tagBDSMGrandad's Birthday

Grandad's Birthday


I know it's silly. But why shouldn't an old man indulge himself.

I'd been thinking about my eighty first birthday for some time and had come to a firm decision. I was going to fuck an eighteen year old girl. I didn't want a hooker, just an ordinary girl who was interested in making some cash and was willing to make an old man happy. I didn't want a virgin or anything like that. In fact I preferred her to have some experience so she wouldn't be too shocked by what I wanted.

The key thing was that she had to be eighteen. No real reason except my own amusement. To get my dick in a nice girl who was the reverse of my age. I have got a great granddaughter who is eighteen. She is lovely. I wouldn't consider fucking her, but I've got to admit that seeing her sunbathing in a tiny bikini really made me determined to get myself one of the same age.

I didn't know how to go about it at first. I don't suppose many attractive teenagers use dating sites. In the end it was simple. I was chatting with the barman in my local pub when a group of girls came in. He went off to serve them and spent a few minutes checking ID to make sure they were old enough to have alcohol.

When he came back I said

"I need an eighteen year old young woman for an event in a few weeks. Just one day's work and it pays well. Do you think I might find one in here?"

"Yeah, probably. Stacks of girls from the college come in here for a drink and they are always skint. How much does it pay?"

"Oh! I'm not sure. I haven't dealt with that yet. Umm about £300 I would say."

"Fuck me! You sure you don't want me. I only get forty quid a shift here. A lot of these chicks would kill for that sort of money."

We chatted for a few minutes. I didn't tell him what I had in mind, but I said it needed to be an open minded person who was ready to put her total effort into the day. The way it ended up was that I promised the guy £20 to hand out some little notes that I would bring in the next day.

A few minutes on the computer and it was produced:

Broad minded eighteen year old female required for one day work.


Local, safe and fully legal. Must provide proof of age.

If interested, write your e-mail address on the back and return this to the person who gave it to you.

I printed thirty copies and dropped them round to Tim behind the bar the next day. I gave him the £20 and told him that if I got three or more replies from the e-mail contacts I would give him another £30. He was really pleased and said it would be no problem. He was certain he could do that. He asked if he could tell them how much money was on offer and I said he could.

After leaving my e-mail with Tim and finishing my beer, I took the short walk home. For the first time in years I was grinning from ear to ear. My naughty little idea looked like it might just become real.

Only a few days passed before I got an e-mail from Tim with five e-mail addresses. I immediately sent off a message to all of them explaining that the job would involve nudity and require them to provide intimate personal services for a period of about five hours at a rate of £60 per hour. I also gave assurances that they would not come to any harm and this would be entirely private without any photographs or video being taken.

As soon as I had done that I went round to the pub, and shared a drink with Tim.

"So what's this all about then Fred? Said Tim. "I'm intrigued. You don't go flashing around that kind of money for nothing. What are you up to?"

I was really embarrassed and despite my age I think I blushed.

"Oh! Nothing much really. I need her to help out on my birthday."

Of course he wasn't satisfied with that and over a couple of drinks it all came out. Although he was really young, to my surprise he thought it was a great idea and said he wanted me to have a really good day.

I waited three days for replies, but only two came. Neither gave any information about themselves, but they said that they really wanted the job and they understood the requirements. Tim was keen to get his money and he e-mailed me a couple of times asking if I had got replies.

When I knew it was his shift I decided to go to the pub. He wanted to know why I wanted three replies when I only needed one girl. I was insistent that I needed to have some choice to be sure to get the right person. He asked me when my birthday was and when I told him that it was another seven weeks he was over the moon. He said

"Right. I've got a deal for you. My sister is eighteen in three weeks. She is dead broke and she's really fit. You'll love her. She is your third girl and you're bound to pick her."

Wow! Hang on a minute Tim. You know what I want. Your sister would probably freak out completely and I don't want to fall out with you."

"No no. She'll be up for it. Definite. She is always pestering me to find her work and I can't."

"Yeah, but you know. It's not the sort of thing you get your sister into is it?"

