tagIncest/TabooGranddaddy Knows Best

Granddaddy Knows Best


Liam opened the door in surprise. His daughter walked in with her husband and daughter in tow.

When his son-in-law went to the bathroom he corned Jen and gave her a long seductive hug. His big hands caressed the curves beneath her clothing. Over Jen's shoulder he made eye contact with his granddaughter, Jemma. He smiled at her confused look and watched her hightail it out the front door.

Jemma listened to her daddy proposition her granddaddy from the front porch swing.

"We just can't deal with her any more, Liam. She's into too much trouble. Maybe some time away from her friends will do her some good."

Liam looked at his granddaughter, barely eighteen, she was wearing a slutty skirt and a tank top two sizes too small. She had been caught in the boys room making out with a boy in front of several others at school.

Liam turned to his son-in-law, "Leave her hear with me. I'll straighten her out real good." Looking at his daughter he smiled and said "My daughter turned into a wonderful and obedient wife, didn't she?" His daughter blushed and looked at the floor.

His son-in-law rushed out of the house with Jen and took off for home; he always hated the country side. His granddaughter Jemma stood on the front porch watching them leave with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Why are ya cryin' girl?"

"They just left me here. In the middle of no where."

"Maybe you should have thought of that before they got so fed up with your behavior. You aint gonna act like a brat while you're here because I won't put up with it."

Jemma's temper flared. "What are you going to do old man, beat me?"

Liam chuckled, she was so sassy, he couldn't wait to break her in. He unbuckled his belt and pulled it loose from his belt loops.

She watched him with her mouth hanging open. Before she thought to run he snatched her by the arm and forced her to bend over the porch railing. She screamed threats at him and tried flailing her arms and legs but he managed to hike her little skirt up over her ass.

With one hand he yanked her panties down to her knees. Unable to resist he gave one of her sweet ass cheeks a squeeze and felt her freeze in fear.

"It's clear your daddy was lazy when it came to disciplining you. Didn't he ever give you a good spanking? Now apologize to your granddaddy or you'll get a beating." He caressed her ass with the soft leather of the belt.

"Bite me!" Jemma screamed, she knew no one could hear her but she wasn't going to let some hillbilly old man break her just because he wanted to. She knew he was getting turned on by this. He was a horrible, evil old man!

Liam brought the belt down on her ass leaving a perfect welt across both cheeks. His cock stiffened when she screamed. It wouldn't be long before she started to beg.

Tickling her cheeks with the belt he said again, "Still think I'm like your daddy? Do you want to apologize yet, slut?"

"I'm not a slut!" Jemma couldn't believe how bad the belt hurt and she didn't understand why her granddaddy would do this to her. Daddy always gave into her, why wouldn't granddaddy?

"That's not what your granddaddy wants to hear." He brought belt down again enjoying her forced submission.

Ooh her ass burned so bad she couldn't take it! She was sobbing and holding on the porch railing for dear life.

"I'm getting ready to bring the belt down again, is there anything you want to say to me? No?" Liam caressed her pussy lips with the belt and smiled when he saw a little wetness on it. He threw the belt down and slapped her ass bare handed several times and then ran his fingertips over her pussy lips again.

"Well princess? Another spanking or are you going to apologize?"

Jemma, still sobbing, felt humiliated and pride less. "Please, I would like to apologize. Please let me apologize." She said, sobbing.

Liam pulled her up by her hair and pushed her down on her knees in front of him. "Well?"

Jemma was forced to crane her neck to look up at him. His crotch was an inch from her face and she felt so dominated. How could it be that her pussy was on fire? She was dripping wet and ashamed because she was pretty sure granddaddy knew it.

"I'm sorry for sassing you, granddaddy." Jemma hung her head. She had never felt so mortified before.

"See, your daddy is too weak to teach you right. But I will train you, you will learn, girl. How sorry are you princess?" Liam smiled, he had her by the hair and pushed her face into his crotch and rubbed himself against her cheeks and mouth. He felt her stiffen up but she didn't try to fight him off. The little slut wants this... they always did.

