tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGood Clean Fun at the Camp Ground

Good Clean Fun at the Camp Ground


It was a very warm night. We left and headed out to go camping, it was an hour and a half ride so I had plenty of time to think on what I was planning. My husband and I always talked or fantasized, about someone watching us. Now I have had it happen, but he no, At least not to my knowledge. But I was planning on changing that on this trip.

We found a site off to the back of the camp ground, sort of secluded yet seen from the front if other walked by. It was just starting to get dark so he lit the lanterns so we could get the tent up and stuff like that. I lit a fire in the ring and has to use the bathrooms. Well, I did but I also had another thing in mind. I wanted to see what could be seen at night lit up by fire light from the road.

Well, I went to the bathroom and check then both out. Men's and women's where in one big building side by side in an open field in the middle of the camping loop. as I looked to our camp site I could see shadows but that was it till I walked up the road returning. At night if someone stood in front of out parking pad in front of our car you can see everything in front of the fire.

I didn't see my hubby so I walked to the sight beside us and saw that the whole campsite was visible to who ever was there. Bill was putting up the canopy over the table. I thought hmm, if someone camps there they would get one hell of a show if my plans go right.

I walked back to my hubby Bill as I smiled this devious grin he told me I had. He knew I had something up my sleeve but what he didn't Know. But he did notice I was wearing a thin white spaghetti string top and skimpy shorts. it was hot like I said before but that shirt is his favor it is very low cut and my tit's pop out over the top most of the time. I know it and planed it that way, but there are times they seem to spill out on there own it that low. And I am very well endowed in that area I'm a 40 D.

It was about 11 by the time we got all settled in and I fixed dinner and put all that stuff away. We got a late stared because he got off of work late and it takes time to get that camp set up right. I told him go on and take your shower and stuff and relax. now he knew I was up to something and he would get lucky tonight. I was prancing around flashing him while cooking and any one that happen to walk by. Remember I knew if I was in front of the fire all could see perfectly

As soon as Bill left I saw a young couple pull up into the spot beside us. They where a young couple no kids maybe 19 tops. I though OK now this could really work. I made sure my tits would spill from my shirt as she started to make noise putting pots away. He looked up and I saw him take a double take so I know he saw. I played dumb and did what I had to. He made some excuses to walk over near our sight as I let the other tit fall out and I looked to him and smiled saying hi. As he grinned almost drooling. I looked down and smiled putting them back in place like nothing ."Oops they always do that sorry" He smiled with a wink and said. "No problem I enjoy it" so I knew it would be fun this weekend.

I put my plan in action I walked with a towel over my shoulder to the shower. I looked back no one was s watching or following like our new people so I walked in to the bathroom, but it wasn't the women's bathroom it was the men's...

I looked around the place was empty but the back stall with the water running it was Bill in there. I walked to the stall pulled back the first set of curtains it like a dressing room then the shower on the second set of curtain when the first curtain was pulled. I saw him jump and look out then smiled seeing me already stripping. " What are you doing your gone to get us kicked out of here" I smiled and shook my head leaving the curtain open revealing both him and I to who ever walked in. I told him I was going to make his wish come true this weekend. And if any one walked in I would not stop. He was already growing standing there listening to me.

I was fully nude now and I got to my knees and stared to suck him slowly not wanting him to get to excited in case it took a while for someone to come in, but it didn't. An older man walked in and stopped cold when he saw us. We where standing sideways for all to get a good view of me sucking his cock, and he was playing with my tit's as this guy watched. I saw his Dick grow so hard knowing someone was watching. The more I sucked the closer this guy got. He was rubbing his cock though his shorts as he was sporting a major hard on. I smiled up to him and Bill moaned watching us both all the guy said was "WOW"

It wasn't long the guy pulled his cock free and was stroking for us to watch as I sucked Bill. He pulled me from his cock and moved me closer to the guy and bend me over as he fucked me doggy style the guys cock inches from my face as he stroked. Bill told me "go on suck him." I didn't need to be told twice. I grabbed this guys cock and stared to suck faster and faster, till Bill exploded all over my ass and back when he pulled out ... Then this guy blew his load all over my face and chest as I smile to him . "7 D... That's out sight stop back tomorrow and we all can have more fun. " I told him. The guys smiled and said sure will as he then left and walked away all smiles.

Bill looked at me and said I hoped you would join me and I knew you where up to something. But I never knew what you had that in mine. He kissed me and I wrapped the towel around me and walked back to the camp sight waiting for more fun.

On the way back the guy next to us smiled and walked over. Telling me his girlfriend was already in the shower, then he told me as he grabbed my towel and tugged ... I loved the show. " Next time you want a shower you only have to go next door ya know" He took the towel and left me standing in the fire light nude when Bill walked back.

(More to come later)

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