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Got Drunk, Slept With Kelly Brook


I had, had too much to drink; two glasses of red wine and I had been pissed, Jesus. I woke up the next morning in my double bed and groaned. My head hurt, my mouth tasted like shit, and I was bleary eyed. I got out of bed and staggered into the bathroom and sat down and shat. Finished I cleaned up and turned the shower on.

"Last time I drink wine," I grumbled.

I was not expecting the door to open and a woman to walk in, she didn't even hesitate when she saw me, simply sat her ass down on the toilet and proceeded to piss.

I stared, she looked up, "something on your mind?"

She had a 34E-25-35 figure, a dress size of 10 and long dark brown hair that cascaded messily past her shoulders.

"Uhm you're Kelly Brook?"

"Yes," she nodded.

"Wow, did we?"

"You got pretty fucked last night didn't you," she said.

I nodded and blushed, "I'm a lightweight."

"I noticed."

"So what did we do?"

She finished, stood up, her ass was glorious, her frame while not slender was curvaceous and luscious and I could not get enough of it.

"Are you going to shower?"

I looked at the water and then at her breasts, heavy breasts with big erect nipples that begged to be sucked.


"Well let me get in with you; we'll conserve water."

I laughed, thinking that, that actually didn't conserve water and stepped in and held out my hand, she took it and I guided her in, we both stood underneath the water.

"What did we discuss?"

"You're standing in here with me," she frowned, "butt naked and you're asking what we talked about?"

"I'm curious."

She laughed.

"Me mainly," she admitted. "You kept on and on about how beautiful I was and what a dick my ex-boyfriend is, you simply couldn't believe how someone as stunning as me could be kicked out of bed, and those were your exact words."

"Oh God," I moaned.

She smiled, "I guess I liked what I heard."


"We'll you've got a model with 34E cup breasts standing in your shower with you."

She had a fair point, I guess she should've said, shut up and fuck me. I knelt down and she spread her legs, she had a neatly trimmed bush that was now soaking wet. I dove in and started licking around. I kept licking until she lifted her head and moaned. I exchanged my tongue for my fingers and finger fucked her in the warm water, she groaned and gripped the side of the shower and let me finish.

Kelly moaned loudly and I pulled my fingers out, puffing she leaned back against the glass and laughed, "damn James."

I shrugged, "sorry."

"Don't be I enjoyed it."

"Good," I nodded. I stood up and she grabbed hold of my dick, she started to rub my dick and placed it at the entrance of her sopping wet cunt. She grabbed me by my ass cheeks and told me to push. When I did I felt my dick slip into her warm, wet pussy. She positioned herself and put her arms around me.

We started to rock back and forth, careful not to make too much noise, I leaned forward and started to suck on her luscious mounds of tit flesh. She grabbed the back of my head as I sucked and licked her nipple for all it was worth.

"I've got to sit down."


"This position is killing my back," she laughed.

I sat down in the shower, with the water cascading around me like a halo; she straddled me with her legs; I moved to the center of the shower as she lowered herself down and took me easily into herself.

"Shit that's hot."

She grinned as her pussy swallowed my cock; I relished the warm feeling all over my body and the sensation of her cunt muscles massaging my prick. It felt really warm and wet as my cock started to make some squishing noises as I pumped in and out of her. I really wasn't pounding her or giving her the fucking of a lifetime - it was more of a gentle fucking.

My dick only slipped out once, mainly because I got lost for a moment trying to switch tits. My dick was a good seven inches, so I really didn't have to worry about slipping out too much.

I came hard, and blasted my cum in her. I leaned back against the wall with her still on me, my cock spilling out the last of my cum, "Jesus."

"How was it?"


"That good huh?"

I swallowed, "you are definitely not boring in bed."

"Well technically we're not in bed," her eyes danced and I laughed, she helped me up and I stared at her breasts.


"Suck them James."

We did actually shower, she combed her hair and produced a hair dryer from lord knows where, I watched as she got dressed and when she stood up I stood with her.

"So now what?"

"We'll see," she smiled.

"I'm sure," I nodded. She kissed me, silencing me, her tongue slipped in and I enjoyed it, her breath tasted of toothpaste. Kelly then left me, I slumped back onto the bed and closed my eyes.

I still couldn't believe it, and couldn't tell anyone, she'd be pissed if I blabbed, I spent the day chilling out, and in the evening at about eight I got a knock on the door.


"I'm hot," she said, I moved into her arms and we kissed, long and hard, she moaned into my mouth and I pulled her in and kicked the door closed.

"I saw this picture of you."

"The one with my tits out?" At my look, she grinned, "Or, the one with my pussy on display?"

"Neither," I shrugged. "Although I have seen them, no you were jogging."

"Oh God," she rolled her eyes.

"Black top?"

She nodded and grimaced, "not my finest hour."

"I disagree," I stroked her breast. "Your nipples looked so fucking sexy."

She sighed, "let's go fuck."

"Yes dear," I quipped and got a snort in response. She pulled off her top and threw her bag in the room; next her bra came off and her heavy tits bounced free. I took off my clothing in a hurry and was naked quickly. I sat on the bed and held out my arms, but she pushed me back and lowered down.

"I've had a craving for cock all day."

I groaned as she took my dick in her hand and started wanking it, she then swapped it with her mouth and looked up at me as she sucked hard.

"I do want to stay at the hotel some time."

I nodded, "do you want to stay as yourself or under my name?"

"I would prefer to do it under your name James," she mused. "At least that way I won't get as much press."

"Done. Tell me a date and I'll put it through."

"Make sure you're off."

I nodded.

I stayed at the hotel although we stayed in separate rooms. I adjusted the system so it showed a different name and she checked in. Of course everyone was more than a little surprised that she was there.