"It bloody is. I've caught her watching porn on her computer and she hangs out with guys all the time. She's your girl I tell you."

Good enough. I arranged for an interview at my flat in four weeks and e-mailed the two other girls with instructions. They were to come to my flat on a Sunday afternoon for an interview for the job. They would be paid £15 expenses. They should be ready to take off their clothes and answer questions about how they would do the job if they were selected. They were told to confirm that they understood the requirements and confirm that they would be coming.

In the time running up to the interview my excitement was growing. The two e-mail girls confirmed that they were coming and Tim said that his sister was really up for it. He had told her to strip for him as a practice for the interview. He expected her to tell him to fuck off, but she just giggled and said OK straight away. They went to Tim's bedroom where Tina did a really sexy strip. When she had all her kit off, Tim pushed it on a bit by telling her to spread her cunt lips and then to bend over and part her ass cheeks. He was amazed at how compliant Tina was. Not at all like the gobby sister he was used to. When he told her to rub her clit, Tina got straight into it and worked herself hard. Tim got his dick out. Telling his sister to sit on the bed, he wanked over her until he shot a load over her tits and she groaned in a huge orgasm. Things would never be the same between them again.

I couldn't contain myself. I wanted to know more.

"What are her tits like?"

"Great. She's big although she is a slim girl. I was surprised what a pair she had. I hadn't really noticed how much she had developed."

"What about her pussy?"

"Looks good. Nice plump lips. I think she will be tight. She's a brunette with quite a bush.


He picked up my tone.

"Don't you like a hairy muff?"

"Well, no not really. It doesn't matter, but they're more sort of naked without it and I love the feel of smooth, soft skin."

"Leave it to me Fred."

The next time I saw Tim he was bubbling over, wanting to tell me more about Tina. It was the day after her eighteenth birthday. He had arranged for her to have the function room at the pub for a party with her mates. None of them had much money so it was important for them to get one or two older guys along. They had jobs and some spare cash to spend on alcohol. From the noise coming out of the room it was obvious they were having a good time. They didn't have a bar in there so people were in and out all evening getting drinks and visiting the toilets. Tim noticed at one point that Tina nipped across the corridor to the pub office and she took one of the guys with her. They were in there for nearly half an hour and when they came out she looked bedraggled and flushed.

When the pub closed and the party was over, Tim gave Tina a lift home. She was fairly drunk.

"You fucked that guy in the office didn't you?"

No! I didn't." She giggled.

"Course you did. Tell me about it."

"No I didn't fuck him. Grant had been buying me drinks all night so I sort of owed him, but he is really nice anyway so I offered him a BJ."

"Lucky guy. That was a long time for a blow and you looked pretty ruffled after."

"Ah well. Yeah. Things got a bit complicated."

"You mean he did fuck you."


"So what did happen?"

"Weeeell. I sucked his dick and then when he said he was cumming I moved my mouth away. I thought he would get out a tissue or something, but he pulled my head back and said I had to swallow his cum. I Didn't want that so I turned my face away and he shot his sticky load down my neck."

"Was that it?"

"Umm, no. He took his belt off, bent me over the desk and belted my ass."


Tim pulled up the car.

"Do you want me to get this guy and give him a beating. He can't do things like that to my sister."

"No, no Tim. Please. He's nice. He was right I think. It was OK. I've got a sore ass, but I feel kinda good."

Tim couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"You're gonna show me your ass when we get home. I've gotta see this."

Tina was quiet for the rest of the journey, but when they got there, she went straight to Tim's bedroom with him. She didn't need to be asked. She took off her clothes and laid face down on the bed.


Tim ran his fingers over the welts and tried to work out how many times the belt had hit her. Too many to be sure, but the firm cheeks were bright red and he could see that she had taken more than six strokes. As his hand continued to brush the burning skin, Tim became aware of the rigid erection in his trousers and his sisters face nestling into his lap. He undid his zip and moved his underpants aside to allow his prick to spring out.

