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Gram Connie


I would suggest you read the story "Aunt Pat" prior to reading this one.

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Every time I thought about my Aunt Pat for the next couple of day's my Dick would get hard instantly. I wanted to call and ask her if I could meet her somewhere, but I was afraid. Perhaps she would come into the store this weekend.

My maternal Grandmother Connie owns a small specialty supermarket opened by her immigrant father in 1927. My grandmother was born in 1938 and married my grandfather in 1954 at the age of 16. My grandfather also worked in the store and in 1960 the store was passed on to them when her Dad retired. My mother, her sisters and all their children worked in that store while they were young, usually until they finished college. Gram believes in hard work and was determined each of her children and grandchildren work learn a good work ethic. My Gram Connie is the boss of the family. No one crosses her and we all do exactly as she tells us. One of the reasons is the money. My mother and Aunt's still get not only a weekly paycheck out of the store but just about anything else they want. No one knows how wealthy Grams is but we do know the real estate she owns is worth about 5 million.

Gram has two sides to her. She is well loved by all the rich customers she serves because of her playful and cheery personality. But, she is plain spoken and hard as nails with the family. She never misses anything, even when you think she isn't looking or listening. If you thought you got away with something you were just fooling yourself. She had managed the store alone since my Grandfather died in 1993.

I was always her favorite. When I was younger I spent at least one night a week at her house. Gram is in very good shape for a woman of 63 even though she is slightly overweight at about 175 pounds on a 5'4" frame. About 25 pounds of that weight is in her breasts. They are huge. All I ever remember seeing her wear around the store is a spotless white cotton dress kind of like a uniform which is so heavily starched it would probably stand up in a corner by itself. Gram keeps 4 or 5 in the office at all times because if she spills something on one or gets the least bit dirty she changes into a clean one.

When I got to the store on Friday Gram was just about to change dresses because a customer had broken a bottle of catsup and she had gotten a big spot on her dress when she cleaned it up. She told me to come into the office with her. Grams office also served as sort of a combination office and efficiency apartment with a sitting area, kitchen, bedroom and full bath. She had these put in after my Grandfather died so when she worked late she didn't have to make the trip home. As I stood listening to my Grams instructions for the day, she unbuttoned her dress and pulled it off. As I watched her, I thought about what Aunt Pat told me about hearing Gram having multiple orgasm's during sex with my Grandfather. Grams examined her slip and found a ketchup spot on so she pulled it over her head and stood there in front of me in her panties, bra and panty hose. Grams was not the least bit shy and after all I was family.

I looked at the heavy white bra. It had 1 inch shoulder straps, I guess they were needed to hold up those breasts. Her panties were white but her panty hose were kind of a neutral color Even through the two layers of fabric I could see her black pubic hair on the very pronounced mound between her legs. For a woman of her age and weight she had a very flat stomach. Her breasts strained against the cotton bra and popped out at the top to create and enormous amount of cleavage. When she turned around to get a fresh slip and dress from the closet, I noticed the panties were not only cut high to expose the sides of her thighs, but had a seam in the center of the back panel which accented both butt cheeks. I was amazed that her butt appeared so firm and full with not a hint of sag. I noticed her legs were very stout but muscular shaped with big thighs and calves. I wondered how it would be to have sex with her. My mind wandered back to Aunt Pat and my Dick started to get hard. I quickly held my apron in front of me to hide any trace of the hard on visible through my pants.

Gram continued talking as she dressed and when she finished she sat down at the table. She motioned for me to come closer. When I approached her she reached out with her left hand and grabbed the apron out of my hand, she then thumped me right on the head of my Dick with her right middle finger. She proceeded to eat my ass out for looking at her the way I had and for getting aroused in her presence. She demanded to know what caused the change in me between a couple of weeks ago when she changed in front of me and today. I had no answer. I apologized and begged forgiveness and kissed her lightly on the cheek. She told me to go to work and behave myself.

Later that afternoon Aunt Pat came in. I was sweeping up in the stock room. When she came through the swinging doors and I saw her in that tight skirt with the slit up to mid thigh I got an instant hard on. She smiled that wicked little smile and I just about died. She came up to me and stood very close with her legs spread to the point her skirt was almost splitting the seams. I wanted to reach out and touch her, but I didn't dare. She was telling me she would see me on Wednesday night at about 6:30 when Grams came through the door. Both Aunt Pat and I reacted as people who got caught. Aunt Pat took a step back from me and closed her legs. I turned about 10 shades of red on my way to purple. Grams kissed Aunt Pat on the cheek and told me to take the trash by the back door out to the dumpster. As I walked away I heard Grams begin speaking Italian to Aunt Pat. This was her way of conversing in private around the grandchildren. When you heard grams and her daughters speaking Italian you knew it was something they didn't want anyone else to know.

