tagIncest/TabooGood Daddy!

Good Daddy!


I walked in the house after having gone to get the paper. I was intent on having a cup of coffee while I read the paper out on the back porch. As I passed Michelle's room, I could hear the distinct sound of buzzing coming from the other side of the door. Then I heard her soft moan.

"Oh Daddy! Yes Daddy! Just like that!" I knew that she was on the other side of that door masturbating. I had heard her at other times. Her door was slightly ajar. She had to have opened it after I left because I had to walk past it to get out the house and I knew it was closed.

Being her dad, I know I should have pulled the door closed and went on my way to the back. But being a man, a single man at that, I could feel my dick begin to harden. Did she want me to know what she was dong? Did she open the door on purpose so that I would hear her call out my name?

The sound of the buzzing grew muted, but still discernable. Her groans became deeper. "Yes Daddy! Deep! Fuck me deeper!" I had to look! I couldn't help it! I had to see what she was doing! I pushed the door open slowly.

Lying on the bed, her night shirt pulled up around her neck, her panties wrapped around one ankle, lay my daughter Michelle. From the way she was lying on the bed, as soon as I opened the door, I could see her open thighs. Her eyes were closed, but there was no mistaking the look on her face.

I should have slammed the door closed! I should have run from the house and took a long drive to try and get the sight of her from my mind. But I had been without a woman for awhile and even knowing that she was my daughter I had to look.

Michelle, is 25. she has been my pride and joy since he day she was born. When her mom died, she was only 10. it was hard on both of us, but I didn't want any other woman trying to raise my little princess. And being a single dad, I made sure that I kept my female company at arms length. Especially where it came to physical pleasures. I just didn't want my baby to see her dad with different women and think that that was how she was supposed to act.

Let me describe her for you. Michelle is tall like her mom was. And like her mom, her tits are big and full. It was at this moment, while I watched her that I could see that she also had her mom's extended nipples. Marsha's nipples were like the erasers of pencils. They stood out about an inch when they got hard.

And Michelle's nipples were hard. I watched in awe, as she gripped then one, then the other, and while pinching them pulled them out til she moaned from the pain. Another trait her mom had.

Michelle looked so much like her mom, at times I almost called her Marsha when I would talk to her. her hips were not as wide as Marsha's hips had been. But her ass was round and full. It filled her tight jeans and would sometimes make me turn away to hide my thoughts as I would look at her.

I was staring directly between her open thighs. And he sight that I was viewing could have stopped a runaway freight train. Michelle had a dildo that looked to be about the same size as my dick in her other hand. She was slowly working it in and out of her cunt and I could see thick white crème starting to cover the length of it.

Suddenly, I heard her words. "Fuck me Daddy! Fuck your little girl! Make love to her!" my eyes shot up to look at her face. To my surprise, Michelle had her eyes open and was looking directly at me. But instead of stopping in shame and surprise, she smiled.

Working the dildo even deeper and harder, she looked from my face to the bulge in my pants. "Fuck me Daddy! Look at how wet you have my pussy! I want to feel your big cock fucking this juicy cunt! I've thought about you fucking me for so long! I can't stand it anymore! I have to have you! Take me Daddy! Take your little girl and make her your lover."

I opened my mouth but it was so dry, no words came out. This was so wrong! I swallowed hard. "Michelle! I..." Michelle smiled at me as she pulled the dildo from her cunt. I couldn't help but see the thick crème that flowed out from her gapped lips. I watched mesmerized as she put the fake cock to her lips and sucked it clean.

"Come here Daddy!" Her words were delivered with a directness that I had only heard from her when she was mad or trying to make a point over my objection to something. Michelle had always been spoiled! I guess that was my fault for trying to give her everything she wanted. But she was a straight A kid in school from Grade School all the way through College. It was easy to reward her. and as she grew older, she became even more bossy and direct in her conversations with me at times.

Like a zombie, I walked over to her bed. Looking down at her, I couldn't help the feelings that were coursing thru my body. She was just as beautiful as her mom had been. And just like her mom would do at times, Michelle was taking charge.

