tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGood Fences Make Good Neighbors

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors


I didn't know Bill that well, even though Julie and I had moved in next door just after our wedding two years ago. It was one of those suburban realities that we would see him every now and then, tending his garden, tinkering under the hood of his old convertible Mustang, but beside a brief introduction when we moved in and a brief hello every now and then, our paths never really crossed. He was forty years older than us, a nice enough man, but we had nothing in common.

We finally had saved enough money to build the privacy fence that Julie always wanted, and it seemed to increase the distance even farther between us and our amicable neighbor. My wife didn't want the fence to protect us from his eyes; it was the rental property neighbors on the other side of our house with barking dogs and loud friends. My young wife was a quiet person who liked her seclusion, and the eight foot wooden fence made her feel secure enough to lay out back in her swimsuit and read or talk on the phone or even write stories on her laptop when the weather was nice. Since we live in Florida, she's out back a lot.

I had borrowed a pipe wrench from our neighbor a couple of weeks earlier and finally got around to returning it. I figured he was home because the Mustang was out front and the garage door was open. My wife was in the back yard in her swimsuit, lying face down on a wooden deck chair, folded flat. She was reading a romance paperback, one of the paranormal romance types she likes so much, with women being ravished by werewolves and vampires.

I walked across the front lawn to Bill's open garage. The space in his yard between our fence and his garage was covered with a dense hedge of areca palms...by building our privacy fence we actually did a better job of secluding his yard, full of mature plantings, than ours.

Bill had a standard Florida garage...meaning that he used it as an extra living room when the weather was nice. He had a couch and a TV, and a fridge full of beer. I stepped in and looked around. Unlike my garage he kept everything so neat. I didn't see him, but I saw exactly the spot where the wrench belonged, on a pegboard on the outside wall, just next to the side door, which faced our yard, and stood propped open by a concrete lawn gnome that prevented it from accidentally swinging closed in the gentle afternoon breeze.

I figured Bill was inside, maybe taking a nap. I don't know why I figured older guys took naps all the time, but I did. I went to hang the wrench in its spot on the wall and just before I turned away to go home, a movement on our neighbor's side of the privacy fence caught my eye.

I peeked out in the direction of the movement and there was our neighbor, his back to me, crouched with his face pressed against a gap in the boards of our fence. His shorts were around his ankles, and the movement I had seen was him stroking his cock as he watched my wife sunbathing.

I suppose I should have been shocked, or offended, but instead my heart pounded with curiosity and excitement. Curiosity because I had never seen another man masturbate before, much less with my wife as the object of his lust. And my own cock stiffened quickly with the imagination of what he was seeing, what was going through his mind, imagining her body, covered as it was with only the thin layer of white clingy fabric of her one piece suit. The view he had couldn't have been more than a yard or two from the foot of her chair. If her legs were still slightly spread, as they had been when I last checked in on her, he should have been able to see the crotch panel of her suit pulled tight over the close trimmed mound of her blonde pubes, with the slightest hint of the swell and cleft of her puffy pussy lips beneath. Maybe a couple of hairs peeked out the sides of the panel. That always drove me crazy with desire for her, the telltale signs of a mature sexual woman carelessly exposed to public view.

I froze for a moment. I wanted to be in two places at once...staying here to watch as he slowly pleasured himself, and in my own backyard exposing my wife to my neighbor's fevered gaze. The temptation to put on an even better show of my wife's sexy body was simply too great. I didn't know what I was going to do, what I could get away with, but I needed to try. This opportunity might never happen again.

I carefully placed the pipe wrench in its place on the pegboard and returned quietly to my house. Looking out the kitchen window I could see her, still lying on her stomach. If anything, her legs were slightly wider spread. I studied the fence carefully to figure out if he was still there, and given that I now knew where to look, I thought I detected his presence. He was closer than I originally thought. If it weren't for the fence, he would have been able to reach out and tickle her bare feet.

I had to reposition my own growing member as I quickly hatched a plan. I couldn't let my wife detect an obvious hard-on as I approached, for fear of tipping her off to my intentions. Pouring an iced tea into a covered tumbler and inserting a straw, I walked out into the backyard next to her, careful not to glance at the fence and just as careful not to block his view.

