Gorgeous Blond Wife is Blacked


I raised my head a little to gaze at the sight before me, I can honestly say I had never seen anything like it. I knew the saying that, 'once you black you never go back,' well now I understood it with first hand knowledge!

I lifted my eyes from his chest and found his looking into mine. I think he knew what had happened to me inside. I felt for his prick as I kissed his prick, it was wet and sticky but I didn't care. I couldn't let go of anything about him. I decided right there that I would not let him go home tonight and leave me, even if I had to tie him down.

"Am I right in thinking Nicole that this is probably the first time with a black person, am that right?" he said.

I didn't speak, I just nodded my head.

"Well," he whispered softly, "let me tell you that if you aren't hooked on black cock now, then before tonight is out, you certainly will be, okay!"

It wasn't bragging, it was a statement, a statement of intent and fact.

I said. "Yes Jethro, I think I believe you."

"That's good Nicole, now, what would you like to do with your brand new black cock, hmmm?"

He seemed to be asking me what I wanted, well he had just made love to me in exactly the way I wanted, needed and loved.

"Any thing you want me to do Jethro," I told him.

"No Nicole, you just do what you want to do, then later I am going to fuck your brains out properly." His confident smile let me know that I was in fantastic trouble!

'Properly,' he had said, I thought, well if he hadn't just done that then I don't know what he had done. I took the bull by the horns as it were and kissed my way down and across the fabulous frame that was before me. I started with his mouth, his face, neck and shoulders, before I kissed my way all across his flat hairless chest. I found it so tantalising it turned me on big time, whilst I was kissing him, my hand was at his cock and balls.

I worked my way across his stomach, over his glorious thighs and down his legs, right down to his feet. I sucked his toes and wended my way back up. We both knew where I was headed, the final stop, the gateway to my heaven. That huge bulbous head was appearing before my eyes and my mouth literally watered.

As I meandered up his legs he raised them over his head. He folded himself in half, and I knew what I had to do. I kissed and licked him all the way until my nose and mouth was utterly buried in his scrotum. The crinkly hair down there tickled and scratched my face and nose, but I pressed in.

Then I did something I had refused to do for my husband point blank. I dipped my tongue into his little brown ass hole. I inhaled him, and went for goal. I drove my tongue in as far as I could get it, my face was pressed tight up to him, I reamed him joyfully, licking lapping and probing it. My pussy went haywire and I had to finger myself too. I rubbed and pressed my face tighter and tighter to him, my mouth wide open as I sucked, and got my tongue right the way into his ass.

He was moaning and groaning happily under me, my hand working away on his beautiful black prick. His man smell his maleness, his bodily perfume, the power of his being, made me cum whilst I was on my knees. I have never cum like that before. I was like a lioness claiming her territory by nuzzling the scent of her master alpha male.

I did all I could in and around down there for a long time, soon I was lifting my head to look at him laid there beaten. It was another joyous sight for me to behold. When I got near his prick again I realised that it had grown back to its full hardness and thickness. I dove on it and swallowed what I could which wasn't a lot. The head of it had seemed to grow bigger than before, and it filled my mouth completely. I don't know how some women say they can get cocks all the way down, I tried I really did but it wouldn't go, I couldn't make it.

So I did what I knew I could do, make him cum by, giving a BJ it is the most satisfying and pleasurable thing a girl can do for a man. She gets enormous delight and happiness in knowing she made him cum just for her. And he gets enormous happiness at knowing she is taking him, making him cum, and swallowing him all the way. My pussy was in happy mode, tingly and so jingly, so hot and sweet.

He shot what seemed like a humungous load into me again, and I couldn't hold it all in. His prick took up too much room; it squeezed out of the corners of my mouth while I gamely swallowed what I could, before licking up the spillage off his slackening cock and hairy base.

I dropped onto my back, Jethro's legs flopped down too and we both lay there gasping. Then a thought popped up into my head. My husband wasn't only going to get the surprise of his life when he saw what I had done to the house. He was going to get an even bigger one, one that would flatten him with disbelief, and oh how that thought gave me a fillip.

