Grandma's Dirty Movies


Grandma's hand was still stroking my cock as it began to deflate, and when I heard her sobbing I looked over at her.

"I'm sorry - I'm so sorry Jordan honey," Grandma cried.

"Sorry?" I replied, not understanding but needing to comfort her, so I leaned over and hugged her, letting her sob on my shoulder.

"I'm sorry," she whimpered. "I'm so evil."

"No you aren't," I insisted as I held her tight. "I wanted it. It wasn't your fault. I've wanted to make love to you all my life. If I didn't..."

"No," Grandma confessed between sobs. "I planned this. I'm going to end up in hell but I planned this all. I wanted us to - but when it started to happen I realized how horrible an idea it was."

"Grandma - please," I said. "I want to make love with you more than anything in the world. I want to do stuff with you like the ladies and the guys do in the movies. I want to put my cock inside of you and make you happy."

I stood up, holding out my hands, and when Grandma took them, I helped her to her feet and took her down the hall to her bedroom.


"You're so beautiful," I said as I sat on the bed, with Grandma standing in front of me, her robe on the floor.

She was naked underneath, and when I first saw her I nearly fainted. Such a sweet and delicate flower she was, except for her breasts of course, the sight of which did not disappoint me a bit.

No, she didn't look like the ladies in the movie, but she sure didn't look like a 64 year woman either. Sure, there were imperfections; her stomach was trim but not tight, her bottom sagged a little, and I could see a faint network of blue veins around the bottoms of her breasts, but she was perfect in my eyes.

Her breasts were enormous, every bit as big and full as Kay Parker's were, and their size was such that it seemed impossible for her tiny frame to carry them. The massive bell-shaped jugs hung down to her stomach, and the aureoals, a very faint pink, were as big as saucers.

Her nipples, almost invisible at first, began to blossom before my eyes, and when I let my fingers graze them they popped out even further. When I glanced up, Grandma was looking at me for my reaction, seeming to be relieved at how excited I was.

I leaned forward, burying my face in her cavernous cleavage, and when my hands came up to cup her tits I was stunned at how heavy the doughy globes were. It took both of my hands to handle one of them, and I held the breast with the two of them while bringing the nipple to my mouth.

"Your tits are incredible, Grandma," I groaned as my fingers sunk into the plaint flesh, and Grandma seemed to relax, bringing her hands up to her hair and letting her fingers rake through her own silver and gold locks.

I eased my grandmother down onto the soft sheets, moving her further onto the bed as I ran my hands up her smooth, slender legs before parting them. Her pubic hair grew in a wide triangle, but the hair was so sparse that I could see her pussy lips clearly, and the labia were astonishingly large, making me think I could bury my entire face in her sex.

I lowered my face between Grandma's legs, and the aroma of her pussy was intense. Easily the most pungent pussy I had ever sampled, but the smell only made me crazier, and when I started lapping at her clit she started squealing and squirming.

I brought my hand into play, squeezing a finger into her pussy. Grandma might have had large labia, but her entrance was tight. If I had to force a finger in, what would it be like to try and get my cock into her?

"Relax Grandma," I sat as I rose to my feet, unable to wait any longer. "Let me put it inside of you. I can't wait any longer."

My cock was hard, and when I brought it between those lush pussy lips and ran it up and down the opening that I had made wet with my saliva, I saw my grandmother's hands clutching the sheets hard.

Her breastss - they still looked huge even with her on her back - were heaving up and down and Grandma was whispering - chanting "Omigod!" over and over again while I pushed the head of my cock into her opening.

"Ow!" Grandma cried out pathetically, but her hands were grabbing my hips, not pushing me away but pulling me into her, and after the ridge of the head of my cock popped inside of her, the rest of me slid in, impaling her as slowly as I could manage.

The tiny woman beneath me was practically bridging her upper torso off the bed, and she howled while my cock kept sliding deeper and deeper into her tight orifice. As I saw her eyes rolling back in her head, a scary thought crossed my mind. What if she ever...?

I eliminated that thought from my mind quickly and concentrated on fulfilling my, and her fantasy. Pulling my cock back out just as slowly as it had gone in, I left only the tip in before plunging back in again.

"Jordan!" Grandma squealed. "OMIGOD!"

I couldn't look at her, because she looked so sexy as she went crazy that I was already fighting to keep from cumming. While I could force myself to not look at Grandma with those big tits rolling around on her chest, I couldn't ignore her hands scratching and clawing at my arms and chest, her touch making me a bit crazy myself.

If that wasn't tough enough, when I began to thrust into her harder and faster, the stuff that came out of my grandmother's mouth was so out of character that I couldn't believe my ears.

"Harder!" Grandma screeched. "Fuck me harder, Jordan! Stick that horse cock of yours in me all the way. Yes! Fuck my cunt!"

Then Grandma was cumming, which was a good thing because I could no longer hold back my own orgasm. So as Grandma screamed obscenities while her body convulsed wildly, my cock sent my seed deep into Grandma's womb, urged on by the savage way her pussy contracted around my dick.

Suspending myself over Grandma with my arms, I looked down at the tiny lady who looked drained, her chest still heaving as the drops of my sweat rained down on her. Her body spasmed a couple of times - aftershocks of sorts - and then again when my cock slithered out of her.

"You okay Grandma?" I asked meekly, and she nodded.

