tagInterracial LoveGood Grief Ch. 07

Good Grief Ch. 07


As they approached the home hand in hand, they could hear the music booming from the outside. Sienna glanced at Jason and she could tell he was nervous.

He was unusually quiet in his thoughts.

He was dressed in a black button down shirt and dark blue jeans. He looked delicious. She was excited for him to meet her mom and everyone else.

"They will love you babe."

Jason gazed down at Sienna with adoration. She always knew what to say to him.

The truth is that he was nervous. In the past, Jason had spoken to the rich and famous, foreign ministers, diplomats, heads of state... But this was by far the most nervous he'd ever felt.

Well, he never had something as precious as Sienna before.

It's crazy how things change so quickly. Now he was on his way to meet his girl's family and hoped to God they like him.

Just two months ago, he was allergic to girlfriends and mocked men who were pussy-whipped.

You know the men who walk around the mall holding their girlfriend's purse... pussy whipped. Or the men who have to call their girl every 2 minutes just because... pussy whipped. Or the poor smuck who escaped home and hit up a bar but when their woman calls he makes everyone be quiet and replies with a "I'm just picking up some milk at the market honey, be home in a jiff."

Who says 'jiff'? That right there is a man who is whipped... Whoh-Keesh

Or so Jason used to think.

Now, he was so consumed with Sienna, yea he'd admit it. He wasn't shy about it either; he'd scream it from the tallest building if she asked him to.


He finally understood. The sappy songs, the poetry, the crazy shit people do when they're in love, the desire to just fuck one woman for the rest of your life. He understood.

When you find not only a good woman but your good woman... the one that binds your very soul. It shouldn't be any other way but being completely bound to each other. What he felt for Sienna he barely had words to describe it.

Although Jason felt things were going well, it had only been a week since they'd been together.

A week, a day and four hours to be exact.

Sure, it was frustrating because it sounded ridiculous to be in love after one week, a day and four hours.

But he was.

Undeniably, irrefutably, head over heels, and utterly in love with Sienna.

He couldn't explain it, it's not like he's ever felt like this way before. And he wasn't blinded by the idea of being in love either. He would be perfectly content remaining a bachelor.

It was all because of Sienna.

It wasn't only the fact that he pictured her as his wife and the mother of his children. Or the fact that she was the first thing he thought of when he woke in the morning and the last image he had when he fell asleep. Or the fact that her simple presence... had the power to move him to change.

It was the fact that he found his true self in her eyes.

When she smiled, flecks of green made an appearance. In those precious moments, Jason couldn't help but be a silent observer of the single most beautiful occurrence in the world.

People from far and wide stop what they're doing when rare celestial events occur. They buy special glasses, high-tech telescopes and camp out in ideal locations. There are news reports to remind people the time it will occur... all to capture a glimpse of the spectacular phenomenon.

Jason bore witness to it every time Sienna smiled. He peered into her reflection and saw the best possible version of himself in her eyes.

And it terrified him.

She held so much power.

He was so nervous and self-conscious; he thought any minute now, she'd figure out he was nothing more but a refurbished asshole and she could do better...


Jason pulled Sienna in for a kiss. Kissing her calmed him.

He held her close as they walked and he admired the beauty by his side. Sienna wore a yellow summer halter dress with gold hoop earrings and bangles on her wrist. Her hair was down in soft waves and it smelled like coconut.

How did she know it was secretly one of his favorite smells?

It took all of Jason's strength to leave the house and not fuck her senseless all day. But he truly wanted to get to know the family behind his lady.

She played with the silver key pendant around her necklace.

"What's that?" Jason asked.

Sienna sighed and said, "This is the last thing Sean gave me before he left for Afghanistan. I miss him so much, especially now. I would've loved for you to meet him... I think you would have been great friends."

"I know... I think about how much my mom would've loved you. She was an unbelievable lady... She was sassy and tough rolled into a sweet package" Jason said sadly.

Sienna squeezed his arm and said, "I'm sure I would've loved her... But I can get a glimpse of her through you. We can't think of the what-ifs, just remember them fondly and cherish the family we have left."

Just then, Sharon burst the door open, ran down the steps and hugged her daughter.

"Happy birthday Sienna! Don't you look pretty."

"Thanks mom. I know I'm getting old." Sienna said grinning.

