tagIncest/TabooGrandma Gloria

Grandma Gloria


Wow...........Let me tell you about the last few weeks. This was so totally unexpected and to tell you the truth, it shook me to the core. I have no idea where it came from or even why. I've never shown tendencies of this nature before and I don't think I will towards any other member of my family either. As you've probably guessed, I'm talking about incest. And the family member is my paternal Grandma, Gloria.

Throughout my tale, I make no excuses' and I certainly have no regrets for what happened. But as you read, you will certainly be able to see it wasn't a one way street. Grandma Gloria definitely started the ball rolling.

Gloria is my mothers mother. She lived approximately 70 miles away from our family home. We didn't get to see her that often, only at the odd family functions and they were few and far between. My parents weren't into that kind of thing. Only on very special occasions would they put out invites for a summer BBQ or any sort of party. Not that I minded too much. I couldn't think of anything more boring then sitting down with my lot trying to enjoy myself. I'm pretty sure that there a quite a few young men and women out there who know exactly what I'm talking about. I love my parents and siblings deeply, but they just weren't my idea of a social life. I suppose I'm a little different than them. Where they all have professional careers, i.e., Fathers a banker, my 2 brothers are accountants and my sister runs a high street mortgage brokers. Me, I'm just an ordinary building site worker. Rough and ready. I chose to be in this job. I am certainly not stupid or illiterate. I just couldn't stand the thought of being stuck in some stuffy office all day doing paperwork. I must admit, the idea of a nice sexy secretary nearly swayed me, but after leaving university, I had to sit my parents down and try and let them down gently. To say my dad was pissed off, and still is, is putting it lightly.

"All those years of education, wasted.... for nothing." he kept saying.

"It's no use dad, it's not for me."

I don't think he's really accepted it. More as if he goes along with it hoping I'll see sense and join him in the bank. Not likely. My mother just went along with my father, as she always does. My brothers and sister thought a little more like me. I should do what ever made me happy. They didn't understand it, but were happy for me.

And so I joined Campbell Construction Ltd. I was 22 years old and finally felt I was content with my lot. It wasn't long, what with my work and using a gym 3 nights a week, before I really developed my 6'2" body. Without trying to sound conceited or big headed, I knew I looked good. I had my share of woman and I'm sure somewhere deep inside, my father and brothers were quite jealous of my life style. Not that it was all wild parties, far from it. Just a damn sight more relaxed then theirs are.

After about 6 months, I was called into the office. There, contract manager, Mr Bolton told me that we had won a contract in a town not too far away from us. He said it would call for us to stay away from home for the duration of the contract and the company would pay for the cost of the lodgings. As it turned out, the town was where my Grandma Gloria lived. We didn't get to see her too often, but when I saw her, I liked her. We always had a laugh.

I phoned Grandma Gloria that night to let her know what was happening and at her suggestion it was decided that instead of travelling all the way home on Friday evening or Saturday lunch-time, I would spend weekends with her if I wanted. In fact, if I felt the need I could call and stay at any time I wanted. This of course suited me down to the ground. I wouldn't have to put up with dads hostile glares and condescending looks for at least 4 months unless I wanted to. And so I got my bags ready for Monday morning.

I arrived at Gloria's on Friday night at about 7.30pm. Sweaty and dirty, all I wanted was a steaming hot shower or bath. I didn't care which one. Just wanted to be clean again. As I drove my Golf GTI down through the driveway, I couldn't help but stare at the opulence of this house. Although not a mansion by any means, it was still very grand. It is what us brits call a Mock Tudor. Lots of pillars and big windows and doors. Grandpa Eric had died suddenly 4 years ago and had left Grandma quite comfortable. Not stinking rich, by any means, but more than comfortable. As this was summer, I was able to look around at the garden and could see that Grandma Gloria was either an avid gardener, or that she had someone in to do it for her. To say I was impressed, would be an understatement. I carried on my way to the front door.

Grandma Gloria opened the door even before the chimes stopped ringing. My first impression was 'Christ'. Before me, stood a woman I hardly recognised. The last time I'd seen her, she didn't look like she did now. I'd always thought my mother was a good looking woman (as far as mothers go) now I could see where she had inherited her looks from. Grandma is 61 years old. And I had to admit, didn't look anywhere near it. If I had had to guess, I would of said early to mid 50's.

