Grandma's Hand


Proud of myself for not only staying in my room, but also for only masturbating once all day, which was a record for me, I closed my eyes and fell asleep, dreaming of Grandma.

It was a vivid dream. I could almost feel her unsnapping my pajama bottoms, and it was as if her hands were really on me, stroking my dick and playing with my balls.

"How come you didn't come visit me, honey?"

This wasn't a dream. I was on my back, and my pajamas were open and halfway down my legs. There was a hand between my legs, cupping my balls, and there was someone in bed with me, on her hip facing me. Naked.

"Grandma?" I said as I sat up in bed. "What?"

"How come you didn't come visit me, Billy?" she asked as he hand came up from between my legs and eased me back down onto the bedding. "I was waiting for you."

"You knew?" I asked, staring up at the ceiling and the weird shadows that the moonlight cast up there.

"Of course I did."

"And you're not mad?"

"No honey," Grandma said as her hand slid down my chest, over my stomach and into the little nest of pubic hair above my dick. "I thought you were being so sweet to me, and your hands felt so nice when you would touch me. I was so ashamed of the feelings I have for you that I had to pretend I didn't know what was happenning, but I did know."

"Young men have needs," Grandma continued, her fingers down lifting my dick, which had gone limp from shock, and as she gently pulled on my flaccid organ I sighed.

"I keep thinking of you like a boy, but you're obviously a man. A very well developed man too, I see," Grandma said as my dick got harder with each pull until it grew to the usual length, which was nothing like she was describing, but maybe it had been so long since she had seen one, that a not quite 6" dick looked bigger than it actually was.

"Does this feel good to you, honey?"

"Yes, Grandma."

"Last night, I asked you if you wanted me to suck it?" she asked. "You never answered me."

"Yes," I managed to say, and then she was moving down the bed.

It was the greatest 30 seconds or so of my life, and it took all of my strength to even last that long. The instant I felt Grandma's warm and wet lips sliding down my cock, I was squirming, my feet digging into the sheets as I fought the urge to cum.

I actually starting babbling, "Cumming cumming cumming," before I actually did, but Grandma kept on moving her lips up and down so when I came, I came in her mouth. She choked a little, but kept on sucking, and I kept cumming for a very long time.

Then Grandma was up beside me again, asking me if it was okay, because she hadn't done that in a while, and wondering whether I was as good as the girls I had back home.

"I never - that was the first," I explained, and Grandma seemed shocked at that.

"I assumed that a cute boy like you must have plenty of girlfriends," she said apologetically. "Don't girls do that to boys these days?"

"Not to me," I lamented.

"That means you're a..."


"Oh dear," Grandma said. "I had no idea. I feel so..."

"I love you Grandma," I said, hugging her, and as our naked bodies embraced I thought I heard her crying.

"I didn't mean to - something like that should be with someone special the first time."

"It was, Grandma," I assured her. "I love you so much, and I think you're the most beautiful woman in the world."

"That's sweet, but that's silly," Grandma said. "I'm old and falling apart, but the way your hands touched on me those nights made me feel so good."

"Your body is amazing. I want to touch you some more," I said. "All over. Can I?"

Grandma nodded and then rolled onto her back, and when my hands cupped her breasts we both groaned. The globes were not very firm but the doughy jugs felt way beyond good in my hands as I kneaded the pliant flesh. The fat nipples swelled in my palms, and when I bent over and took one in my mouth it grew even larger.

My tongue licked all around the pebbled aureoles that surrounded her nipples, and I suckled on them like a newborn before moving downward, kissing my way over her stomach until I came face to face with her sex.

I had no idea what to do next. All of that hair swirling around her opening made it confusing, and the smell was unlike anything I had ever experienced. It wasn't a pleasant aroma at first, but it sent shivers down my spine as I knelt next to Grandma's hip.

"I don't - don't know what," I stammered, looking up the bed for help.

"Here baby," Grandma said, leaning up toward me and taking my hand. "Feel it? That's my pussy. Rub her finger in there. Make me wet."

Grandma Ada had put my hand between her pussy lips and was urging my finger inside of her. It was tight and not wet at first, but as she moved my hand around it started to get a little moist.

"That's nice Billy," Grandma said. "That feels so good to Grandma. Would you like to go down on me? You can if you want. Just lick me all over."

Grandma maneuvered me so I was on top of her facing the other way. In my face was her pussy, hairy and not very wet. I lowered my face into the jungle of fur, and just started licking.

Up at the other end of the bed, Grandma had me starddling her face, and I felt her mouth on my balls, sucking my nuts and licking the area right under them while her hand snaked up and grabbed my dick, which was nearly erect again.

Grandma was wiggling around while I licked up and down and all over her pussy, trying to stay in the areas that seemed to get her to squirm more as she got wetter and wetter, while she stroked my dick and practically inhaled my balls one at a time.

"Oh Billy!" Grandma cried out. "You're hard again already. Here!"

The next thing I knew, I was kneeling down between Grandma's thighs and she was guiding my cock into her pussy. It had happened so fast that I didn't have time to be scared, and suddenly my dick was inside of her.

It was wet and tight, and after I sank my dick all the way inside of Grandma I just stayed there and soaked in the sensation before joining Grandma's hip actions. Grandma was making weird faces and noises, and when I looked down and saw her squeezing her breasts I had to stare straight ahead at the wall so I didn't cum.

Grandma's whimpering and groaning turned into a scream, and then it felt like my dick was getting crushed as a series of spasms clamped down around my cock. I kept going, humping my grandmother while she came, and after she stopped convulsing she squeezed my ass.

"You want to cum Billy?" she asked, kneading my butt cheeks as she implored me to go harder and faster. "Cum for me baby. Fill my pussy with your spunk."

In and out I went, while Grandma kept urging me on.

"Oh Billy, your penis feels so good - so big inside of me," she moaned, and when I looked down and saw her kneading her breasts I lost it, arching my back as my dick spat inside of her, and when I stopped cumming I collapsed on top of her.

"Ooh!" Grandma Ada cried as my dick slithered out of her. "Not used to having a man inside of me, and you were so good."

As for me, I felt like a man for the first time in my life. I had not only lost my virginity, but had done it with the woman I wanted more than any other, and to my delight, the wasn't the end, but only the beginning.

For the rest of that summer I slept in Grandma's bed and wore Grandma out, according to her. She claimed that she wasn't able to handle me at her age, having forgotten how horny 18 year old guys were, but while we only made love once or twice a night, she was more than happy to use her oral skills to allow me release.

I went home to go back to college, but still managed to make it out there to visit her when I could, and whenever I did we made love like it was the first time every time. I dated girls back home, and even had sex with a couple of them, but it wasn't the same. Not even close Nobody was like my grandmother. I doubt whether any of those girls knew that while I was playing with their perky teenage tits I was wishing that I was kneading my Grandma's jugs.

My junior year of college I got a phone call from my folks. My grandmother had died, suffering a heart attack while shoveling her porch. When I thought of her passing like that, all alone, I felt guilty, because if I was there, it might not have happened.

Looking at her in that casket, it was all I could do the keep my grief from becoming even greater than it was. There had been conversations between the two of us about me living with her, but she always said that I should find a girl my own age and raise a family.

There was also the question of what my living with her would mean to the rest of the family, because while I was thought of as a generous and caring guy who happened to love his Grandma a whole lot and wanted to take care of her, me actually living there would raise more than a few eyebrows.

So in the end she was right to try and discourage that, but I wouldn't have cared what people said. I loved Grandma, and to this day although I've had a great life and several wonderful relationships, none were ever as special and none more erotic than those nights with Grandma Ada.


thank you for reading

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