The feeling of he warm, wet mouth was wonderful and he moved his hand to slip three fingers into her hot, wet cunt. It didn't take long for both of them to finish explosively. Tina gulped his cum down her throat without spilling a single drop. She licked and sucked Tim's softening dick clean. He got up, went to the bathroom and returned with a razor and foam.

Look sis, you're a good girl and really beautiful. I don't think I have really appreciated you until now. I have told Fred how special you are and he wants to see you at your best so I just need to give you a trim.

"Lie back and spread your legs."

Her head whirling from the alcohol and still feeling tingly and warm from her climax, Tina just complied with her brothers' instruction. A few minutes later she stood in front of the mirror looking in amazement at her bald twat. Tim said

"You can use my shaver. I want it to be dead smooth when you go for Fred's interview. It's a matter of honour now. You have got to be selected. You are my fuck slut and you are going to give the performance of your life."

As the effect of the drink started to wear off Tina became quiet. It had been an amazing birthday and her life seemed to have changed as she could never have imagined. She picked up the shaving equipment and went to bed. She drifted off to sleep savouring the new, sticky sensation in her mouth. Although it didn't taste nice, she liked the unfamiliar feeling and she was content.

On the day of the interviews Tim turned up first with Tina. He waited in the kitchen while I showed Tina to the lounge and answered the door to the other two girls over the next few minutes. They were very different.

Tina was a slim, busty brunette wearing a short, tight skirt and figure hugging top. Gloria was a very short, giggly girl in loose fitting jeans and a jumper. She was pretty, but looked more homely than sexy. Frances was very quiet. She wore secretary type glasses and smart, business girl kind of skirt and blouse. She was cute, with small features and a nicely rounded ass.

"We will get straight to business ladies." I handed them £15 each in cash. "You will be interviewed together. As you know the job requires you to be naked so the interview will be the same way. Will you please take your clothes off and place them behind your chair."

Tina was up and undressing immediately. It wasn't a big job. She had no bra or knickers on and within seconds she was standing by her chair showing off the gorgeous, juicy lips of her bald cunt. I could already imagine how moist and slippery it would be. This interview was going to be fun.

The other two girls were taken aback by Tina, but both got up and began undressing. I was amused at the contrast with Tina when Gloria was down to a pair of loose, big knickers. She hooked her fingers in the waistband, but then looked reluctant to pull them off. She looked up to me. When I nodded and smiled she quickly whipped them off. Her curly, blonde pubes were sweet, but lacking the shock appeal of Tina's close shave.

As I was admiring the view, a little voice said

"May I keep my spectacles on. I don't see well without them."

Looking across to Frances there was another lovely body. My new found interest in crotch coiffure showed me a very tidy landing strip style of bikini trim. Very tasteful.

"Of course my dear. Please sit down ladies."

I explained that the job on offer was to be my personal present and entertainment on my eighty first birthday. All of them muttered congratulations and little compliments about looking good for my age. They all seemed OK with the idea. I confirmed the £60 per hour fee to keep up their interest and explained that I expected a minimum of five hours, but If I was enjoying myself and keeping up my energy it could be several hours longer.

When I got into the nitty gritty, the girls showed some differences. I took my notepad with their names entered and a list of questions whose answers I intended to tick off. The first few about being OK with me naked and giving me a kiss on the lips, etc. all got happy 'yes' replies. When I got onto taking my prick in their mouth, fingering their vagina and fucking me with a condom they were still all in, but they were getting a bit quieter and not so quick with their replies.

We were now sorting the sheep from the goats so to speak. I asked if they would be willing to swallow my cum, lick my ass and be fucked in the ass by me. Tina was still saying yes to everything without hesitation, but Gloria hesitated a lot at the ass lick before giving a doubtful nod and then with the ass fucking she just shook her head and said

"I think I should go. I can't do this. I didn't realise."

She was looking tearful.

"Of course Gloria. Thank you so much for coming. You are a lovely girl and I am so grateful for you joining us today." She dressed as quickly as she could. Frances was squirming a little in her seat, while Tina smiled continually. I asked them to excuse me while I saw Gloria to the kitchen. I asked Tim to fix her a drink and see her out when she was ready.