Jason observed the mother and daughter as they hugged. Sharon was undoubtedly a beautiful woman. He could see the resemblance in the shape of the face and nose. There were some differences, Sharon's skin was the lightest brown, and she had big blue-green eyes and light brown hair.

Sienna put an arm out and reached for Jason saying, "Mom, I'd like you to meet Jason."

Realizing Sienna wasn't alone for the first time, Sharon turned around and said, "Well hello, and who might you be?"

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Johnson, I'm Sienna's boyfriend."


"We kinda just became official but met a little while back." Sienna said smiling at him. Jason grabbed Sienna's hand and gave it a kiss. He tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear, as he looked into her eyes.

Sharon was astonished as she saw her daughter and this handsome young man who seemed to have forgotten she was even there.

"Ahem, ok. Well very nice to meet you Jason. Sienna obviously has good taste. Call me mom or Sharon. Come on in, everyone's waiting for you."

A big cheer erupted when Sienna stepped through the door. There was a sea of hugs and kisses. The warm delicious smell of food permeated the air. The balloons and flower decorations seemed to sway with the merengue melody. Sienna made the rounds introducing Jason to everyone.

"¡Felicidades!" Nicole's mom said in a raspy voice. "We thought you'd never get here. You know Jose gets grumpy when he doesn't eat."

Sienna gave her a hug, "Gigi, this is my boyfriend Jason."

"Oooie! Este pedazo de hombre está para comérselo ripiado." (This hunk of a man is good enough to eat like a brisket sandwich.)

Sienna giggled and said, "Si, ya lo sé. Lo único que me falto era el pan con aguacate." (I already know. The only thing I was missing was the bread and avocado slices.)

"What did she say?" Jason asked when Gigi walked away.

"She asked if you liked sandwiches..." Sienna replied chuckling.

Jason crinkled his eyebrow, "She did not."

She whispered in his ear, "I'll show you later."

Nicole approached them and gave Sienna a hug and wished her a Happy Birthday.

"Jason it's good to see you again."

"Good to be here. So I'd love to meet your dad... I had a question about what the best cut of beef was for roasting."

Nicole chuckled and shrugged her shoulders. "Hey my speech was symbolic more than anything. You gotta do what you gotta do." She said with not a lick of remorse in her tone.

"But I can tell you're a nice guy... so truce?" She said extending her hand.

Jason smirked and shook her hand back. Maybe Nicole wasn't that bad after all.

Suddenly, Nicole's cousin Ana grabbed Sienna and started talking non-stop. The girl seemed to not even need to breathe. Since Sienna was trapped talking to Ana, Nicole pulled Jason towards the living room.

"Come, I have someone I want you to meet."

Jason looked back at Sienna who looked like she rather be at the dentist then talk to Ana.

"Sienna will be stuck there for a while. Ana's nickname is the Energizer bunny because she just keeps going and going... doesn't know how to shut up. Sienna is the only one nice enough to listen to her; we all give her a 30 second limit. After that she is either ignored or walked away from. But come, I want you to meet my great-grandmother, Celeste."

Jason shrugged his shoulders, it seemed harmless enough.

When they approached Celeste, she looked like she was sleeping. Her petite body was sitting on a chair in the corner; her soft snow white head reclined against the wall. Her shoulders were covered by a shawl even though it wasn't cold. Her skin looked like a crumpled brown paper bag. As Jason looked closer he noticed her wrinkled lips were carefully painted red and it looked like her mascara was smeared.

Nicole carefully nudged her and whispered, "Abuelita... Levántate, quiero que conozcas a alguien." (Granny...Wake up, I want you to meet someone.)

Her rugged eyelids fluttered open. She cleared her throat loudly and swallowed.

Her eyes looked around and then fixated on Jason. Her tiny hands slowly beckoned him closer. When Jason leaned over and was close enough she put her little pruny hands on his face and stared into Jason's eyes.



Before Jason could voice his question, he witnessed tiny little Celeste transform into an assertive spry woman. Nicole slowly backed away and left Jason and Celeste to their conversation but made sure to watch intently from around the corner.

In a loud dramatic voice she said, " Ya sabía que volverías por mí. Tendremos que irnos lejos antes que vuelva Maria." (I knew you would return for me. We will have to run away far away before Maria returns.)

Jason's expression was so comical; Nicole wished she would've recorded it.

