tagIncest/TabooGoing Out With Daddy Ch. 05

Going Out With Daddy Ch. 05


Author's Note: My apologies for the delay! There were some formatting problems, now solved, I hope. On with the story!

Marie1990: and then he came all over my back

Valygrl18: no fukn way

Marie1990: and i came at the same time

Valygrl18: so hot grl

Marie1990: i wore his cum on my back all day

Marie1990: even when mom came home

Valygrl18: soooo nasty

Marie1990: i no rite?

Marie1990: never knew i was so twisted

Valygrl18: god i wanna touch myself reading this

Marie1990: nothing stopping u grl

Valygrl18: seriously? u wont mind?

Marie1990: who am i to tell u what 2 do?

Marie1990: i always thought u were the nasty grl

Marie1990: now see what i can do

Valygrl18: mm nice

Marie1990: u are nasty

Valygrl18: thts me ll the tme

Marie1990: what do u want 2 hear

Valygrl18: tll me wht it felt like

Marie1990: hot hard and long

Marie1990: burning against my little butt

Valygrl18: yum

Marie1990: it took forever to get to the end

Marie1990: not that i wanted it 2

Marie1990: and his thumb inside me

Marie1990: my fathers thumb!

Valygrl18: ooo

Marie1990: everything so slippery

Marie1990: n hot

Marie1990: n wet

Valygrl18: ooooooo

Marie1990: i could feel him pulsing

Marie1990: like he had his heart on my butt

Valygrl18: O

Marie1990: really?

Marie1990: val?


Valygrl18: sorry

Valygrl18: that got me 2 hot

Marie1990: good one?

Valygrl18: totally

Valygrl18: what now?

Marie1990: moms going out tonight

Marie1990: 2 see my half-bro round ur way

Valygrl18: no shit

Valygrl18: just u and ur dad?

Marie1990: yup

Marie1990: just lil ol me and my dad

Valygrl18: what are u gonna do?

Marie1990: whatevers fun

Valygrl18: wow

Valygrl18: u get serious props from me grl

Valygrl18: good luk

Marie1990: ill keep you posted


This wasn't like teasing high school guys. They were always falling over themselves, suddenly clumsy if she acted innocently sexy. They had no subtlety, no experience. Even the guys who acted all cocky and confident fell apart when she or one of her friends bent over to pick up something off of the floor, or to tie a shoelace.

And she would walk away with her girls, heads together, giggling and whispering about this guy or that. It was all a huge roiling of hormones. And that was fun, too. But this was so much more... complicated.

Her father had surprised her over and over again when her mother had been out at the store. It had started out just like any other tease, although maybe she had taken it a step too far by touching him while her mother was just there on the deck. But he had moved away from her handjob. He had taken control. He had teased her, and then... oh God, then! How intense it had all been.

Her mom had left to go to Don's house twenty minutes before. She would be gone at least until late. She had been known to stay over there from time to time. Marie was trembling as she looked at the outfit she had laid out for herself.

She took a deep breath and started to get dressed. She was nervous, but she was excited as well.

Tim looked around the kitchen. Nothing seemed to make sense any more. Ever since Carol had told him she was heading over to Don's house with the stuff he had asked her to buy, and that she would stay over there for dinner, he had been in a state of nervous excitement.

What was going to happen? What should happen? What should he allow to happen? This was his daughter for Christ's sake, his own flesh and blood, and he couldn't stop thinking about her. God, the things he had done with her... to her... Any normal father would be dying of guilt, horribly ashamed.

But not him. He was inflamed. He needed her. He longed for her. He was... so hard...

He threw up his hands in disgust. Clearly, he wasn't going to get anything cooked for dinner tonight. He could barely focus on anything. They would have to go out again tonight. And as he thought it, his heartbeat picked up, and he felt that delicious tingle running through his body.


He glanced over at her, sitting in the passenger seat. God, here they were again. Going on a date. There wasn't any other word that better described what they were doing.

She was so incredibly sexy. The outfit she had chosen tonight was the worst yet. Frankly, it looked like pure lingerie. Purple satin chemise with black lace trimming, it extended maybe three or four inches below her groin. She had black heels on with straps going up around her calves. Her hair was loose, her lips moist and pink.

"My God," he had blurted when he saw her. "What is that you're wearing?"

"Don't be backwards, Daddy," she had replied, smiling wickedly. "Everybody's wearing lingerie as outerwear now."

