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Golden Globe Aftermath - Losers


Disclaimer: This story is completely fictitious and fantasy-based; these events did not happen, aren't likely to happen, and the celebrities depicted do not act like this in real life. Also, minors should not read further.


Yet another year, yet another award season. With the Golden Globes just announced, and the winners gaining a renewed rush for the ultimate prize, the Academy Award, the cameras were now off and the media coverage down. Yet, for all those present, the night was just beginning: almost as coveted as the actual ceremony were the innumerous after-parties that followed right after.

For the losers, it was a way to drown their disappointment. And maybe make the night worth something.

"Thank you." The redhead said as she took a glass of champagne from the waiter.

"Not enjoying the night so far?"

Turning around, she was met by yet another redhead who also took a drink when the waiter passed by her. Looking at her green eyes, she couldn't help a small frown. "Please, as if you weren't feeling the same. I mean, you even had better odds than me, Emma."

"Truthfully, it wasn't that bad." Emma Stone said, sipping on her drink. "You have already won once a couple years back, Jessica. Don't be so greedy."

"Well, when you win once you kinda get addicted..." Jessica Chastain trailed off, drinking her own champagne as well.

Both red-haired ladies had competed in the Golden Globes, in the same category even; yet, they both lost. And to make matters worse, it wasn't to someone like Meryl Streep, which could grant them some excuse, like, 'Well, Meryl was also nominated after all, it wasn't really a contest...'; no, their loss was to freaking Patricia Arquette.

"Think it was because of family connections?" Asked Jessica. "Or was it just the 'Boyhood' hype that did us in?"

"C'mon, can't you just admit she was better than you?" Emma almost whined, which was funny in her slightly husky voice.

"If it was you or Meryl Streep, sure. But Arquette?" She made a dismissive huff. Emma decided not to press further and instead just walked to a table, Jessica following her.

Once seated the two continued to talk, commenting about the awards and the people at the ceremony, laughing and all-around being friends with each other. A nice way to get over their disappointment.

"So, where are them?" Emma asked.


"The winners, of course! I wanted to congratulate Julianne."

"Oh, they are probably at the victors' party." Jessica said, nonchalantly.

"Victors' party?" Emma asked, confused.

Jessica couldn't help but chuckle at her friend's cute confused stared. "Sorry, I forgot. There's this... secondary party for the winners. They are probably there already."

"Oh, I didn't know that." Emma said, perking up a bit.

"Of course you don't. It's very secretive." Jessica said in an exaggerated whisper, winking at her before they laughed together. "It's really fun. Don't worry, the way you are going you will get in soon."

"I don't know if you can be that sure..." Emma began, but Jessica quickly shut her up with a frown.

"Don't undervalue yourself, Emily. I mean, look at what you have accomplished so far: you are twice Golden Globe nominated, soon-to-be Oscar nominated in a couple days, shone in a comic book movie, was a Woody Allen lead... Seriously, there's no need to humble yourself like that!"

Emma blushed a bit, looking coy for a moment. "Thanks."

Jessica looked in surprise at her reaction for a moment, before her lips began to curve upwards in a smile before it turned more... malicious? Emma couldn't quite place it, but it made her feel a shiver run up her body.

And, strangely enough, she liked it.

"So, what do you think of making our own party?" Jessica said, still with her smirk on her face.

"Like, a losers' party?" Emma asked. She pursed her lips in thought. "Who knows, it could be fun."

"It surely will." Jessica downed her drink before getting up, turning to Emma. "I'm going to the bathroom. Come with me?" She asked, reaching out her hand for Emma's.

The younger redhead bit her lower lip slightly, considering the offer. She knew there was something more to just 'going to the bathroom', she could feel the atmosphere around the two and that something was amiss... Finally, she delicately placed her hand on Jessica's and got up with her.

The two walked hand in hand to the bathroom, walking through the crowd without paying attention. Once at the door, they entered together; Jessica, ahead of Emma, quickly saw the bathroom was seemingly empty as soon as she got inside.

"Perfect!" She thought.

"So, Jess-"

Emma didn't get to finish; as soon as the door closed behind her, Jessica quickly turned around and moved into her. For the faintest of moments, their eyes met; green clashed with green for what felt like forever, though in truth was likely less than a second...

