Got Me Pegged

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He discovers her pegging fantasy and she finds out he's bi.
3.1k words
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Here comes another one, Clarissa thought as she saw a man approaching her. Fresh off a divorce, she wasn't interested in dating. She was only at the bar to support a co-worker who was the lead singer of the band playing that night.

Sure enough, he sidled up next to her and asked, "Can I buy you a drink?"

He was number six for the night, so she didn't even look up when she said, "Sorry. I'm not interested. I'm just here for the band."

"Ah, come on, baby. One little drink. Maybe one little dance?"

Clarissa stiffened when the jackass invaded her space, put a hand on her shoulder, and started toying with a lock of blonde hair. She looked up at him wearing an obviously sarcastic — and somewhat threatening — smile and said, "The only way I'm interested in a one night stand is if it's me wearing my strap-on and fucking you. Game?"

The band just happened to transition from one song to the next as she delivered the suggestion, and more than a few nearby women laughed.

He backed away with a terrified look on his face, muttering something she couldn't hear over the band launching into the next song. At the same time, she saw her other co-worker Dave returning to the table. He was shaking his head, and though she couldn't hear it, she assumed he was chuckling.

"Well, that certainly got rid of him," Dave said once he sat down. "The look on his face was priceless."

She blushed, though in the dim light, she doubted it was obvious. "Well, I tried to be nice."

"He deserved it," Dave said, and then winked. "Six, right? I got number five on the way to the bathroom. So, I'm still right on your tail."

Dave was twenty-one, and devastatingly handsome. He was fit, with spiky brown hair and a light beard that perfectly suited him, so he was attracting attention as well. Despite the divorce leaving her with a somewhat low opinion of men in general, it was hard for her to ignore how gorgeous he was. He also had a great sense of humor, and never seemed to be at a loss for words, but he was also a good listener.

Of course, she was more than a decade older, and he was a co-worker, which helped her keep her head on straight around him. Though it had never come up in conversation, the general consensus around the office was that he was gay. She didn't really trust the rumor mill at work, but she'd seen a few things that hinted it wasn't an unfounded rumor. That most certainly put him off limits, which made him feel safe in her tumultuous emotional state.

They shared a chuckle, and turned their attention back to the band. They were playing 90s covers, and they were good. Other than the guys hitting on her all night, Clarissa was having a good time, which had been all too rare a thing of late.

Once the band finished for the night, Dave excused himself to go talk to the singer for a minute. When he returned, he asked, "Want to have one more drink before I take you home?"

She shook her head. Dave had offered to be her designated driver so she could have a few drinks and relax. "No, I'm feeling that last one."

"Whenever you're ready, then."

The roads were empty and the trip was short, so Dave pulled up in front of her apartment a few minutes later.

"Thanks for the ride. I had a good time tonight," Clarissa said as the car came to a stop.

"My pleasure," he said.

"Well, I'll see you Monday," she said as she reached for the door handle.

"Just a second," he said. When she made eye contact, he continued. "I get the feeling... Well... If what you said to that guy was a fantasy and not just a line to get rid of him, I'm game."

Clarissa's eyes widened and she gasped. He'd hit the nail squarely on the head. It was a fantasy she'd held for a long time. Despite the abruptness of the completely unexpected offer, she broke out into chills at the thought of it.

"I know this is coming out of nowhere," he said. "No strings. I'd love to do this for you, but we can forget this ever happened if you want."

"I... I..." Clarissa's heart and thoughts were both racing. "Are you..?"

"Bi? Yeah. You've got me pegged." He chuckled. "Well, the offer is on the table, anyway."

She shuddered as a chilly tingle erupted between her legs and her nipples stiffened. Her mind's eye stripped away his clothing. She imagined cinching up the straps of her toy as he lay on the bed, awaiting her cock. The thought of it had her absolutely burning with desire.

"All you have to do is say yes, and I'm all yours."

In that moment, all her inhibitions shattered under the weight of her need. "Yes. Please," she said in a breathless voice.

Dave offered her a wide smile, shut off the car, and then reached into the back seat. He retrieved a small duffel bag, and then opened his door. Clarissa's hand acted seemingly of its own accord, and opened her door as well.

Is this really happening? she thought as they walked toward her apartment. He walked at her side, his bearing as normal as normal could be. She moved on autopilot to the door, unlocked it, let him in, and then closed it behind him. He was unzipping the duffel as she turned around.

He pulled out a bottle of lube, and the sight of it caused her face to flush.

"You can say no at any time, and I'll leave without a word. Hope you don't, though," he said. "Bedroom?"

"End of the hall," she said in a small voice.

He walked that way without hesitation, looking back over his shoulder. Clarissa followed as if tethered to him. She couldn't help admiring the play of his muscles beneath his clothing. She was absolutely afire, even if her thoughts were in a fog.

Dave tossed the lube bottle on the bed when he entered, and immediately reached for the tail of his shirt. Clarissa drew in a shuddering breath as he revealed his sculpted and completely hairless chest. He looked absolutely delicious.