"Not your mother," he spluttered. She had pursed her lips and frowned.

"Mom? No, maybe not. But she bought this for me." She took a couple of steps towards him, deliberately crossing her legs in front of each other in a catlike prowl. "In fact, do you know what she said to me?"

"Uh, no," he said, his eyes wide. Good lord, you could see her bra right through that lace. There hadn't been that much cleavage there the night before.

"She said, and I quote: 'if you wear that dress, you will be giving a pretty clear signal to the guy you're with.'" Tim goggled at her.

"So I like laughed, right? And I said, 'well, I better not wear it with Daddy, then.'" Her legs seemed so long, so perfectly proportioned. It must have been the heels, he thought. She had come even closer to him now, within hand's reach.

"And do you know what she said?" He shook his head, dumbly. "She winked at me, Daddy, and smiled, saying 'Not unless you're willing to live up to your unstated promise.' So you see, it's okay for me to wear it, right?"

She had laughed, a musical trill, and taking him by the tie, pulled him towards her. He held her tentatively at first, and then his curiosity had won him over. He felt her back, from the bare skin at her shoulders, down across the lacy border of the 'dress,' across the thin bra strap, and then down the curve of her spine.

"What'cha doin', Daddy?"

"I just want to see if you're being naughty again, like last night."

"Oh dear, do you think I'm a naughty girl?"

"Let's see," he whispered, and his hand came down to rest on her ass. There, under the thin satin, he felt the string of a pair of panties. "Hmmm. Not so naughty as I thought." She had grinned at him.

"Oh, Daddy," she giggled. "There are so many ways to be naughty!"

Now he wondered what she had meant by that. She was sitting there, her legs primly together, even though the lacy hem of the dress was barely draped into her lap. She smiled at him kittenishly.

"What are you thinking, Daddy?"

"Hm? Oh, nothing, Marie. Just how lucky I am, I guess." She blushed a little. Every time she felt like she had a handle on the situation, he came out with something that surprised her. Suddenly, she felt tender towards him. Sure, she had been teasing him mercilessly, but he was such a cutie.

He was looking out at the road again. Such a handsome profile. Strong, male. She reached up and touched his cheek. She couldn't stop herself; she needed to feel him. He glanced at her briefly, and smiled. Oh, that Daddy smile. She couldn't get enough.

The restaurant was another romantic getaway place, with tiny booths, semi-secluded, dim lighting. Marie eased herself into behind the little table, which the waiter had moved out for her. Her father settled in next to her, and she possessively laid a hand on his thigh.

"Would the young couple care for some wine?"

Tim and Marie looked at each other and she smiled warmly at him. How nice, to be mistaken for a young couple in love. The table cloth was long, hiding everything under the table from view.

She was so lovely in the half light. The shadows created by the lace played along the valley between her breasts, shifting with each breath she took. He traced along her cheekbone with a finger, caressing her hair. Her long neck was half in shade, her collarbone picked out against the light.

"So, sweetie," he murmured. "I can't believe I'm out with such a lovely girl. Where did you come from?"

"I've been around for some time, Daddy," she smiled.

"Really? I don't think I recognize you."

"Maybe that's because you haven't been looking."

"Are you really just wearing this chemise and your underwear?" She laughed.

"It's more than I was wearing at the pool this morning."

"Barely," he smiled, his hand on her shoulder now.

"Well, it feels like too much right now," she giggled. She shifted on the seat, lifting her hips, and now the dress was around her hips. "I wish I could just take this thing off, right here. Do you think people would get upset?" Her hand toyed with the hem of the dress, lifting it slightly. He could see her g-string, where it curved over her hip.

"I don't know, Marie. You're practically naked as it is. Do you think people would even notice?"

"You bad man, you," she gasped, laughing. She pulled the back edge of the dress higher so that the entire lower half of her body was uncovered. She felt so free, so bold. So uninhibited!

"Here comes the waiter again," her father whispered. "Better cover up, at least a little, so you don't give him a heart attack."

"I don't care about him, Daddy. It's only you I want to get going," she pouted. Nonetheless, she let the front of the dress fall down over her lap again. In the back, however, it was caught between her body and the wall of the booth, preventing it from going all the way down.