At closing time that night Grams gave me the keys and told me to lock up and meet her in the office. When I entered the office Grams had taken her panty hose off and was sitting in a kitchen chair with her feet soaking in a tub of water. Her dress was pulled up over her knees and her knees were cocked open with her dress hanging down between them. She asked me to get us each a glass of wine and join her. When I returned with the tumblers of wine she asked if there was anything I needed to discuss with her. I said no, but she persisted. She asked point blank if I was doing anything I shouldn't be doing with my Aunt Pat. I tried to talk my way around it, but I don't think she bought it. She told me that it was wrong to have those kinds of thoughts about your relatives. Then she said something I would never believe she said if I hadn't heard it with my own ears. She said a young man my age should always use a condom when he has sex with any woman but his wife unless the woman is 50 years old or older. She then asked if I understood her. I was stunned. All I could do was answer yes. Grams complained about her feet and knees hurting and asked if I would open the store in the morning so she could sleep late. She told me she was sleeping here tonight and for me to come and wake her up no later than 8am. I found this unusual because Grams never slept past 6am and she had never asked me to wake her.

The store didn't open until 9am, but I had to let the employees in at 7:30. When I arrived at the store I made coffee, fixed a cup for Grams and myself and went to the office at exactly 7:58. I entered the office and placed the coffee on the night stand by the bed. Grams was sleeping on her right side with the covers pulled tightly under her chin. I ran my hand slowly and softly down Grams cheek and told her it was 7:30. She opened her eyes and smiled at me. She sat up in bed and I handed her the coffee. I asked how she was feeling and she said her knees had hurt all night.

I stood there looking down at Grams sitting in the bed and could not believe what I was seeing. Her breasts were so large that even though they hung down to almost to her lap, they also protruded straight out away from her body about 6 inches. Through the thin white fabric of her gown, I could clearly see the dark almost chocolate colored spots on the end and nipples about an inch long. The nipples were so long and hard they strained against the fabric. My Dick became hard instantly.

Grams threw the covers back and swung around to sit on the side of the bed. As she swung her legs they opened widely giving me a perfect view of her hairy pussy through the thin white panties she wore. She rubbed her knees and complained again about how much they hurt. I asked if it would help if I rubbed them and she said it might. She told me go give my keys to Wanda the head cashier and tell her we to open the store because we would be in the office for a while working on the books. She got up and started to the bathroom. I went to the door and carefully repositioned my Dick in my pants so none of the employees would see my hard on as I walked through the store.

When I returned to the office, Grams was coming out of the bathroom. She was still wearing only her gown and panties. Her house coat was still laying on the back of a chair. I watched the way her breasts swayed with every step she took. She certainly didn't walk as though her knees hurt.

Grams sat down on the edge of the bed, pulled her gown up to the middle of her thighs and tucked the gown between her legs. I began to rub her right knee with both hands, trying hard not to look at her breasts. She instructed me to go higher just above her knees. I began to rub and squeeze from her mid thigh to the tops of her knees. I was amazed at how firm her legs were and how silky smooth her legs were.

In a few minutes Gram told me this wasn't working. She said to let her lay down on the bed. She lay back on the bed and again very carefully put her gown between her legs. I tried kneeling down by the bed, but this wasn't working. Grams didn't think I was applying the same pressure to both legs. She instructed me to get on the bed and straddle her waist facing her knees. She said this would be more comfortable for both of us and allow consistent pressure. She moved over into the center of the bed and spread her legs. This time she was not nearly as concerned about tucking her gown between her legs and didn't bother to pull her gown down after it rode up on her legs when she moved over. . I took off my shoes and got onto the bed and straddled her as instructed. When I looked down my eyes were instinctively drawn to her pubic area instead of her knees. My Dick began to stir in my pants. I was trying to straddle her but keep my weight off her. As I continued to rub her legs this proved impossible. Slowly without even noticing, I eased myself down onto her. My lower legs were parallel to her rib cage and my feet were touching the sides of each breast, both of which had slid sideways off her chest. As I slowly massaged and rubbed her lower thigh, I began to bend over at my waist. I finally got low enough to be able to look up and see her panties. Grams had so much thick jet black pubic hair that it was sticking out of the elastic in the leg openings of her panties.

My Dick was rock hard. The way I was straddling her with my weight on her stomach and bent over at the waist she had to feel my hard Dick pressing against her. I very slowly and carefully allowed my hands to go higher on her thigh. Each time I went from one leg to the other I started a little higher until I was massaging within 1 inch of her crouch. I asked Grams if it was helping and she answered in a very weak voice that it felt wonderful. I noticed a wet spot beginning to form on the crouch of her panties. I began to smell the unmistakable smell of a sexually aroused woman.

