tagSci-Fi & FantasyGood Cop Bad Cop

Good Cop Bad Cop


"Listen up! Yall are no better than the gum stuck to my boots. You just got out of training and think you're hot shit! YOU WILL get someone killed. Now line up with your commanding officer and try to learn something, Boots. Any questions?" The Commander sneered not expecting any questions to his simplistic directions.

A young officer shakily raised her hand. The older commanding officer nodded at her to ask her question. "Who's that?" He turned to look back over his shoulder to see a woman half in half out of her car sitting with her head in her hands.

"That's Jalen Steele," he said softly. He looked across the yard and could tell some of the recruits were straining to hear his words. He heard a car door slam shut, turning he saw Steele staring at him, and he knew she could hear him. "She's the best."

Jalen groaned wondering why she stayed up so late last night. The tip she received didn't pan out. Fuckers! Her head snapped up as she heard her name. She glanced at the Boots fresh from the academy. She closed her car door and slowly made her way to her office. Coffee. She needed coffee.

Jalen turned the corner going towards her desk when a hand shot out. She easily stopped it inches from her face.

"Told ya," Eric Willably, a short, chubby detective cried. "You owe me 50 bucks, Martinez."

Paulo Martinez grimaced and tried to jerk his hand from Jalen's grip. Jalen let go shaking her head and sat down at her desk. Someone put down a mug of hot coffee in front of her with hazelnut creamer and sugar. The only way she'll drink coffee.

"You're ... YOU'RE ... Steele. Jalen Steele!" Jalen looked up and groaned at the Boot gushing at her. "Is it true you grew up as a Guerilla assassin?"

"Ah, shit," Jalen said to herself as Willably laughed.

Martinez leaned back in his chair with a smirk. "It's true. She was birthed in the Brazilian rain forest in the midst of a gun fire. Her mother was a deadly assassin who taught Steele here how to shoot a gun before she could walk. Our girl can take apart and put back just about any weapon. Hell, as a teen she was running Colombian refuges with her mother attacking and causing mayhem against the government. We're just lucky she's on our side."

Everyone burst out laughing. It was all true except Martinez didn't know shit about geography. The Boot looked uncertain if Martinez was telling the truth or not. "Don't you have somewhere to be, Boot?" Jalen knew her words came out more gruffly than intended, but she didn't care. She had work to do.

2 hours later and Jalen was alert, ready, and pissed off. She had been working on a case: Marco Cortez a crime lord who was trying to make a name for himself by shooting up her city and selling bad drugs. She finally got a lead on a meeting where he'll be at. If she left now she might make the end of the meeting.

"Hey, Steele?"

Jalen didn't stop moving as she stalked through the station and to her Cheville SS. She turned the ignition and smiled as she heard her baby roar and then purr just for her.


"You're making us all look bad, Marco. Your product is killing everyone. If you kill the consumers than where's the demand?"

"And if there's no demand than yall are out of business." Jalen quipped from her position near the door. Jon Benetti, a crime boss she had yet to take down, and Marco looked at her. "What? Was this a private conversation?"

"As a matter of fact, bitch, it was," Marco sneered at Jalen.

Jalen smiled prettily. "You don't know who I am do you?" Marco narrowed his eyes at her. He was smart enough to pick up the body language of Jon who was sitting back looking at Jalen with suspicion even though he looked physically relaxed. "Probably thinking of some witty comeback," she said to Jon.

"You're survival instincts suck," she informed Marco. "You can't smell a cop? Or is my cop presence off?"

"Cop?!" Marco bellowed.

"And I have a warrant for your arrest Marco Cortez."

Marco pulled out a gun. Before he could aim it at her, Jalen stepped forward, spun, and slapped his wrist sending the gun crashing into the nearby wall. Jalen gave that same pretty smile, backed up, and motioned for Marco to try again.

"Okay, bitch, you wanna play. Let's play." Marco threw a left jab at Jalen which she easily dodged. She laughed and he threw a few more sloppily with anger. Jalen danced around them and threw a uppercut connecting with Marco's jaw. He dropped like a stone.

"Hey!" Jalen cried out looking disappointed. "Get up! Come ooooooon."

"Nice punch," Jon said lazily as he slowly rose. "My turn."

"Mr. Benetti are you defending this piece of shit."

"No, just thought you'll like a challenge."