She patted he spot next to her. and like an obedient child, I sat down. Michelle smiled. "Good Daddy!" I watched as she took her fingers and scooped up some of he thick crème from her cunt. She held her fingers up to the light so I could see. Then she placed those fingertips at my lips.

"Open your mouth Daddy!" Again, her words directed me to do something. I should have been stronger. But my dick was doing my thinking and it wouldn't refuse her. I know I groaned, as I felt her fingers push into my mouth. And the scent of her excited cunt; the taste of her pussy took over my mind.

I felt her fingers slide in and out of my mouth. "Suck them clean! Taste your little girl!" I held my mouth open but wouldn't suck her fingers. If I did, I would not be able to stop myself. But her taste was overwhelming my resolve.

I felt her hand take mine. She moved it and placed it directly on her dripping cunt. I could feel her fingers pushing mine into her. "Suck my fingers Daddy! Do it for me!" She was moving my hand in that in and out motion of fucking.

I closed my lips and began to suck her fingers. My thumb found her clit and she arched up from the bed. "Good Daddy! That's what I want! You're gonna give your little girl what she wants, aren't you Daddy? You always give me what I want. Don't you Daddy?"

All I could do was nod my head as my fingers took on a life of their own. I was openly fingering her cunt. My own daughter's cunt! And I was not in the frame of mind to want to stop. I felt her hand on my crotch. Then her fingers were pulling my zipper down.

"Pull my nipples Daddy! Pull them hard! Twist them and make me moan!" I did as I was told, pulling on her already hard nipples. I pinched them and twisted them as I pulled them away from her body. Michelle moaned, and I felt her fingers slowly wrap around the shaft of my throbbing cock as she pulled it free.

"More Daddy", she moaned as I felt her slowly stroking my dick. "Fill my pussy with your fingers. Use your thumb on my clit! Pull my nipples harder! Make me cry out!" I was lost! Those were the words that her mom would sometimes say to me.

Marsha loved it when I tortured her tits and nipples. I would sometimes tie them at the base so that her nipples grew even harder and more sensitive. Then I would spank them with a thin belt, making her moan and whimper, begging me to fuck her.

"Don't stop! Don't you dare stop Daddy! Harder! Yes! Like that!"

I had eased two fingers into her cunt and was slowly pushing them completely in then drawing them out. She was soaked! I pushed in another finger, as I pinched her nipples even harder, twisting them viciously. I felt Michelle shift herself around. Then her soft lips covered the tip of my throbbing dick.

"Oh baby!" Those were the only words I could utter, as I felt her mouth slide all the way down my shaft. I consider myself average, although a few women have told me that I was larger than the average man. But to watch my own daughter take all of me in one swoop almost made me pop my nuts.

I felt her fingers tighten around the base hard enough to hurt. She lifted her head up from my throbbing dick. "Not yet Daddy! I want to have some fun with this joy stick first!"

I felt he tongue licking all around the head. Damn! She gave head just like her mom used to do. And that woman loved to feast on my dick! Instinctively, I pressed down harder on her clit as I pushed yet another finger up her cunt.

I had 4 fingers pushing in and out of her juicy hole and she moaned and humped her ass; fucking against them as I fucked her with them. I was giving her nipples hell! She would be so sore when I was through. But I didn't care!

I pulled my fingers from her cunt and heard her whimper. Sucking them loud enough for her to hear, I cleaned them off. I placed them back at the entrance to her cunt. squeezing them together in a tight bunch, I rammed them in her cunt.

Michelle raised her head and screamed. I grabbed her by her hair and pulled hard as I shoved her mouth back down on my throbbing cock. This time I knew I wasn't gonna be able to hold back. I pulled her hair even harder as I worked her mouth up and down. I didn't care that she coughed and choked. All I knew was that my balls were about to erupt and I wasn't going to let her stop.

My hand was really forcing its way deep in her cunt. I pulled her head up and she gasped, sucking in air. Then I pushed her right back down on my dick. "Drink it! Don't you dare waste a drop!" I heard my voice commanding my daughter to drink my cum!

