tagIncest/TabooGone Fishing with Family

Gone Fishing with Family


This story is a work of fiction and as such, any similarity with real persons or events is purely coincidental. All persons are 18 years old or older. This tale involves incestuous behavior and a good sized cock that just won't quit, so if that offends you please look elsewhere for your read. In this make believe realm STDs do not exist and moving your cock from ass to pussy brings only pleasure. If you stay, I hope you enjoy it, just don't try this at home.

By the way guys and gals, I decided to post this as a stand alone story instead of breaking it up into several much shorter pieces, even though it took me a bit longer to get it ready to upload. Hope you like that idea.


"Kids, we're here!" my mom called out. "Time to wake up and unload the car."

I stretched and rubbed my eyes, surprised that I had fallen asleep on the trip to the cabin, well, actually the cabins. For as long as I can remember our family and my aunt and uncle's family have met for two weeks at the cabins in the deep woods of northern Minnesota. The fishing is great but come on, two weeks! Shit but I hated this trip!

Me, I'm John, almost 20, 6'3", 205 pounds, a college football and track star. I'm in a rather non-traditional family situation. It's not that my 37 year old mom, Jen, is bad; and my 39 year old dad, Carl, is fine too. Hell, even my 18 years old sister, Kelly, is hot, if you like ditsy blonds.

What makes this all strange is that my dad's sister married my mom's brother. So we have a very tight knit group here. Aunt Eleanor, Ely, is 36 while Uncle Ron is 38. They have a daughter, Melanie, also a ditsy blond but she can really be funny. Mel was born midway between Kelly and I.

We've been blessed by a great gene pool, my dad and uncle are built like me and we are all what I guess you'd call 'ruggedly handsome'. But the females, holy shit, the females! Mom and Aunt Ely are both around 5'4", 120 pounds. Mom is an awesome 34D-22-34 (I checked the tags) and Aunt Ely is about 34B-24-36. My sister and cousin are nearly the same: Kelly is 5'2" and maybe 98 pounds spread over 34C-22-32, while Mel is 5'3" of 105 pounds on a 34C-24-36 frame. My cousin has really turned into one sexy woman!

Anyway, we've been going on this camping trip forever, or at least since I was five, my age when I have my first memories of this huge lake. When us kids were little, our folks got adjoining rooms in the lodge, but once I hit 12 and was deemed responsible enough to baby-sit, our folks always reserved the twin cabins set off by themselves near the woods. Mom and dad said they chose those cabins so the kids wouldn't ruin other people's vacations.

After settling into our homes for two long weeks, we all went down to the lake to check the boats that came with the cabins. As usual my dad and uncle upgraded from those two boats to one boat large enough for all of us to fit with room to spare. We also carried all our fishing gear down the long stairs to the water to make the walk worthwhile. Aunt Ely commented about something, I can't remember what, and when I looked back and up towards her the sun shown behind her giving her body a halo. I just stared in awe at her beautiful face and body maybe a foot from my eyes. When I finally moved my eyes up from her crotch and boobs to her face she winked at me, then turned to continue talking with my folks and uncle. Shit was I ever busted!

We all went to the lodge for supper that night then the grownups retired to 'their' cabin, as usual, and we 'kids' retired to ours. Every year was the same way, the grownups in one room or cabin and the young people in the other one. I had to admit that cousin or not, it was getting more and more difficult to ignore the gorgeous Mel sleeping about 6 feet from me. Hell, it was even hard to ignore Kelly sometimes the way she dressed.

Tuesday, day two, was fairly typical as we all went fishing for about 5 or 6 hours. One good thing about Lake Winni...Winna...or shit, it sounds like 'Win-nah-bah-go-shush'. I like its nickname, Big Winnie, better. Anyway, we never failed to catch a huge stringer of massive Northern Pike and my dad and uncle always arm wrestled to see who paid the dock hand to clean our catch. Uncle Ron usually won.

We all went swimming in the pool and I was amazed to see that both my mom and aunt seemed to be trying to win an unannounced contest for most revealing bikini. I had thought my sister and cousin looked hot in theirs but when the adults showed up I hit the water in maybe 1-½ seconds to hide my rapidly rising boner. Holy shit, their suits looked like they were made out of dental floss and pasties. I gave my vote to mom as the winner, she had more to cover but didn't...WOW! When I thought I could talk with out my voice cracking, I asked my mom what they were doing in such revealing bikinis. She told me they were trying to get the most overall tan they could without actually being naked, then apologized if I was uncomfortable. I told her not to worry and swam away, hoping my hard on wasn't noticeable underwater.