"Here honey. Good book?" She squinted up at me over the top of her sunglasses as I offered her the iced tea. As I had hoped, the lid and the straw meant that she didn't need to roll over to drink. I wanted her to stay on her stomach, comfortable and relaxed.

"Thanks, babe. It's okay, right in the middle of a good vampire se scene right now." She propped herself up just enough so that I got a quick peek between her perfect C-cups, a bead of sweat dripping down her cleavage.

I picked up the lotion from the table next to her chair. "Let me refresh your sunblock, okay gorgeous? Don't want that perfect skin to get burned." She smiled and laid the book down, stretching herself out to be accessible. I kneeled at the head of the sturdy wooden chair and poured a handful of the thick white lotion across my fingertips, musing about how similar the warm liquid felt to the substance I was hoping to tease from my lustful neighbor. I smoothed it over her neck, and the part of her shoulders that was exposed by her rather modest suit.

"Mmmm, you have good hands, sweets."

I coated her arms and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Let me get your legs, Julie. You can get back to your book." I moved down next to the foot of her chair, making sure our neighbor still had a good view. Starting with the graceful foot on the side opposite me, I sensuously and slowly applied the lotion, being careful not to tickle. Julie loved having me pay attention to her pretty feet, and made yummy contented noises as I made sure every one of her toes were protected from the harsh sun.

I worked my slippery hands up her shapely ankle, to her knee and then slowly up her thigh. She was engrossed in her book as my hands drifted closer and closer to the thin panel of fabric that covered her precious parts. She sighed deeply as my fingers traced the edge of the suit.

I noticed that a few blonde hairs had in fact escaped the elastic, which looked a little ragged, as the suit was several years old. My stiff shaft throbbed at the thought that Bill might be able to see them too.

Then I started on the foot closer to me, giving it the same careful, loving treatment I gave the other, while stretching her leg gently toward me. By the time I was working the warm lotion into her calf, I had coaxed her leg off the chaise, supporting it as I massaged her long graceful limb. She purred in satisfaction as I massaged my way up her thigh, toward her feminine treasure.

This time, with her legs spread wider, there was a little gap in her valley between the elastic and her sensitive flesh. I could just make out the edge of her tangle of blonde pubic hair through the opening. I was glad that the elastic was so relaxed after years of wear as her favorite swimsuit. I made a mental note to take my gorgeous wife shopping for new swimwear, hoping she would agree to a skimpy bikini now that we had a private back yard.

I slowly made my move toward the enticing gap, anticipating her swatting my hand away just as I got close. She was always intensely modest, not liking public displays of affection. But I suppose she felt like the privacy fence created a seclusion that sheltered her, because as tip of my middle finger ventured under the material to make contact with the soft warmth of her puffy outer lips, she simply moaned in pleasure.

My strongest desire at that moment was to take the fabric between my fingertips and pull it aside, fully exposing Julie's beautiful pussy to Bill's lustful gaze. But I restrained myself, afraid that if I pushed my shy wife too far, she would stop me and I'd lose all the ground I had surprisingly gained.

Instead I slid another finger under the fabric, without pushing the covering aside. The tip of my middle finger grazed past her outer labia and touched the crinkled inner lips, moist and hot from the stimulation of the warm lotion massage. She gasped, but didn't stop me, focusing instead on the paranormal sex scene being described in her book. She moved her other leg a little farther from me, making my access easier.

My middle finger parted her entrance and slipped inside as my pinkie sought out her little, sensitive nub. Julie arched her hips slightly, and my finger slipped deeper inside. She reached out without looking as she concentrated on the written words in front of her, and found the towel that she used to daub her face in the hot Florida sun. Without missing a phrase of the sexy ritual virgin sacrifice happening in the dark dungeon of a Romanian castle, she slipped the cushion of the cloth into her mouth and bit down.

My pinkie found its mark on her clit and my index finger probed her wet sex. Julie moaned louder, but the moan was now muffled by the towel. Still I left the covering of the opaque fabric of the swimsuit in place as I lovingly probed her dripping opening. It was exciting enough to know that he could see her squirming at the end of my fingers and hear her gagged groans of pleasure.