"It's up to you, but I'd love to see you," he said as he kicked off his shoes and unbuttoned his jeans.

The next thing she knew, she was tearing at the buttons of her blouse and kicking off her shoes. Her eyes remained fixed on him as he continued to strip. His jeans and boxers slipped down together, revealing that he was shaved baby smooth down below as well. His cock was on the high side of average, and bouncing energetically in its hardness.

"Oh my god, so beautiful," he said in a low, sensual voice as she dropped her bra to the floor.

Dave sat down on the bed, still admiring her as she popped the buttons of her jeans. She wrestled them down, and the tight denim dragged her panties low. Having a man so young and gorgeous looking at her with undisguised hunger was a thrill in and of itself. The thought of fulfilling her fantasy with him was almost overwhelming.

He let out a sensual growl as he slid backward, turned, and reclined. He made sure to grab the bottle of lube as he did so. A broad smile spread across his face as her panties slid down, revealing the trimmed patch of hair on her mound.

"So sexy," he said. "Now, let's see that cock."

Clarissa sucked in a shuddering breath and nearly swooned from hearing that. She hurriedly kicked her panties away, and moved toward the nightstand, where she kept her toys. It had been years since she'd been with another woman, so her strap-on was buried deep in the back of the drawer. When she grasped the thick black shaft, she hesitated as a worrying thought crossed her mind. She could remember women being intimidated by it, and they weren't expecting to take it in the ass.

Her fears were unfounded. Dave's eyes lit up with excitement as she pulled the toy out in a jingling of buckles. He sat up, scooted to the edge of the bed, and said, "Let me help you strap up so you can fuck me."

She shivered as he slipped out of the bed, and onto his knees in front of her. When he held out his hands, she passed him her toy. He guided one foot into the harness, and then the other.

Clarissa gasped as he stared up at her while sliding the harness up her legs. The look of hungry anticipation on his face was delicious. Once it was in place, with her big black cock looming large in front of him, he said, "Cinch it up."

She had fantasized about this moment so many times, and tightened the two straps with dramatic tugs. His moan of anticipation made her feel weak in the knees. He helped her fasten the buckles, and then took the big cock in hand.

Clarissa breathed heavily as he licked the veiny shaft and looked up into her eyes. The feeling was far more intense than she'd imagined. She felt powerful, and unbelievably sexy. That was something that had been rare since divorcing her husband for infidelity, and she was making up for it exponentially.

He wasn't done.

She whimpered and gasped when he tugged down on the big phallus, parted his lips and sucked it in. She put a hand on the back of his head and watched with aroused fascination as he sucked her cock. Though it had been a long time, she'd sucked it herself in the past, and knew it was no cake walk. He was taking it like it was nothing.

He paused with the head between his lips, twitched his eyebrows, and then closed his eyes.

"Oh my god," Clarissa squeaked when he swallowed her cock almost to the base, and held it in his throat. He made a croaking sound as he pulled back, and his eyes were watering, but he kept his lips wrapped around it until the head slipped from between them with a kissing sound.

He sniffled and asked, "Ready to fuck me?"

"Fuck yes," she heard herself say in a deep, almost growling voice.

He reached behind him, and somehow unerringly located the bottle of lube. He popped the top as he retrieved it, and immediately began to drizzle it over the length of her cock. He stroked it, rotating his wrist, to slather the lube all over the shaft, and then added more. Once it was glistening with a thick coating, he wiped his hand across his bare chest.

"How do you want me?" he asked as he stood.

Her fantasy was very specific, so she answered, "On your back."

"I like that. I want to see you while you fuck me," he said while slipping into the bed.

Caught up in the heat of her fantasy, she was right behind him. She knee-walked between his legs as he lifted them, and helped push them back toward his chest. His cock bounced vigorously as she knelt with hers between his legs. Knowing he wanted it so bad made it all the more breathtaking for her.

He reached down, spread his cheeks, and nodded.

Clarissa took her cock in hand, pressed the thick head against his ass, and then looked up into his eyes. Those eyes rolled up and a growling groan rumbled in his throat when she thrust her cock into his ass.

"Fuck yeah. Fuck me," he said.

She rocked her hips, enthralled by his tight expression and the way his cock lifted with every thrust of hers in his ass. She was taking it easy, and only giving him about half of the thick phallus.

He had other ideas, and said, "I want it all."

Her body responded almost before her brain caught up. He let out an explosive grunt when she buried her cock in his ass.

She surrendered fully to her fantasy, fucking him hard and fast. The feeling of control was exhilarating. His grunts and groans spurred her on and gave her chills. He was loving it as much as she was.

As amazing as watching his expression was, she had to look down and watch her cock vanishing into his ass. That was when she noticed he had dribbled pre-cum. A second droplet welled up and rolled down the head of his cock as she watched.

It was making her mouth water and her pussy ache.

Clarissa curled the fingers of her left hand around his cock. He was as hard as a steel bar. She let her finger slide over the head, and he trembled in response.