Kelly and Meg both dove off the board and swam by me underwater, then they hung off the other side of the pool giggling and glancing my way, shit this was going to be a long two weeks. Somehow I managed to soften enough to get out of the pool and I wandered back to the cabin. The rest of the day was the pits as every time I noticed Meg and Kelly together they were laughing or giggling and looking in my direction. We eventually got ready for bed but they continued with their private, girls only, laugh fest, so I managed -- I think - to escape the cabin without them seeing my nearly rock hard cock tent. Damn, it sure didn't help that I was still a virgin (I'm not much of a ladies man), and horny as all hell. Every time my date/girl friend would finally get to my massive 10 inch shaft and feel its 7 ½ inch circumference, they jerked their hand, etc. back in shock and wanted to go home, end of date!

I walked around the edge of the property long enough for my shaft to return to its original size -- well maybe not original, I was a new born then, but I can't say 'normal' because normal seems lately to mean 'rock hard'. Anyway, I was walking back to our cabin and as I passed our folks' cabin I decided to take a peek through the window. I was NOT prepared for what I saw. Looking in there was my super hot Aunt Ely, riding cow-girl style what I presumed to be my uncle's cock! Her hands were on her bare boobs and her eyes had rolled back into her head. Just then she collapsed and there on the other bed were my equally nude mother and uncle, going at it like rabbits. Holy shit!

My cock sprang to attention faster than I could say "Shit!" But I said it anyway. What the fuck is going on in there?! I was torn between staying to see what else would happen and leaving, but leaving won out. My rock hard cock was back and I really needed to get it tamed quickly. Also, no way did I want to get caught peeping into their cabin, no matter what was going on in there. I quickly walked deep into the woods and had to wank off three times before I could safely return to my cabin and the girls. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep that night.

I woke early wondering how I could put my new knowledge to good use, and ended up walking all over the grounds again. My wanderings hadn't helped very much when a voice behind me said, "Why John, you're up early today!"

I jerked around and replied, "Oh, good morning Aunt Ely, you startled me. I'm surprised to see you so early too." Thinking I'd better strike while I had the chance I pressed on, "Um, I saw something last night that sort of surprised me, can we go someplace and talk in private?"

"Sure, let's go over to the clearing where I often see the deer at." With that we walked side by side into the woods. She wanted to start talking when we entered the woods but I held out till we had walked the 1/3 mile to the clearing.

"Um, this is really hard to put into words..." I began and my aunt interrupted me.

"It's okay, John, whatever it is, just start at the top and say it with as few filler words as possible. The quicker you get it out, the better you will feel." She placed her hand on my arm and gently squeezed as she peered into my eyes.

"Okay, here goes, last night..." I began slowly. Then very quickly I added "Isawyoufuckingmydad!"

I swear that people still sleeping in their cabins should have been woken by the sharp intake of air as Aunt Ely gasped in shock. "You what! How? Oh my god, we didn't want you kids to find out! Oh my god, I'm so sorry, John."

When I laughed at her she wiped her tears and looked at me questioningly. "From what I saw last night, there is no way you are sorry! No way in hell!" Her lips were quivering as I continued, "I got so horny seeing you last night that I had to go into the woods and jerk off!"

"Oh my god" my aunt moaned. "This can't be happening!"

"But it did, and it is, my dear aunt," I said. "You made me so horny I had to jerk myself off THREE times before I got soft!" Aunt Ely quickly glanced at my crotch before she looked to my eyes. "Now Aunt Ely, I want some of what I watched last night!"

"What!!! You can't be serious! I won't do it!" Aunt Ely was frantically trying to change my mind and get out of this predicament. "Please, John, you don't really want to do this!"

"After seeing you yesterday at the pool, oh yeah, I most definitely do want to do it! We are going to fuck! No way out of it, my dear aunt, none." I reached out as I finished and cupped her left boob in my hand.

"Stop that!" Ely said as she jumped back from me. "We are NOT going to have sex! That is final! If you don't stop this nonsense I'll have to tell your mother!"

"Won't help, I saw her fucking Uncle Ron too." I had her attention so I continued, "If you insist on not doing this, then I'll just go find Mel and talk to her about all of this shit going on!"

"You can't, she's still a virgin!" Ely cried out. "Please leave her out of this."

