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Got the Perfect Gift


On Christmas morning, Jessica didn't want to spend the day by herself and didn't feel like going outside so she decided to call her friend Amber. Jessica was 25 years old, had dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. She was 6'1 and had a 40 D bust. Her friend Amber was 28 years old, red hair and green eyes. She was 6'0 and had a 36 C bust.

When Amber picked up the phone she was happy to hear from Jessica.

"Hi Jessica, how are you?" Amber said.

"Listen I've been really lonely lately and would enjoy some company for the holidays, would you mind coming over" Jessica said.

"Sure, I'll be right over." Amber replied. When Amber arrived she had no idea what Jessica had in store for her. Jessica was wearing a Christmas t-shirt and jeans. Amber smelled the scent of fresh cookies coming from the kitchen.

"Are you making cookies?" asked Amber.

"Oh yeah, I threw some in the oven." Jessica said. As Jessica went into the kitchen, Amber noticed that there was a present underneath the tree. She went to go and look at it, the present was rather small and said "To: Amber From: Jessica"

Amber was just about to open the gift when she saw Jessica walking back into the living room with a big plate of chocolate chip cookies. After they ate a few cookies, Amber asked "So Jessica, what do you have planned for Christmas?"

"Well I was planning on decorating the tree and then later on, I'm having ham for dinner I was hoping you could stay."

"Sure, I would love to." Amber said. Both Amber and Jessica lived alone so they enjoyed each other's company very much. Jessica quickly changed the subject.

"Amber, look up above." Jessica said. Amber didn't know it but she was right under where Jessica had planted the mistletoe. Jessica then started French kissing her. Amber didn't object because she too had a crush on Jessica. After breaking away from the kiss, Amber looked at the tree and saw that it was undecorated.

"You said you wanted me to help decorate the tree with you right?" Amber asked.

"Yeah, I was hoping that you would be able to help me with that." Jessica replied. After putting up the ornaments, Amber was looking at the candy canes. Before she started to hang them, she saw Jessica wink at her. To Amber it was obvious that Jessica had an alternative motive for the candy canes. She knew that it was obvious because as she looked up Jessica was seductively sucking on one of them.

Amber was realizing that she was becoming wet at the sight of Jessica sucking on the candy cane. She slowly removed the candy cane from Jessica's mouth and started French kissing her again. Jessica knew that Amber wanted the same exact thing that she did so she started to remove her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra and Amber saw that Jessica's nipples were erect. Amber was jealous that Jessica's breasts were bigger than hers but she was also turned on by them.

She smiled at Jessica and slowly started sucking on her breasts. Jessica had wanted this for so long and moaned softly as Amber was sucking on them. As she was sucking on them, Jessica laid back and took her jeans off.

Amber noticed that Jessica's pink cotton panties were soaked. Amber removed Jessica's panties and the musky smell of Jessica's sex drew Amber even crazier. Jessica smiled at Amber and spread her legs wide. Jessica's pussy was clean shaven and dripping wet. Amber was about to eat her out but then she got an idea.

She took one of the candy canes, sucked on it, and then very carefully trying not to break it slowly slid it into Jessica's pussy. Jessica grunted as the candy cane entered, she was surprised and even more turned on that Amber had that idea.

After fucking Jessica with the candy cane, Amber went down to taste Jessica's sweet pussy. As she went down, the smell of the peppermint cane along with the smell of Jessica's sex was turning Amber on even more. Jessica moaned loudly while Amber sucked on her clit.

She stopped momentarily to remove her own clothes. She too was wearing a Christmas shirt and a pair of denim jeans. She had laced lingerie on. But Jessica laughed when she noticed that Amber's bra was red and her panties were green.

"Well it is Christmas." Amber said with a chuckle. Amber's tits were perky and there was a bush of red hair above Amber's mound. Before Jessica started she was thinking about the gift she got for Amber.

"Hey Amber, I got you a gift. Merry Christmas." Jessica said as she handed the present to her friend. With anticipation Amber quickly opened the present, it was a razor. It didn't occur to Amber right away what the reason was.

"My legs are already" before she could complete her sentence Jessica interrupted her.

"It's not for your legs baby" Jessica said. Amber smiled as it sunk in what the razor was for. They both got up and raced to the bathroom. As Amber anxiously turned on the water, Jessica opened the box and got the razor out.

A wicked smile came across Jessica's face. Amber positioned herself with her legs hung over the tub allowing easier access for Jessica. She got out the can of shaving cream and sprayed some over Amber's bushy mound, and then she ran the razor under the water.

"Be careful okay babe." Amber cautioned.

"Don't worry your in good hands; you know I would never hurt you." As soon as the words left Jessica's mouth, she began shaving off her friend's thick pubic hair. When she finished she let the cold water run over Amber's now smooth pussy.

Amber enjoyed the feeling of the water hitting her there. Jessica then turned off the water, still smiling.

"I'm not finished with you yet." She said to Amber who was waiting her friend's next move, still yearning for her friend to eat her out. She helped her friend out of the tub and handed her a towel. When Amber finished drying off, Jessica led her into the bedroom.

Amber lay down and rubbed her smooth soft pussy. Jessica teasing Amber with anticipation went to go and kiss her again. She softly kissed all the way down Amber's beautiful body.

Jessica continued to tease her friend as she pried Amber spread eagle, she softly kissed her inner thighs working her way closer to Amber's now clean shaven cunt. When Jessica began to gently suck on her friend's clit, it sent shockwaves through Amber's body. She groaned loudly as her friend continued to suck on her clit.

Jessica smiled up at Amber as she kept her legs spread open she started licking Amber's sweet pussy. When Amber's eyes started rolling back, Jessica slipped two fingers deep into Amber's juice box. Amber gasped when Jessica's fingers found her g-spot and started rubbing it back and forth.

When she started rubbing Amber's g-spot faster and harder, she felt her own pussy starting to drip. Amber's breathing got heavier and she writhed in pleasure gripping the bed sheets. Jessica went back to sucking on her friend's clit at the same time. She realized that Amber was get closer to her climax as she saw her arching her back practically panting at this point.

Amber screamed loudly as she squirted her sweet pussy nectar all over Jessica's face. Jessica slurped up all of her juices. While Amber was trying to come down from her orgasm, Jess kissed Amber allowing her to taste her juices off of Jessica's lips. Jessica held her friend close.

After they both got dressed and wished each other a merry Christmas, the last thing that Amber said before she left was "So much for the ham."

"You're welcome." Jessica giggled as she watched her friend walk home.

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