Jethro and I slept for nearly four hours. When I awoke it was dark, I slipped out and headed for the shower, I say headed, I should say hobbled, my battered pussy was feeling like it had been cucumbered! And on top of that my lips were bruised too, and my mouth felt as if it had had a boot in it, it felt so stretched.

I had a luxurious shower, I pampered myself, went back, Jethro was still slumbering. I looked at this magnificent male who had utterly completely and fastidiously seduced me. But at the back of my mind was the thought that I had led myself into this, unknowingly or not. I had wanted to be fucked; my body and pussy had made sure I knew it. And the fabulous black male with his equally fabulous black cock on my bed, fit the bill totally, and oh how good he had filled me!

I went down stairs to get something for us to eat and drink, I knew Jethro would be starving for food, and along with me I giggled to myself. As I passed the phone in the hallway the light went off as it always does before it rings.

I picked it up; I knew it would by my husband.

"Hello," I said gaily, "why are you ringing so late?"

"Hi," he replied, "I just wanted to say goodnight to my beautiful loving wife," he told me.

"Awww that's nice Francis," I said.

"Are you okay Nicole?" he asked, there was a tone in his voice.

"Yes I'm okay," I answered, "in fact I'm more than okay, why what's wrong, is there a problem?"

"Nothing sweets, just asking, that's all."

"Okay, Francis, it's late I need to go to bed, can we talk tomorrow?" I said.

"Yes babes, goodnight, and sleep tight." He had no idea how good that sounded to me, I smiled to myself.

"Goodnight Francis," I told him, then as I started to put the phone down, I heard him say distantly.

"I love you." Now that did make me feel a little guilty, but not guilty enough to prevent me hurrying back to Jethro and his body.

We had a shared meal, and by that I mean I fed him, and he fed me. I ended up sat between his strong black oak legs, cock in one hand and fork in the other. My legs were over his and we were face to face, my pussy was almost up to his balls, I could feel his hairy ass and thighs tickling mine. He was sat up against the headboard and just looked at me. It made me shudder and quiver, his eyes bore right through me and my pussy was the recipient of his aura.

"You are the most wondrous beautiful woman I have ever seen Nicole," he said suddenly. I almost died. It wasn't that it was a profound statement but just so sincere and loving.

"Oh Jethro, that's a wonderful thing to say, thank you baby, thank you."

"It also happens to be true too, you are so soft, kind, generous, sexy, and loving, and I love seeing your soft golden hair sweeping about me as you do the things you do to me."

I dropped the plate to the floor and climbed over him, had I actually found the real man, the one that all women look for, hope to find but don't believe exists? I gave myself to him in that one moment. I didn't know how long this feeling would last but I knew I had never had it before.

I got on my knees beside him and told him I wanted him in me from behind. He didn't need persuading when he saw my tight little rounded rump up in the air waiting for him. He was behind me and ready go in a miniscule moment. He threaded his thick black prick into me once more, but only after I had asked him to be gentle. I was sore, I told him. He was gentleness personified, but soon he was all the way in, my head hit the bed in utter surrender, I looked between my own legs and saw hid tight balls slapping my ass as he pumped away in me.

Mt white thighs and his black ones upright and against each other took my breath away, white skin, black skin what deep seated arousal that was, and knowing his thick black weapon was in me made me cry out an orgasm. He was holding my hips and soothing me with soft words of love, endearments sweet kindness.

But even he couldn't resist the crescendo that was building in him for me, for me and my womanly sexual body that was his to choose what to do with. I knew now I wouldn't be able to give this up. My husband was in for a fearful surprise. Jethro began an unstoppable drive in and out of me, I was so lubricated and wet I forgot all about my soreness and went with his demolition of me.

He hammered me beautifully and totally, I thrust back with every thrust forward of his until we both came in torrents, my cum and his gushed out of me and down our legs. I can say that with all honesty, even after all the orgasms I had had, and he had made me have, that one was the biggest and hardest. It completely and totally wonderfully shattered me, I was done in.

I fell face down and just lay there forever, Jethro followed me but the he too fell away. I managed to turn my head to him to see him gazing at me in what could only have been awe on his face. I smiled, he smiled, then I laughed, I laughed out loud, and he did too. What we had just accomplished here I don't think anyone could have before.