I stepped right up to her, so close her tits were rubbing my lower chest, and glared down at her. "Look, Aunt Ely, somebody is going to lose their cherry today!" her eyes clamped shut as they welled up again. "Either I will be the lucky one, or I still will be along with your beautiful chaste daughter. It is really up to you, and it's time to decide."

My aunt was struggling with her problem but it probably seemed to take longer than it really did. Finally she said, "Okay, John, you win, I'll have sex with you ONE time, but you leave Mel out of this! Is that clear?"

Again I cupped her breast in one hand and grabbed her crotch with the other as I replied "Yes, I won't FORCE Mel to fuck me, but I'll never turn her down either! And I never said I only wanted to fuck you once! More like at least once a day!"

"Once! I agreed to once! Don't think you can change things after I agree to this...this terrible thing. You want to fuck me here?" I knew she was trying to make me forget about Mel as she reached her hand out and stroked my hard cock through my shorts. "Oh my god, John, what have you got in there?" Her eyes were wider than I had ever seen them before and she had a strange look in her eyes as she tightened her grip on my shaft.

Suddenly my aunt dropped to her knees and her fingers flew as she undid my button and zipper then yanked my shorts and boxers to my ankles. My rock hard cock snapped up and smacked her hard under her chin but she didn't seem to care. She just grabbed it in both hands and guided it quickly to her mouth and then inhaled it to the back of her oral cavity. "Oooooooooooh sweet jeezuz, " I groaned. Her tongue started slurping at my shaft's underside and she began sucking down hard on my cock. I couldn't believe she had my cock that far into her mouth as her lips were stretched to the max.

Ely began pulling her head off of me while sucking hard, then forcefully slamming her face back onto me pushing my cock head to the entrance of her throat. She proved to be very talented with her tongue and after about five minutes I grabbed her head and started thrusting hard into her mouth. "Oh, fuck, I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum in your mouth, Aunt Ely! Oh fucking hell!" and then I started shooting load after load of sperm into her thirsty mouth. My aunt was really sucking hard and her hands were jerking the rest of my shaft as she coaxed all of my cum into her mouth.

Finally I stopped spurting, and then she could no longer get even a drop from my cock's one eye so she then pulled off of me with a very loud POP. "Oh, John, your cum is so damned tasty! I love sucking your cock. Tell me you'll let me suck you any time you want it! Please?!"

"No problem you cock sucking bitch. But, we still have to fuck! So you're going to suck me till I'm hard again, then I'm going to assume the position my dad was in and you are going to fuck me, you are going to fuck me till I can't stay up any more."

Ely immediately dropped her eyes back to the prize she still had firmly gripped in her hands and gulped my cock into her eager mouth. As she was rapidly pushing my shaft to full attention, I was undoing her blouse and shorts. She briefly stopped to shed them as well as her bra and panties before shoving me onto my back. Then my aunt, the woman who had just moments before said she would reluctantly fuck me one time only, eagerly climbed above me and grabbed my shaft while aiming my cock head right at her cunt hole.

"Okay, you big cocked nephew, are you ready to loose your cherry?" she stared into my eyes as she held her position, then she slowly, very slowly slid her pussy down over my shaft. Her eyes crossed and her lips quivered as she impaled herself on me. "Ohhhhh, shit John, you're sooooooooooo so biggggggggg. Oh god, fuck me John, oh goddddddddddddddddddddd fuck meeeeeeeee!" Ely had paused once she bottomed out but soon she was lifting herself up and nearly off my cock before slamming back down hard making her little tits bounce enticingly.

My hands reached up and grabbed her cute 34B tits and mashed them between my fingers. Ely moaned as I squeezed them her eyes clamped shut as she rode my rampant cock. My hands slid slightly so I could take each nipple between a thumb and fore finger. Then I started rubbing and twisting her nipples hard between my fingers, making her cry out in ecstasy. When I pulled her tits making her nipples seem to be three inches long, she whimpered in lust and leaned down kissing me with more passion than any girl I'd dated had ever shown.

Her tongue attacked my own as she kissed me hard, nearly taking my breath away. Slowly I slid one hand from her boob down her belly and down to her well trimmed bush. My thumb found her hard clit and I massaged it gently. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh shit Johnnnnnnnnnnnn, you're going tooooooo make meeeeeeeeeeeeeee cummmmmmmmmmmm. Fuckshit, oh god, oh god don't stop, John, ohmy god don't...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh eeeeiiiiyyyyeeeaaahhhhhhhh SHITTTTT!"

