze slipped to her breasts. They were big, round and luscious. He was looking forward to seeing them in the flesh. He could feel his cock stirring and his balls were tightening with every step he took towards his temptress. Her knee length skirt was blowing slightly around her legs revealing her shapely thighs. He beamed as he got close enough to touch her, almost electric, as his arms wrapped around her frame, picking her up and cuddling her.

Their lips met and parted and right there in the terminal they shared a moment of bliss and passion. Sam instantly felt John's hard cock poking into her stomach and she groaned into his mouth. She longed to taste him and feel him violating every inch of her body. John could feel Sam's erect nipples poking through her blouse and noted with a smile she was bra less. Sam's pussy was already dripping with anticipation of what was to come. She smiled against his mouth as she recalled the enema she had given herself that morning and of the butt plug currently buried deep in her ass.

The kiss lasted only for a minute but to the pair themselves it felt like an eternity. Coming together at last after what felt like years of correspondence. Sam broke apart first and whispered in John's ear,

"Let's get out of here sweets."

Her eyes screaming, fuck me.

John smiled and moaned in her ear causing a shudder to run through Sam's body. She took him by the hand and they all but ran from the terminal to the car park. Sam pointed out her car and opened the boot for John's bag. As John placed his bag in the boot he could feel Sam's hand rubbing his hard cock. He closed the lid and wrapped his hand around her waist, pulling her into a bear hug. She moaned as their bodies mashed, his big hands roamed down her back to her supple ass. He squeezed her soft flesh, kneading it almost. The butt plug in her ass moved slightly and twitched as his hands roamed her body. Their tongues explored each others mouth again as their hands did the same on each others bodies right there in the car park.

They broke apart and Sam, breathing heavily, headed to the drivers side, opening the door and climbing in. John settled himself into the passenger seat and looked across at his angel. Her eyes were glued to his bulge in his trousers; he could almost see her salivating. Sam reached a trembling hand across and rested it on his cock, feeling the tension and warmth radiating from within. She so badly wanted to feel the silky smooth skin in her hands, better yet, in her mouth. With no words spoken, she undid his button and slid the zip down. She never took her eyes from him.

Sam reached below the waist band of John's jockeys and curled her fingers around his solid meat. John moaned at her touch, his eyes rolling back and his breathing becoming deeper. He hooked his thumbs into his underwear and pushed them down his legs giving Sam full access to his solid cock and tight balls. They kissed as Sam's hand stroked his length, their tongues lacing around one another. Moving down his body, Sam brought her mouth close enough so John could feel her tongue lick up and down his shaft before she opened her mouth fully and swallowed him deeply. Thinking to himself "I must be in heaven! I have to be. Nothing this good can be real!" John leant back in the car seat and let Sam give him the best blow job of his sexual life.

Sam loved it; her lips were stretched around John's cock. Her hand flying up and down his shaft, trying her hardest to make him cum. She wanted to taste it so bad, to drink his white hot seed. She had been fantasising about this for months now and her wildest dreams didn't live up to the real thing. She could feel her juices soaking her thighs as her pussy leaked its nectar. The butt plug was driving her wild and she longed to have John tease it out of her before fucking her ass with abandon. She felt his balls tighten in her hand and knew he was very close to losing it. Her hand speeded up on his shaft and her mouth formed a vacuum around his bulbous head, waiting for the first jet of cum to hit the back of her throat.

John knew he wasn't going to last much longer. He looked down and watched as Sam's head bobbed up and down on his cock. He curled his fingers in her hair and thrust his hips gently upwards, not wanting to choke her. He felt her hand move faster along the length of his cock and her mouth suck harder and he knew he was going to cum.

"Oh fuck Sam, I'm c-c-cuming baby," he managed to whimper as he felt his seed rush up his shaft.

Sam felt the first shot and gripped his cock tightly with her lips and hand. Not wanting to lose a drop of spunk as his cock fired shot after shot. Quickly filling her mouth to the point where she had to bring her head up slightly to make more room.

John gasped as he felt her hand tighten on his shaft, causing his hips to jerk and his voice to falter. His breathing was deep and heavy after such an explosive orgasm. His hand entwined in Sam's hair gripped hard and without meaning to, he pulled. He heard and felt her moan around his cock at the rough treatment and smiled to himself in the aftermath. His breathing calmed as he felt Sam kiss the tip of his cock. She came up to eye level and he felt her lips on his, her cum soaked breath rushing into his mouth. Sam had held most of his cum in her mouth, waiting for the moment to pass it on to him. She knew how much this turned him on.

John knew it was coming and was eagerly waiting for the deposit. Sam's cum coated tongue slid into his mouth and he sucked his cum off, savouring the taste of himself and her. He could feel life pulsing in his cock and knew it wouldn't be long until he was hard again. They kissed and moaned into each other. John's hand slid up Sam's thigh. He could feel her wetness on her legs and smiled. His fingers touched her panties and he knew they were soaked. He pushed his finger tip against Sam's hard little clit, causing her to gasp and shudder. He pushed and rubbed, looking into her hungry eyes as he kissed her. John knew he was getting her off, feeling her juices flowing from her and wetting his fingers. She moaned loudly as her orgasm ripped through her body, her back arching which thrusted her pussy against his John's finger tips. Her hands clutched around his neck, squeezing tight, making sure he didn't stop.