"So good," Grandma whispered, and smiled when I kissed her, and continued kissing all the way down her body, smothering her wet jugs with my affection, and even going down to plant a kiss on her plump labia while my sap oozed out of her pussy.

A lot of things in life, when you look forward to something so much, when it happens, there's a let down. This was not one of those times. It was better than my wildest dreams, and I think I realized at that moment that no matter how long I lived and no matter how many women I got to savor, it would never get better than this.

"You should be in those movies," Grandma said after I crawled up next to her and cuddled close.

"Only if you're the co-star," I said.

"Who would want to look at me?" she said with a laugh, and a thought occurred to me just then, an idea that I would implement later.



I most have dropped off for a little while, but waking up was fantastic, because what woke me up was Grandma's mouth on my cock.

"Grandma!" I said, feigning shock but enjoying the fact that she had my limp dick in her hand and her tongue was rolling all around the glans.

She hadn't put my cock in her mouth up until then, although we had made love two more times after our initial coupling. The last time I added a little spice to the mixture, with the addition of the video captured by my phone.

"Oh my stars!" Grandma had said when she saw herself on the little screen.

"I told you you look hot!"

"I look like a cow," Grandma replied as she saw herself on all fours, staring at the camera, those huge pendulous tits swaying down to the bedding as I took her from behind.

"Well, maybe I don't look as bad as I thought I would," Grandma said later as she watched the video again and again, fascinated by the technology as well as the thrill of seeing her getting fucked my her favorite grandson.

"I told you," I reminded her. "Just think of what we would look like with professional equipment, make-up and lighting."

Grandma had gotten a kick out of the thought of that, even though we were only kidding, and when I dropped off to sleep Grandma had apparently watched our little movie again and had gotten... aroused.

"Your penis looks as sore as I am down there," Grandma said as she held my flaccid dick gingerly, the reddish hue the result of thousands of thrusts in and out of her tight pussy.

"Feels nice when your wet tongue and mouth are on it," I said, brushing her hair back over her shoulder so I could watch her licking my cock.

"I don't want to get you all excited though," Grandma said. "I want to - really want to - but I'm so sore down there that I just can't."

I had seen the way she moved when she went to the bathroom before, walking like she was on a horse, so I believed her.

"You know, there is another orifice..."

"Jordan!" Grandma scolded me, giving my dick a playful bite at the thought of me taking her anally. "That would be the death of me!"

"Well, what you're doing there is nice," I opined as Grandma sucked on the knob of my cock tentatively.

"Been a long time," she said, looking at my cock that sparkled with her saliva.

"You're doing fine," I assured her. "So soothing. You know, if you wanted to, I could soothe some of your soreness away too."

"I'm a mess down there, honey," she said.

"I know. I helped make it, remember? I'm not afraid of it."

So Grandma worked herself around until we got into the '69' position, and I proved that I wasn't just talking as I ate her pussy like a starving man. We went down on each other passionately, and I got hard eventually, but wasn't sure whether Grandma was a swallower or not.

"That's it," I said after maneuvering my grandmother onto her back. "Squeeze those babies together tight."

I was straddling Grandma, and my cock slid in between those magnificent mountains of flesh, buried deep within her cleavage. It was wet and wild in there, and my cock slid effortlessly as we clamped her jugs around my tool.

Grandma giggled when I came, my sap tickling her as it trickled down from the valley and over her collarbone. Completely drained, I collapsed next to my grandmother, embracing her sweaty body with my own, and slept like a baby until the sun came up.


I spent another weekend up there at Grandma's in the fall, taking down the screens and putting in the storms by day. At night, me and Grandma did what we did best. We made love and talked about things that we never would have talked about before.

"Is she a nice girl?" Grandma asked when I told her about Cathy, a fellow student who I had been dating for a while. How is she in the sack?"

"Not as good as you," I told her, and when she she rolled her eyes I assured her that was the truth. "You're the best."

"So are you," Grandma said. "And when I say that, I mean it."

Grandma had a boyfriend. She was afraid I would be upset so she resisted mentioning it, but when she saw how delighted I was at the news, she seemed relieved.

"These deserve a lot of attention," I said while playing with her tits, kneading the doughy flesh that I considered national monuments. "Tell me about him. Does he like these babies?"

"Oh, he's a breast man all right," Grandma chuckled. "He's a younger man too."


"Yes. He's 53. I chopped ten years off my age when we first met so I wouldn't scare him off," she admitted. "Don't want him to think he's with a senior citizen."

"Told you that you could pass for younger," I reminded her. "Are you and him - you know - not that it's any of my business or anything."

"Well, ever since you re-lit my pilot light, I found that I missed sex, so yes, we are doing it. It's different with him though."

"How so?"

"Well, it's only once a night once a week," Grandma chided. "And after it's over with him, I can put my legs together."

"I'm happy for you," I said, glad that she would have somebody to spend time with. "Now you have two men fighting for your affection."

"Well, I suppose we could all fit on this bed together," Grandma said with a wink that meant she was kidding, or so I thought. "I wonder what that would be like? Having two men at once?"

"Maybe Cathy could join us too," I laughed, and Grandma laughed as well, but after she laughed she got this look in her eye.

"I was kidding Grandma," I added.

"I know," Grandma said, nodding in a way that suggested her mind was elsewhere. "I know."


thank you for reading

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