tagIncest/TabooGrandma's Boy Toy

Grandma's Boy Toy


I was 18 and had finished my first year of college. I needed to make some money, and the chances of finding a decent job in my small town were pretty slim. So, my mom called my grandmother, who lived new San Diego. Grandma agreed to put me up for the summer and to try to fix me up with a job with her ex-husband's company. They made custom machine parts. June came and I took a Greyhound south to San Diego.

Grandma picked me up at the bus station. She was a good looking woman - - getting close to sixty but still with a trim, shapely body, big green eyes, and thick blonde hair. She'd been married four times and managed to live pretty well off the alimony from her last husband - - the machine parts king. We hugged and traded cheek pecks at the bus station and drove off to Grandma's house.

As I said, grandma was still a good-looking woman. More importantly, she was one of those older women who aren't about to go gently into that good night. She dressed well. And, she wasn't shy about visiting the plastic surgeon. He had been very good to her - - giving her nice-sized upright tits and a shapely ass. Grandma needed these because she only wanted to date younger guys. Usually, as my mother used to say, young enough to be her son but old enough to know better.

In fact, the second night I got to her house - - on the evening of the day her ex-husband reluctantly agreed to give me a job in his plant - - she and her current boyfriend were in the living room while I read a book up in my room. He was probably around 35, tall, nice guy, if a little rough-looking with his biker vests, boots, and goatee. I heard grandma whining something to him and then his gruff response. Silence. Then I heard him shout something. Pretty soon, World War III had started in the living room - - shouts, cursing, and then something hitting the wall and shattering. I heard the front door slam shut. Then, I heard grandma sobbing.

I went downstairs and she was huddled on the couch sobbing. I sat down next to her and asked if she was okay.

"I'm fine," she answered between sobs. "But that son-of-a-bitch Brian ought to get stuffed. That lousy good-for-nothing."

I asked if she needed anything but grandma shook her head and said she was okay.

"Go on back to your room Jimmy," she said, bravely smiling. "I'll be fine."

For the next week, every night after dinner, grandma would retreat to her bedroom and I would hear her talking on the phone to Brian. She begged and wheedled, she sweet-talked and coaxed. But, Brian wasn't coming back.

On Friday, I suggested we go to a movie. At first, grandma was reluctant. But, then she agreed. We headed to the mall, grabbed some food, and then caught a flick. I noticed a fair number of people throwing glances at grandma and me. She did too.

"You know, Jimmy," grandma said, looping her arm through mine. "You're a pretty good-looking young fellow."

I blushed. But now I understood part of what made grandma tick. She liked for people to see her with a younger guy because, I think, she thought that made her look more desirable. The older woman who could still snag a young guy. I certainly wasn't complaining. What with work and being new in town, I wasn't going to be doing a lot dating that summer.

Saturday night, grandma suggested that we go out for dinner. We dressed and returned to the mall. Grandma chose a pizza chain restaurant, and she chose a table right next to the plate glass window that gave out onto the mall itself. That way she could watch other folks as they watched us. This made her very happy.

After eating, Grandma suggested we go get a beer. When I mentioned that I was still only 18, she just shrugged.

"You look older to me," she said with a smile. "Come on, live a little."

We ended up at a bar-disco somewhere near downtown. The crowd was definitely younger. But grandma loved it. She was wearing a short skirt and a tight, lycra top that scooped down to reveal her abundant but not excessive cleavage. We had a couple of beers and talked. Then, grandma took me by the hand and led me out onto the dance floor. And, man, could that old lady shake it. She was rolling her hips around and wiggling her ass like it was 1974. I kind of rolled to the beat and took in the show. At one point, grandma moved up close to me and began thrusting her hips forward. She wore a kind of dazed expression on her face, looking at me but not really seeing me. I looked down to watch her tits jiggling and just as I reached out to pull her closer to me, she seemed to snap out of it. She gave me a big smile, backed up, and mellowed out.

We had a great time, especially grandma, who kept swiveling her head around to see if we were being watched. And, of course, we were. Lots of couples were giving us the eye, and I saw guys here and there running their eyes up and down granny's curvy body. We stumbled home sometime after midnight. Not used to drinking beer, I wobbled to my bedroom and fell on the bed. I was soon fast asleep.

