tagIncest/TabooGranddaughter Has Her Fun With Me

Granddaughter Has Her Fun With Me


This story about my granddaughter, is a fantasy. I would never do this with my granddaughter. I can not say that I have not thought of it. She is a doll and does have a great body.She is over 19 and would love to see her nude. But please remember that it is a fantasy.

After I got home that Thursday night I slept like a rock. I didn't dream of Karen or the dance I had got. I didn't dream of what she did. I fell asleep and then woke up the next morning . Karen came in late that night. I know it was after midnight. I was trying to stay up to talk with her. I was going to ask if she was mad. If she was happy. Anything to talk to her. The feeling I had was something I had not felt in years. When I woke up Karen was in the kitchen. I could smell coffee and eggs on the stove. I put on my things and walked out. I guess I was hoping that she would be nude or something. I was thinking of what I would say to her. Should I say "I'm sorry about last night?" Should I tell her that it felt great? What could I say? It did feel great! Watching my own granddaughter take me in her mouth. Tasting my cum from her mouth and then watching her swallow it. Knowing that her grandmother did the same thing to me years back. And how could I forget her finger up my ass. Damn.

"Good morning granddad. Did you sleep okay? Or did I wake you when I came in and took my bath? I hope not." As I walked in I could see she was dressed in a long skirt and blouse. Karen was going to be leaving for her morning class. I walked past her and got a cup of coffee. It felt funny doing that. Just walking past her. I could still see her in my mind as I saw her last night. Dancing on the stage. Her ass towards me and her bending over. Her shaved pussy staring right at me. It burnt an image in my mind. I will never forget that.

"Good morning my dear. No you did not wake me! I feel asleep and slept like a baby all night. The best in years. What time did you get in from work?" I was thinking that she must not remember what happen. She acted like nothing had happen. Was it a dream on my part?

"I got in about 12:30 last night. Had a great time at work. I stayed a few minutes longer talking to one of the girls. You know girl talk!" With that she gave me a smile that told me that I had did not dremt it. It was real.

"No I don't. You'll have to tell me over the coffee and eggs. Is that okay with you?" I placed a few plates out and then sat down. I gave her the same smile she had given me. "Sit and talk. Tell me about last night. Was work hard?"

Karen was still making the eggs and I sat down. Watching her from the back I thought of how she had looked last night. Her back to me. Bending and pulling her panties down. Showing me her ass. Then looking at her pussy. My cock started to get hard all over again. I put my hand on it and rubbed it a little. I closed my eyes and I could see her. When I open them Karen was looking right at me. A smile on her face.

"Granddad we need to talk." She bent some to place the eggs on my plate and I got a look down her blouse. It was not like I hadn't seen them all the night before. I saw them last night. Both of them. I looked up at her eyes and they told me that it was okay to look.

"When I moved in with you I told you I was going to help out . That I would clean and do most of the things that grandmother had done for you." She looked down at my lap. My cock was still hard and made a bulge in my pants. Her eyes lit up and a smile came to her face.

"As I was staying. I was going to do a few things around the house. Cook, do the dishes, clean up the house and all the things that a woman would do to take care of her man." Once more her eyes told me that she was thinking of more then what a granddaughter would do. And to tell you the truth I liked what I was thinking.

"Anyway. In cleaning the house I found a few things that I think I need to talk to you about. I'm going to tell you the truth and how I feel about it. I hope that we both can talk openly about this." I was thinking that she had found the pot I smoked from time to time. What else could it be. The Playboy's I had in my room? Na.

"When I was cleaning your room a few weeks ago I found a few movies under your bed. I know I should not have looked at them. But I did. I found out that you enjoyed movies about hand jobs from younger women! But what I found in the next tape was that you must enjoy fucking girls in the ass and having then do the same to you!"

I started to open my mouth when she stopped me.

"Please let me finish. That is why I had you come to the club later on Thursday then you have been. I have seen you in the club before but you did not know. Anyway, the cat is out of the bag and it is to late to put it back. Last night was great for me. It has been years since I felt a guys cock in my mouth. And I loved it. Pushing my finger into you made me remember how much I miss that feeling. I to enjoy a finger and more in my ass. As for the other things I found in your room! I guess I'll have to show you how I feel about them!"

With that Karen took my hand and pulled me up. She walked towards her room and then stopped. Turned and looked at me.

"Take your things off and lie on my bed. I'll be back in a few. Please do as I ask.." She walked towards the bathroom and closed the door. I walked into her room and started to get undressed. As I did I thought of last night. Of what she had said. About if she called me granddad. And that meant. It meant that she was going to be my granddaughter. When I was undressed I got on her bed and did as I was told. The door opened and in walked Karen. All she had on was a smile. She walked over to the bed. I could see her nipples and her shaved pussy. Her lips somewhat wet and her nipples sticking out.