I looked back over my shoulder at Grams. She had her eyes closed and her face was very red. It was obvious she was holding her breath, probably to keep me from hearing her come. I couldn't believe it, she was getting her rocks off while her grandson massaged her. She positioned me in such a way that she could feel me but at the same time I could not feel her. I was so aroused I began to move my hips very slowly on her stomach to both get a little friction on my Dick and give her a better feel of it pressing into her. I slowly moved down so my Dick was positioned directly over the protruding mount of pubic hair.

The smell and the wet spot on her panties both became more pronounced. I wrapped both my hands on her left thigh and moved them up as close to her pussy as possible without actually touching it. I began to squeeze her thigh with both hands in rhythm and moved the little finger on my right hand so it came in contact with the wet spot on her panties. I slowly applied pressure to the outer lips of her pussy. In less than 10 seconds Grams jerked slightly2 times then ever so slightly arched her hips upward and held that position as I glanced over my shoulder and saw her face contorted in the obvious pleasure of orgasm. She placed her hands on the small of my back and squeezed tightly as if to keep me from moving or stopping my actions. In a few moments Grams relaxed. It was as if every muscle in her body was at a complete state of ease and satisfaction.

I continued to massage her left leg as if I hadn't noticed anything. In a moment, Grams asked if I would mind massaging her lower back. I said I would be happy to. I got up and she rolled over on her stomach and pulled her gown up into the middle of her back. She spread her legs very wide and told me her back hurt where it joined her butt and all the way down the left side of her butt to the inside of her thigh. She was telling me where she wanted to be touched. I got between her legs and began the massage starting at the elastic waistband of her panties. After a few moments Grams told me to open the drawer on the night stand and get the hand and body lotion. As I reached over her to get into the night stand I pressed my hard Dick into onto the back of her leg.

Grams told me to remove her panties so the lotion didn't ruin them and raised her hips to allow me to do so. As I pulled the panties off I was treated to the sight of her swollen outer lips which were slightly parted. I saw that the pubic hair directly around her pussy was wet and slightly matted. When she laid back down her butt was almost perfectly formed. Large but well proportioned to the rest of her body. I did exactly as I was told. I started at the small of her back and worked my way down to her butt. I massaged both cheeks and was amazed at the firmness and blemish free softness of her skin. I paid special attention to the area where her butt joined the back of her legs. I would cup the bottom of her butt in the palm of my hand and follow the curvature up the outside edges of her butt and then bring both hands together at the top of her butt and bring both my thumbs together in the crack of her ass and go back down while the palms of my hands fanned out over her butt cheeks. Each time I did this Grams would raise her hips ever so slightly and each time I would go a little lower allowing my thumbs to get a little closer to her pussy lips. Grams had her face turned to the left and her eyes closed so hard the whole upper part of her face was almost solid wrinkles. As I continued to watch her face, I pushed both of my thumbs directly down to contact the lips of her pussy. She was so wet both my thumbs slid into her with no resistance. She raised her hips up off the bed to allow me greater access and buried her face into the pillow. I heard muffled moans and grunting coming from the pillow.

I guess the orgasm was so intense she abandoned all pretense in what we were doing. She raised her hips higher and began to move them in rhythm with my thumb. She had raised her knees up to support herself and this gave me greater access to her pussy. I removed my right hand from her body, unzipped my pants and pulled my Dick out of my pants. Without removing my left thumb from her pussy, I guided my Dick down the side of my hand and replaced my left thumb in her pussy with my Dick. I thrust to insert the full length into her before she could resist. She came instantly. There were muffled screams from the pillow. Her hips banged against mine as she rocked back and forth on her knees. Each time she came her body convulsed then relaxed for a moment before the beginning of another orgasm.

I continued to pound her smooth butt as I alternately squeezed the cheeks of her butt or held onto the sides of her thighs. I began to come and put one leg up over her hip in an effort to get deeper into her. She came in waves when I did this. I came for what seemed like hours.

I fell onto the bed totally exhausted. Grams didn't say a word for about 10 minutes. It took her that long to get her breathing back to normal. Finally she asked if I knew what had just happened was wrong. I said maybe it was and maybe it wasn't. I asked her if she and I were on a marooned on a desert island with a woman who had a social disease would she prefer me to have sex with the woman and contact the social disease or would she provide the needed sexual relief and be assured I remained disease free. She said that was a pretty good point. She asked me if I could handle what had just happened. Without telling her I'd heard that before I assured her I could.

She then said something I could not believe. She told me that I needed to stay away from my Aunt Pat. Without explaining she said since Pat was a little girl she could not keep a secret if confronted about something. I got the drift real quick. Grams then told me to get up and go to work.

That night she cooked dinner for us and called Mom to tell her we were going to work late and I wouldn't be home until early morning.

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