Then Jessica's mouth was pressed firmly against Emma's, their eyes closing as their lips moved together.

"Hhmmm..." Emma moaned, the surprise keeping her from reacting properly as Jessica did most of the work kissing her. She felt her lips being pried open by the older woman's tongue, which then proceeded to explore her mouth excitedly.

Soon they broke their kiss, Emma still wide-eyed and immobile as Jessica teasingly nibbled her lip. "What..."

"Shh..." Jessica shushed her, bringing the younger girl with her deeper in the bathroom. She pushed the slightly taller actress against the sink, pressing her own body against hers and looking again with her smirk...

"What are you doing?" Emma finally understood what she saw in that smirk. It wasn't malicious, it was flat-out sultry.

"I told you, we are having our own party." Jessica said, imitating Emma's naturally husky tone. "Now, where were we?"

Before Emma could retort, Jessica shut her up by promptly kissing her again. This time, Emma was more alert and began quickly kissing her back; their mouths opened, their tongues mingling and wrestling against each other as it turned more and more passionate.

"God, I've wanted you all night..." Jessica said as they continued to kiss passionately, their open mouths attacking each other hungrily as their hands began exploring each others body.

"I admit... I always felt hot seeing you in 'Lawless' and 'Jolene'..." Emma said, trailing her lips down Jessica's mouth and against her flawless neck.


"Oh, someone is excited!" Emma said laughingly, as she nibbled on her jawline. Jessica moaned at that, but brought a hand to stop her. "What?"


Though they stopped what they were doing, the sound of moaning was still heard around the bathroom. Moaning, labored breathing... Yep, there was something else going on there.

Jessica chuckled, moving away towards the stalls. Emma followed her, slightly flushed, and widened her eyes as Jessica opened one of doors.

"Ohmygod!" One of the occupants exclaimed, before moaning loudly and losing any and all credibility to claim a misunderstanding.

Sitting in the toiled was none other than fellow actress and Golden Globe nominee, Keira Knightley. And, sitting on her lap and moaning like crazy, was another actress and Golden Globe nominee, Rosamund Pike.

From the position they were in, despite Rosamund having her back to them, it was obvious Keira had her face in her breasts. Moreover, the taller blonde was gyrating her hips over Keira's lap.

"Guess we weren't the only ones partying here." Jessica said with a smile.

As Rosamund's moans dimmed and she began stopping her movements, she eventually turned around to look at the arrivals. Her face was disheveled, and the straps holding her dress were undone, letting her entire upper body naked—some lipstick stains showing Keira really had been playing around with her breasts.

"Oh, busted." Jessica said, a smile on her face that was mirrored by Rosamund Pike.

"No need to stop because of us." Emma said, surprisingly enough; standing behind Jessica, she moved her arms around her body and grabbed the older woman's breasts. Jessica squealed in surprise, before Emma's hands went inside her 'dress'—with how low the cleavage went, she only needed to push the straps away to reveal the globes.

"Nice." Rosamund said, standing shakily from Keira's lap. She moved closer and, with a brief look at Jessica for confirmation, leaned down to lick around of the redhead's nipples.

"I wonder who's got the bigger ones, Jessica or Rosamund?" Keira asked, looking at the scene.

"Why don't you judge?" Rosamund challenged, continuing to tease and flick the pebble-like nipple with her tongue and enjoying Jessica's light moans. Meanwhile, Emma had leaned down to resume kissing and nibbling her fellow redhead's neck, pleasure threatening to overwhelm Jessica as her lover also kept mauling her tits with her hands.

"Don't mind if I do."

Following Rosamund's example, Keira moved in front of the redhead and leaned down. Unlike the blonde, though, the brunette skipped the teasing and went straight to taking the breast in her mouth.

"Oooohhh...!" Jessica moaned, her head falling backwards as all three women pleasured her. Doing so inadvertently gave more room for Emma's mouth to wander, and she immediately took the chance as her lips closed in her pulse and sucked, possibly leaving a mark later. "Hhmm... You are really getting into it, Emily."

Emma didn't answer with words; rather, she used her hands to cup her friend/lover's breasts, squeezing under them and presenting them for Rosamund's and Keira's mouths. Both british women worked away at them, their differing styles evident: while Keira was happy with locking it between her lips and suckling like a baby, Rosamund seemed more playful as she used her tongue and teeth to tease while occasionally giving small sucks.

