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Good Girl Gone Better


At the time she was a 20 year old wife just married 1 year prior. She's a petite brown haired 5 foot girl with 34 B succulent breasts that are very soft yet firm and perky with very excitable pink nipples that begged to be licked and sucked on. Her best feature was and still is her ass. Firm, deep and built to take a good hard pounding. Her ass has and still turns the heads of young guys and older men alike.

Kim has always been told that she looked very young for her age. Much too young to be sexually active for sure. At 18 she looked so naive that most guys in school didn't even pay attention to her since she didn't look like she would be much fun. As I'm sure you know, most guys at that age are interested in either cars or getting into the pants of the girl sitting next to him in history class.

Don't get me wrong, there were guys that took her innocence as a challenge. Guys would take her on dates to see how far this girl would let them go. Some got her shirt off and bra open to feast on her small delicate breasts. In fact that's what she wanted from most of her dates, to have her tits massaged and sucked on while feeling her ass so she could go home and get herself off by rubbing her clit to orgasm.

The space between her legs was totally off limits for a long while and the guys package was taboo for her because she didn't want to lose control and have anything get too far which sent many guys home with blue balls.

Me? I'm an ass man. When I first noticed Kim she was standing talking with some friends. I thought wow she's cute! Then she turned and walked away. What an ass! I had to have her. As luck would have it her locker ended up being right below mine. YES!

A semester later we were dating off and on. While it only took 3 dates for me to see first hand what she looked like topless, it seemed to take forever to finally get my hand between her legs and even longer to get my fingers between her oh so soft lips of her trimmed pussy.

Kim could fill a cup with her orgasmic juices every time we went out to a drive in movie or parking off road somewhere but she was true to her upbringing that penile penetration was for her future husband.

High school was the catalyst for her sexual awakening as many guys got to sample her limited body. She would go to church outings or school functions like a good girl and meet the bad boys that would seduce and take advantage of her innocence.

They would kiss her and bring her to orgasms by fingering her virgin pussy and sucking her sensitive nipples while nobody was paying attention. She never intended to let these guys become physical with her. She just couldn't say no.

One guy in particular that she didn't even like succeeded in seducing her on a bus trip. Kim was just trying to stay warm so he said he would help by sitting next to her and using his body heat. He eventually slid his hand under the blanket she was using to stay warm. She tried to stop him but was so shy that she didn't want to make a scene. He casually wormed his fingers past her shorts and brought her to an intense orgasm with 2 fingers slowly swirling barely inside her tight and inexperienced pussy all the while having a conversation with his friends that had no doubt what was going on.

I'm sure the guy won a bet for his forward and demeaning actions on this embarrassed and naive young nymph.

That brings the true story to me... her husband. The one she presented her virginity to only months before our wedding and the one who has been fondling, licking, sucking, eating, kissing and aggressively pounding that sweet innocent body into orgasm ever since.

In fact it was her idea that we have penetration long before I even asked her to marry me.

Kim was so hot one evening while making out and my forearm was sore from fingering her still tight pussy that she told me to take my pants and underwear off . I didn't argue, I thought this was finally it, That I was finally going to fuck her super hot virgin hole which I did, just not the one I expected.

She turned her hard petite body to me and told me that she needed me inside of her. She got on my side of the car and straddled my raging cock that she had still only touched through the protection of my pants. She stroked my rod while looking into my eyes and told me that she had been thinking about it and that she still wanted to keep her virginity but we could slide my penis into her ass. OH YESS!! I'm not a total fool and it was the greatest feeling as she straddled my hips, grabbed my cock and forced my steel hard penis into her tightest virgin opening. It felt unbelievable as she slid down onto me rising up and pushing down little by little again and again sliding my shaft deeper and deeper into her anal cavity being lubricated by her wet running pussy. My full balls were grinding between her ass cheeks fucking her while she rotated her hips and made loud sexually intoxicating whimpering noises of both pain and pleasure.