Though it required quite a bit of coordination to guide her toy with her right hand while stroking him with the left, she found the rhythm. His hard young cock throbbed in her hand, and she could feel the tug every time she pounded her cock home.

She was in heaven. She fucked him hard, jerked his gorgeous cock, and reveled in the symphony of his grunts, growls, and groans. Soon enough, his face was growing red, and she could feel his cock throbbing even harder.

She whimpered in delight, knowing he was about to come.

Dave grunted — his head lashing back and forth on the pillow, and his breaths exploding from his nose. Suddenly, his head lurched forward until his chin was touching his chest, and a long, low growl rumbled in his throat. His head slammed back into the pillow and he roared as he erupted.

Clarissa squealed as thick ropes of cum arched up into the air and spattered over his groin, cock, and her pumping fist. She looked up to see the tight expression of ecstasy on his face. Then, he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue.

She pointed his cock toward him, kept stroking, and gave a powerful thrust of her hips. He roared again, and a jet of cum decorated his chest and chin. A dollop landed on his tongue as well, and he quickly drew his tongue in to taste it.

Twice more, blasts of cum spattered over his chest and face. Weaker spurts followed, and then dribbles. Clarissa paused with her cock buried to the hilt in his ass to admire his cum-spattered body. He was licking it from his lips even as he twitched from the waning throes of his orgasm.

That was when her need made itself known with a ferocious ache. Dave lurched and cried out when she pulled her cock out of his ass. Clarissa yanked on her toy, moving it out of the way so she could reach her needy pussy. Her back arched and she yelped as her fingers curled into her canal.

"Sit... Sit on my f-face," Dave said between gasps for breath.

Clarissa muttered, "Oh god, yes!" She scrambled to the head of the bed, straddled his cum-stained lips, and lowered her pussy to them.

She wailed in bliss when he proved that he was just as good at licking pussy as he was at sucking cock.

Clarissa rode his face with wild abandon, grinding her pussy against his lips. The cock she'd just pulled out of his ass wiggled and jiggled from her desperate movements. Far faster than she would have believed possible, she was on the precipice.

And then she tumbled over.

She screeched like a banshee from the first onslaught of climactic energy ripping through her, and just kept screaming as she lost control. She bucked and thrashed — her hair whipping every which direction. Her brain was nothing but a raging fire of ecstasy, and her body was doing whatever it wanted in absence of instruction. On and on it went, until she was certain she was going to pass out.

When her consciousness finally surfaced, she was lying limp atop him, and wheezing for breath. Her pussy was dripping onto his cum-smeared chest. It was only the toy sandwiched between them that gave her sufficient motivation to slide off him and roll over onto her back.

She felt him move, and saw Dave smiling down at her. His face still glistened with pussy juice as he worked the buckles of her toy. She swallowed, trying to moisten her hoarse throat while he unhooked the toy, and then slid it off.

"Water. Fridge. Please," she croaked.

He nodded, and climbed out of the bed. Though his weak-kneed walk was adorable, she didn't have the strength to laugh.

When he returned, he helped her sit up and have her first few sips. When she demonstrated enough coordination to do it on her own, he said, "I'll go clean your toy."

"Alcohol is in the cabinet. Bring me a washrag?"

He nodded, and then Clarissa admired his taut, naked ass when he bent over to retrieve her toy from the floor. She shivered as he left the room, almost feeling as if she was waking up from a dream.

But it was real.

She whimpered, snapped her legs together, and threw her head back as the memory of pounding his ass while he shot cum everywhere came back to her in vivid detail. It wasn't a dream. It was a dream come true.

A moan escaped her when he returned with her washrag. He grinned and chuckled before heading back to the bathroom.

Clarissa finished her water and languished in the afterglow until he returned. He sat her clean toy down on the nightstand, and then slipped into bed next to her. She couldn't resist pulling him into a passionate kiss.

"That was..." She purred and shivered. "Thank you."

"Incredible. You're welcome, and thank you. God, you're stunning."

They kissed again, and this time, their hands began to roam. Their tongues tangled, and before she knew it, her hand had found his once again rock-hard cock.

She let out a hum of surprise, looked down at it, and then back up at him.

He chuckled and said, "I've got a remote-controlled butt plug in my bag. Want to stuff my ass with it and take control while I fuck you silly?"

Her gasp and wide eyes were all the answer he needed.


Hope you enjoyed this one, and the title/description was enough to warn off anyone who might get the heebie-jeebies from suggestions of m/m action.

Please take a moment to vote. ( Only once per reader. No stuffing the ballot box, please. ) That's the coin in my hat. Comments and favorites are also most welcome, as they help raise the profile of the story, and attract more of the same. It's the feedback that keeps me coming back for more.

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AnonymousAnonymous4 months ago

loved it. from a woman's perspective.

AnonymousAnonymous4 months ago

When do we get part two

1reddawg121reddawg127 months ago

Very ,Very Hot Pegging Story.Hope there is a Sequel..🍆😈🍆

lc69hunterlc69hunter9 months ago

Awesome connection

RangeExpanderRangeExpander9 months ago

Juicy sexy fun thank you!

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