"Bobby.........is that you? My how you've grown."

"Grandma, you look terrific. Really well. It's so good to see you. I'd give you a hug, but I'm absolutely filthy."

"Not for long. Come in darling. I'll show you to your room. It's across the hall from mine. Although this house has 5 bedrooms, only 2 have en-suites. Yours and mine."

I followed Grandma down the long hallway. The back view was incredible. Even though I was her grandson, it was giving me a tremendous tingle in my big balls. Grandma was wearing a satin bathrobe that came down to just above mid-thigh, below this she had incredibly really long legs accentuated by black 3" heeled pumps. I watched her arse swing before me until I started feeling a little guilty. She waited for me at the bottom of the stairs, smiling to herself. We walked together up the wide staircase and came to my room. She was right, it was directly opposite hers. Telling me I should be quick because she wanted to chat before she went out, she left me to shower and change. I quickly showered and after pulling my bags around, I found my gym wear. A grey pair of leisure bottoms and a holey grey vest top. They both seen better days but I was really comfortable in them.

30 minutes after she'd left me, I found her in the kitchen, sat at the kitchen counter on a high stool, putting lip gloss on. When she turned to greet me I was shocked. She looked absolutely stunning. Everything about her said class. And I mean high-class.

"Sit down love. I'll get you a beer. There's pizza in the oven keeping warm. Your mother said it was your favourite."

"So you've talked to mum then grandma?"

"Right, lets get one thing sorted before we get on. You are now 22. I don't need or want you to be calling me grandma, grandma Gloria, granny, nan, nanny or anything else along those lines. From now on you'll please call me Gloria. I'd like that. That's it call me Gloria. And what do I call you, Robert, Bob or Bobby?"

"I prefer Bobby. Never liked Robert even as a child and Bob seems so really old."

I watched as she walked over to the larder fridge. Bent slightly at the waist and got me beer. I tried not watching as the robe slowly raised higher up her thighs. I quickly got myself further under the table. I was getting seriously embarrassed. As she walked towards me I'm sure I saw a knowing smile on her lips. Did she realise what she was doing to me or what?

We chatted for a little while and she explained that every Friday, since her husband had died, her and 2 friends go out just to get the cob webs out of their system. Gloria said she'd spent a long time grieving over grandpa's death and Mable and Sandra insisted that after 6 months of grief, it was time to start living again. They didn't go out with the intention of meeting men. Just to socialise. That was why she was dressed as she was. I had real trouble keeping my eyes off her long legs. They were some of the most impressive legs I'd seen. Along the lines of Tina Turners. Very sexual.

"Oh well. Time I got dressed. The girls will be here shortly."

She leant forward and I was treated to a view of a really incredible cleavage. I'd been so busy looking at Gloria's legs I hadn't noticed the rest of her. Gloria had a very large bust. Had to of been a E cup at least. The bra she was wearing was doing a great job of holding her up. I finally took my eyes away and looked up to see Gloria staring at me. A sly wink and she said to follow her and she'd show me the front room and the exercise room if I wanted to use it at anytime, as I looked to her as if I used one often. I had to admit I was shocked that she had a home gym, but now I knew why she looked so damn hot. Even at 61. Even if she was my Grandmother.

We got to the front room first. This room was really plush. Big over stuffed leather sofa's and walnut cabinets. A large widescreen tv was fixed to the wall and a selection of DVD's were in racks along the wall below it. Gloria never said anything. We just looked around and then we left the room. Taking my arm, Gloria lead me down the passage until we reached a door at the far end. Opening a door, she reached round and pulled a switch. When I could see, I found a staircase.

"Sorry honey. We need to get a move on. I'm sorry to run out on you as this is your first night. But I did promised the girls. Down there is the exercise room. Make use of it as you will love. Also, at the far end, another door will lead you to the sauna. If you want to use it, just switch it on an hour before you go in. I normally do it when I begin my work out."

"God Gloria. Your home is terrific. I'm going to really enjoy staying here."

"Think of it as your other home. Here's a front door key. Come and go as you please. Now I really do have to run, it's nearly 9."