"So, what's the verdict?" Emma asked, further raising the breast that Keira Knightley nursed.

"They are both very nice, but I think Rosamund's are bigger." The brunette said, taking her mouth off the tit for a moment.

"Really? Let me see."

Taking her hands and mouth off Jessica—which earned a disappointed moan from her—Emma went over to Rosamund Pike. The blonde didn't relinquish the boob in her mouth, but moved her body a bit so her own became available. The younger redhead reached it with her hand, tweaking the hard and lipstick-tainted nipple with her fingers before leaning down and getting a mouthful of her boob.

Rosamund stopped her own tit-sucking to make a wince-like sound, a mix of pain and pleasure as Emma pulled at her nipple with her teeth. She turned her body towards Emma, placing her hands behind her head and using it to caress her beautifully short red-hair, moaning as she refused to let Emma's face leave her chest.

"I'm almost glad I didn't win that award." Rosamund said with a sigh as she pulled Emma's face up and planted a hard kiss on her lips.

Once they broke, Emma took her place in front of Jessica's neglected boob and proceeded to give it a thorough treatment as well.

It was a while as the quartet kept going in their tit-sucking debauchery, before finally stopping. As Emma and Jessica passionately kissed again, the younger redhead gave her 'verdict' in favor of Rosamund as well.

"This just isn't my night. Another loss." Jessica joked as she began to undress in front of the other three. Understanding their 'party' was about to get even wilder, they also began to do so.

"You can't win always." Rosamund teased, the first after Jessica to fully undress; Emma had to take down her pants, while Keira, in the least revealing dress of them, was having a little more difficulty.

"Then care for another challenger?"

Once again busted, the quartet stopped in their tracks and turned to the bathroom door. They instantly recognized the woman: fellow actress and Golden Globe nominee, Jennifer Aniston.

And, to make things even better, a semi-naked Jennifer Aniston; the straps hold the upper part of her dress were undone, revealing her full breasts for the other women to see.

As the four of them seemed too shocked to speak, Jennifer chuckled and moved closer. "So, up for the challenge?"

"No fair, that isn't even a contest." Said Rosamund with a pout.

That was true, as anyone could simply see her rack was bigger than that of the others. Still, no one in their right mind would pass up the chance of putting their mouths on them; at least, that's what Emma and Keira agreed on as they crossed gazes, moving together in sync towards the smaller woman and letting their hands cup her sizable C-cups.

"God, that's hot." Rosamund said, looking on as the women suckled on Jennifer's breasts like they had done hers and Jessica's beforehand. The older woman was moaning like a bitch in heat, her hands on each of her worshippers' heads as she urged them on.

"Trust me, things will get even hotter."

Rosamund Pike shivered as she heard Jessica Chastain whisper those words to her, followed by her hands moving down her body. Before she could even ask anything, she felt the hands grasp her ass cheeks and something else, something wet, begin to move against it.

"Ohgod!" Rosamund moaned, as Jessica began to nibble and kiss her ass—literally.

"You beat me, so let me give you your prize..."

The taller blonde's moans soon grabbed the attention of the other trio, who stopped their play to watch. The sight of Rosamund with her face scrunched up, a hand grasping the stall door to keep herself steady, while Jessica stood on her knees behind her biting and worshipping every inch of her ass, was unbelievable.

Grinning, the trio sat down against the wall to watch the show—Jennifer taking off the rest of her dress as she did so.

Using her hands to fondle Rosamund's nice rump, Jessica finally used them to pull the cheeks apart and reveal the hidden backhole. Without much hesitation she moved her face forward, pushing her tongue out and caressing the blonde's puckered hole.

"Aaaahhh...!" The Brit gave a cry of pleasure, pushing her ass back to try and get Jessica's tongue inside her. "Ooohh... Please, stop teasing."

"As you wish." Jessica moved back to say, before delving inside again and, this time, plunging her tongue inside Rosamund's asshole.

For everyone in the bathroom, what happened next was almost like a blur. Rosamund was moaning incessantly and grinding her ass back against Jessica's face as the redhead licked and fucked it with her tongue, her fingers squeezing and raking the taller woman's ass cheeks; on the floor, the trio watching the scene was becoming so excited with the show their hands found their pussies.

