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Got Grandma?


This is, unfortunately, a fictional story. As it is my *first*, your constructive comments are welcome and appreciated.

* * * * *

A few years ago, I learned that sometimes I really don't know people as well as I think I do. My grandparents proved that to me one night when I was at their house for dinner, and it's a lesson I'll never forget. At the time, I had just graduated from college and was working for a venture capital firm in Chicago. I had returned to my hometown of Omaha Nebraska for a Christmas visit and had planned to stay for about 2 weeks.

Not long after I arrived, I got a call from my Grandfather who lived a few miles from my parents' house where I was staying. I hadn't seen him or my Grandmother since I left for school about 4 years before. My Grandparents have always been really cool, way ahead of their time. In their heyday, my Grandfather was a very successful professional photographer and my Grandmother a model and, believe it or not, dancer! They have no problem discussing political, social, economic, or other issues, including sex. I missed my conversations with them and was really looking forward to seeing them while I was home.

After catching up for a while, my Grandfather asked if I wanted to come over for dinner the following night. He said that my Grandmother had special plans for her Grandson and that she would be really disappointed if I couldn't make it. I said, "of course Grandpa, I'd love too! - what time do you want me to show up?" He said 7:30 would be fine. I asked what I should bring. To my surprise, he said, "a bottle of Tequila and a shaker of salt." I thought he was joking! I asked, "really Grandpa? - I haven't done shots since my frat days!" He replied, "that's exactly why I want you to bring it John, I haven't either." Sensing my Grandpa was needing a little zest in his life, I agreed to bring the "goods" and hung up with a sense of anticipation and curiosity.

The next day seemed to fly by, and soon it was time to make the trek over to Grandma and Grandpa's house. I stopped by the liquor store on the way over and picked up a bottle of Cuervo Reserva, salt, and (Grandpa must have forgotten) limes. I arrived at their house, a modest suburban 3 bedroom, right on time. As I reached for the doorbell, the door flew open and both Grandpa and Grandma rushed out to greet me with their typical warm smiles. Grandma hugged me for what seemed like the longest time before moving back slightly to look into my eyes. "I've missed you John," she said, "your Grandfather and I need a little something to spice up our lives, we're really glad you came." After Grandma and I finished our embrace, I thrust out the bottle of Cuervo toward my Grandfather and, looking directly at him said, "then it's spice you shall have!" We all laughed as we felt the distance between us instantly melt away.

As usual, we couldn't stop talking once we got started. My grandparents wanted to hear all about school, my job, my love life, what I thought about the Gulf War, etc., etc., etc.. I asked them about their lives, and how they had been doing. They said that their health was good, but that they were both beginning to feel old. I asked what they meant and they explained that after 70 years of living, they have begun to feel as though their best years are behind them. I said, "nonsense! - look at the two of you, Grandpa's still the cock of the walk and Grandma's the foxiest woman in all of Omaha!" They both laughed and, in her typically risqué way, my Grandmother added, "well, I'm glad he's the cock of something!" I smiled as I thought about how hard it must be to get old, even more so when you don't feel sexy anymore. I started to get the feeling that what they both needed was a little encouragement.

After an incredible meal, my Grandfather suggested we move down to the bar in the basement for a "nightcap." As I said, my grandparents are cool, and their basement is evidence of that fact. At one end is a solid Mahogany bar, imported from Ireland where my grandparents are from. At the other is a juke box and pool table. In the middle is a fold out couch, one on which I had spent many a night when I was younger.

I could see in his eyes that when my Grandfather said "nightcap," what he really meant was to break out the Tequila and do some shots. It didn't take long until that's exactly what we were doing. I had to pinch myself as I thought about this picture - me and my grandparents, sitting on the couch in the basement with a bottle of Reserva, doing shots - now that had to be a first in some book. As we drank, we soon picked up our conversation where we left off earlier - in fact, my grandparents really seemed eager to talk about this aging thing.