Her mouth began to suck hard as I felt my balls begin to empty. I don't know how she managed to swallow it all, but she didn't stop sucking until I was drained completely. And as she swallowed, I felt her body jerk as she came all over my fingers.

I sat with her head in my lap. Her tongue was licking my withering shaft softly while my hand stroked her hair. "Why did you do that Michelle? What could have possibly made you act in such a way with me? Have I ever acted like I was thinking sexually about you?"

My voice was soft and calm. Unlike the beating of my heart. This was my daughter! And I had just had one of the most intense orgasms that I had had since her mom.

Michelle didn't look up at me. Instead I felt her fingers caressing my now soft shaft tenderly. "Because I love you! And that is what mom would have done if she were here."

She said it so matter-factly, that I was taken by surprise. "What your mom would have done? Honey, you were 10 years old when she died. How would you know what mom would have done?"

Michelle eased up from my lap and went to her closet. She opened the door. Looking back at me, she got up on her tip toes and reached far back on the shelf. She drew out a box and opened it. Then she turned and held out four books. They were those old style composition note books and I recognized them immediately.

When we first started out, Marsha would write details about our lovemaking. She was explicit about the things we did and how she felt. She described the way I did things to her and no matter how kinky or even nasty we got, she found time to write it all down in her book.

She used to say that when she got too old to fuck, she would read them and let the crème dribble from between her old dried up cunt. We would laugh about it then, but seeing the books did something to me. It made me think of how much I missed her even after all these years. The fact that my daughter had just satisfied me the way her mom used to do didn't help. I began to cry.

"Please don't cry Daddy! I didn't mean to hurt you. I just wanted to show you how much I love you. You're always saying how much I look like mom did! You always tell me that when I wear certain clothes I remind you of her. I found the books in an old chest one day. I have been reading them for a while and well..."

I looked at my daughter. She had tears streaming down her face. She hugged me tight. "But why Michelle? Why would you do something like this?"

I felt her soft lips on my neck as she hugged me. "Because no woman could ever love you like she did! Like I do! I've seen you when you go out with other women. You don't do it often and even when you do, you always seem to come home fighting depression. It's been so long since I have really seen you happy. I thought that if I could make you remember the happy times you spent with mom it would cheer you up.

You and mom were perfect together. Not just sexually either. Did you know that mom wrote another type of book? One that she never let you see? I found that one hidden behind a board in my closet. She wrote about how much she loved you. She wrote about all the things that you do to make her special and keep her and me happy. I'll let you read it one day. I think that you will be surprised at how much mom really loved you.

I have wanted you for a long time daddy. I have thought about you! Fantasized about you! Worked myself to sleep thinking about you making love to me the way you did to mom. Then I found the books. After reading them, I knew that I had to have you. Have you the way that mom did. Feel the love from you that you gave to her even in sex.

I know that sex between a daughter and her father is incest. But I know that there is only one love stronger than that love. And that is the love between a husband and wife. I never found a man that could give me that kind of love. Not outside this house.

You loved it when mom would take charge. She wrote about how hot you would get when she would act the way I did. How you would let her take charge until you couldn't stand it. Then you took over and gave her the things she craved from you. I want those things too daddy! I want them from you!"

Michelle kissed me on the neck. Then she kissed my cheek. I could taste the salt of her tears as she kissed my lips. Then she was pushing me back on the bed. I felt her kneel slowly before me. Then my groan as I felt her lips circle my soft dick. It didn't take long for her to get me hard again. I was surprised, since I had just cum hard enough to cause my eyeballs to hurt.

Michelle crawled up my body until her cunt was poised over the tip of my dick. "Mom liked being your hot slut! She loved to ride you so hard that her cunt hurt the next day. She wrote how you would twist and pull her nipples telling her what a nasty bitch she was; how hot and crazy for her she made you."

I felt Michelle reach down and grasp my dick. Then it was pressing against the lips of her wet pussy. Her eyes locked on mine. I watched her take a deep breath. Then without a second of hesitation, she slammed her cunt down on me hard. I felt my dick force its way deep into her cunt.