This is about when things began to change in the house. For instance, Brian started calling. But, grandma either wouldn't answer the phone or got rid of him with a few curt sentences. Also, grandma started paying more attention to me - - asking me about work, asking me what I wanted for dinner, and asking me - - a lot - - whether I liked her outfit or her blouse or her shoes.

On Sunday morning, grandma asked me if I could wash her car - - a sweet Lexus convertible. I agreed and pulled the car out of the garage into the little paved area right behind her house. The southern California sun was hot and I wore a t-shirt and a pair of cut-offs. Just as I rinsed down the car and started soaping it up, grandma came out of the house. She looked hot. She wore a pair of really short shorts and a tight halter top. Her long blond hair cascaded over her shoulders. I took a good look at her body. Her tits were high and full and her ass was curved and plump. She had fantastic thighs. True, after a certain age, not even lipo can get rid of that little bulge around the midriff - - but grandma's body was as hot as any 35 year-old's.

She said she'd forgotten something in the glove compartment, and as I squatted down to soap up the back door, she leaned into the car, jamming her succulent ass right into my view. I swallowed and reached down to adjust my erection. Grandma stood up, winked at me and strutted around to the other side of the car. Boy, she loved showing off.

"Hey, Jimmy," she said from the other side of the car. "All done soaping up?"

I stood to answer her and was greeted by a blast of cold water. Sputtering, I dropped my sponge and heard grandma laughing.

"Gotcha," she said, holding the hose to her side.

I grinned and began sidling around the car. Grandma blasted me with the hose again as I got around the corner of the Lexus. Slapping away at the water, I approached closer. She was laughing and trying to squirt me. Finally, sopping wet, I tried to grab the hose from her hand. We wrestled back and forth and as we did, the hose managed to drench grandma. The water was cold. And grandma's nipples popped out against the fabric of her halter top. Grandma turned her back to me, laughing maniacally and struggling with the hose. I managed to reach down and spray her legs as she backed her ass up against my crotch, trying to push me away with her hips.

I was laughing too, but I was also getting very turned on. Suddenly, grandma dropped the hose and sprang around to the other side of the car. She picked up the soapy sponge from the bucket and raised it over her head, mockingly threatening me with it. I gave her a quick burst from the hose and she tossed the sponge. I dodged it and tossed it back to her.

Our water fight lasted about ten minutes. We were like a couple of kids playing in the summer sun. And, soon, both of us were sopping wet. Grandma was especially wet and soapy. Every time she picked up the sponge and dipped it in the bucket, suds flowed all over her.

Finally, I dropped the hose and made a dash around the car. Grandma laughed, and I ran up to her and grabbed her around the waist. She was still clutching the sponge.

"Now," I said. "I've got you."

I could feel her hips tight against my wet crotch. She giggled.

"Well, I guess you do. . . . Good god, boy, look how wet you are. Who's getting washed here . . .you or the car?"

I laughed. "If it's me . . I haven't been soaped up yet."

With a grin, granny began rubbing the soapy sponge over my chest.

"I know how to clean up a dirty grandson," she said, her grin dissolving into leer.

Still holding her by the hips, I leaned back to allow her better access to my chest and stomach. I could hear grandma panting. I looked into her eyes and then slowly, as she held the sponge against my stomach, I released her hips and began to peel my clinging, wet t-shirt off. Soon, my torso was naked in the hot son. Grandma looked into my eyes and then dipped the sponge back into the bucket. While I closed my eyes, she began running the sponge slowly and sensually up and down my chest and down to my belly button. She began firmly running the slick sponge in circles around my nipples. I moaned with pleasure.

"God," grandma whispered hoarsely. "You've got a great body. I haven't seen a six-pack like that since I don't know when."

I opened my eyes and grinned. Grandma was concentrating on my body. I reached down slowly and began to unfasten my shorts. Grandma's sponge stopped its motions. Her eyes were glued to my crotch. I slowly unzipped my shorts, pulled my briefs away from my hips, and pushed them all down to my feet. There I stood, nude, in the hot California sun, my thick, long, hard cock jutting into the space between grandma's belly and me.

She gasped. Then, she shot a quick glance up to my eyes. I smiled. She smiled and, ducking the sponge back into the bucket, proceeded to run the soapy sponge up and down my long, hard dick. I groaned. Grandma was panting. I pushed my hips out and my cock bumped against the top of grandma's shorts. She dropped the sponge and wrapped her warm, soapy hands around my dick.