"Te amo Alejandro. Ahora llévame... y hazme el amor hasta el amanecer." (I'm in love with you Alejandro. Now take me... and make love to me until the sunrise.)

Now Jason didn't know Spanish but he knew something was terribly wrong when granny's lips seemed to get closer to his. He stood there paralyzed not knowing what to do.

Nicole muffled her laugh at the scene, this was better than she imagined.

Granny's winkled lips managed to brush Jason's before he could escape her grasp. She seemed genuinely heart-broken when he hurried away.

Shuffling his feet Jason slowly rejoined Sienna next to the still yapping Ana. When Sienna saw Jason's face she completely turned towards him and tuned Ana out. He shook his head in utter disbelief and the corners of his mouth twitched a tiny smile.

"Babe, what's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost."

"Nicole introduced me to Celeste."

Sienna let out a small gasp. "She didn't! What did Abuelita say?"

"Umm... So apparently I'm Alejandro..."

"Nicole!!!!!" Sienna screamed.

It didn't matter how serious Sienna wanted to be, she couldn't hold back the giggle that escaped her. She put her hand to her mouth to try and hold the chuckle she knew was soon to follow.

"You rang?" Nicole said with a smile.

"Apologize to Jason."

"What? I wanted him to meet my family."

"Really? You wanted to introduce him to your 93 year old great-grandmother with Alzheimer's who watches Spanish soap operas all day and assumes the identity of the main character... and tries to seduce any male she sees?"

Nicole looked Jason straight in eye and giggled. She cleared her throat and seriously said, "Sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

Jason slowly nodded, reluctantly accepting her apology. Easy enough, he thought.

But Nicole followed up with a "Sooo... was she any good?"

Sienna couldn't help it anymore she let out a hysterical laugh. Nicole joined in laughing shortly after and finally Jason chuckled and laughed as well.

Still laughing Sienna shook her head and wrapped her arms around Jason's neck.

She tried to tamper her giggle and said, "I'm not laughing at you baby."

"Yea whatever... bunch of bullies." He said slightly pouting but laughed as well. He bent down and kissed Sienna not caring who was watching.

"Now you kissed her too..." Jason whispered.

Sienna smacked his arm and wiped her mouth. "Eww... thanks a lot. I love Abuelita but I don't love her that much. But let me know if you want to keep the little thing you have with her on the side."

Jason smacked Sienna butt and muttered something about her being a bad girl.

Just then Nicole's mom Gigi came out from the kitchen and announced dinner was ready. The feast set out on the dinner table was mouthwatering. There was rice, red beans, sautéed chicken, pulled pork, salad and a casserole of sweet mashed plantains they called Pastelón.

While they ate everyone wanted to know the story about how they met. They were moved to hear about Jason's mother and Sean having a hand in it. They simply said it was meant to be.

"Honey, how was that fancy dinner you had to go to on Thursday. Did you go with Jason?" Sharon asked.

Sienna blushed as she thought of that night's pre-dinner activities in the limo Jason picked her up in. She remembered Jason's ravenous expression when he saw her in her dress.

He was silent as his eyes were trained on her every move. She asked how the dress looked. His response was shoving her down on the seat and burying his face in her pussy while she came over and over again.

That deliciousness was followed by an outstanding deep fucking. They weren't the least bit embarrassed at the fact that the limo driver must have heard and felt the limo moving the whole time; actually that little fact turned Sienna on even more.


Jason was devilishly grinning in her direction, enjoying the fact she was squirming in her seat.

Sienna cleared her throat and said, "Yes, we had a great time. Jason wore a tux and I wore a beautiful dress. Jason ended up knowing everyone there so the conversations were easier. Mr. Stein, my boss, kept grilling Jason on being good to me. It was adorable." Sienna said smiling. "Babe, did you take any pictures with your phone?"

"Yea let me see here."

Jason pulled up the pictures on his phone and passed it to Sharon. Sharon gasped and passed it to Gigi who was peering at it next to her.

"¡El Diablo! Que belleza, parecen de Telenovela." (God damn, what a beauty! You look like soap opera stars.)

"Honey you look gorgeous. Wow that dress..."

That night, Sienna wore the red dress and gorgeous diamond earrings and bracelet Jason bought for her. Jason was aware of the looks his beautiful Sienna was getting from every living, breathing male.