Michelle screamed as she raised up and slammed her cunt back down on my dick. Her face took on a maniacal look. "Hurt my tits! Pull them you bastard! Treat me like the whore/slut I am!" Those were words that Marsha would say as she rode me like this.

Without thinking, I reached up and gripped Michelle's nipples. I twisted them viciously, pulling them hard from her tits. Suddenly, it wasn't my daughter Michelle that I was fucking. It was Marsha! I was fucking my wonderful wife and it was like it had been so many years ago.

"Take it bitch! This is how I treat nasty slut/whores like you! Ride my dick! Fuck it so hard it goes up into your mouth!" I heard Michelle's screams. But in my mind it was Marsha's screams of pleasure/pain. The screams she had so often graced my ears with.

I reached her ass and pulled her cheeks apart, pulling her even harder on my throbbing dick. My fingers found her asshole. Shoving a finger in, I bucked hard up into her. "Ride me slut! I'm gonna take this ass! I'm gonna ride your ass for all its worth."

"Daddy! Daddy! DADDY!" Michelle's scream jerked me out of my memory. I looked up and suddenly our eyes locked. Suddenly, Michelle threw her head back. This time the scream she let go scared me. It was a full throated roar! I felt her jerk, then suddenly, my groin was flooded with liquid fire.

But instead of stopping, Michelle seemed to go into overdrive. She was like a woman possessed. I felt her grab my nipples and I screamed as she twisted and pulled. She was riding me so hard I could feel the pain as she rammed down on me.

Michelle screamed again. and another jet of liquid splashed over my dick and balls. Then I felt her collapse down on me. She was crying. I held her tight, rubbing her back. "Oh baby! Oh honey, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you! Baby, please forgive me!"

I rolled her over, pulling myself from her. Michelle cried out as my dick pulled free. It felt like her cunt had a vice-like grip on it. "Daddy! don't move!" I stopped. Her nails dug into my back and she cried out again, jerking her hips against me in a frenzy.

Then suddenly, she went limp. I jerked my dick free, looking down at her. did she faint? Was she unconscious? No. her chest was moving up and down rapidly. Then her eyes fluttered. She looked up at me and groaned. Then I felt her arms tighten around me.

"Oh Daddy! that was the most intense thing I ever felt! I thought that the top of my head was gonna explode. Damn! Damn! Now I know what mom meant when she wrote that after a fucking like that she could barely walk for days. I don't think that I can get up. You went further in my cunt than any man has ever gone."

I eased off the bed and ran to the bathroom. Coming back, I used a towel to try and soak up the wetness that had soaked the sheet. Michelle began to laugh. I looked at her and she laughed even harder. "Oh Daddy! no man has ever fucked the piss out of me before!" She began to laugh hysterically. I admit that I started laughing too.

"Well honey! The only woman that has ever ridden me that hard before was your mom. I didn't think that any woman could do that again. I have tried to do it with other women but they always complained that it hurt too much. I hope that I didn't hurt you too much. it would be kind of awkward to have to go to the doctor. Especially since you have the same doctor mom had and she knows why mom hurt the way she did."

Michelle moved and a look of pain crossed her face. I was immediately concerned. "I don't think you did any permanent damage Daddy! but it will be days before I let you near my pussy again. And what am I suppose to do with you now? I didn't feel you cum in me!"

I laughed, my hard dick bobbing as I stood before her. "Well Michelle, you read your mom's book. You know what happens in the shower now." Michelle looked at me. "Oh no! if you think that I'm gonna let you in my ass after the fucking you just gave my poor pussy, you had better think again buster! That is something you will have to wait til I can function for! But I think that I can use my mouth to please you."

I smiled, feeling better than I had in years as I took her hand a led her to the bathroom. I still had a lot of things that Marsha and I would do that didn't involve my fucking any of her holes. I don't think that Michelle would get much sleep tonight!

If you enjoyed this story and would like to read more about Michelle and her dad, send me your feedback. Try not to be crass! Include an email address, being anonymous is so unlike most of the readers.

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