tagLoving WivesGolf Is For Sluts!

Golf Is For Sluts!

byEnglish Bob©

It think the original suggestion that we should get out more first came from my wife, Sophie. I immediately had pleasant visions of spring-time walks along the riverside or long drives into the country for relaxing picnics. But Sophie obviously had other ideas.

"Golf?" I exclaimed, "but we don't even know how to play."

"Well, we can learn, can't we? And besides, you look like you could use some exercise!"

Sophie patted my stomach indicating the few extra pounds that I had put on recently. It was true; I could use some exercise, but the thought of chasing a little white ball around a golf course all day did little to enthuse me. But when Sophie has the bit between her teeth, so to speak, there's not much that will dissuade her. She had already made up her mind, and golf it was definitely going to be!

That Monday morning we had both taken the day off work and so, a little petulantly on my part, 10am found us both at the local golf course waiting for some guy to come along and explain to us which end of a golf club hit the ball the furthest. Sophie had taken the liberty of booking a lesson for each of us and I thought that was at least reasonable. There was no way that I wanted to be let loose on the course before I knew a little about what I was supposed to be doing!

The morning was dull and a little cloudy as Sophie and I waited patiently for the professional's arrival. We both sat on a wooden bench beside the practice area and as I breathed the cool, fresh air into my lungs, I began to think that perhaps this wasn't such a bad idea after all; even if I couldn't hit the ball to save my life, at least I could just sit and admire the view. But Sophie was, as usual, more impatient. She fidgeted constantly and referred to her watch every two minutes. I watched her as her curly, flaxen hair - almost yellow - as it tossed and bounced around her shoulders, her head constantly moving as she looked out for our trainer.

Sophie and I had been married for about ten years. She was a little younger than myself I had always thought that I'd done very well to get her. She was - and still is - quite a brazen woman with a personality that usually means she gets what she wants. She possesses a fine, voluptuous figure with large, full breasts and long shapely legs. She enjoys sex - a lot - and on occasions I have found it difficult to keep up with her.

"Sorry I'm a little late."

Sophie was already up on her feet and shaking the hand of the just arrived golf professional. She introduced both of us and the professional introduced himself as Tony Mullen.

The first part of the lesson was easy if not a little boring. Sophie and I were shown how to grip the club properly and swing back and forth. It was hard not to notice how much attention Mullen was giving to my wife and how little was being given to me. I smiled. That sort of thing never bothers me. I've always enjoyed showing Sophie off and my philosophy is that if you don't like your wife receiving male attention, then don't marry a good looking woman!

Sophie really seemed to be getting into her game now. Mullen was encouraging her to take longer and more powerful swings at the ball and I was quite impressed to see the small, white sphere being hurled into the middle distance. Each time that she made a good contact and saw the ball fly off in the right general direction, Sophie would let out a squeal of delight. I tried to copy what she was doing as best I could but after at least ten shots simply dribbled pathetically along the ground, I knew that this was not going to be the game for me.

After an hour or so of this futile (for me anyway) exercise, our instruction time had mercifully come to an end. Mullen walked off in the direction of his office carrying the clubs that we had used and left Sophie and I behind to make our way back to the car.

"I know," Sophie exclaimed, "let's go get something to eat and a drink in the club house. I'm really thirsty!"

"The club house?" I exclaimed despondently, "it'll be full of snobby types all sipping gin and tonic!"

But Sophie didn't care. She wanted to eat and drink and with her new found passion for the game of golf, she wanted to go to the club house. I trailed after her muttering about the fact that the place probably didn't even stock a good pint of beer.

"Sorry, members only."

The officious little Hitler seemed to bristle as his watery eyes inspected our casual dress. His bushy handlebar moustache twitched disapprovingly.

"Come on, Sophie," I said, "seems we are not wanted here."

"No way, Steve!" my wife replied, "I've paid for my lesson and I want something to eat and drink!" She stared at the grey haired sentinel almost daring him to bar her entry into the club house.

"Sophie. Sorry, but the club is members only." Tony Mullen's voice carried through the bar area as he walked towards us; the inevitable gin and tonic in his right hand.

Sophie gave him her best come-on smile and batted her eyelashes petulantly.

"But you can get us in, can't you...Tony?" She rolled his name around on her tongue giving the word overt sexual connotations.