John whispered in her ear and bit her lobe gently as he run his middle finger along her pussy lips through her panties. Sam's breathing was ragged, her breasts heaving, her pussy quivering. She kissed him, hard, letting him know she was on fire, and he was the fuel. John brought his hand from under her skirt and held it up, seeing his fingers glisten with her juices. He offered Sam his fingers and she greedily sucked them clean tasting her own moisture.

"You're amazing," whispers John.

"Thank you. You're not too bad yourself," Sam giggled breathlessly.

"We should be making a move before someone notices us honey," Sam whispers with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

"If we must." John shuffled about pulling his clothes back into place and buttoning up his trousers. Sam straightened her skirt and started the car, checking her lipstick in the mirror, she catches John's eye and smiles wickedly.

John had booked a holiday home for 2 weeks on picturesque Fanny Bay. The house that John book through the internet was, "totally self contained, with all modern requirements catered for". It was a two hour drive down the highway and John knew that this was going to be the best holiday of his life.

Sam had agreed to John's plan readily. She would tell her family that she was going on a teaching course out of town for two weeks. This was plausible as Sam was in fact a teacher and her family would be well looked after. She didn't have to worry, she promised to phone home every evening and see how everyone was doing without her. She didn't like lying to her family, but she knew this was something that had been fated to happen. As she drove down the highway she could feel her pussy leaking onto her car seat.

They chatted about all sorts as they drove, Sam pointing out landmarks for John and John asking questions. John was thirsty not only for Sam, but for knowledge of his surroundings. He loved every minute of his holiday so far and he knew deep down that it was only going to get better. He kept gazing quite openly at Sam, smiling as she would shift under his gaze.

"What?" she would ask, the corners of her mouth turning up slightly.

"Nothing sweetie, I just like looking at you. You're gorgeous! I still can't believe that I'm here with you. It's all a bit mind blowing," his voice wistful and far away sounding.

"Well sweetie, I hope you are having fun so far. I know I am." With that Sam reached over and put her small hand in his giant paw.

"I love every second with you my love." John replied.

Sam smiled and returned her attention to the road. She checked the dash board clock and realised they were only about 15 minutes away from their destination. She let John know that they were approaching Fanny Bay and asked for the directions to the rented house. John fished his

wallet from his back pocket and handed a piece of paper to Sam. On it was written in a neat flowing script, directions from the highway to the house. Sam of course had seen John's handwriting before, but it brought back memories of the letters he sent her, full of filth and love. She loved such combinations.

After one wrong turn and a lot of laughter they pulled up outside a single story house, only a short walk from the beach.

"This place is beautiful," John said as he stepped out of the car, stretching his long legs.

He looked at Sam and they smiled at each other as they surveyed their surroundings. The sun was easing out of the sky but the heat was still intense, even the breeze coming from the ocean was warm. Sam opened the boot of the car and as John pulled his bag out Sam reached onto the back seat to grab her own. Sam locked the car and hand in hand they walked to the front of the house.

John had been told by the agent that the key would be left for him in a safety box; much like a mini safe with a digital readout. John had been e-mailed the four digit code enabling him to retrieve the key. Within minutes the two of them were standing in the living room, their bags lying in the entrance hall. They both explored the house for awhile, shouting through to one or the other when something new had been found. They laughed and joked and ended up in a heap on the sofa after John had chased Sam round the house.

They laid on the sofa, side by side, their hands roaming each other's bodies, their tongues searching each other's mouths. The sounds of their moans and groans growing louder with each passing minute. John sat up pulling Sam with him and started to unbutton her blouse revealing her ample tits. He was right, she wasn't wearing a bra, and he could feel his cock straining to be freed. But he had more pressing matters to attend to. He needed to lock his lips over one of Sam's nipples. She gasped aloud as she felt John's teeth nibble the sensitive flesh, she could feel his tongue flicking over her hard little bud. She threw her blouse off and dropped it to the floor, reaching down to John's waist she gripped the bottom of his T-shirt and pulled it up and off over his head dropping it on top of her blouse.

John's hands explored Sam's upper body, her nipple caught between his lips and fingers alternately. Sam was in heaven, her body had been craving his touch for such a long time now and it was electric. She could feel his teeth on her right nipple and her left nipple being caught between his finger and thumb, rolling it, squeezing it. John's mouth was now kissing circles all around her tits. Her pussy was aching to be touched, her juices had been running all day and her panties were sopping wet. She could hardly contain herself when John stood up and undressed himself the rest of the way. Sliding down his trousers and boxers down to the ankles and kicking them off. John's hard cock was jutting out and pointing directly as Sam's face.