The rough denim of his jeans scrapped her face and lips. She wanted to rub her pussy and didn't know why. He was abusing her, molesting her and she liked it.

He twisted her hair more sharply "How sorry?"

She thought she knew what he wanted so she put her hands over his crotch and rubbed up and down gently. She saw his head fall back a little and his eyes close in desire.

"I know a fucking slut when I see one, don't I?" Liam smiled down at her. "You want some cock princess? Is that why you been such a bad girl lately? You can't find anybody to stuff your little hole for ya?"

Jemma was so embarrassed but she was still rubbing his crotch through his pants. He must be pretty big, too big maybe... She had to see so she unzipped his pants and his massive penis flopped out. She gasped and he thrust it at her face and rubbed the tip over her lips and slid it across her cheek and then the other cheek until her face was buried in his pubic hair.

He rubbed the length of his cock against her face and lips for a few minutes enjoying his control over her. His little slut had unzipped his pants and pulled him out without him telling her to, she would learn quickly. "Open up." He commanded. She obediently opened her mouth and he shoved himself in. Her mouth was wet and hot but she wasn't very good at this.

"You are not very good at cock sucking, are ya?" He was holding his cock in her mouth with the tip almost touching her tonsils. "Granddaddy's gonna teach you. Or you'll get the belt again." She whimpered around his cock and he enjoyed the feel of it.

"Now start sucking. Yeah, that a girl, you want granddaddy to be happy, don't you? You gotta suck harder." He watched as her cheeks sucked in and out. He badly wanted to thrust in and out but he had to teach her first... He pulled his throbbing cock out. "Now lick it, slut."

Jemma was so turned on by his name calling. She wasn't a slut, she was still a virgin, but she maybe she wanted to be a slut. Maybe she liked his cock in her mouth. She knew she liked him telling her what to do. She began licking it the only way she knew how – like it was a popsicle.

"Mmmm Jemma, honey, you're a fast learner, huh? You want to make granddaddy happy? Huh? Open up."

Jemma opened her mouth immediately and his giant meat slammed into the back of her throat. She gagged and tried to fight him off but he held her there for a second and then thrust his fat cock further into her throat. Gagging and choking she thought she would suffocate until he slid back out until just the tip of his fat cock rested on her tongue. She sucked in some air and he thrust his cock down her throat again. After several minutes of choking and gagging on it she caught his rhythm and timed her breathing to his thrusts.

Liam grunted, his little slut caught on quick. "You like sucking on a fat cock, sweetie? I bet your daddy couldn't please you like this, huh? You want to taste my cum, hunny?" Liam face fucked his slutty granddaughter and then grunted, spewing load after load into her throat forcing her to swallow feverishly to keep from choking.

He stepped back and looked at her, thoroughly humiliated, just the way he liked them. "Crawl into the house slut. I'm not done teaching you things." He held the door open for her as she slinked in like an alley cat with her skirt still pushed up and her panties tangled at her knees. He bent down and petted her hair. "You're being such a good little girl now. Is it because you finally got some cock in ya sweetie?"

"Yes granddaddy, I need some more." Jemma whispered. Her ass hurt so bad from the belt and his spanking but it turned her on so much she was dripping wet... She hoped that if she was good she would get more. She needed more so bad, she wanted it in her pussy.

"Take off your slutty shirt. I want to see your titties."

Her granddaddy's cock was still hanging out of his pants. She stared at it while she slipped her shirt off over her head. She thrust her breasts out to reach behind her back and take her bra off for him. His cock had to be eleven or twelve inches. It was a monster! And she had it buried down her throat just moments ago. Her pussy filled with heat at the thought of him choking her with it again.

Liam sat down in his arm chair. "You got some nice tits girl, perky and pink. Take the rest of your slutty clothes off and come sit on granddaddy's lap."

Jemma scrambled out of her clothes and climbed up into his lap with his semi hard cock pressed against her thigh. Her granddaddy roughly fondled her boobs until they were pointy and sensitive. She sucked in her breath when he twisted a nipple hard.