I never woke until 10am the next morning, and Jethro was no where to be seen, I called out to him, no answer. I dressed hurriedly in my gown and went downstairs. He was no where; I panicked a little, why would he leave me like this? I rang his number.

"Hi," he said softly down the phone.

"Where are you Jethro?"

"I'm at home with my mother, having breakfast."

"Ah, I see," I said, when clearly I didn't.

"Don't worry Nicole; I'll be over in a while okay?"

"Are you sure, I miss you babes."

"Be wearing something nice for me Nicole, I want to see you looking as sexy as you can for your guy, okay?"

"Yes Jethro, I'll be waiting, and please Jethro, hurry?" I asked him.

"Bye Nicole," was all he said.

The deal had just been set; it was obvious from the phone call. He had just let me know he was the guy, the one who would decide, set the rules of engagement, call the shots. He had just told me to get ready for him and how to do it, and I had answered in the affirmative. But my problem was I needed his thick black cock in me as often as I could get it, and be near and up close to his fabulous tight powerful muscular black frame.

I went and got ready.

I showered, washed my hair, it went just right when I had dried it, did my face, but not overly so. Found a thin little gold Lame dress I had bought yet never worn, it was low cut, with tiny thin straps over my shoulders. And it finished about 6 or 7" above my knees. I looked fantastic; I would knock any man dead today. I didn't bother with the stockings, but I had a fabulous tiny thong, and no bra. High heeled sandals and I was ready for him to fall at my feet.

I had to wait another two hours for him, I was getting more and more annoyed, 'how dare he treat me like this?' I thundered to myself. Then the door opened and in he came. I ran to him like an Olympic sprinter. I jumped at him, wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him.

"Where have you been Jethro, I've been going nuts here waiting for you." I told him breathily.

He never took one blind bit of notice, except to tell me.

"You look good enough to eat Nicole, fabulous, and that's what I'm going to do right now, eat you!"

He more or less threw me on to my kitchen table, yanked my legs in the air, ripped off my thong and his mouth and tongue were fastened and in me so fast I hadn't had time to draw breath.

I fell back under his onslaught I couldn't fight this, I was over the top in seconds, I remember wailing as I came all in his mouth and over my table. How did he do it, he just assaulted my pussy mercilessly. I was cumming and cumming it was fantastic. I loved it and I loved what he was, did and could to me. Nothing was off limits now, I didn't care what he wanted me to do I would do it.

I seemed to be on my table forever been sexually assassinated, I have never known anything like this, In my younger days, I liked to put it around a little too much because I loved sex. I loved being fucked. But no man or boy had ever got me this way.

I opened my eyes sometime during my interminable tongue lashing and found I was looking out of my window at Jethro's house. And there to my horror was his mother looking directly at me, and probably also Jethro. She had the biggest smile on her face. She knew what he was doing to me, she could see it. And she knew I knew, she was watching her son demolish the blond beauty from next door.

But there was nothing I could do, I couldn't move, let alone get up, and then another seismic wave struck and sank me beneath the waves of passion that was pounding my beach. I looked once more across the yard, she had seen me blow apart. I know I looked at her with pleading in my eyes, I was a helpless prisoner of her son's loving, and she loved it.

Jethro finished up in me and let me rest; I daren't look across the yard at his mother again. I didn't know if she was still there but I was betting she was. Jethro swept me up in his arms, spun me around a little and I know he looked across himself. Then I was away upstairs to my bed.

And that was the day I found out what it was like to be ass fucked. My husband had done it a few times, I loved it but he wasn't really keen. But when Jethro fucked my lovely soft round tight and taut ass I knew what it was like to have a baseball bat up me. The pain was terrible, but he wouldn't let me go no matter how much I pleaded with him to stop. I kicked my legs, tried to pull myself off him all to no avail, I was on his mighty weapon and on it I was staying!

His answer to my pleas?

"No chance Nicole, this is where you get blacked properly and where you stay blacked properly."

After what seemed to me to be around a life time, a change came over me; I began responding to it and him. I realised I was gasping for breath, trying to look over my shoulder to let him know I was still there and beginning to go! I started pushing back a little. He reached under me and clipped my clit followed by my nipples.