She couldn't really pay attention as her father ordered some wine and an appetizer, because the soft velvet of the plush booth was tickling her along her inner thighs and buttocks. It was incredibly sensual and decadent, especially feeling this right in front of the young male waiter. She smiled up at him, wondering what he would do if he had been able to see what was going on just in front of him.

As soon as the waiter left, Tim turned back to his daughter. She was actually wriggling on the banquette next to him.

"Something feel nice, sweetie?"

"Mm-hm," she murmured. She needed more stimulation, so she lifted a leg and put it over her father's. By leaning forward now, with her legs spread like this, she could bring her little mound into contact with the bench.

Tim looked around. The light was low enough, and the tables far enough apart that he suspected no one would be able to guess what was going on over here. All he had to do was keep an eye out for the restaurant staff, and he could let his sexy little minx of a daughter do just about what she pleased.

Marie was quietly mewling, concentrating on the sensations being created by the friction between the bench and her pussy. God, she was being such a little slut! Her father had his hand on her lower back. It felt nice, warm and strong. Supportive. How weird was that?

He stilled her with a little warning hiss, as the sommelier came back with their wine. She sat up a bit straighter, trying to keep the excitement from overcoming her senses. She moved her leg back onto the bench. Her father's hand never left the bare skin of her back, under her dress. With little circles, he caressed her, his fingers light and his touch loving.

She watched through lust-filled eyes as he went through the ludicrous ritual of tasting the wine. God, couldn't he hurry up so that she could get back to her... her whatever?! Now he was taking the cork from the man. His hand was rubbing over the top of her ass. He insinuated his fingers under the t-strap of her g-string, slipping down into the top part of the cleft of her ass.

She was acutely aware of his manipulations. God, how sexy! He was touching her, here, in a restaurant. He smelled the cork and gave it back to the waiter. His hand pushed lower, dragging her g-string along with it. She wondered if the waiter could smell her from where he stood. Her breathing was shallow, and she stared blindly at him.

The waiter had poured a swallow into her father's glass. With his free hand, he lifted the glass and looked at the color of the wine. His hand was now cupping the globe of her ass cheek, his fingers curving underneath, searching, insinuating themselves deeper and deeper. She leaned forward a little to help him, her ass coming off the bench.

He swirled the glass, looking at how the wine moved inside, before lifting it to his nose. Her tiny g-string was caught around the widest part of her butt, over her hips, and his fingers were so far under her. She could feel his finger reach her ass hole, right there in public! She squirmed on top of his digit, the tiny hole resistant to any penetration. He attempted none, simply circling around, testing her, teasing her.

He took a little sip of the wine, and at that moment, the g-string slipped over her hips, coming to rest at the top of her thighs. The extra room created allowed his finger to slip even further under her, coming to rest against the hot wetness of her sex. She moaned. Both her father and the waiter looked at her.

"Mmmm," she said, desperately trying to appear normal. "That wine looks so yummy. How is it?"

"Well, Marie, let me think." He looked off into the distance. His finger gently probed between the lips of her sopping pussy. "It's sultry, a dark and inviting taste. It's bold and forward at first, but there is mystery in its depths, a kind of insinuation of passion."

The angle was all wrong, she thought. He couldn't get in. She looked over at him. Had he just asked her a question?

"Uh... What did y—you say?"

"I asked if you wanted some."

"Oh. Uh, right. Yeah. Um, yes, please," she managed to say. God, his finger felt so good! The waiter was looking at her kind of funny. She tried to smile calmly at him, to reassure him that everything was fine. Fine? Damn, it was better than fine.

Tim waved the man away, and poured the deep red wine into his daughter's glass. She looked at him through half-lidded eyes. This was no good. Things were progressing too quickly here. He moved his hand out from under her, and she whined in disappointment. He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

"Hush, Marie. There's plenty of time." She nodded, looking at him with desperation in her eyes. She loved how he could be both that cute puppy dog and this confident man in charge. She loved that he was agile enough to switch from one to the other at a moment's notice.

She left her g-string caught around her upper thighs, her dress around her waist but draped over her lap. Let him think about what was hidden just behind that lace. Her pussy tingled, and her butt felt warm where he had been caressing it. And what was up with her ass hole? Before today she had never even considered it as a place capable of generating sexual pleasure. Now, it was just as tingly as her sex. She slowed her breathing and took a deep sip of the wine.