Soon Jennifer, Emma and Keira were masturbating, fingering themselves to the rhythm of Rosamund's moans. Which turned more and more frantic as Jessica moved one of her hands around and into Rosamund's pussy, immediately prying open the lips and plunging her middle finger inside, fingering her while continuing to eat her ass with more and more intensity...

"Ooooohhh... Fuuucckk!!"

As Rosamund' reached her peak and began shaking, Jessica stopped her movements and quickly pushed Rosamund's forward to make her bend a little, allowing her to latch her mouth on the blonde's pussy from behind in time to drink her orgasmic juices.

Meanwhile, on the floor, the three naked women were reaching their peak. Jennifer had foregone masturbating herself, and instead use her hands on her companions; Emma and Keira continued their self-fingering while accompanied each by one of Jennifer's hands, amd cpated it on their juices as they also came together.

"Fuck, that's amazing..." Keira said, taking her fingers off herself. "Never thought I would do something like this!"

"Can't say I disagree." Jennifer said, turning to the brunette and locking their lips together.

As Emma looked on, chuckling at the pair, she couldn't help feeling a bit left out. This was quickly subverted as she felt a pressure down on her lap; turning back forward, she smiled widely at seeing Jessica Chastain sitting on her lap.

"Well, how are you liking your party?"

"It's fun." Emma said, moving forward to lick Jessica's neck. "But I think it can get even better."

"Oh?" Emma pushed Jessica so she was lying on her back on the floor, before draping her own body over hers. After a quick make out session, Emma intertwined their legs and sat back up, her pussy rubbing against Jessica's, and began to move her hips.

"I can't believe it!" Jessica laughed, using her hands to prop her upper body up as she began to thrust her hips in tandem with Emma.

For the time being their whole world was now reduced to their hips and pussies as they ground them together, making sure to keep absolute contact between their sensitive areas and rub them together. The sound of their slapping skin entwined with their moans as they moved frantically against each other.

Rosamund Pike, sitting by the stall, looked on amazed. She didn't know where to keep her eyes: on the redhead couple tribbing lustfully or on the other couple, which was setting themselves on a familiar position...

She could see Jennifer Aniston and Keira Knightley lying down together on the floor, the older woman on top as they entwined on a 69 position. From Rosamund's view she was faced directly by Jennifer's ass as her pussy was placed above Keira's face.

In the end, as alluring as either sight was, she was more taken by the sight of the former 'Friends' star shaking her ass over Elizabeth Swann's face. As if hypnotized by the movement, Rosamund crawled forward on all fours until she reached the couple; placing her hands delicately on the full cheeks, she moved her face and began to imitate what Jessica Chastain had done earlier.

The group moaning echoed around the bathroom as the five naked women continued their impromptu orgy. Shortly later the redheads had changed their position slightly, Jessica Chastain now sitting up while Emma Stone bounced on her lap. The older woman had her mouth closed on the younger's tits, her ears filled with the husky moans as she thrust her hips upward and smacked her pussy right against Emma's.

The feeling was indescribable, and from the grunts and moans she was sure they looked like animals on heat—not that she minded.

"Oh fuck you bitches...!" Jennifer Aniston said, moaning and squealing a bit as she was unable to keep her assault on Keira Knightley's pussy.

On the other end of her body, she was being double-teamed by the British actresses. Keira and Rosamund Pike worked together on both her holes, double penetrating her with their tongues; she wasn't used to have someone rimming her, and having them do so while also getting her pussy done as well? She would occasionally attempt licking Keira's pussy, but most of the time she was far too overwhelmed to do anything.

A gasp resounded through the bathroom; though both groups were way to focused on themselves to pay attention on the other, the knowledge that someone was close to orgasm was enough to have them on a rush.

Tongues and hips moved faster, moans became louder, and soon enough cum flowed. Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Chastain cried out their orgasm in succession, the redheads' cum mingling together while the blonde's was lapped up by the British actresses attending to her.

As the quintet untangled themselves and sat back against the wall, they each had a smile on their faces as they around at each other. Not bothering to dress, their dresses still forgotten on the floor, they moved together and took turns kissing each other before initiating a sexy five-way kiss.

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