Good Puppy


Him [8:23 PM]: Well, now I hope this won't embarrass you, but I was thinking of fucking every hole in your body.

Him [8:24 PM]: You might say I was having lustful thoughts about you.

Her [8:25 PM]: well...I am all for it except for a few that I am pretty sure would be a physical impossibility, unless of course you are one of those people with extremely thin know

Him [8:25 PM]: I didn't mean all at once! LOL

Her [8:25 PM]: considering you love me so much, I guess I could allow lustful thoughts once and a while

Him [8:26 PM]: Just once in a while?

Him [8:26 PM]: Don't you want me to lust for you continuously?

Her [8:26 PM]: will have to abstain from them when in the presence of my parents

Him [8:26 PM]: Do you plan to invite them into the bedroom with us?

Her [8:27 PM]: might dig it, but I am pretty sure daddy would drop dead of a heart attack

Him [8:28 PM]: Yes, most fathers would.

Her [8:28 PM]: so what brought on the lustful thoughts today?

Him [8:29 PM]: I was reading literotica most of the day. Found some really well written hot stories by women.

Her [8:29 PM]: ahhh...that would do it

Her [8:30 PM]: well...considering your reading material I can understand the lustful thoughts....and am happy that they were of me, my sweet

Him [8:30 PM]: In one, this submissive woman was made to kneel and kiss the balls of her master and thank them for producing the cum she loved so much.

Her [8:30 PM]: you mean women have to be made to do that??

Him [8:31 PM]: ROFL!! (laughing out loud)

Her [8:31 PM]: kiss

Him [8:31 PM]: Well, I have never experienced that.

Her [8:31 PM]: you have never had me on my knees in front of you my love

Him [8:32 PM]: do love you.

Her [8:33 PM]: I imagine I would be like one of those dogs you have to constantly shoo away from your crotch

Him [8:33 PM]: You mean you would really truly live the fantasy I have of a woman sitting between my legs...

Him [8:33 PM]: lapping at me happily while I read a book and patted her head?

Her [8:33 PM]: live and love yes

Him [8:34 PM]: Do that now for me, sweetie. Get on your knees.

Her [8:35 PM]: kneeling before you, smiling up at you

Him [8:35 PM]: Pressing the magic naked button...

Her [8:35 PM]: smiling up at you , naked

Him [8:35 PM]: My legs are apart as I sit in my easy chair...

Him [8:36 PM]: My right hand is idly stroking your hair...

Her [8:36 PM]: crawling up toward you, running my cheek along the inside of your right thigh

Him [8:36 PM]: You are like my pet.

Her [8:36 PM]: kissing it gently.....inching my way forward

Him [8:37 PM]: I am reading, hardly noticing you.

Her [8:37 PM]: reaching your cock....running my cheek along the side of it

Her [8:37 PM]: inhaling deeply, rubbing my hair against your cock

Her [8:38 PM]: nudging your cock up with my nose.

Him [8:38 PM]: Still running my fingers through your hair, reading quietly

Her [8:38 PM]: and kissing the space between your cock and your balls

Him [8:38 PM]: "That feels good, sweetie. Keep doing that."

Her [8:39 PM]: pressing your cock to your belly with my forehead and rubbing it back and forth gently

Her [8:39 PM]: still kissing you

Her [8:39 PM]: running kisses up the underside of your cock

Him [8:39 PM]: "Good girl." Patting your head...

Her [8:39 PM]: and reaching the tip, starting back down again

Him [8:39 PM]: "Ah, that feels very good, my dear."

Her [8:40 PM]: kissing, kissing, gently softly down the shaft of your cock

Her [8:40 PM]: breathing deeply so you feel my hot breath on you

Him [8:40 PM]: I shift in my seat a little, and look down at you for the first time.

Her [8:40 PM]: reaching your balls now

Her [8:40 PM]: and running my forehead over them,,, gently nudging them

Him [8:41 PM]: "Use your tongue now."

Her [8:41 PM]: grazing my right cheek across them

Her [8:41 PM]: until they reach my lips

Him [8:41 PM]: You suddenly have my rapt attention.

Her [8:41 PM]: opening my mouth

Him [8:42 PM]: I wrap my legs around your back.

Her [8:42 PM]: and lapping upward with my tongue, lifting the sack as it drags across my tongue

Him [8:42 PM]: Ahhh....that's so nice.

Her [8:42 PM]: now placing tiny licks all over the surface of your balls

Him [8:42 PM]: "Your tongue is so hot and wet."

Her [8:43 PM]: licking licking licking.....then opening my mouth wide and sucking one ball into my mouth carefully

Her [8:43 PM]: lapping at it while it is inside my mouth

Her [8:44 PM]: running my tongue in circles around it

Him [8:44 PM]: Yesss....your mouth feels wonderful...

Him [8:44 PM]: Mmmmm....don't stop.