Nothing mattered to her at that point except for finally having her body penetrated by a cock. Obviously it didn't take long for me to reach the point of no return, after all, I was used to cumming in my pants while I dry humped her for goodness sake.

I told her that I couldn't hold it which sent her into an intense orgasm. She threw her head back riding me with sexual abandon telling me to make sure to cum completely inside her ass and not to let any into her vagina. I grabbed her hips and thrust my cock balls deep into her writhing body pumping as hard and fast as I could. I came so hard that I thought the cum would shoot out her mouth.

When she finally got off sliding my shriveled cock out of her bowels. My cum spilled down my shaft making a mess all over my balls. After she cleaned herself up she lovingly wiped up all the cum with a towel she brought with her obviously planning this from the start.

I took her home not knowing what to say. Although we only did anal before we married a couple of times they were great. Especially when we did it in front of her sleeping roomy in her college dorm.

Kim and I weren't dating exclusively much to my dismay so she would still go out with others on occasion and as much as she tried to stay "just friends with them" she would end up topless. By the end of the night her pants would be open and the guys fingers would be bringing her to constant orgasms but no matter how hard they tried they just could not get her to go all the way so most of them just used her for fun and moved on.

Therefore she was very naive and inexperienced with the main event of hard core pussy fucking until just a few months before we wed.

Over time I discovered something very exciting. She loved to be dominated sexually by me and was easily seduced with sexual fantasies. Yea Yea this is when I tell you that I wanted her to fuck other guys to satisfy my demented mind. Not so fast, that came later.

A fantasy that she seemed to love was when I would mention another man being in bed with her. We would have the hottest sex after I would bring make-believe guys into the bedroom and let them (me) have their way with her. She was always orgasmic but the more I would push the other man fantasy the wetter she would get until one night she actually ejaculated orgasm all over the bed.

I wondered if she would ever really be open to having sex with another man either with or without my permission. I realized that she was an easy target for someone with seductive motives and I guess I was happy that I was the one with the deviant ideas.

I was sexually active before Kim and received many blow jobs and sex from friends of Kim's and I would tell her about what her friends and I would do to each other way back when. I even told her about a time when I took turns fucking 2 of her best girlfriends at the same time even though one of them had a boyfriend which for some reason turned her on to no end. This was before our exclusiveness so the sex talk turned her on even more and as anticipated she started to feel as if she missed out on something.

We had started watching porn from before we married which we both enjoyed but I wanted to see actual sex with a man and a woman besides us. So I thought why not watch Kim pleasure someone in front of me or more exact I wanted another guy to royally fuck her brains out while I watched.

I wanted to use her as my sex toy and watch others use her body with my permission. I wanted to turn my wife into a cock slut that would do whatever I pleased. I wanted to dominate her sexually. Was this self centered? Of course it was. Oh well that's where I was at that time. I didn't want any of this panzy ass cuckold crap either. She was still my wife and nobody had ever do anything to harm her for I am very capable of defending her.

Eventually with a lot of fantasy play and coaxing I made progress.

You have to remember, she was still only a one cock girl and by the way it took a full year for her to even consider giving me a blowjob but man did she learn well!

She sounded very sexual but was really very shy and naive. The only reason that she had any experience at all is because she didn't know how to say no and didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings. Besides, it felt good. And in advance, No I never lost control and am still happily married to her and our sex life has improved tremendously. I would only recommend this to the very strong minded. In hindsight we never used condoms or had any disease on our minds so we are lucky to have no ill effects.

SO this is how I succeeded. How I turned my once innocent, naive petite young wife into a sex hound, a wanton slut. And since money was spent on her by another man I would even say a one time whore. The lifestyle lasted about 6 years and was great.

In high school she thought that one of the upper classmen (as usual) was very hot. He was an athlete like me and she always found him very attractive and he just so happened to be one of my close friends that I grew up with.