"You like that don't you?"

"Yes granddaddy." Jemma blushed, ashamed that she admitted that to him.

"You know what that makes you, right?" He twisted the other nipple and got the same response from her body. He pulled her close to him and buried his face against her firm tits and licked them up and down. Finally sucked one of her nipples in his mouth and nipped it with his teeth.

She squealed, "It makes me a slut, granddaddy!" It hurt and felt good in such a strange way...

"You want to cum, don't you, slut? You want some dirty old man to make you cum? You want granddaddy to rub your little slit until you squeal, don't cha?" He turned her around and leaned her against his massive chest and spread her legs to either side of his thighs. He pulled the lever on the arm chair and it kicked back.

Jemma was now lying on her back on top of her granddaddy. Splayed out so that he had easy access to her tender pointed tits and wide open pussy. His rough hands rubbed and touched her everywhere, finally one rested on a tit and squeezed and the other cupped her pussy.

"Tell me what you want Jemma..." Liam smiled against her hair, this was his favorite part, making them ask to be fucked, making them beg.

"Touch me granddaddy, down there, please?" She was on fire, her pussy throbbed.

"Tell me more, slut."

"I want you to rub my pussy until I cum. Finger me? I need it so bad." Jemma felt a wave of humiliation wash over her, she really needed this dirty old man to make her cum.

He jabbed his middle finger into her slit and found her g-spot. He slid his other hand down to push against her clit. She moaned and started writhing against his hands.

He whispered in her ear what he wanted her to do. "Yeah thrust against my hands. You like my finger inside of you? You want to fuck my finger? Rub your clitty against my hand? Fuck it, slut."

Jemma let go of herself and writhed on him, fucking his finger, and listening to all the dirty things he told her. The pleasure built up inside her and her whole body stiffened and her orgasm exploded. She came so hard she nearly passed out.

He sat the arm chair up and pushed her off his lap. She fell to the floor and looked up at him. His cock was hard. She knew what to do. She took his cock and licked it up and down until it was slippery and then slid her lips around it and down. It hit the back of her throat and she opened her throat up and let him in. She moaned and slowly fucked his long thick rod with her mouth. She wanted to make him happy and taste his cum again.

He pulled her off his cock by her hair. "You have to suck on my balls slut. Lick 'em and suck 'em."

It grossed her out but she had no choice when he had her by the hair. She licked them tentatively at first and then realizing it wasn't all that bad she gently started sucking them into her mouth.

"You fucking slut. You do this all the time, don't you?"

She struggled to pull her face away so she could tell him that this was her first time but when she opened her mouth he slid his cock back in. She swallowed his cock trying to make him happy again and heard him moan.

A few minutes of watch her head bob up and down on his cock and he was ready again. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off his cock. "Hands and knees, slut."

Jenna dropped to all fours and waited for her next command. He dropped to his knees behind her and caressed the welts he made earlier. "You need some cock shoved up ya, huh sweetie. Granddaddy's gonna fuck you like a street walker."

Jemma moaned, she was finally going to get fucked. She needed it so bad.

Liam lined his massive tool up to her tight little hole and pressed the tip in. Holding it there he spread her cheeks apart with this thumbs and looked at her tiny sphincter. He would take that hole too, he thought with relish. With his cock throbbing so hard he had to thrust in. Her pussy was so soaked he slid a few inches in easily. He grabbed her hips and thrust, busting her cherry.

She screamed and his cock throbbed again. He still had at least six inches to go.

"Granddaddy bust your cherry little girl? Huh? Is this what you wanted slut? Somebody to give you a reaming? Dirty fucking slut." A couple more thrusts and he was buried in his granddaughter's tight pussy.

"Oh granddaddy its too big, take it out, take it out please, it hurts!" Jemma's pussy was split apart on his cock, she was so stuffed she didn't think she could take any more.