I turned my hand under the stretchy fabric so that I could curl my fingertip against the secret pleasure spot inside her increasingly lubricated tunnel. My thumb replaced my pinkie on her clit and she pushed herself against me. Normally nearly silent in her orgasms, the combination of the sensual massage, the forbidden outdoor location, and the sex scene she was reading in the romance novel seemed to quickly push her past her normal limits of discretion. Her graceful foot sought out my lap and slid deftly up the leg of my shorts as she wiggled under my erotic touch, her toes making contact with my steel-ahrd stiffness just as she pushed over the edge.

"Oohhhh, fuck," she let the towel drop out of her mouth and gasped loudly. My darling bride was possessed. She never swore and she was intensely shy and here she was in our open back yard crying out in desire as I fingered her to a quacking orgasm. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck yes yes," she cried out as she came, her toes clenching and flexing on my throbbing erection. I nearly lost my own load in my shorts, but in her thrashing her foot slipped out and saved me just before my peak.

Finally she collapsed like a limp rag on the sturdy wooden chaise, her limbs sprawled. Suddenly she blushed and whispers, "Oh my god, you don't think anyone heard?"

"No, I'm sure no one heard," I lied without blinking. "That's why we got the fence, right? Anyway, you were still pretty quiet." I really hoped she didn't catch that blatant lie. She was anything but quiet, but her performance was so fucking hot I wanted her to feel free to repeat it. I hoped out neighbor appreciated the unprecedented show he saw. I was trembling with the realization that he had just watched my modest bride break through a barrier I had believed inviolable.

She smiled at me carnivorously as she rolled on her side and pushed her sunglasses down so I could see the look of lust in her clear blue eyes. "I need you inside me. Are you still hard?" Her gaze went down to the tent in my shorts and answered her question before I could. "Yummy...get inside and strip!"

She didn't have to say it twice. I grabbed her hand and hustled the two of us into our bedroom. By the time we got to the foot of our bed my shorts and boxers were already to my ankles, revealing the stiff curve of my erection. Her swimsuit was peeled down to her hips, revealing her perfect, firm B-cup breasts. I pushed her back on the bed and practically tore the swimsuit off, revealing her still open flower of pink on the background of pale and blonde. I started to kneel between her legs, I wanted to feast on that glorious nectar before I impaled her, but she had other ideas.

"No, put it in, now!" she hissed urgently, grabbing my ear and leading me up on top of her. By the time my lips reached hers, and my tongue slip into her mouth, tangling and tasting with hers, the shiny tip of my cock was pressed against her slippery opening.

I tilted myself into her, just the tip at first, I was intending to tease her and slowly slide in, worried that I wouldn't last very long, given the intensity of the erotic adventure we just had. But she plowed right through another of her own boundaries she rolled her hips upward and planted her heels against my ass, clamping me against her and driving me deep in a single hot, wet thrust.

"Fuck me, motherfucker!" she growled in desire. I felt her fingernails graze gently my shoulders as I ground myself into her, pressing the ridge of my pubic bone against her body and feeling the tip of my cock flick sideways across the muscle of her cervix. I flicked it back in the other direction and that was all it took. She arched against me, grinding her clit against the base of my cock and gasping hoarsely in pleasure as her second orgasm began to overtake her. I groaned as my own seed jetted out of my roiling balls and saturated her womb.

"Oh god...I can...feel...you...cum!" she blurted out as I filled her with my cream. Her fingers tensed and her nails dug into my shoulders, the pain at first distracting but then sending another shudder of orgasm through my body, and another load of semen into her belly.

As we lay next on our big bed and held each other tenderly, with my still hard shaft resting inside her, I trembled in the afterglow of our unexpected adventure. Brushing her long hair out of her face with my fingers and gently kissing her cheeks, her barely parted lips, the bridge of her nose, I whispered to my bride, "You are so gorgeous, so perfect for me. I love you so much."

"I don't know what came over me, baby. I didn't hurt you, did I?" The gouges in my shoulders stung a bit, and I thought I might have felt a bit of blood, but it was nothing compared to the enormous warmth of satisfaction that filled me.

"I loved it, Julie. You're amazing." I kissed her forehead and we both drifted off into the reverie of an afternoon post-coital slumber. Inside her at that moment another magical event was happening, as one of my little swimmers was finding his way to my lover's waiting egg, and conceiving our first child.

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