Her [8:44 PM]: sucking gently

Her [8:44 PM]: forcing it in and out of my mouth,

Her [8:44 PM]: licking all the while

Him [8:45 PM]: "Now, do something for me. Take my cock in your hand and rub it all over your tits."

Her [8:45 PM]: kissing your sweet balls , then straightening up so my chest is even with your cock

Her [8:45 PM]: snuggling up close to you

Her [8:46 PM]: and taking your cock gently in my hand

Her [8:46 PM]: letting it rest in my palm as I support its weight

Her [8:46 PM]: now running the tip softly over my right breast

Her [8:47 PM]: sliding it over my nipple

Him [8:47 PM]: "Yes, that feels very good."

Her [8:47 PM]: and pressing the length of it to the outside edge of my breast

Her [8:47 PM]: sliding it softly under my breast and bringing it up between them

Her [8:48 PM]: slipping the head across the nipple of my left breast now

Him [8:48 PM]: (visualizing this...aroused)

Her [8:48 PM]: circling it on my aureola

Her [8:48 PM]: around and around

Her [8:48 PM]: pressing my nipple in with the tip of your cock

Him [8:48 PM]: "Is your pussy wet, dear?"

Her [8:49 PM]: then dragging it down the underside of my breast,

Her [8:49 PM]: sliding my hand down between my legs and parting the lips with my finger

Her [8:49 PM]: sliding a finger inside me and dipping out the wetness

Her [8:50 PM]: bringing my hand up to your cock and smearing my juices on it

Her [8:50 PM]: then sliding it over my nipple once again

Her [8:50 PM]: this time it slides easily

Him [8:50 PM]: "Put your fingers into my mouth. Let me taste you."

Him [8:50 PM]: MMM....

Her [8:50 PM]: raising my hand up toward your mouth,

Her [8:51 PM]: palm up

Her [8:51 PM]: and sliding my forefinger between your lips

Her [8:51 PM]: running it along your upper teeth

Him [8:51 PM]: I suck and lick it.

Her [8:51 PM]: then letting you suck it into your mouth

Him [8:51 PM]: Tasting your sweet juice.

Him [8:51 PM]: "Give me more."

Her [8:52 PM]: pulling my finger from your mouth

Her [8:52 PM]: and sliding it down your body

Her [8:52 PM]: across your chest

Her [8:52 PM]: across your belly

Her [8:52 PM]: and down the length of your cock

Him [8:53 PM]: yes yes

Her [8:53 PM]: then parting it from your skin to slide it into my cunt

Her [8:53 PM]: this time using 2 fingers , I dip them deeply into my pussy

Him [8:53 PM]: "Does your finger feel good inside your cunt?"

Her [8:53 PM]: sliding them in and out of me

Her [8:53 PM]: hmm..yes, lover, very good

Him [8:54 PM]: "Fuck your fingers a little, but don't' cum."

Her [8:54 PM]: pressing my fingers deeper

Him [8:54 PM]: "You may not cum without my permission."

Her [8:54 PM]: tilting my hips and sliding my fingers in and out of me

Her [8:55 PM]: my palm pressing against my clit

Him [8:55 PM]: "Keep my cock pressed to your tits."

Her [8:55 PM]: starting to breath a little heavier, taking your cock in my other hand, and pressing it against my left breast

Her [8:56 PM]: pressing forward upon it as my fingers enter me

Her [8:56 PM]: my hand forming a channel against my outer breast for your cock to enter

Him [8:56 PM]: "That's it. When you feel yourself starting to cum, stop immediately!"

Her [8:56 PM]: pressing forward upon your cock as I slide my fingers deep inside me

Her [8:57 PM]: pumping your cock and pumping my fingers

Her [8:57 PM]: my hips tilting to press onto my pussy grabbing at them

Him [8:57 PM]: "I am warning you -- don't cum!!"

Her [8:57 PM]: you can hear the wetness sloshing against my fingers as I press them inside me

Him [8:58 PM]: "Stop now! Put those fingers in my mouth!"

Her [8:58 PM]: moaning softly, your cock massaged against my breast, my fingers dipping in and out

Her [8:58 PM]: sliding my fingers out of my wet hot cunt and cupping the wetness in my palm

Her [8:58 PM]: sliding them into your mouth

Her [8:59 PM]: still pressing your cock against me

Him [8:59 PM]: I suck and lick them greedily, tasting you.

Her [8:59 PM]: pressing it into the channel formed by my hand, stroking it

Him [8:59 PM]: I take your hand by the wrist and hold the palm against my mouth. "Tell me how much you want to cum."

Her [9:00 PM]: touching your lips with my hand, looking up at you

Her [9:00 PM]: baby, I want your hot cum

Her [9:00 PM]: please let me have it

Her [9:01 PM]: I want its thick hot creaminess on my breasts

Her [9:01 PM]: I want it smeared across them

Her [9:01 PM]: and I want to lick at your cock as you cum

Him [9:01 PM]: I slap your face softly. "That isn't what I asked you. I told you to tell me how much YOU want to cum."