"Oh, baby," grandma cooed as she stroked my cock up and down. "You are so big. Oh, wow."

As my cock continued to harden and lengthen, grandma's panting became even heavier and she began jerking my cock even harder. I felt my dick start tingling and, with a groan, I began shooting cum all over my grandmother. It felt like my cock had exploded, and I stumbled backward and forward as my dick spasmed in pleasure. Grandma squealed in delight as burst after burst of cum splashed against her wet skin.

With a final groan, I shot my last load and opened my eyes. Grandma was running her hands through my pubes.

"Wow," I whispered, barely able to talk. "That was fantastic."

Grandma grinned and looked up at me, the wet soapy water and my cum mixed together and glistening on her skin.

"Good lord, Jimmy," she said. "You never told me you were so big. I'm a sucker for young guys with big cocks."

I laughed and wiggled my hips. My soft cock flopped back and forth across my thighs. " "Gosh, granny," I said. "Look at you. I made you all sticky. Looks like you need a good washing too."

Granny laughed as I reached down for the sponge on the driveway. I dipped it into the sudsy bucket. Standing back up, I started pushing the sponge in slow strokes across granny's tits. She gasped and then reached up to pull the halter straps off her shoulders. Her two ample tits plopped out into the open air. I hummed in appreciation and began rubbing the sponge against her already stiff nipples. Grandma moaned and thrust her hips toward me, pushing her tits upward. I ran the sponge all around her firm breasts and then started to push it downward across her belly. Grandma sighed and reached down hurriedly to pull her shorts down. As she leaned down to push her shorts and panties down her thighs, her cheek brushed against my cock. She gave it a quick lick and then stood back up.

"Clean me up, Jimmy," she purred.

I stepped closer to her and jammed the sponge down between her thighs. She gasped. As I ran the sponge in and out of her crotch, grandma moaned and looped her arm around my neck. I began to frenetically rub her pussy with the sponge and she moaned even louder. She pulled our faces together and we were panting into each other's mouths. Then, grandma stuck her tongue out of her mouth and began wiggling it. I clamped my lips onto hers and we smothered each others' mouths, our tongues grappling against each others'.

Grandma moaned and wrapped her other arm around my neck, pulling me tight against her. I dropped the sponge and felt my hardening dick nestle up against her curly pubic hair.

"Oh, darling," grandma mumbled, pulling her tongue out of my mouth. "Give that hard cock to me."

I grinned and mashed my mouth against hers again as she dropped her hand to my dick and circled it in her tight grip. I pushed her against the car and, with another gasp, she leaned backward. Soon, she was lying on top of the car and had raised her legs up around my hips. Still clenching my cock in her hand, she pulled it toward her crotch. With a deep guttural moan, she guided my dick into her pussy.

I groaned as her cunt slowly expanded around my dick. With a grunt, I shoved my dick all the way in. Grandma grunted too and wrapped her legs around my waist. She tried to pull my mouth to hers, but I was enjoying the view of her big tits lolling back and forth across her chest and of my dick pounding in and out of her seasoned pussy.

As I fucked her, grandma whipped her head back and forth, moaning and then pulling on her nipples with her hands. Every time I plunged my cock deep into her, she humped her hips hard against my pubic bone. We were both grunting and panting. My dick grew impossibly stiff and grandma, sensing my climax, began to whimper and furiously bounce her ass off the car hood. The dam burst and cum began boiling out of my cock. Grandma yelped and pulled me hard and tight against her crotch with her legs. I ground out my climax deep in her pussy and grandma's eyes rolled up into her head. She clutched her hair in her hands and arched her back, gasping for breath.

My cock drained out into her, and I collapsed onto the hood of the car, my elbows planted on either side of grandma's head. She opened her eyes and smiled at me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pushed her mouth hard onto mine. We kissed each other deeply and passionately as my cock shrank and finally popped out of her pussy. She giggled when her pussy released it.

"Oh, honey," she whispered in my ear. "That was incredible. You are such a hot fucker."

I laughed and gave one of her nipples a twist. She gasped and smacked me on my bare ass.

"Come on," she said. "Let's get inside and clean up."

I stood up and helped grandma to her feet. She was a little wobbly but, finally, with a shake of her shoulders, she grabbed my dick and pulled me along the driveway to the back door of the house. I grinned and felt my cock stiffening yet again as I watched her round, plump ass jiggling ahead of me.

Summer had just begun.

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