With that she reached up, cupped my cheek with her right hand, and kissed me softly on the lips. She quickly turned and I watched as she ran back down the passage. Her robe was flapping as she ran and I'm sure I saw the bottom of her arse cheeks as it lifted. I quickly reached down and moved my growing erection down and moved onto the stairway in case she looked round. I couldn't believe that had happened. Was I some kind of perv? "Christ" I thought, I was glad Gloria never saw it. I'm not a small man and if she'd of still been here, she wouldn't of missed it.

A quick look round the gym and sauna, to which I was more than impressed, I made my way back upstairs and followed the sound of voices until I reached the kitchen. There Gloria, who looked very classy and sophisticated in her knee length black dress introduced me to Mable and Sandra. They too both looked classy but not a patch on my grandma. The one thing I did notice, was that they to were both big busted. I didn't think as big as Gloria's but enough to have some really large cleavage. I tried not to stare.

I said my hello's and made my excuses saying I was going to have an early night. Gloria asked me if I was working tomorrow. Telling her I wasn't sure I said I'd see how I felt in the morning. If I did I'd leave her a note on the side. We said our goodnights and I felt all three of them watch as I walked across the kitchen until I climbed the stairs. As I reached the top, Gloria came to the bottom and called to me.

"Darling, I'm normally in by 11. So I'll try not to wake you.

"No problem. It's your home Gloria. Anyway, once I'm gone, I'm gone. It takes an awful lot to wake me. Enjoy yourself and I'll see you tomorrow.

She smiled at me and I saw her go back to her friends. It wasn't till I entered my room that it occurred to me that as I'd been talking to her, grandma had been staring at my lunch-box. At least I was pretty sure she had. A quick shake of my and I dismissed it. She's Grandma Gloria for god's sake. Maybe I was just horny. I heard the front door close and I was soon in bed.

I was suddenly awoken sometime later by an almighty crash. I quickly looked at my watch. It was 11.15. I could hear somebody in the kitchen. I thought it was obviously Grandma. but decided to check because of the crash.

I crept out of bed and dressed in only a pair of baggy shorts made my way to the top of the stairs. From this position I couldn't see the whole kitchen. So I quietly got down on the floor. When I could see, I could hardly believe my eyes. Gloria was in the fridge. Even to this day I don't know what she was looking for. I didn't care. You see, the only thing I could see was Grandma's arse staring at me. And to make matters worse, she was wearing a black thong. couldn't or wouldn't take my eyes away. And as I watched, her left hand came round and her perfect manicured painted nails scratched her left cheek softly. She then reached round and hooked a finger under her thong strap and pulled it out of her arse crack. I realised I was incredibly turned on and was pushing my erect cock into the landing carpet.

Grandma stood. Placed her hands on her hips facing me and looked around the kitchen. As she did, I looked at her. She looked so damn ass sexy. This I realised, was one hell of a woman. In fact more woman than I'd ever seen. Her large breasts stood out proud from her body and I could see the shape of her large areola's through her black lacy bra. I looked back up into her face as she sensuously licked her lips. She shrugged and for some reason that gave me warning that she was on her way upstairs.

I crept back to my room (grateful that the floor boards were sound) and slid back into bed. It wasn't until I laid down I noticed that I hadn't shut my door. It was too late now. I could hear her steps on the stairs. In the dark, I feigned sleep as I heard come on to the landing. Through slitted eyes I watched as 'G' gently opened my door and softly called my name. Choosing to ignore her, I never moved. In the soft light of the hallway I saw her smile and I groaned to myself as I watched her beautiful arse swing as she tottered across to her own room. The hallway light went off and her bedroom lamp came on. She too neglected to close her door. Just by moving my head to the side I could see her whole bed. The lamp lit up her room and I was able to see grandma bend and pull her duvet down.

Just by staring at her legs, I'd given myself another hardon. This time I thought 'fuck it' and gently touched myself. I couldn't believe that I was actually lying here, stroking my 10 inch cock to my own Grandmother. But to be honest I felt no shame. Just incredibly turned on. I was shocked to feel that I had pre-cum already bubbling out the end. I hadn't taken my eyes off 'G' and watched mesmerised as I saw her sit on the edge of the bed and open her bedside cabinet draw.