"Mmmm," she murmured. "Just like you said." He laughed. She was quite the vixen. Just as adventurous as her mother. Maybe more. He was throbbing in his pants, hard as nails at the sight of her disheveled dress. God, he had to push this envelope. He wanted to see her really slutted out, here in public.

"So, Daddy," she said in a low sexy voice. "Do you like me as a naughty girl? A girl who can't stop herself from doing crazy things?" Her hand toyed with the straps of her chemise, unconsciously pushing them to the side. Her bra straps, black lace, stayed on her shoulders. She looked him straight in the eye while she was doing this. One of the chemise straps slipped over the curve of her shoulder, catching halfway down her upper arm.

He watched her with a mysterious smile on his face. What was he thinking? He seemed like he was capable of anything.

"You can't stop yourself, huh?"

"No, Daddy. I've got no self-control." She giggled, her finger tracing the side of her bra down into middle of her chest, pushing the top of the chemise down with it. "I get an idea, right? And I like can't help but act on it."

He loved watching her doing this. She was so sexy, there in the little booth. Hardly anybody could see them; it was safe, as long as the waitstaff didn't figure it out.

"Mmmm," she purred. "It feels so naughty, so wrong to be doing this." Her finger caressed the inner slope of her left breast, causing little goosebumps to rise. "I don't think you should be with me when I'm in a mood like this."

That finger traced back towards the left now, ascending the hill of her breast, climbing over the exposed lace of her bra. The chemise wouldn't move lower though, and her finger slid behind it. He had to guess what she was doing, but it seemed pretty clear when her breath caught in a little gasp.

"Ooohhh," she breathed. "Daddy, it feels so good, though. How can I stop myself when it feels so... fucking... good?" Her upper chest was flushed, he could tell, even in the dim light. Her breathing was shallow and fast, her eyes glazed.

"But maybe it's better this way, Daddy," she smiled. "After all, if I was like this with some guy instead of with you, maybe he'd like try to take advantage of me."

"Hmmm. I would never do anything like that, sweetie," Tim said, smiling. She was so beautiful. She caught her chemise strap and pulled it back into place just as the waiter returned with a basket of bread.

Marie was flying. She felt like she had been smoking pot or something. Her mind was buzzed, her body vibrant. Just by pressing her thighs together, she could give herself little sexual jolts that flew through her like lightning. As the waiter left, her father's hand was suddenly on her back again.

She looked at him and smiled, taking a piece of bread from the basket. She tore it in half as she felt his hand slip up underneath her chemise. It caressed her back possessively. As it crept higher, it pulled her dress up with it so that just the very edge lay in her lap, protecting what little modesty she had left. She simply smiled at her father, giving him permission to do what he pleased.

"So what idea is it that has crept into your pretty little head, Marie?"

"Oh, silly," she giggled. "I told you already."

"Mm. Remind me?" His hand had reached her bra and toyed with it, his thick fingers rubbing underneath it, right at the catch.

"Don't wanna," she teased. Her voice had somehow become this little girl voice, all sing-songy. She hadn't spoken like that to her father in years.

"But you have to, sweetie." His voice was husky, male, so strong. She loved the sound of it. Had loved it, all of her life. It was the voice of home, protection, safety. "You have to, if you want to be naughty." She took a bite of the bread and chewed it slowly, looking at him steadily. She swallowed.

"Do I hafta?" That little girl voice again. He nodded sternly. "I just wanna be naked, Daddy," she trilled happily. "Is that naughty enough?" God, that voice made him wild. His cock throbbed mightily in his pants. The tease was divine.

"You really want to be a bad girl, don't you?" She nodded solemnly, her eyes twinkling. She loved how this was going. It was like a fantasy come to life, one she had never admitted to herself, but one which must have been present for years, considering how strongly she was reacting to it.

With a little twist, her bra came undone at the back, each side pulling to its side rapidly. She gasped, the feelings of freedom and perversion wrestling in her teenaged mind. How could she be this girl? It was like a door had been opened inside of her, and through that door lived a wild and wicked girl, one who would do anything to satisfy the itch between her legs. A slut. God! She was a slut!

"You need to take off that bra now, Marie," he instructed. She looked at him, her eyes smoky and intense. With deft and concise movements, she slipped the strap down her right arm without taking off the chemise strap. She shrugged her shoulders and the cups came off of her breasts under the dress. She pulled the black strap out from under the chemise on her left shoulder and raised her eyebrows at her father.

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