Her [9:01 PM]: I want to taste it on my tongue

Her [9:01 PM]: I want it bad baby, I need it

Him [9:02 PM]: "How do you want it?"

Her [9:02 PM]: I need to have your cum, lover...more than I need my next breath

Her [9:02 PM]: I want it sprayed across my face, into my mouth

Her [9:02 PM]: I want to feel the force of it as it spurts out of your cock

Her [9:03 PM]: I want to taste it as it shoots into my mouth and down my throat

Her [9:03 PM]: I want to roll globs of it on my tongue

Her [9:03 PM]: savor the taste of your cum

Him [9:03 PM]: "Then this is what you will do. Put your hand back in your cunt. Stroke my cock with your other hand, point it toward your mouth, but not in your mouth. Just lick the head."

Her [9:04 PM]: breathless, I slide my fingers inside me

Him [9:04 PM]: "Stroke my with your hand and make me cum. I want to see it splash all over your face."

Her [9:04 PM]: taking your cock in my hand, stroking it gently

Her [9:04 PM]: lapping at the tip of it

Her [9:05 PM]: stroking it from tip to base over and over

Him [9:05 PM]: "Harder! Faster!"

Her [9:05 PM]: pressing my fingers deep inside me and twisting them inside

Her [9:05 PM]: gripping your cock firmly in my hand

Him [9:05 PM]: "Don't you dare cum until I do!"

Her [9:05 PM]: and pounding down upon it

Her [9:06 PM]: stroking and stroking it

Him [9:06 PM]: That's it!

Him [9:06 PM]: Yes yes yes!!

Her [9:06 PM]: over and over....feeling it twitch in my hand

Him [9:06 PM]: My balls tense and my scrotum tightens..

Her [9:06 PM]: grinding my fingers deep inside me

Him [9:06 PM]: My hips thrust my cock into your hand..

Her [9:06 PM]: licking the tip of your cock

Her [9:06 PM]: sliding it across my lips

Him [9:07 PM]: I close my eyes tightly and tense all my muscles...

Him [9:07 PM]: And I am right there at the top!!

Her [9:07 PM]: dipping my fingers in and out of me

Her [9:07 PM]: moaning as I put your cock against my face

Him [9:07 PM]: I groan loudly and a long stream of thick cum shoot straight out of the tip of my cock...

Him [9:08 PM]: AAAGGHHH!!!!

Her [9:08 PM]: feeling the cum hit my face,

Him [9:08 PM]: It splatters on your cheek as another shoots out...

Her [9:08 PM]: pointing it toward my lips

Him [9:08 PM]: Another long white spurt as my cock throbs against your tight hand

Her [9:08 PM]: opening my mouth and lapping at the tip as you cum

Her [9:08 PM]: stroking it still

Him [9:09 PM]: Cum splashing everywhere...

Her [9:09 PM]: my fingers grinding inside my pussy

Her [9:09 PM]: cum slipping down my hand

Him [9:09 PM]: My hips arched high, shooting jet after jet...

Her [9:09 PM]: as your cum spurts across my face

Him [9:09 PM]: In your mouth your hair your cheeks your forehead...

Her [9:09 PM]: my tongue extended to catch it as it drips

Him [9:09 PM]: Covering your face with my semen...

Her [9:10 PM]: closing my eyes as it drips over my eyelashes

Her [9:10 PM]: licking the tip of your cock

Him [9:10 PM]: my cock pulsing and twitching in your hand

Her [9:10 PM]: slowly stroking it

Him [9:10 PM]: my orgasm so powerful

Her [9:11 PM]: tugging gently now

Him [9:11 PM]: my chest heaving

Her [9:11 PM]: and rolling your cock against the sperm on my face

Her [9:11 PM]: slipping it around

Him [9:11 PM]: ahhhhhh....

Her [9:11 PM]: pressing my face onto your balls now

Her [9:11 PM]: and shaking my head back and forth gently across them

Him [9:11 PM]: oh god... you are so good to me...

Her [9:12 PM]: smearing them with cum

Her [9:12 PM]: now licking you clean

Her [9:12 PM]: sucking the cum off your balls

Him [9:12 PM]: mmmmmmmmm

Her [9:12 PM]: lapping and sucking

Her [9:12 PM]: then smearing more on

Her [9:12 PM]: and beginning again

Him [9:13 PM]: I am just in awe of your eroticism...

Him [9:13 PM]: Wondering how much more pleasure a woman could possibly give a man.

Her [9:13 PM]: resting my cum soaked face on your cock, looking up at you

Him [9:13 PM]: "I love you, darling."

Her [9:13 PM]: I love you, too, my sweet....(smiling here)

Him [9:14 PM]: You are better than anything I read today. :)

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