And off I went again, soon I was bleating out, begging, wanting it more and more, orgasms raced through me. Until finally he jammed into me so hard I thought I would get driven through the wall. He spurted his cum all the way into me, I actually felt it travelling up my ass, it didn't just fill me, it spread around me like my ass was a reservoir.

I was no good to man or beast after that; I was completely and utterly wrecked. I was aching from head to foot, and wracked with wonderful pain from head to foot too. I leaned to one side, and said.

"Jethro, as much as I love you and love what you are doing to me, for the next two days my body is closed for repairs, okay?" I laughed then at how silly I must have sounded.

"That's okay Nicole; I have things to do anyway so I won't be around a lot okay?" That wasn't what I wanted to hear, just because I was beaten, thrashed to within an inch of my life didn't mean I didn't want him around me.

"But Jethro, Francis will be home on Friday and I want to surprise him, you have to stay with me, please? You can make love and fuck me as often as you want to. I'm sorry I said I was closed, I didn't mean it." I hated the begging whining woman I was listening to. He was a mere boy, I was a grown mature woman, what was I doing? But I knew what I was doing, I was begging him to stay, that's what!

"Nicole I will be here Thursday morning I promise you, okay, don't worry, I'll be back."

I knew there was no way to keep him, then I said, "did you known your mother was watching you and me on my kitchen table?" thinking this would shock him.

"Yes she knows about us, I told her, I don't have secrets from her Nicole."

Me shock him? It was me who got the shock, the shock of a lifetime.

"W w w what did she say?" I managed to stammer out.

"Nothing, she's happy for me, and for you, she knows the value of a woman being blacked, especially a blond beauty like you."

I sat in stunned silence.

"You understand it don't you Nicole, once you go black, there's no way back?"

All I could do was nod my head, I did understand and very well too, and therein lay my problem, what about my husband? Well the surprise over the house was going to be no where near the surprise about me, that's for sure, I thought.

I made a decision right then.

"Okay Jethro but we have to discuss all this, and Thursday is when I will tell you how things will be, and hope they go that way, and why. Please don't ask me right now, but I have to plan for Francis to come home, and I will want you to play an actors part okay?"

He looked at me in a very quizzical way but agreed to what I had said. If there is one thing I am good at its planning, apart from being the blond bombshell beauty I knew I was. I had already started formulating my ideas in to firm proposals. One other thing that had never even crossed my mind was the fact that Jethro had never once worn a condom, it had tinkled my mind on occasions, but it had always been when his prick was in me somewhere.

Thursday came and Jethro fucked me from pillar to post that day all over the house, his huge thick black prick never seemed to go down, he blasted cum into me in every hole. I hardly had the time to mumble or murmur never mind speak. That night we lay in bed and I told him of the plans and ideas I had had, I explained the situation to him, what Francis had said and done, and we fine tuned my thoughts and settled on a strict format. The scene as they say was set.

I heard Francis toot his horn as he drove onto our driveway. I went to greet him, kissed him and led him into the new house. He was utterly astonished. He walked around and around making all the right comments. I was more than happy, and even more relieved, the first part of my day had been accomplished.

He wanted to hurry me upstairs but I told him I wanted to talk first and discuss something he had wanted me to do in the past.

"And what's that Nicole?" He asked me.

"Well you have mentioned many times about us having a threesome, or you just watching as another man make love to me, haven't you Francis?"

"Yes Nicole I have, and...?"

"Well I have decided to do it, in fact I already have, but unfortunately you weren't here to do the watching, so I have been practising for it, just for you."

The look on his face was pure disbelief.

"You do still want to don't you Francis, don't tell me I have gone to all this trouble for you to say no. I will be really annoyed if you don't." Attack is the best form of defence I had always been told, so I had attacked him. I had him backed into a corner now and he knew it.

"But Nicky," he whispered, he always calls me that when he knows he's beaten.

"Right," I said, "that's settled then, so let's get on with it shall we, do you want to take part, or do you just want to watch then?" I asked him.

He stood there with his mouth wide open and going like a goldfish, nothing coming from him.

Of course what I hadn't said to Francis was that my lover was black, and I mean black!

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