Grandma's Remedy


"You know what Grandma really likes done to her?" she said, looking a little embarrassed as she bit her lip before continuing. "You don't have to if you don't want to."

"You know I'd do anything for you," I declared, so then she told me.

"Like this, you mean Grandma?"

"Omigod yes!" Grandma groaned as my tongue slid under her arm, taking a slow serpentine journey from just above her ribs up to the inside of her skinny bicep, finding out that her armpit was just as smooth as it looked. "Your Grandpa used to drive me wild doing that."

That much was obvious, because she was making as much noise as she had when she was coming. Her body was shivering and shaking each time my tongue went through her underarm, and her nipples were popped out like bullets, and felt just as hard.

"That's it baby! Suck my armpit. Bite it!"

What seemed weird to me at first was beginning to turn me on too. Not as much as it did her, but enough so that my dick was hard and pressing between Grandma's ass cheeks.

"Don't stop Dennis," Grandma implored me as she contorted a little bit more back into me, and without warning reached down between her legs, grabbed my boner and put it inside of her.

Inside of her! Not very far inside, because of the awkward position we were in, but I was no longer a virgin, and the head of my dick must have been in the right place because my grandmother was going nuts.

I wished I had a camera going to witness this incredible scene; my senior citizen grandmother making like a pretzel with her left leg raised and her right hand rubbing my dick into her clit while I was squeezing her doughy jugs and licking her left armpit.

For some reason at that moment, I remembered when I was little the whole family would play the game Twister and Grandma was never much good at it. That was something you would never believe to see her now, and her feral noises and dirty talk was turning me on beyond words when suddenly she let out a blood curdling scream.

Thankfully, what I feared was a heart attack turned out to be my grandmother having an orgasm, the intensity of which I could not believe, and even after we disengaged Grandma was shuddering and curled up in a fetal position.

"You okay Grandma?" I asked as I rolled over in the soggy bed and put my arm around her.

She nodded yes vigorously as she fought to catch her breath, but in a minute she was fine again, and although still a little frazzled she was her usual self.

"I'm fine," she insisted. "Sorry about all that. You were a virgin. Not much of a first time experience for you I'm afraid."

"Are you kidding?" I said. "That was unreal. I'll never forget this."

"You didn't cum though," Grandma said as she got up on all fours and straddled my crotch. "Let Grandma fix that."

Grandma grabbed my cock and slipped it into her pussy, which was dripping wet, and as I got enveloped by her sex and experienced the snug warmth around my entire cock, Grandma started to slowly rock. Her bell-shaped breasts swayed as they hung down, and my hands went up to knead the fleshy globes.

"You like Grandma's tits, don't you baby" Grandma cackled, leaning forward a little bit to help me. "Don't be shy about squeezing them. Grandma likes them played with rough. Pinch those nipples - that's it. Squeeze your Grandma's jugs."

"Oh, your cock is so deep inside of me," Grandma was saying. "So big and hard. Later, maybe you can put your cock between my tits and shoot your load all over them. Would you like that baby?"

"What's the matter Dennis?" Grandma asked when I nodded while biting my lower lip. "You're gonna cum, aren't you? Yes! Give it to me. Shoot your load into my cunt. That's it!"

My cock twitched inside of Grandma as it did what it was told, and then it was over. My spent dick slid out of Grandma's sloppy wet pussy, and soon we were cuddling again.

"Such a good boy you are," Grandma said before she dropped off. "So good to your Grandma."

We dropped off, and I slept like a baby until the sun started to rise. I looked over at Grandma, her silver hair all messed up as she rested on her back with her arms and legs akimbo and those massive tits rising and failing with her breathing.

I had to chuckle when I saw the purplish red hickey under her arm, which I must have done in the heat of the moment, but I remembered that she did ask for it. As I stared at those creamy white breasts, my dick started to get hard, and that made me recall what she had suggested I could do.

"Good morning," Grandma said when her eyes opened to find me straddling her with my dick between her tits. "Oh my. This is better than breakfast in bed. You gonna give your Grandma a pearl necklace?"


"You'll figure it out," she said with a laugh. "Let your Grandma help."

Grandma grabbed her jugs and their sides and squeezed them together while pulling them up, making my cock disappear in her now cavernous cleavage.

"That's it baby," Grandma cackled as she watched with amusement at me thrusting wildly. "Fuck Grandma's tits hard. Give me that pearl necklace."

I found out what that meant, but it took a while because I made it last, holding back until my dick was as red as my face, and while I couldn't see myself ejaculate I was able to watch the cum drool out and over her collarbone before trickling around her neck.

"What would you like for breakfast, Dennis?" Grandma asked while swiping her finger on her neck to gather some seed to put in her mouth. "Can't have this. It's all mine."

"Dr McGuillicuddy?" I said with a chuckle.

"No, that's for dessert tonight," Grandma said, giving me a playful swat on the bed as me climbed out of bed. "If you want to, that is."

"Can't wait."

"You know, you were cute as a boy, but you're even more adorable as a man," she told me as we headed for the kitchen, pinching my butt all the way the breakfast.


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