"Mmm slut, I'll take it out when I'm done." He thrust in deeper and deeper until her pussy could easily take every inch of him. This fucking slut, he thought, she's so wet. Liam lost control inside her tight slippery cunt and thrust in over and over again. He blew his load deep in her belly when her pussy clamped down on him in orgasm.

Even after blowing his load his cock was still so hard so he kept thrusting in and out slowly. Her pussy juice mixed with his jizz made her so slick. He spread her cheeks apart with this thumbs again and looked at her tiny asshole again. Without warning he pushed his thumb in her tight little rosebud making her yelp.

"You know I want now, don't you, girl. I'm gonna shove by big poker stick up that tight little ass and make it mine."

"No no no no please granddaddy I will do anything please anything but that. You will tear me in half! Your cock is way too big please." Jemma was sobbing she was so scared. His thumb hurt her so bad she couldn't imagine anything as big as that monster she had thrusting in and out of her pussy.

"It's going to hurt, alright, but sluts love it anyway." With his cock lubed by their natural juices he pushed her face down flat on the floor. Grabbed a pillow and put it under her hips so that her ass was tilted up. He lay down on top of her with all of his weight and kissed her on her ear. "It's going to hurt, slut." He whispered.

Jemma started crying. "Please don't do this please granddaddy." She felt the tip of his cock pushing at her backdoor and froze. There was nothing she could do! She felt him press into her deeper and her sphincter started to stretch painfully and she moaned in fear and pain.

"That's granddaddy's cock sliding into your ass, slut." He only had the very tip in not even his whole cock head. "Say it slut."

"Granddaddy's cock is sliding into my ass!" Jemma practically screamed.

He moaned and pressed deeper, his mushroomed cockhead popped in and she screamed again. She couldn't escape him. His cock was sliding in deeper and she couldn't do anything. Sobbing she begged him to stop.

"Feels too good to stop." He grunted. "You're a whore and your gonna love this. Say it again whore."

"Granddaddy's cock is sliding into my ass!" He was so big and her ass was so full it burned!

He was all the way in now. He held it here and whispered in her ear. "You got my cock all swallowed up in your tight little ass, don't cha? Dirty little slut, I knew I'd fuck this little ass before sundown when I first saw you strut up the driveway this morning." Liam slowly pulled his cock out and then slowly slid it back in. His granddaughter moaned.

She was ready. He picked up the pace and started fucking her asshole. "I'm gonna fill your slutty ass full of cum little girl."

Jemma was so confused and turned on. It hurt so bad but she wanted it, she deserved it. "Oh granddaddy, it hurts but I love it. I'm so slutty, fuck it. Fuck my ass granddaddy. Fill my dirty hole with your cum!"

Liam fucked her harder spurred on by her dirty mouth. Slamming his cock into her tight little ass over and over again and he felt his cum building. He needed her dirty mouth to help him fill her ass. "Tell me slut, tell granddaddy you need it."

"Granddaddy, I love your cock in my ass, just like you knew I would." Jemma did love his cock. He made her feel so weak and small and subservient. She wanted to please him and that was strange to her.

"Your cock is so big, it split me open granddaddy. You took all my cherries today and it felt so good."

"Thank you for teaching how to swallow your cock and your cum. I'm a slut granddaddy, cum in your little slut!"

Liam let out a roar and exploded in her hot tight little ass and then collapsed on top of her. After catching his breath he said, "That's a good girl."

Liam climbed off of her and helped her up off the floor.

Jemma quivered with pleasure, she was thrilled that he was pleased with her. She winced when she stood up, all of her soft girly parts were so sore!

Liam led her into the shower told her to soap him up. He broke her in good.


Liam's daughter and son-in-law sat in the living room drinking iced tea made by Jemma while his loser son-in-law exclaimed over the change in Jemma's attitude.

"I can't believe two months in the country made such a difference in Jemma! I really owe you one, Liam!"

Liam smiled. "Jemma's a sweet little girl, son, she just needed a firm hand to show her what she needed." Liam turned to his daughter, "It's how I taught my Jen, right honey?"

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