I listened as my Grandfather explained that he just wasn't up to the same "tasks" that he once was. Not sure what he meant, I asked, "what do you mean, stuff around the house? your photography?" He smiled. "No," he said, "I mean your Grandmother." My grandparents looked at each other, then at me, as if to say, "help!" I could sense that my Grandmother wanted to say something, but I wasn't sure what. Instead, my Grandfather continued. "John," he said, "your Grandmother and I have been together for over 50 years, and I love her very much."

"I know that sexually I just can't please her the way I used to, and that bothers me," he added.

Looking sheepishly, he continued, "we have talked about this a great deal John, and we both love you very much."

"You can give your Grandmother something I can't, and I want her to have it," he said. "But I want to be a part of it too, do you follow me?" he asked. I thought I knew, but I didn't dare blurt it out. Instead, I looked at my Grandmother to see if I could confirm what I was thinking. Finally, she spoke up, "John, what your Grandfather is talking about is that we both want you to have sex with me, the kind we used to have when we were young."

"We know that might make you feel uncomfortable, but we also trust you and, of all the people we know, you're the only one we both feel we can share that part of our lives with," she added.

I was dumbfounded. Was I really hearing what I thought I was hearing? I blurted it out - "you want a three way with me?" I said. "Well, in a manner of speaking," my Grandfather said, "we want you to have sex with your Grandmother while I take pictures." He continued, "that way, when you're not here, we can look at them together and share some excitement together." The silence was deafening.

"Wow," I finally said, "I've never really thought about Grandma in that way but, now that you mention it, I actually find the idea very exciting." With that, my grandparents both let out a big sigh of relief. Thinking about it now, that must have been a very hard conversation for them to have. No doubt the fact that I would be excited about it had to have lifted a huge burden off of their shoulders, and I was glad.

Then my Grandmother said something that still rings in my ears today: "I want to suck your cock John." God. My Grandmother wants to suck my cock. The very thought of it gave me a raging hard on. My head was about to burst, but calmly, I said, "then why don't you?" With that, she didn't say another word but just stared down at the bulge in my pants with what seemed like a very serious look on her face. Then she began rubbing my cock through my pants, making me feel like I was going to explode. It's hard to explain but there was something about the thought of my Grandmother grabbing, fondling, rubbing, massaging, and grasping my cock through my pants that was an incredible turn on.

Seeing that all was going according to plan, my Grandfather said "why don't you two get more comfortable while I get my camera equipment set up?" Grandma and I didn't miss a beat. She couldn't get my pants off fast enough, and I couldn't pull her dress up over her head any faster. Soon she was sitting beside me naked, still fondling my cock as she looked into my eyes with the most tender look I had ever seen. As if on cue, she lowered her head, still looking into my eyes, and placed her mouth over my throbbing rod. At that moment, my Grandfather snapped his first picture. I could tell that this was going to be fun.

As my Grandmother continued sucking, she became more and more erotic, moaning as she tongued the hole in the end of my dick and played with my balls. I could tell she was really getting into it - almost excessively so - as if she hadn't had sex in years. I whispered in her ear, "is that what you wanted Grandma, did you want to suck your Grandson's cock?" She didn't say anything but bobbed her head up and down as she mumbled and moaned to indicate that she was in heaven with her Grandson's cock in her mouth. At that point I felt it was time for my Grandma to have a little fun, so I started to play with her pussy. At first I just stroked her pubic hair and played with her clit, but as she continued to suck me off, I got more and more excited. Soon I was probing her with my fingers as we both writhed on the couch with my Grandfather snapping away with his camera. I couldn't believe how wet and horny she was. God she sucked my throbbing dick like no girlfriend I've ever had - it took everything I had to keep from shooting my load into her warm tender mouth. And her pussy, wow, she couldn't help but pump my fingers in and out, undulating on the couch with my cock in her mouth and three fingers in her wet hole. She was loving life again, and the three of us were experiencing a new intimacy I never thought possible.

Occasionally I would look over at my Grandfather who was looking like the cat that ate the canary. We smiled at each other as the shutter on his camera continued to whirr. I could only imagine the old guy, sitting around with my Grandma on some cold winter night, looking at these pictures with her, and getting the woody he thought was all but gone.

