tagIncest/TabooGrandma's Deck

Grandma's Deck


Gwen leans against the railing of her deck and watches the young men and women playing volleyball on the beach. She remembers when she was lean and firm like them. She remembers how Frank used to have such wonderful bulges in his swimsuit from just looking at her. She remembers the forty years they had together before he passed away a few years ago.

"Good morning grandma," Paul says breaking her from the trance like state and all of the grand memories. At nearly twenty, he is tall, handsome, and so similar to the young bucks of her youth. "What are you watching?"

"I was just watching the volleyball game."

"Looks like another beautiful day at the beach. Thanks for letting me stay this summer."

"My pleasure. It will be nice to have another person here."

"I know you miss grandpa."

"Yes I do. I was just thinking how we were once like those kids out there."

Paul stands behind Gwen and wraps his arms around her waist, pulls her closer, and kisses her neck. "You're even lovelier than any of those girls."

"You need your eyes checked. I'm just a little bit rounder than those busty babes."

He rubs his hands under her tee shirt over her stomach and squeezes a small handful of flab. "Not yet Rubenesque."

"Heavens no." She giggles while enjoying his flattering.

Paul's hand slides up along her stomach and his finger touches the bottom of her left breast, lingers for a moment, and then strokes the rounded underside. "Hmmm," he sighs.

"Well ... they're small enough that they don't sag very much without a bra."

He adds more fingers and cradles the orb. "Very nice."

"Guess I should tell you to stop, but that does feel nice."

A fingertip touches the nipple and circles the eraser pink skin. He kisses the back of her neck again. "When you would visit, I use to have dreams about you."

"About me? You naughty boy."

"Did you used to dream about me ... about me touching you?"

"That wouldn't have been appropriate." Her words in mock rebuff.

"You did, didn't you? Did you touch yourself and think about me?"

"Shush." The sexual repartee was thrilling her more than she expected.

His fingertip continues to play with the nipple. "I heard you last night. You were enjoying yourself."

"What do you know about such things?"

"I've had a few girlfriends, but none as sexy as you." His teeth bit into the skin on her shoulder. She arches her head backward. A slow moan flows from her lips. His hand slides downwards and inside her khaki shorts. "I can tell you're excited. Your breathing tells me you are." His fingers find the start of her hair. Lower they go and the hair is damp. "Am I making you wet?" His fingers find the start of her slit then her clit.

"Yes." Her hand reaches behind her and across the erection in his pants. "Is this for me?" Her fingers wrap over it. "How many times did you come this morning?"

"Twice, all as I listened to you in your bed."

She moves her fingers along the shaft up then down a single time. "Is there any left ... for me?"

"Maybe." He nibbles along her shoulder and up her neck. He pulls her around, kisses her. His tongue parts her lips and plays with her tongue. Her warm breath slips along the wet piece of flesh and into his mouth.

The kiss continues. His fingers fill her. Her hand again reaches into his pants. "My-y-y," she hoarsely groans. "My knees ... weak ... bed," she stutters and leads him with her hand firmly grasping his erection.

Gwen sits on the edge of the bed. Her hands grip the bottom of her tee shirt and begin to pull it up. "Let me undress you," Paul begs as he pulls her hands away. Her long curly graying light brown hair falls back over her shoulders as the tee shirt comes free of her head and dangles in his hand. "Lovely," he coos while staring at her.

She leans back on her hands. "Really?" she asks.

Paul drops the tee shirt and sits next to her. He unsnaps the fastener on her shorts while kissing a nipple. He pulls at the rear of the waistband and she lifts her hips letting the shorts slide along her thighs. "It's sexy that you don't wear panties." He slips the shorts over her feet and drops them on the tee shirt. She parts her legs and he drags a finger though the wet folds. "Hmmm," he sighs.

He kisses the inside of a thigh and inhales the fragrance coming from so near. The lick of the first drop of nectar elicits a loud gasp. "Oh darling..." Gwen begins and gasps again without finishing.

He presses her thighs apart. They offer no resistance. He lies with his head between her legs, his face hidden. His thumbs hold the opening apart, staring, savoring, and breathing in the aroma. His nose rests in a bare patch of skin, his lips drag along one fold of skin, his tongue now wet with her moisture. "Ah-h," he blows into the opening over his tongue as it laps again.

Her legs rise and part offering him more freedom. "Love me," she begs. "Eat me," she demands. "Yeah-h," she offers in praise as his tongue drags over her swollen clit. His lips wrap the clit and they pull it between them, rolling it between them, and releasing it. Repeatedly he does the same. "Ah-h," she moans each time.

Soon her crotch thrusts against his face. She grips his head holding it in place. "Oh Paul-l." The words drift over them, lingering as her orgasm peeks. Her crotch grinds against his mouth. His tongue thrusts deep inside her. "Oh Paul-l," echoes one more time before she begins to finish. Her arms and legs fall against the mattress. "Yeah-h."

He crawls over her crotch along her stomach until he shares her juices in a kiss. Their tongues rumble back and forth in a mad exchange of mouths. His cock knocks at her opening. She pulls back and stares at him. "Want me to suck...." She resumes the kiss. It is too late and he is fully inside filling her with his juices. "We need more practice," she whispers in his ear as she caresses his hip.

He lies atop his grandmother felling his erection return. Their lips comfort the other; their tongues gently explore their mouths. His hips rock, his cock slides. His hand rolls a breast over her chest. "Ah-h," flows into his mouth. Her left leg wraps around his back and her crotch rises to match his thrust. "Take your time," she instructs. "I'm yours."

His hand roams her leg wrapped around him and finds where his cock punctures her. He feels the joint wetness dripping towards the sheet. "Teach me what excites you."

"We have all summer. Relax. Enjoy." She continued to match his thrusts in slow measured movements. "You will last longer now that you've cum." She looked at his face and smiled. "Damn, you are good."

"Did you and Dad...."

She nodded for a moment. "Often."


They step from the shower and she begins to dry his back. "I dreamed about this." She kneels and absorbs his cock with her mouth. Long slow passages, the swollen head popping as it becomes free. She lets her lips hover before it and her tongue swirls around the rim, then the whole thing vanishes again.

He watched. "Ah-h," he groans feeling himself close. He feels close often.

She knows how to prolong things. Her fingers and palm massage his balls. A fingertip presses through the cheeks of his ass, touches his hole, rubs it, presses though.

"Oh-h," he gasps grabbing her head.

She pauses, looks up. "Relax." He tries. She fills her mouth again. Her finger is in to the first joint. He relaxes more. "So many ways to have sex." He relaxes more. Next joint. Her mouth sucks just the head of his cock. The fingertip massages his hole.

"Ah-h. Yeah-h." He explodes, cum drains from the corner of her mouth.

"Paul-l," she moans softly wiping the cum with a finger.

They shower again.


Undressed, they walk toward the kitchen. "You hungry?" she asks.

He holds her arm and gently presses her against the wall in the hall. "I'll never be full of what you have." His new erection presses against her opening. It offers no resistance to his entry.

"Fuck me in the kitchen." She pauses and sucks his lower lip between hers. "Fuck me in every room ... in every way."

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