Me and Sean talked a lot even after Kim and I married and sex would still come up. Since we always talked about the girls we had experienced my desire to watch a live couple screw came up and I asked him if he thought Kim was pretty.

Since we didn't keep secrets he told me that yes he though she was cute. As I said before, she was only 20 and still looked younger. I asked him what he would think if I told him that Kim had a thing for him and that I would use Sean's name in our sex play to turn her on. He was shocked but wanted to hear more. I asked if he was sexually attracted to her which he was and said that if she wasn't married to me he wouldn't pass up an opportunity to get with her. I told him "tell you what... Next week why don't you come over and help me seduce her. Then you can pretend that she's not married to me so you can enjoy her all you want".

After a few minutes I finally convinced him that I wanted us both to seduce my wife and let him enjoy the pleasure of her sex.

I had been bringing my friend into our fantasy sex sessions for the past few months and purchased a dildo that I would fuck her with telling her that it was his cock inside her body. His name would always get her juices literally flowing. For months I would get more and more graphic using his name more and more often getting her used to seeing him as a sex object. I even penetrated her ass while "he" fucked her pussy. By the way. It's one thing to watch DP on film but it's another to do it in person. There is something about 2 cocks touching that's wrong. But that's just me.

I knew that Kim would never agree to actually meeting someone for sexual purposes so Sean would come over and we would talk and do some swimming so she could see his body more close and personal. I noticed that the more he came over the more nervous she would become.

The nights before and after he would come over, Kim and I would talk sexually and I would bring his name into the foreplay. I would ask questions like "did you see him looking at your body? What if he was in the next room, would you be afraid to have sex and let him hear you"? or "what would you do if he walked in right now while your riding my cock, or would you suck his dick if he all of a sudden appeared in front of you"? She would get the wettest pussy with this type of talk and her juices would pour out of her snatch and run down my full balls. The sloshing sounds of our fucking was mind blowing.

Sean and I knew we were getting to her when she would start acting more shy than usual and look away when he looked at her while we swam in the pool together.

Sean would make sure to get caught looking at her sweet ass or firm tits through her one piece bathing suit. I noticed her look down at his trunks instead of at him when he looked the other way. Once when I caught her looking I asked if she saw something she liked and she actually said yes. I asked what did she see and she blushed and said that she couldn't wait until tonight so we could make love.

On this night Kim went in to get something to drink while I asked if Sean wanted to stay because Kim was ready for whatever we could give her.

Tonight Kim was going to get laid no matter how reluctant she may act. Her body and mind wanted what was coming even if she didn't know it at the time.

We got out of the pool and I told Kim that Sean was leaving and I was going to the store to get a movie to watch. She knew it was a sex video and just said make sure it was a good one. We rented a regular scary movie and a sex flick with lots of threesomes and while we were picking which porno we wanted I called Kim to tell her to make sure she takes a really good shower before I got back so we would be ready for action during the movie. I also told her that Sean would be coming back with me and that he wanted to see her naked.

Kim just thought I was getting her in the mood for fantasy play and she was right except I was ready to make the fantasy real.

We got back about an hour later and when she saw that he was still with me she stopped in her tracks and became beat red. She later told me that she had masterbated while we were gone so when I got back we could have sex but had not anticipated my friend coming along with me. She was instantly wet between the legs and had never been so nervous even though she wasn't sure what we were up to.

During a lot of our sex sessions I would mention to her that I would someday bring a friend home with me and let him have his way with her. She would always moan and have multiple orgasms but she never in a million years thought anything would actually escalate to reality.

She excused herself to the other room with me right behind her as I was going to make sure tonight was the night that the seduction was brought to a successful outcome. I closed the door behind us grabbing her and turning her to me and pushing my way to her body so she was between me and the wall. I aggressively kissed her open mouth deeply while feeling her tits, ass and pussy with both hands mauling her like a piece of meat that was about to be devoured. I asked her if she had taken a bath as instructed. Kim just nodded her head and asked what I was up to. I then turned and returned to the living room where our friend waited.