Her left hand was gently stroking the inside of her thigh and with her right she pulled out one of the biggest vibrators I'd ever seen. I judged it, from my distance, to of been 12" by 3" round. Big and jet black.

I was shaking with sexual tension and I have to admit, a little afraid. I closed my eyes. I had some really strange emotions going on. On the one hand I felt a little guilty and pervy. I, of course new that I shouldn't be watching this. But to be completely honest, when I laid here and rationalised through it all, it occurred to me, that if Grandma had closed her door, I wouldn't be seeing this display. The fact that she's family was the other obstacle I had to overcome. Even to this day I don't know if I did sort it out. Lust took control. I had also never before been attracted to older women. I'd been hit on by a few in my time but had never even thought about taking them up on their offers. Mind you, if they'd looked like 'G', then I think I probably would have. The state of my cock is testament to that.

A faint click brought me back to the night. I opened my eyes. Gloria was removing her bra. When she pulled it away, her huge breasts were finally revealed to me. They're the most exquisite pair I had ever seen. Not only big, but unblemished. They hadn't even sagged when the bra was removed. They were crowned by huge nipples. Grandma was obviously aroused because they stood out a good inch. And looked very hard. Her left hand came up and gently caressed them and I had to bite my lip as a groan tried to escape. Somewhere along the line, I had made up my mind to watch this through to the end.

In the darkness, with my hand wrapped around my cock, I watched as she placed the vibrator beside her on the bed and picked up a bottle of what I now know was some kind of oil. Unscrewing the cap, she bought it up to her tits and squeezed a copious amount over both. Using both hands she sensuously rubbed it all over them. Paying special attention to the nipples. When this was done to her satisfaction she picked up the vibrator and from the bottom, squeezed it up into her deep cleavage. Forcing her upper arms together, she switched it on and slowly fucked it in the valley of her tits. Her eyes closed and her legs opened almost immediately. Her spare hand came down to her knickers and slipped inside.

I had never seen anything so horny in my life. Pre-cum was oozing out of me and trickling over my fist. My cock was crying for release, but I was frightened I'd make a noise. I had to content myself to the odd squeeze.

Grandma gently laid back and bought her feet up to the edge off the bed. She still had her heels on. That didn't help. (Always been a sucker for high heels.) With her knees opened, I could see that she had 2 fingers inside her pussy. That didn't surprise me, as she was so obviously turned on. What did though, was that she was totally bald down there. Not even a patch on the front of her mound.

Gloria wasn't taking her time now and I could tell that all she wanted to do was climax. Her arse was lifting off the bed as she forced her long fingers inside her wet quim. She left the vibrator pulsing away between her breasts and brought the hand down to her clit. Both our breaths were coming fast and hard now. But she was definitely making more noise than me. When I looked up to her face, she was looking directly at me. I had a small panic before I realised that she couldn't see me. I continued to watch as her fingers pummelled her wet cunt and when she pushed a finger into her anus it happened. A long moan escaped her. Still looking in my direction she was biting her bottom lip and using the flat of her left hand was smearing her juices all over pussy. Her climax was very controlled and measured. I wondered why. The only reason I could come up with was because she didn't want to wake me.

I watched as her breathing slowly returned to normal and she switched off the dildo. It was then that I thought of something. Don't ask me why I did this, because I don't know. But I decided that I was going to get up and gently shut my door. But to make sure that I did it loud enough for 'G' to hear.

I crept out of bed and walked towards my door. Grandma was still spread out on the bed facing my door, I stayed to the side so that if I became visible at all, Grandma wouldn't see my still throbbing erection. I got to the door and peeked through the crack. Grandma had faced away from me now and thought this would be a good time. With that I closed the door.

I got back to bed and tried to switch off the images that I'd seen. I tossed and turned for what seemed ages. Finally, unable to get the images out of my mind and still with a throbbing, dribbling cock I masturbated. In the shortest time ever, I ejaculated. Cum burst from the eye, reaching over my head and splattering the wooden head board. I had never cum like that before. Regaining my composure, I reached down for my vest top and wiped myself down. With the amount of cum and sweat, it was sodden. Still with Gloria on my mind I finally dozed off.

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