He didn't mind they looked, I mean after all beauty should be admired. But he didn't let her out of sight for a minute. It was as if they were each other's magnets, they couldn't help but be close to each other.

All of Jason's old colleagues were there and kept trying to talk to him. But that night, the gorgeous couple seemed to be in their own little world. Sienna was glowing and couldn't stop smiling. He was in awe when he heard her speak German fluidly to her clients.

Jason found her intellect to be, oh so sexy.

He couldn't wait to get out of there and in his bed. So they ended the night the best way they knew how, with Jason's dick firmly embedded in her pussy.

Just as the American flag on the moon marked its territory, Jason's cock firmly claimed Sienna's pussy as his.


Sienna's mother and Nicole's family turned out to be very down to earth. The party was the most fun Jason has had in a long time. Everyone was warm and welcoming. They didn't take themselves too seriously and laughed easily.

Jason felt a pang in his chest as he remembered his mother; she would have loved to be there. But as Jason looked around the room he realized he felt at home and he knows that's what Francis would have wanted.

Jason played a round of dominoes with Nicole's dad and uncles. Her dad, Jose, was the silent type. He was a tall powerful man built like an ox. He was once a professional baseball player, a shortstop for the New York Mets. But when he was at his peak of his career, a foul fastball changed his life forever.

Jose suffered an acute tear to his rotator cuff. After many surgeries and a year of intense physical therapy, his right arm just was never the same again. So he started a family and became an accountant.

Jason could tell he was undeniably the patriarch of his family, even acted as a surrogate patriarch to Sienna's family. Sharon and Gigi seemed more like sisters than close friends.

Jose's words were always carefully measured. Although his authority and power oozed out of him, he had a way of making you feel comfortable but accountable at the same time.

Jose sipped his freshly brewed coffee and looked Jason straight in the eyes as if searching his very soul and said, "Sienna deserves the best..." in his thick accent.

And that was the only thing he said.

Jason nodded and said, "I'm prepared to give her just that."

After a minute of Jose sizing Jason up, he parted his lips with a smile and they resumed playing dominoes. So that's where Nicole got it from.

After they cut the cake, they turned the music up to start the dancing. Jason surprised Sienna by pulling her to the empty floor. Sienna was shocked to know Jason was a really good salsa dancer.

"You're so sexy." She said in his ear. He gave her a kiss on her forehead.

"Show me how much later."

Nicole's cousins, Luis and Roberto, pulled Gigi and Nicole to the floor. They moved really good, fast complicated turns and all. Pretty soon, everyone was dancing thanks to Nicole and Gigi; they were definitely the life of the party. The little kids danced every song while making up their own moves. Even Sharon was getting down with the music. They even pulled Celeste to the floor. Jason grimaced when she winked at him.

When they played a reggaeton song, Sienna discreetly grinded on Jason in the corner.

She smiled mischievously as her soft plump ass rubbed every possible corner of his erection. Jason was about to take her out back and fuck her senseless to teach her a lesson. But he didn't think that would go over well with Abuelita and the kids.

When the dancing winded down, they played karaoke types of songs. Gigi and Sharon sang somber duet together, it sounded pretty dramatic but they sounded really good. Sienna told Jason her mom only speaks Spanish when she's singing but understands every word.

It took a couple of drinks to get Nicole and Sienna to show Jason their old dance routine from the 6th grade. It was a coordinated routine to the song "The Boy Is Mine" by Brandy and Monica.

Jason laughed so hard. He had to record it on his phone. He was so happy to see Sienna in her environment; she was so relaxed and sexy.

Jose chose the next song, it was his favorite song.

As it played, Sienna pictured an eleven year old Sean and Jose blaring it on the radio when it first came out. Jose embraced Gigi as he swayed with her. They moved so well together, like they were one body. Jose massive build dwarfed Gigi's as she clung to him.

Jason pulled Sienna to the dance floor. She wrapped her hands around his neck as his hands lingered on her lower back. Sienna loved this song. Even though she didn't like country music; there is something about that "Lonestar" song that turned her to mush.

She looked up in Jason's eyes and finally admitted she was completely in love with him. The time he shared with her family made her come to grips with it.

She saw him entertain Nicole's little cousins, play dominoes with the guys, endure a make out session with Abuelita and now was dancing her ultimate love song. She always pictured herself dancing it with her perfect man.

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