"Granddad what happen last night told me that you are open to new things. That you and I have a few things that we both enjoy. And today granddad I'm going to open up to you." With that Karen got on the bed and placed her hand on my already hard cock. Her fingers rapped around it and started to move up and down. I watched as she licked her lips and bent her head. I felt her tongue lick the tip of my cock and then take it in. She pulled back up and my cock fell out of her mouth. She swallowed and smiled.

"Last night when I took this in my mouth I remembered how it felt to please a man like that. I love the power it gives me." Once more her mouth took me in and then back out. "I have not sucked a cock in a long time. And this one sure is a good cock to start over with." I felt her take it back in. Her head bent in a way that she could not only take it almost all the way in . But also look up at my face as she did. A smile came to her face. Not on her face but more in her face. The way her eyes looked. Showing love.

"Oh, that does make me remember a few things". I felt her take my cock all the way down. I could feel her hand holding my balls and her tongue rub my cock. My eyes looking down at her. Then I felt her move back up. My cock came free once more.

"I also enjoy the fact that you enjoy a girls finger in your ass. How do I know that? Well granddad I watched a few of your movies and you have a few of them with girls doing that and more. RIGHT!" And with that her finger went into my ass. Karen must have put KY on her finger because it went right in.

"YES"! That's all I could say. Her finger started to move in and out of my ass. Her mouth went back to my cock.

"Oh my god. Karen if you only knew how that felt. How it makes me feel. It has been a long time since your grandmother did that to me. I miss it so much!" All I could see was her head going up and down and feel her finger going in and out. She took her finger out and started to give my cock a good mouth fucking. Not a blow job but a good old fashion mouth fucking. My cock was as hard as it had ever been . I felt her pull off it and then get on top of me. She was facing me and I watched as she sat down on my cock. I felt it slide into her. The look on her face told me that she was enjoying this more then I was. Her eyes closed half way. Her head bend back some. Her mouth half open and her tongue touching her upper lip and part of her teeth. More of a pure bliss. Something of pure joy and happiness.

"Oh my god does that feel good. I have not had a cock in me like this in a few years. Granddad you are so big. I thought it would kill me to have you do this. Oh!" I watched as she pushed down and took more into her. The look on her face told me that she was holding back some. I felt her pull up and then push down. Pull up and then back down. My cock was going in and out my sweet Karen's pussy. At first she took only the head into her soft tight lips. Her hips moved up some and then back down. Now about 2 inches went in. Talk about tight. Once more I felt her hips move up and my cock came out some. Then once more back down and more went in. I could see her face as she pushed back down. She took a deep breath just before she pushed down. As her hips went down she would slowly exhale. I felt her take more into her tight pussy. Soon I could feel about ¾ of my cock in her.

"Yes. You are so tight. It feels like nothing I have ever felt. My god your pussy is so tight. If you keep that up I'm going to cum"! I could see her looking down at my face as she took all of it and then stopped moving. He eyes rolling back in her head.

"Does my granddad think he if fucking my pussy? No my sweet love. My pussy is for the man I marry. I have your cock in my ass! And it feels great in me. You see granddad I enjoy it in the ass like you do. So I do know how it feels. I know that it is something that fills me up. Now let me show you how I can fuck!"

With that she started to move up and down faster. I felt her pull all the way up and then push back down. She was saying things that I never thought I would hear. Telling me to fuck her ass like I fucked grandmothers ass. To make her scream and cream. To fill her up and make her want me more. I could feel my cock going deeper and deeper. I closed my eyes and felt that I was going to go over the edge at any moment. I could now hear sounds coming out of her like she was some animal. Sounds coming out of her throat that made the devil sound like a saint. Then I felt her push down hard. I felt her tighten her ass . The muscles holding my cock tight. I then felt her pull up. Trying to pull my cock out of her ass. But the muscles wouldn't let me go.

"YES. Oh my god does that feel great. Do you know how that feels to have a cock like this in your ass and cum. Oh. Does that feel great. Try to pull it out. Pull you cock out of my ass and make me scream for more."

My sweet Karen was now over the edge. I felt like my cock was going to be pulled off me. I felt her pulling and pushing but my cock could not move. Then I felt her drop on me. She was crying. Telling me things that I have never heard from a woman.

"Fuck you are great. Grandmother must have loved you for that cock. I have had only 8 cocks in my ass but you are the best. I have found the one cock that can please me. Oh yes I think I'm going to love doing this to you."

I felt her let me go. And then she pulled up and off me. I still had not cum yet. And I felt that it was okay that I didn't. I had pleased her and that was what I wanted. I had mine last night and today was for her. I felt her get off the bed and then looked down at the foot of the bed. She was putting her fingers back in my ass and I could not stop her. I did not want to. They felt great. First one then two.