My aunt's pussy was grabbing my cock hard as she fucked herself on me. Suddenly she arched her back as I ravaged her clit and her body was wracked by an immense orgasm. Every muscle in her body went into spasms as she came and came on my pillar. Her pussy was clamped down tightly against my pelvis as her vaginal muscles continued clutching at and grasping my cock.

Finally her climax was over and her body began to relax, her cunt barely lifting off of me before dropping slightly back down. I let her rest a few seconds before giving her a mighty upward thrust with my cock, shoving it even deeper into her thunderstruck pussy. "OH GAWD!" she groaned, "wait a minute, please!" Her body had again begun shaking and she was clutching tight to my body as a small orgasm hit her sex again.

I held her tight then rolled her over with me, putting her on the bottom as I rose into position. Ely was still trying to hold me tight to her as my hips began pumping into her, my balls slapping her ass. She groaned as I picked up my pace. Pulling free from her clutching arms I really started pounding forcefully into her cunt. "Oh John! I love your cock! I love you! Fuck me John, fuck me hard and make me cum! Right THERE! OH FUCK!" and my aunt's head was flailing left and right as she squirted a hard stream of her juices. Her hips were thrusting to meet mine as she sought to make this cum go on and on.

My movements slowed to let her recover and she slowly regained her composure. "Holy fucking shit, John, are you sure you were a virgin? You handle your cock like a real pro! Have you cum yet? Oh my god, don't stop, I love what you are doing to me! Ooooh yeah, like that. God yeah, keep doing that, god you are soooooo big and you fill me so damned good. Oh please, baby, I want your cum! Come on John, fuck your Aunt with that huge cock of yours and wash my insides with your sperm!" She had moved her feet around my hips some time ago and I grabbed her knees and pushed her legs back till they were beside her chest, making my cock reach further inside her.

"Oh my god you're in so deep! I can't believe how deep you are! Umph, umph, ooof, umph." I was pounding my sexy aunt with all I had as I wanted to make her cum again when I poured my seed deep inside of her. My balls were getting tight and I could feel the tingling all the way from my toes to the tip of my deeply imbedded cock.

"I'm going to cum, Aunt Ely! I'm going to cum in your pussy." As I said this Ely groaned and started shaking under me as she again climaxed on my cock. I managed to pound her another 12 to 15 long and hard thrusts, and just as she finished cumming I shot deep into her with my boiling hot jism. "Oh shit! I'mmmmm cumming Aunt Ely! I'm cumming inside of you!!!!!!!!!!" I slammed my cock into her harder than ever as my sperm shot into her in six forceful streams.

When the first blast hit the well of her womb my aunt cried out in joy as she lifted her hips to slightly increase my depth. Then she suddenly went wild as another orgasm slammed into her well fucked body. "Oh my god, I'm cumming againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Yes, John, yes! Pound me with your cock, oh fuck me, don't stop, don't ever stop!" Again her eyes crossed then rolled into the top of her head as she groaned in pleasure. Then her arms dropped from my shoulders and her head dropped back as her body went totally limp as she fainted.

I was momentarily afraid that I'd fucked her to death, but then I saw her chest rise as she took an unconscious breath and I felt much better. Remaining as I was, my cock deep inside her pussy, I simply enjoyed the feeling of her pussy muscles erratic spasms around my cock. Finally I slowly eased my cock out of her and lowered her legs to the ground and then lifted my body off of hers. My lips found hers and I gently kissed her lips, eyes, cheeks, nose, and back to her lips.

Ely slowly opened her eyes and grinned at me. "What a marvelous way to come to! Thank you for the absolute best fucking I've ever had! I never knew I could cum so much and so quickly." She kissed my lips hard as her tongue sought out mine. Then she tried to sit up and failed solidly. "I think I'm going to need your help." I gently pushed her into a sitting position then we both looked down to see my sperm gushing from her gaping hole. "Sweet jeezuz, I've never seen any cum pour out of me like that! Do you cum in quarts or gallons?" Then she stuffed her fingers into her hole and scooped out a gob of my cum. Moving her hand to her lips she quickly licked her fingers clean while her other hand was digging deep trying for more. She pulled four globs of white sauce from her cunt and licked every drop from her fingers.

Several minutes passed quietly as we both recuperated from our love making. Aunt Ely was the one who broke the silence. "Well my young stud, I think it's time we headed back. Every one will wonder where we are at. Besides you really helped me work up quite an appetite."

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