All of a sudden, Mullen seemed to fluster. This brazen approach had taken him by surprise and his usual sleek veneer fractured visibly.

"Er...we...I suppose.....um Graham?" he turned to the aged sentinel. "Can you let my..er..guests in please?"

Graham looked at us as if we were war criminals and silently turned his ledger around to face us. The unworded command was obvious...sign!

After leaving the sentinel to guard the door against more undesirables, Sophie and I followed Mullen to the back of the bar. I spotted several empty tables but he just kept going - leading the way to an office door.

"I think we would be more comfortable in here." he said opening the door.

Sophie and I entered Mullen's office. Pictures of golfing scenes adorned the wall. A large desk sat at one end and a sofa at the other. It was surprisingly tasteful.

"So why in here, Tony?" asked my wife as she accepted the drink that Mullen was offering. "More private? Just what did you have in mind?"

I had seen this look in Sophie's eyes before and could detect the tone in her voice. I was immediately excited. I knew that she was about to seduce the club's golf pro!

I also took my drink and sat on the edge of the desk with a smile. I was keen to see what Mullen's reaction would be. Did he in fact have any balls at all? His smooth surface was cracking again.

"Er...no...I just wanted to...um...well....."

"No?" Sophie replied in a sexy voice as she sauntered over and sprawled herself onto the sofa. "Are you sure you didn't want more privacy? Come on, Tony! You've wanted to see more of me all day! What better place than here?"

Mullen shifted awkwardly from foot to foot as Sophie looked demurely up at him. He glanced frantically between Sophie and myself but seemed unable to choke out any words.

"Oh, don't worry about Steven," my wife continued, her voice deep and husky, "he loves to watch me!"

It was true. Since I found out about Sophie's very first affair - catching her in our lounge with a guy's cock lodged half way down her throat - I had become addicted to wife-watching. By the look of things now, it seemed likely that I was to be treated to yet another performance!

But Mullen still needed convincing that I wasn't about to leap up and slam my fist into his bottle-tanned face. I watched as Sophie slowly eased the shoulders of her sweater back. The neck line was cut deep and I knew that she wasn't wearing a bra. I heard Mullen gasp as the swell of her breasts were exposed followed by two rosy pink nipples.

Slowly my wife's hands eased the sweater further off. Her heavy breasts swang free of their confines and her fingers began massaging the large orbs sensuously. Her fingers tugged at the nipples and I watched fascinated as the little buds grew into stiff, angry protrusions.

If Mullen was flustered before, then now he was in a world of mayhem. I could hear him breathing hard as he watched Sophie play with her tits, but his voice, though still a hoarse croak, had evidently returned.

"Can I touch them?" he whispered

Sophie smiled and nodded. She glanced over at me as if seeking my approval. As soon as she saw the wide grin on my face she knew she had her answer.

Mullen took no more than two strides before he was on his knees in front of my wife. Immediately his hands were all over her heaving breasts. His sucking mouth sought out her nipples and chewed greedily on them while Sophie held his head and moaned out her lustful consent. I could see from the way her eyes closed and her head lolled back that she was enjoying every second of her new lovers attention.

Mullen was starting to get more and more excited as he slobbered over my wife's tits. His face was definitely reddening and I could see an obvious bulge develop in the front of his razor-creased pants. I though it was about time that I used my influence on the situation.

"Looks like you got a bit of a hard-on there, Mullen!" I said casually. "Why don't you let Sophie give you a bit of a suck? She's a blow-job master!"

Mullen could hardly believe his luck but stood up in front of my wife as she began to swiftly disrobe. Her shoes came off first giving us both a nice view of her dainty feet with their high arch and her delicately painted toes. She sat back on the sofa and unzipped her jeans. I knew that she wouldn't be wearing anything underneath - she hates panty-lines - but as she threw the pants to one side and spread her long legs I heard Mullen gasp out loud. Sophie always keeps her pussy smooth shaven and the pink lips around her hole pouted up at both of us. Lastly she discarded the sweater and sat before us completely naked.

I could see that Mullen's legs were trembling as my wife reached out and began to undo his belt buckle. Her fingers moved deftly as they slid the zipper downwards and her hand slipped inside the warm confines of his boxers. Mullen groaned as she withdrew a hard, angry penis and bent her head down to lick gently over the head.

"Mmm...he taste's good, Steve." murmured Sophie in between mouthfuls of Mullen's erect cock, "can I deep throat him?"