I had dinner with her in the restaurant and we got more than a few curious looks, although the waitresses were discreet but surprised I was with her. I didn't show off, we were just quiet and enjoyed the moment.

On the way back I had a wicked idea, I stood on the stairs, as she was taller than me and held her face.

"God, you are beautiful."

She smiled and I kissed her; we moaned into each other's mouths as we enjoyed the moment.

"Why didn't you want to do that in public?"

I shrugged, "I didn't want to embarrass you."

She sighed and took my arm, "Come on let's go upstairs and fuck."

"Yes dear."

She laughed.

I visited with Kelly at one of her work places, she was talking to Nigella Lawson's husband Saatchi, I was bored so, with his permission I was allowed to wonder around the building. I found a function room and heard two women talking, getting closer I realized it was his wife and daughter Cosima Thomasina Diamond, I heard a noise I had become familiar with while working at the hotel.


I pulled out my iPhone and snuck around the corner and filmed the two, the Domestic Goddess and her daughter were snorting crack.

"Excuse me is this the way to the bathroom?"

Nigella looked up in shock, she stared at me with my phone and I clicked, I took photos of them both and she stared at me in horror.

"I guess not," I mused "I know the Sun would be interested in those."

"No please."

I paused, I quickly sent the pictures to my email address, "I've sent them to my email address."

"Please don't," she sagged, "no one can know about this."

She was 5'7" tall had long black hair and two huge tits, I nodded. "What's to stop me?"

"You can have whatever you want?"


She looked away.

I nodded, I could rinse her for millions and there would be nothing she could do about it, I mused again. "Bend over the desk."

She swallowed, and staggered forwards. She hesitantly leaned over the desk and refused to look at her daughter, I smiled and walked over to her. Her ass was fantastic and I could feel my cock growing in anticipation. I pressed up against her ass and she breathed in but remained quiet, I rotated my hips and moaned.

My phone buzzed.

I answered it, "Kells."

"Where are you?"

I grinned, "exploring."

"Okay," she answered. "I'm ready when you are."

"Sure hun," I said. "I'll be down in a minute."

I hung up and turned to her daughter, "Lift up your top."


"Get your tits out," I said.

She slumped, she pulled up her top and popped her bra down, I reached across and fondled a breast before getting my camera out and taking a photo. I made sure to get her face in it. I put it away and moved my hand between her legs and rubbed for a moment.

"I want your number," she gave it to me and I put it in. "I want your mother's number."

She gave that to me as well.

"This is what's going to happen," I said. "I don't want money off either of you, but, I do want your pussies. I will call you, it doesn't matter what time of day or night and you will answer me. You will answer whatever question I ask and answer truthfully."

"Okay," Cosima nodded.

"Nigella do you understand?"

"Yes," she uttered.

"Yes James."

"Yes James," she responded.

I reached under and gripped her big breast. "Mother and daughter, and both stunning. Cosima, you are not going to have a boyfriend, and the only boy you are going to fuck is me."

Cosima swallowed and nodded.

"Good girl."

I gave Nigella an extra shove and got a grunt in answer.

I patted her ass and stepped back, she stood up and looked down. I rang both numbers to check and the mobiles rang, satisfied I stepped up to Cosima. "I want a kiss before I go, make it passionate."

We kissed, she gripped me and we moaned together.

When we were done I studied her, she blushed.

"You're a good kisser," I pecked her lips.


I nodded, "remember our bargain."

"I'm still a virgin."

I smiled, "that's not going to last long."

She smiled and nodded, "I hope not."

When were outside, "Kelly I want to share something with you."


"I saw Nigella Lawson snorting coke." She stopped and frowned.


I showed her the pictures.

"What do you intend to do?"

We headed back and got in the car, "she offered me money, lots of money."


I turned to her, "I love you."

"You want to fuck her."

I nodded.

She sighed, "James."

"I want you there though Kelly, I want to ram my cock in you," she looked at me. "I want Nigella to suck your juices off my cock."

She smiled.

The next day I called Cosima.


"Good morning," I said. "What color panties are you wearing?"

I could hear her swallow.


"And bra?"

"Matching," I nodded, "please ask your mother the same question."

"She's wearing black panties and bra."

I looked at Kelly, she rolled her eyes and grabbed my cock, I had them tell me about their schedule for the day as she beat me off. When I came, she rubbed it into my cock and I sighed.

"Thank you Cosima."

"You're welcome."

"When you two are done, please make sure you come over to my flat and are not seen or followed," I gave her my address.

At eight they knocked on the door, I went over and opened it and Cosima was the first to greet me, she knew what I wanted and moved into my arms. We kissed, cuddled and I pushed her against the wall, her legs spilled open as I rubbed against her.

I kept her pressed against me and studied her eyes, "you are a gorgeous woman."

"Thank you."

"I want you for myself," I said. "Tell you what, if your secret ever gets found out and it won't be from me, I will tell them I am just doing you."


"Because your mother is a TV personality, and besides, a gorgeous woman like that shouldn't be spoiled."

She moaned.

"I've booked a cruise," Nigella closed the door behind her.

"You want me to pay for it?"

I rolled my eyes.

"No," I fondled Cosima's breast. "I want you to go on the cruise. My girlfriend is coming with me, she's quite famous."

Cosima laughed, stopped and stared at me. "You don't mean me do you?"

I pecked her lips.

"No love."

I gripped her ass and guided her into the living room, Kelly looked up and smiled, if a little sadly and Cosima squealed.

"Oh my God," she laughed. "I am like such a big fan."

I patted the young girl's ass, "kiss her, full with lots of tongue."

"Can I?"

"Shit yeah."

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