About 10 minutes later Kim came out wearing an easy accessible pink sundress and acted as if nothing was different but I could tell she was nervous about what might happen. She didn't want to do anything that might confuse her ethics but she couldn't shake the feeling of lust between her smooth thighs.

We put in the first movie and Kim was relieved because it was a normal R rated movie with no sexuality in it at all, therefore Kim thought that I was just trying to get her excited for later when my friend left.

After the first movie we chatted for awhile before I just got up and changed movies telling her that we also got an action movie to watch.

Kim said okay and I asked Sean if he was ready which he smiled and nodded. This was his cue that the seduction of my wife was moments away from being a reality. That he was actually going to get his hands on a married woman and have hot passionate sex with a vulnerable female.

Sean wanted to spread a married woman's legs and take what was the husbands and make his own. He wanted to be the first to soil this hot wife.

We made her sit between us on the couch and pushed play. Instantly the previews started playing. She just sat there watching cock after hard thick cock ram into hot sluts and penetrate every orifice. She stared at the sex on the screen and we watched her as her mouth dropped open, her breathing deepened and her eyes glazed over.

We started breathing hard right along with her but not from the movie. We watched her right before our eyes lose the innocent look that she had to looking like a passionate woman who knew she was about to be taken as a prize.

I put my arm around her and pulled her mouth to mine kissing her deeply while shoving my tongue down her throat. I openly squeezed and fondled her covered tits feeling her nipples harden to my touch. She pushed her hand against my leg and clinched the other into a fist as if to resist once before she was totally gone. I slid down the dress strap from her shoulders and bared her succulent orbs as our friend looked on. I kissed my way down her neck and shoulders pushing her away from me telling her to kiss her new stud like the slut we were going to make her.

Here was Kim, oh so innocent with her soft breast naked in front of another man while her own husband was telling her to mingle her wet saliva with him. To passionately touch lips and partake with someone other that her husband.

She rolled her eyes and let him shove his tongue deep inside her mouth kissing him back with all the passion I had ever seen. She didn't resist as their lips met and tongues mingled. I kissed my way down to her flushed breasts and started licking and sucking her erect swollen, pink nipple.

They were making out pretty aggressively when I took her swollen tit closest to him and told him to have a taste while I took care of the other. He went down and took her into his mouth and sucked like a starved man. Kim had never in her hottest dreams imagined 2 men sucking on her tits at one time and loved it. Only a few seconds of this and Kim had her first ever orgasm by breast stimulation and her first of countless ones for the night. She was totally and helplessly lost in her lust wanting anything we could give her.

What she did next even surprised me. She slid down in front of me while opening my pants and engulfed my hard cock to the back of her throat. We both watched in awe as she sucked my cock like a slut while she reached over to Sean's pants and released his raging pole. I told her that there would be no blue balls tonight so she went over and started stroking and sucking only her first cock ever besides mine. This was going to be the night of many firsts since she has never even seen another dick in person before. The look on her face with another mans prick sliding between my wife's hot lips was priceless, pure unadulterated lust.

We undressed her body while she took turns sucking us off and I told Sean he should taste some of her married pussy before we soil it to much. He went down between her thighs kissing her as he went. He spread her legs and started eating her naive uneducated pussy. Eating, licking and slurping all her cum while he finger banged her to what seemed like continuous orgasms.

I sat there and sucked on her tits since she wasn't able to concentrate on having a dick in her mouth while all these new sensations were coursing through her petite young body.

I asked Kim what she wanted next and she said that she wanted to get made love to by the both of us. I told her we had no intention of making love to her, that we were going to take her body for our ourselves and fuck it as hard and long as we could until she begged us to stop and that her body was going to be used for our pleasure. She moaned in approval as she slid down to the floor getting on all fours and said "do it to me fuck me, use me".

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