When I went back in I asked Frances whether she was happy to go on and if there was anything she wanted to ask me. She was very clear that she wanted to stay, but explained that she had never done some of these things. She really wanted the job. Tina chipped in

"I've never had a dick up my ass, but hell I hadn't had a mouthful of cum until a few days ago and its great. You can have my ass for your birthday and I plan to have as much fun as you."

Frances looked shocked for a second then smiled and said

"I would like to make your birthday good as well."

My final questions were intended to push some hard limits. I asked them if they were ready for a spanking. Tina immediately said yes with a grin, but to my real surprise Frances blushed and said

"Please Sir. My boyfriend disciplines me firmly with a cane if I don't serve him properly. I will be grateful if you give me discipline too. I am caned on different parts of my body depending on the punishment I deserve."

I was completely blown away. Because of the arrangements with Tim I was intending to take Tina really, but I carried on with the interview because that was going to be good fun itself. Now I didn't know what to do. Tina was really sexy and obviously up for just about anything, but Frances was so much more interesting. Now that she said she wanted to be caned, and not just on her ass, I obviously wanted to get to know her better.

I told the girls to get dressed and have a glass of wine while I made my decision. They put their clothes on quickly and I called Tim in. I pointed to the drinks cabinet and asked him if he would mind getting us all a drink. Despite my age, I had such a stiff prick I didn't dare stand up until it softened a bit.

Leaving the girls in the lounge I took Tim into the kitchen for a chat.

"What did you do to Gloria? She was as horny as hell when she came in here. She said you were a bit too much for her to handle, but she was so hot I could have fucked her over the kitchen table there and then. I had to persuade her to go home, but I got her mobile number and I am going to call her. She is one hot bitch."

Tim admitted that as soon as Gloria left he had been trying to look through the keyhole to see what we were doing. He got a tiny glimpse of the naked girls, but couldn't hear what was happening. I told him the whole story and how I would be really happy with Tina for my birthday, but I just had to find out a bit more about Frances. At this point I remembered that Tim had succeeded in getting me three girls and I gave him the rest of his money.

After some discussion we decided on a sneaky plan to finish off the day nicely for both of us and let me have a brilliant birthday.

We went back to the lounge.

"Sorry ladies, but I have been unable to choose between you. We will have to have a decider. If you both wish to continue, Tina will suck me off and Frances will do the same for Tim. We will each give marks out of ten for your performance. When that is done I will explain how the decision will be made."

In no time Tim and I had our clothes off and our pricks were deep in the mouths of the girls. They really put an effort into giving us the best oral pleasure they could provide. Being younger and more sensitive than me, Tim pumped a good load into Frances' mouth fairly soon. She swallowed it completely and they both watched as Tina worked hard to do the same for me.

They looked on with some surprise as I grabbed Tina's hair to pull her face hard into my groin. She gagged a few times with my prick in her throat, but when I finally shot a watery load into her mouth they gave us a little round of applause. Tina gulped it down and looked up in anticipation of getting my acceptance for the birthday job.

"How good was the blow you got from Frances Tim?"

"Phew! Fucking great girl. What can I say? One of the best sucks I've had, but none is ever perfect. I got a couple of nips from her teeth and some resistance in taking me into her throat. I think that is about six out of ten."

"Right, that sounds like some quite hard marking. Tina did a good job too. My dick is not as sensitive as it used to be and I have had the pleasure of a lot of ladies mouths so she had a difficult job. She did well to bring me off and swallow nicely. Not enough tongue work or sucking and she should have looked up at me while I was using her mouth. Yep, Tina is six too."

It was a fix of course, to keep the girls in a dead heat. It gave me the opportunity to declare that the final stage would be to give them some correction for failing to get the full ten points. Each of them would have four strokes of my riding crop for the four points they failed to achieve with their cock sucking. Following that I would make my decision.

Naked again, Tina knelt with her ass high and her forehead on the carpet. I gave her two hard crops on each buttock. She did nothing more than gasp a little at each blow. When I was finished the marks showed up brilliantly on her ass.

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