He was tempted to feed his cock into her mouth but he wanted to taste her so bad. He sat back down and putting a big hand on her chest pushed her till she was lying down on the sofa. John's hands rested on her knees and he parted her luscious legs, sliding his hands up her thighs pushing her skirt around her waist in the process. He brought his head down and started kissing her damp thighs, inhaling her pussy scent. He looked at her gusset and smiled to himself at the huge wet patch which had formed. His mouth descended on her panty covered pussy and Sam's back arched as his tongue snaked out and pushed on her swollen clit. Her hands grabbed his hair, pushing his face into her pussy, grinding her crotch on his mouth.

John's hands each grabbed a tit and started thumbing Sam's hard nipples as his mouth sucked on her honey pot through the material of her underwear. She tasted divine as he knew she would. Sam had in the past 6 months had sent John several pairs of worn panties. Some pairs she had worn for a couple of days, others she had worn a day but had cum in them. She even sent him a few pairs which she had pissed in and one pair full of cum and her juices from a fuck session. John loved to receive such items in the mail and the fact he now had his mouth on a pair of her dripping, cum soaked panties was making his cock throb.

Sam's orgasm when it hit was a lot bigger than in the car, her hands held John's head in place as her hips thrust and danced with orgasmic joy. Her juices were pulsing from her wet hole and John could feel them running down his chin and throat. Her screams were sending him wild and before she had calmed down even a little, he had his thumbs in her pussy lips. Shaven and plump, he could see her sex sauce glistening on her smooth flesh, her clit hard and erect poking from under her clitoral hood.

Sam smiled as big as John did as he brought her dripping panties to his face and inhaled the scent. His thumb had found her clit and was rubbing little figure eights across her nub. Her mind was on overload as John reached forward and held her panties under her nose. She inhaled deeply, loving her own scent and gasping out loud as John's thumb pushed inside her cunt.

"I want to see you lick your own stained panties baby, while I bring you off," John told her in a deep, husky voice.

She grabbed her panties off him and starting to lick her juices off them. His thumb was ramming in and out of her sopping cunt, her clit caught between two of his fingers as she felt another orgasm sweep towards her.

"Oh fuck sweets, I'm cumming again," Sam managed to squeal as John brought her off for the second time in as many minutes. Her breathing was ragged, her chest was heaving. John just smiled, winked and lowered his head to her shaven quim. Using his thumbs he spread her lips and flicked his tongue over her clit, sending a shock wave of pleasure through Sam's body.

"Please don't tease me baby, I need you so bad," Sam managed to whimper as she felt his tongue push deep inside her, sucking her juices up. His thumb was now on her clit while he literally ate her out. It was at this point that John first noticed Sam's butt plug.

"I thought it would be a nice surprise for you sweets," she managed to purr as John tugged the plug. With two fingers buried deep in her sopping cunt and his mouth locked onto her clit he managed to tug her butt plug as Sam screamed through another orgasm that almost made her faint. Her nails dug into his scalp as the Earth not only moved but exploded in pure, unadulterated bliss. Her juices flowed over John's fingers, her scent overpowering all his senses. He rode her quaking body until she relaxed, shivering slightly every time he run the very tip of his tongue over her extremely sensitive clit.

John crawled up Sam's body, kissing every inch of flesh as he went until their lips met. Sam sucked his tongue into her mouth savouring the taste of herself. John the offered his cum coated fingers and they shared her juices. Sam could feel John's hot, solid cock rubbing against her clit and the anticipation of feeling him slide inside her was almost too much to bear.

He reached down and gripped his cock, rubbing it between her pussy lips without penetrating.

"Beg me," smiled John with a glint of fire in his eyes.

"Beg me to ram my cock deep inside your dripping cunt," he snarled.

"Fuck me John; fuck me hard and deep...please!" Sam's final word came out as a wail of pleading.

John kissed her hard and slid his cock home. In one long smooth stroke he had penetrated her tight wet pussy. He could feel his smooth balls resting on her butt as he lifted Sam's legs over his shoulders, burying his cock deeper and then pulling out so he could slam his meat back in again, hard.

Sam almost screamed as he rammed into her for the second time. She was gripping his shoulders tight with her legs, pushing her cunt up to meet his cock. She could feel his balls slapping against her ass with every hard stroke. He fucked her relentlessly, gazing into her eyes the whole time. His cock slid in and out of her tight hole over and over again. She knew he was close to shooting his load deep inside her. She also felt the first waves of another mind blowing orgasm mount up within her.

John was straining not to cum; he wanted to feel this goddess beneath his writhe in orgasmic pleasure first before he unloaded. He knew she was close, closer than he. He bent his head down and took her nipple in his mouth, biting down hard. Knowing this would push her over the edge he kept it up. John started biting, sucking and nibbling on her hard nipple. Feeling her tighten around his cock, her juices started to cause his balls to make a wet slapping noise every time his cock plunged in deep. Her mouth formed a soundless scream at first, her voice rising quickly, gaining strength and power as another orgasm swept through her.

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