Jalen looked Jon over. The man stood at what had to be between 5'11 and 6 ft. He had a creamy complexion that was in stark contrast to his black hair and black eyes. His head was shaved close and his suit was impeccable. The thing looked like it was made just for him. "If you rip your suit don't come gunning for me."

Jon equally looked Jalen over. She was 5'6, her skin a soft caramel complexion, and in the sunlight he could see the red, black, and brown tones in her hair. She had a decent bust and hips that flared out into a nice ass and hips. She wore jeans that looked like she poured them on and a halter top that tied at her neck. Not the kind of uniform you expected from a cop. "Don't break a nail and come with a warrant for me, lil cop."

Jalen growled. "I am not little. I am average height thank you very much." He only smirked and it was so on. She danced on the balls of her feet and threw a left jab, but came across with a right hook. Jon dodged her jab and knocked her hook away and came back with his own punch to her stomach. Jalen spun, letting the punch slide off her as she threw her elbow back at his ribs. Jon grabbed her elbow and pushed her back a few steps.

They both reevaluated each other and liked what they saw. It had been awhile before a man didn't underestimate her. She leaned back and threw a kick which he blocked and threw a punch at her face. Jalen ducked and with her right foot kicked out at the back of his knee sending him to the ground. As soon as his back hit the floor she was on top of him.

"Aw, and here I thought you were going to be more fun."

She raised her fist and brought it down towards his face. He caught her fist and rolled his weight over sending her to the ground. Now he straddled her. "I know you didn't think it would be that easy did you?" Using his strength he pinned her hands down at her head. Unlike most women, Jalen didn't panic. She slid her arms up so they stretched out over her head causing Jon to lean close to her. His face was inches from her and he stared at her mouth as though he was contemplating kissing her. Jalen brought her head up sharply in a head butt and threw him off her.

They both got to their feet and paused hearing police sirens in the distance. Jon sighed. "We'll continue this another time." Jalen raised an eyebrow and watched as he left out the back door.


2 days later and Jalen was staring at a new case on her desk. Mr. Big was an affluent, weasly, little man whose name obviously made up for his short stature and probably his cup size as well, Jalen thought. The case was all but solved except that every witness they had kept mysteriously disappearing or ending up dead. The department was hoping she'll find someone to nail his ass.

Jalen was going over known locations when a Dance Club XS caught her eye. It was one of those dance clubs that was popular and naturally attracted the wrong crowd. She was going to check the place out and hopefully she'll run into Mr. Big. Worst case scenario she'll finally have gone out to dance, but what to wear?

Jalen arrived at Club XS wearing a short black dress. The back of the dress pooled out into a triangle that stopped just at the back of her knees while the front of her dress stopped at mid thigh. Her strappy black heels made little clicks as she walked past the line and to the bouncer at the front. The man looked at her and let her in to the protests to the people waiting.

The club was like any club; playing hip hop a touch too loudly, dancers everywhere, and alcohol flowing. Jalen walked through the throng of people and over to the bar where she ordered a sprite. She turned and looked over the club as she waited for her drink. "Holy, shit!" Jalen looked up to the VIP section and there was Mr. Big with a group she couldn't see from her position.

"You're drink."

Jalen grabbed her drink and made her way to the VIP section. As she got closer a man stepped into her way. "I just want to say hi." The man didn't look like he was going to move and she was wondering the best way to take him down without showing the club her panties and without spilling her drink.

"She's cool."

Jalen looked up at Jon's voice and smirked. She was beginning to suspect that if she looked for any major crime boss she'll see him just behind them. "Thank you." She pushed past the guard and sat down so she could see Jon, Mr. Big, and the 3 guests she didn't recognize. She turned her body slightly so she could see the guard and the mirror in front of her, which was behind Jon and Mr. Big, and would let her see anyone coming up behind her.

Mr. Big looked at Jon. "You know this beautiful woman," he purred.

"You mean Detective Steele," Jon quipped.

Mr. Big did a double take at Jalen. In this get up she was sure she looked like any other club dancer. That and she had a pocket gun strapped to her inner thigh. "A cop?"

"That's another word for Detective," Jalen answered the obviously slow Mr. Big.

"You've invited a cop. Here," Mr. Big ignored her as he questioned Jon.

"I find her... entertaining." Jon said as way of explanation.

"I find her sexy," said one of their guests. "Cop or not wanna fuck?"

"What's your name," Jalen asked.