"Do you like when your sweet Karen fingers your ass? Does it make you want more? Tell me. Tell your granddaughter that you enjoy this. That you think of grandmother doing this to you. I know all about it. You didn't know I knew did you?"

I felt her fingers working on my ass. Going in and out. She must be putting on KY from time to time. I felt one finger working in and then two. My god did this girl know how to please a man. I felt her finger bend some and then hit my prostate. Fuck. She was better the her grandmother.

"Yes! Oh my god yes. Your grandmother did do this but she never knew how to find that right spot. Yes please don't stop. Hell I think I might cum!" I could feel it starting to come. I felt Karen push in a little deeper and then rub my gland. I could not move. I felt her doing something but could not see. I felt her pulling her fingers out and then felt her pull me to the bottom of the bed. She knelt up and then I felt it.

"OH! What the fuck is that? Oh! Karen what are you doing"?

I felt what had to be a dildo being pushed into my ass. It had to be that. It was cold but slick. It went in about 2 inches and then came back out. Then it started to go in once more. Karen was fucking my ass. I looked down and she had a strap-on on. My eyes shot open as I watched her push in once more. The look on her face. She was watching it go in my ass and then she started to pull it out. Karen looked up at me. A half smile came to her face.

"I found this in your room. With a letter". Karen pulled out slowly and then started to push back in.

"The letter was from you to grandmother. Telling her how you enjoyed being fucked by her." With the dildo in about 4 inches she stopped. Then started to pull out just as slow as she had pushed it in.

"You told her that now you knew why she loved to have it in her ass! That you now understood why she would take your cock in her ass more then she would in her pussy." With that I felt her start to move faster. In and out.

"That's it granddad. Take it. Take my cock in your ass and then I'll take you like no other. I'm going to fuck you and please you like no other woman well. Fuck you till you scream and cream!"

Karen started to fuck my ass. She was not making love to me. But just a down right ass fucking. All the way in and then out. My cock was not hard anymore. When I get my ass fucked I do not stay hard. Never did. I would go soft and then after I would get hard and cum. I watched Karen fuck me. I watched as she watched it go in and out. I felt my ass open up for her and I felt like I have not felt in years. Karen kept putting KY on it and in me. Soon I could hear the sound it was making and I knew how it felt once more to be fucked like this.

But then something happen. Karen was fucking me and I felt like I was going to shoot. I have never did that. Cum when I was not hard.

"Karen! Please! Oh my I feel like I'm going to cum but I'm not!" I was going to say 'hard' but it never came out. The only thing that came out was my cum. I watched as I shot cum out of my soft cock and it felt great. I felt like hot lead coming out. It was hot and burned as it came out. My ass tighten up and I felt myself push off the bed. I could hear what sounded like a scream but didn't know if it was me. It had to be. I watched as Karen kept pushing and pulling on her strap-on. I felt it moving in and out and I shot off. To say that it was great is an understatement. Words can not tell you how I felt. I thought I was going to stop breathing. Her cock felt like nothing I have ever felt. I thought my ass was being turned inside out. I wanted to cry out her name but could not speak. I wanted her to do it more but kept screaming "STOP". I felt it hitting my prostate and push more and more out of my cock. My balls felt like they were going to come out of the end of my cock.

I watched as Karen kept fucking me. Her tits bouncing up and down as she went in and out. Her hands at my side. Looking down watching her fake cock going in and out of my ass. Seeing the look in her eyes as she did it. It looked like she was enjoying what she was doing. Then I felt her speed up. I had just shot all over and my cock was telling me to stop. My ass saying "keep going" I watched as Karen hit her top speed and then I watched her cum. Her strap-on had something in her end. It was rubbing on her clit. She was fucking her pussy as she fucked my ass.

"Oh fuck. Yes! My god! Yes! Fuck me! Watching you cum has sent me over the edge. Yes. Fuck me!" I would not have thought a girl could get off fucking a guy like this but she was.

She stopped. Looking up at her made me understand why her grandmother enjoyed doing this to me. I knew how she felt. I had fuck my wife many times like this and I knew how it made me feel. So in a way I knew how she felt. The power you have over someone.

For some reason I never left her room that day. Karen never went to school. In the days that came we would talk and then talk again. Some days she would fuck my ass off and other days I would fuck her ass off. I still go down to the club and see her. I guess it is the kink in it. Watching her dance and then getting a hand job from "B H" is still a turn on. A few times other girls have join in. But mostly it is just her and me. And then when we get home the next day is the same as today. Karen will fuck me with her ass and then fuck me with her strap-on.

I guess I'll have to write about them. Let me know how you enjoy this one. Should I keep telling you about what Karen and I do?

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