"I know you can," I replied enthusiastically, "so go do it!"

I heard a long low howl come from Mullen's throat as his cock disappeared deep down into my wife's throat. For a moment I wondered if any of the other member in the bar outside could hear him. I wondered what the G&T set would make of that!

Sophie's head was bobbing up and down on Mullen's tool. His eyes were tight shut as he revelled in what was probably his first deep-throat blow job.

"Good, isn't she?" I asked abruptly.

Mullen's eyes snapped open as if remembering that the slut who was currently sucking his cock had a husband - and he was right there in the same room!

Mullen managed a watery smile and then closed his eyes again. I could see that he was getting very close to climaxing and didn't want Sophie to be disappointed by an untimely release.

"Hey Sophie. Looks like he's getting a bit hot under the collar, honey!"

Immediately the words were out of my mouth, Mullen's cock was out of Sophie's. His eyes opened and both Sophie and I could see the look of frustration and disappointment in them.

"Don't worry, Tony." Sophie whispered. "There's more to come! Wouldn't you like to fuck me? Wouldn't you like to fuck this little slut?"

Without waiting for a reply, Sophie leapt up and started to pull of the remainder of Mullen's clothes. As soon as he was as naked as her, she bent herself down over the sofa and spread her legs wide open. She looked back over her shoulder to where Mullen was standing behind her; his hard throbbing cock gripped tightly in his hand. She smiled back at him.

"Come on then, Tony!" she cooed, "time to slide that nice hard dick right up into my cunt!"

I guess it was probably the first time that sort of language had been heard inside the hallowed rooms of the golf club. Mullen seemed transfixed, unable to move and simply stood there, poised. His twitching tool almost touched my wife's vagina.

"Do it, Mullen!" I almost shouted. I knew that Sophie would be literally wetting herself in anticipation. "Ram it up inside her hot cunt!"

My voice seemed to have the desired effect. Mullen suddenly awoke from his reverie and leaned forward. His cock head speared Sophie's sex lips and with a sudden thrust of his hips he sent the entire length of his tool deep into her body.

Sophie moaned loudly as she was penetrated. Her hand was back between her legs and furiously rubbing her own clit as Mullen slammed her body back and forth across the sofa. I could see her legs start to tremble. Her body shook, her hair tossed back and forth over her face. She growled low in her throat. I knew the signs. The growl increased in fervour until it became a high pitched wail of satisfaction as the climaxed washed over her in waves of ecstasy.

I could see that the break between having his dick in my wife's mouth and thrusting it up her pussy had not disturbed Mullen's level of concentration. The lust was written all over his face and it looked like the blowing of his load was now imminent.

"Have him cum on your tits, honey!" I squealed excitedly. Nothing turns me on more than watching another man fuck my wife's large heavy breasts.

Despite her obvious fatigue and trembling limbs, Sophie tore herself away from the rutting Mullen and threw herself onto her back. She pulled her hapless and confused lover down on top of her and immediately stuck his twitching member between her warm mounds of tit-flesh.

The feel of Sophie's hot flesh around his tool was quite obviously more than Mullen could stand and, with a grunt of satisfaction, he began to pump his thick seed out all over her breasts.

In a second I was up and standing over my cum-soaked wife. My zipper was down in a flash and my cock leapt into my hand. As excited as I was, I knew it would only take a few short jerks before my own seed was mingling with Mullen's and sliding around Sophie's hard, throbbing nipples.

I held my breath. I jerked. It happened. The semen erupted from the tip of my cock in a virtual torrent taking Sophie a little by surprise. I splashed her face and breasts coating her skin and slid my cock around her lips and nose - just how she likes it!

Sophie and I dressed quickly. She made sure to leave a few traces of Mullen's and my cum streaking her face as we walked back out into the bar and leaving a gasping and broken golf professional behind us.

All heads turned in the silent room as we walked through the throng of G&T drinkers and their tweed-suited wives. The stench of disapproval was everywhere and, as we approached Mr. Hitler; still standing guard at the door, Sophie threw him a wicked grin.

"You better go and get your friend from his office, love!" she said cooly. "I think he might need a drink! Don't worry we won't be coming back - unless of course you think you'd like a piece of this!"

With a leer, Sophie pulled up her sweater and flashed her cum stained tits to the entire bar. Our laughter must have been able to be heard on the tenth green!

The End

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