"Sure Alex." Alex blinked looking surprise. "But if I found out you fuck some other bitch yesterday or the day before or you fucked her today or even tomorrow. I'll put one in her brain and one in your cock. Got it? If we doing this we're fucking for life."

"You mean marriage," Alex said looking aghast.

"God no. But anytime you want any you can only get it from me. So... still wanna fuck," Jalen smiled prettily as she sat back waiting.

"I'll pass," Alex said grumpily as Jalen laughed at him.

"I thought not." she murmured as she leaned forward almost conspiratorially towards Mr. Big. "So I just wanted to say hi." Jalen smiled and waved. "Hi." She went back to being serious. "Also to let you know I'm taking your ass down. So be on your P's and Q's dot your I's and cross your T's." There was a pause as Mr. Big looked her over with something close to disgust. "Well, bye." Jalen got up and walked out of the VIP lounge.

"You see," Jon said. "Quite entertaining."


The next morning Jalen was at her desk, drinking coffee, and going through the database. She was looking up Jon Benetti. The man was with two crime bosses. It couldn't be coincidental, but the more she looked on the man the more she seemed to go in circles. It was fucking stupid.


The station jumped at her roar of outrage. She had been reading files for hours on this man who seemed to be in the middle of all the dirt, but innocent of it all. "Steele, what's eating you?"

"Jon Benetti."

"Ahhh, yes. Jon Benetti."

Jalen turned to stare at Martinez. "You know him?"

"Woman when I talk do you listen?" Martinez sighed. "Remember that case I was working on. The one with the guy who went killing a bunch of people? I think it was to further Benetti's ..." Martinez trailed off with a growl. "I don't know what. That's the problem. I couldn't figure out what Benetti wanted, but I knew it had to deal with him in some way. I couldn't prove it. My case went cold."

Martinez walked over to his desk and pulled a file out from under a stack of other files. "Here. This was everything I was working on."

Jalen took the file and flipped through it. "He owns XS?"

"Yeah. Legitimately too. Bastard."

Jalen nodded and began reading the life of Jon Benetti.


Jalen liked Jon's house. It was big without being too big and far away back that if she killed him no one would hear his screams. Now, that she thought about it, this was probably why he bought the house. She heard him finally come into the home speaking with the various bodyguards that were planted around the home. She was sitting with her back against the wall on top of one of his dressers. As soon as he walked in he stopped and stared at her. Jalen wiggled her fingers in greeting.

Jon closed the door. "What are you doing here?" He sat down on his bed looking as if this was an arranged business meeting.

"You're dirty. I'm going to prove it and bring you in."

"Do you always give fair warning to the men you're taking down."

"I find when I do they usually fuck up. Let them know they're being watch. Even if they're not."

Jon smiled. "I like you. Wanna fuck?"

"Sure. But ..."

"I know. You'll put one in my dick and one in the bitch's head I was fucking this week. If I'm to fuck you it's for life. So I ask again. You wanna fuck?"

Jalen blinked. No one has ever called her on that line. "Who'd you fuck this week?"

"No one."

"Last week."


"You want to fuck me and only me. Forever?"

"Or until one of us dies."

"You hope to blackmail me. I fuck you and it's a conflict of interest or some bullshit. Not going to work. I already searched this room. Here are your bugs and cameras." She opened the top drawer and threw a few at him so he knew she was serious.

"Question still stands."

Jalen wasn't used to someone challenging her. So she mentally said 'fuck it' and said, "Sure." Jon was faster than she would have thought. He was up and between her legs his hands splayed on her back. She blinked not afraid, but curious. He picked her up easily and walked her to the bed.

Laying her down he pulled her shirt off and Jalen found she hadn't been this excited in bed in a long time. Her hands were at his expensive pants pulling at the button and zipper. Her hands faltered as her brain finally caught up with her actions. What was she doing? He was a suspect! You don't go fucking suspects! Jon must have realized he was losing her. He slammed his lips down on hers and forced his tongue between her lips. Jalen moaned and pressed him closer to her.

Jalen was no longer thinking, but feeling. She flipped him over and ripped his shirt off his body. She stared at his physique. Of course the man had the body of a god. Her hands trailed up his muscles feeling them ripple and bulge with every move he made. She pulled on his pants, ripping the zipper, and he helped her get his pants down to his ankles. His boxers were silk. SILK! And those were even more fun and easy to tear. Jon opened his mouth to say something, but Jalen's hand was stroking his thick, long, shaft making him forget what he was about to say. The woman was magic. He bucked his hips into her hands and she stroked him faster and faster.