After 50+ years, my Grandfather, of all people, should know how to make my Grandmother cum, and he did. He paused for a moment to kneel by the couch, getting as close to her mouth and my cock as he could without touching either of us. "Cum baby," he said, "cum for daddy . . . suck your Grandson's big dick baby . . . do you want him to shoot his young cum in your mouth baby? . . . suck him baby, cum for me." That's all it took. In about 2 seconds, my Grandmother was gripping my cock like the railing on a slippery stairway, sucking me, groaning, and moaning as I fingered her pussy.

She seemed to cum for about 5 minutes, although I'm sure it wasn't that long, without ever letting my dick slip from her mouth. As she did, she quivered and shook like no woman I had ever seen. I could tell she had had an earth shaking orgasm, and it made me happy to think I had played a part in giving that to her. As she finished, she collapsed on top of, still holding my cock in her hand. She seemed exhausted, but content. After a few moments, she lifted her head slightly so that she could look into my eyes. With that warm tender smile of hers, she said, "now it's your turn," and lowered her head back on to my cock. My Grandfather had returned to his camera by now and we both knew it would soon be time for the "money shot." We were right. My Grandma began sucking me with a renewed vigor as I fondled her huge globes. I could tell she wanted to make me cum - and I wanted it too - bad. As she sucked while I played with her tits, I whispered into her ear again, "do you want your Grandson to shoot a load of cum into your mouth Grandma? do you want to taste my cum?" All she could say was "Umph Humph," as she slurped and licked and gave me the best sloppy blow job I'd ever had.

It wasn't but a few minutes later that I began to feel the tension in my balls telling me that it wouldn't be long until I was filling my Grandmother's mouth with cum. I hadn't had sex or masturbated in a few days, so I knew it was going to be a gusher. I grabbed the back of my Grandmother's head and pressed her down on to my cock, then began stroking my cock into her mouth, and rubbing my fingers around her lips and the head of my dick. She loved it and so did I. As she fucked my cock with her mouth and both hands, I was on the verge of explosion. I told her, "I'm cumming Grandma, keep sucking baby, I love you, keep sucking my dick, I want to shoot my young cum into your mouth."

With that, it happened. My first shot made her gag, which I think surprised her a little. After all, it had been a while since she had a 25 year dumping his load in her mouth. I have to hand it to her though, she didn't stop. It seemed as if she wanted every drop because she just kept sucking and sucking, and jacking me off at the same time, squeezing my balls and cock, and greedily taking in every drop. It seemed as if I was never going to stop shooting - spurt after spurt of my hot cum just filled her mouth, so much so in fact that she couldn't swallow it fast enough and it began spilling out of her mouth. Seeing that my Grandmother was in trouble, he handed her a tissue then returned to his camera to snap this last picture - my favorite. As you can see, my cum is still dripping out of my Grandmother's mouth even as she wipes some of the cum off my balls. What a memory, for me, and for them.

After it was all over, we rested for a while on the couch. My Grandfather didn't seem to mind that my Grandma and I were fondling each other and acting more like horny lovers than Grandmother and Grandson. I couldn't keep my hands off of her huge tits nor could she keep her hands off of my cock. In about 30 minutes, it was time for Round 2. I wanted to fuck my Grandmother now, not just get a blow job. Having fingered her pussy, I wanted to spread her legs and pump her with my cock. It didn't take much convincing either. I wish the girls I had dated knew how to fuck like my Grandma - but - on the other hand - who cares?

As we fucked on the couch, I realized that I didn't need a girlfriend for sex any more - I had my Grandmother - and we loved to fuck each other for no other reason but the pure joy of it. I could foresee many nights like tonight in the future, in my grandparents' basement, on the kitchen table, in their bedroom, on the stairs. It was a gift to all of us, and we each knew that this was the start of something special between us. More than that, I had learned that, like any medicine, sometimes sex is the only thing that keeps people going.

Because I love my grandparents, I would gladly get over the social taboos about "incest" if having sex with her Grandson is what my Grandmother and Grandfather both needed to be happy. After all, would sex with my Grandmother be bad if we didn't know she was my Grandmother?

Next . . . my foursome with Grandma, my brother, and my sister-in-law . . .

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