Too quickly he knew he was going to spill his seed. He grabbed her wrist and squeezed stopping her motion. His other hand tangled in her hair and he pulled back forcing her head to tilt up. He kissed her and eased her from his body. He stared at her beautiful breasts clad in the sexiest red bra. It was a small tug to get her bra off and on the floor. Her nipples were hard straining to be in his mouth which he obliged. Her moans made his dick twitch and he switched from nipple to nipple as his hands worked on her jeans. Jeans the devil invented as he couldn't get that damn button to unhook. Finally with a roar of rage he ripped it off and pulled the jeans off her body. She gave a deep throaty laugh that turned him on more than it offended him. He kissed down her body and placed his head between her legs his tongue lapping at her panties. Her hips bucked trying to find relief and he smiled to himself.

"If you want my tongue in your pussy you'll have to move your panties," Jon told her as he kept biting through her pussy so she could feel his teeth there.

She groaned and with small tremors reached between her legs and moved her panties to expose her slit. Jon growled and slid his tongue deep into her pussy. Jalen moaned loudly and her panties slipped from her fingers cutting Jon off from his prize. Jalen immediately grabbed her panties and realized that she would have to have her hands down by her pussy holding her panties out of the way if she wanted any sort of relief.

Jon's tongue snaked out and flicked her clit over and over. His hands were on her thighs holding them open; stopping them from closing in a death grip on his head. He would run his teeth over her slit and plunge his tongue deep into her pussy fucking her roughly with his mouth. Her juices gushed out of her pussy and Jon knew she was close to screaming his name. There was nothing he wanted more than drink her juices as she came on his tongue. Faster and faster he plunged his tongue into her slit, his nose brushing her clit, while his mouth slurped up the essence of Jalen.

She couldn't believe how good this felt. She could chalk it up to not having sex in a while, but she knew it was this man. He should have a patent on eating pussy. She couldn't stop her hips from bucking on his mouth and slathering her juices all over his face. She was so close and she needed to cum now. Her hands went to his head and she pressed him deeper into him as her body rocked on his face. Without warning she felt electricity zip through her and explode in her pussy. She screamed out, her voice echoing through the house. She couldn't stop her body from jerking and spasming as she came over and over.

They could hear footsteps on the stairs as they ran up to Jon's room. Jalen wasn't able to move yet, so Jon pulled her up the bed and threw covers on her just as the door burst open. "Boss?" A Guard questioned as he looked at Jon to the brown hair woman whose face he couldn't see and back to Jon. "Where did ... how did ..." The guard caught the hint and closed the door. It didn't matter where she came from or how she got there. She was in the boss's bed and needed to be left alone.

Jalen laughed. "That was great. Thanks."

"Where do you think you're going?"

"Wham, bam, thank you maam," Jalen said as she started to rise. Jon grabbed her around her waist and pulled her back down onto the bed. He positioned himself between her legs and rubbed the head of his cock over her slit. Jalen moan and lifted her hips skyward trying to push him inside.

"Thought you were leaving," Jon teased.

"Just fuck me," Jalen said.

He plunged inside her and Jalen didn't realize how big he was. He stretched her and filled her in a way no man has ever before. She closed her eyes feeling him go deeper than any man has before hitting her G spot and make her body instantly fire.

Jon couldn't believe how tight she was. If she wasn't a grown woman he would have thought she was a virgin. She involuntarily squeezed and Jon groaned. There was no way he was going to last long inside this tight, warm, wet sheath that was Jalen's pussy. She felt too good for him to try to pleasure her again. Jon tried to go slow, but his body wasn't listening. He pummeled her over and over his hands holding his weight; his legs slightly up so the he could slam into her in an alarming rate. He was grateful her cries of ecstasy indicated she was into his hard lovemaking as he was fairly certain he couldn't stop if he tried. He was fast approaching his orgasm. He was past the point of no return and his body was getting hot. His balls pulled up towards him and in another thrust he was going to cum. Jalen screamed and her body bucked under his. Her pussy clamped on his dick and started milking him. That was all Jon needed as his own cries mixed with hers and he was sending jet after jet of his seed deep into her pussy. Spent he leaned over her careful not to put too much of his body weight on hers.

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