Grandmother's Sacrifice Ch. 01


I had just cut my eyes back to the hallway when I saw the hulking silhouette of a large man looming there in the doorway. I immediately faked being asleep. The guy stood there for a little while, I guess letting his eyes adjust to the dark. Then he bent down and moved towards my grandmother. I heard the rustling of covers and then a soft frightened murmur from Mehmaw, followed by a deep, gruff male whisper.

Not being able to hear what they were saying, I gathered up the courage to slip out of my bed -- careful not to wake my mom -- and crawled quiet as I could, inching my way across the bare wood floor toward a large stuffed armchair a couple or three feet from Mehmaw's bed. I crouched behind the armchair and listened to their conversation.

"What do you want from me?" my grandmother whispered harshly. "Go away! Leave me alone!"

"Jared said you'd do us," the guy said.

"Do what? What is it you want?"

"You know."

"I don't know."

"C'mon, cut the shit." I heard rustling from the bed, then a flash of white as he tossed his underwear across the floor toward the hall doorway. "Here, touch my dick," he said.

Touch his dick! Mehmaw? Jesus Christ!

"No!" she said.

"You want us to mess with your gal over there?"

"You leave her alone!"

"Then do it!"

After a pause, I heard my grandmother ask, "How do you want me to touch you?"

"Jerk me off." Jerk him off? Mehmaw? Jesus fucking Christ! "Put your fingers 'round the tip of my cock and move your hand up and down ... like this ... yeah but gentle. Loosen your hand up ... yeah, like that. Put some spit on it."

"What? No," she said, obviously revolted by the thought.

"Spit on my fuckin' dick!"

A moment later I heard her politely spit.

"No, c'mon, Jesus Christ! Put some juice in it!"

I heard her spit again.

"Awright, now move your hand up and down on me."

I heard the sound of her hand moving up and down on moist flesh.

"Yeah, that's it, don't stop ... yeah ..." I heard him sigh with pleasure. After a while, he said, "Good, now run your thumb in circles around the tip ... Ahh ... oh yeah ... ohh, that feels good, yeah, keep it up. Oh yeah. Now touch my balls. Cup 'em in your hand, squeeze 'em gentle, yeah ... oh yeah, like that." He sighed and softly moaned. Then: "Jerk me." Again came the sound of her masturbating him.

"There's fluid leaking from your penis," Mehmaw said. "Are you having an orgasm?" She didn't know about pre-cum, I guess.

"No, I ain't ready. Here, kiss me." The guy was starting to breathe heavy.

"No --" she said, but he forced his mouth on hers. She must've been stiff-lipping him, but he kept on until she yielded. I heard him noisily making out with her for a minute or so, moaning into her mouth. He started fondling Mehmaw's breasts through her slip, running his hands all over them, tweaking and rubbing the nipples around and around through the silk with the palm of his hand.

"Oh, what are you doing?" Mehmaw said. She sounded disquieted.

"Feel good?" the man asked.

"No," Mehmaw said, "it's irritating."

"Oh, I love big tits," the man moaned, grabbing two big handfuls. "God awmighty! You got some of the biggest ol' titties I ever felt."

I could imagine her large nipples stiffening, jutting through the silk. He sucked one into his mouth. "Mmmm," he moaned. And then he must have nipped her.

"Oh, don't, it hurts," she whined, "Don't use your teeth."

"This thing you're wearin' --"

"My slip --"

"Pull it up. I wanna feel you naked." The guy was getting himself excited just talking about it. Me too. There was the rustle of silk as she raised her slip up over her breasts to her neck. He resumed caressing and kissing her, then had her hold her arms up while he ran his hands all over, from her armpits to her breasts and down to her belly. He then commanded: "Take it off."

She sat up. Her huge breasts lifted up and thrust out as she pulled her slip over her head. I had never seen her naked breasts before. Even in the poor lighting, I could see they were humongous and beautifully shaped, with large, thick nipples projecting from the lower third of her breasts.

"Oh, you got some fuckin' rack on you, honey," he said admiringly. He hefted her tits and started slobbering all over them. "Oh," he moaned, "great big huge heavy titties." He was getting more breathless. "I fuckin' love 'em --!"

"Be quiet," my grandmother hissed, "You're squeezing too hard. Oh, you're pinching my nipples!"

He sucked some of her breast into his mouth.

"Oh, God, you're biting me! Oh please don't! Oh, what are you doing, licking me? Don't be disgusting. Oh! Be careful with my nipples, they're tender. Oh, don't suck so hard -- Ow! Oh God! Don't bite me anymore, please! You'll -- Oh no God!"

I heard him sucking her flesh, then he moved his mouth to the other nipple and gave it the same rough treatment.

"Oh! Why are you sucking me so hard?" she whimpered. He started running his tongue around and around the nipple. "Oh -- oh that feels so strange." I don't know if she was getting aroused, but I know I sure was.

Then he laid back and said, "Okay, jack me off. Yeah, yeah, feels good! Now touch me gentle behind my balls."

"Like that?" Mehmaw asked.

"Yeah, mmm," the guy said with a little catch in his breath. After a little while he said, "Awright, now I want you to blow me."

"I don't know what you mean."

I knew what it meant. I couldn't believe my ears. Mehmaw, with a cock in her mouth? I got so excited.

"For crissake, suck my fuckin' dick."

"I most certainly will not!" Mehmaw said sharply. "And watch your filthy mouth. You're in my house now, not a prison."

The man, in a harsh voice, said, "You better, 'less you want I should go over there and get your little gal --?"

"Leave her alone!" Mehmaw said, "I'll do it." Then softer: "Can't you have an orgasm if I just masturbate you?"

"Suck my fuckin' cock -- or else," he threatened.

In the pause that followed, I could sense Mehmaw steeling herself for the ordeal that was about to come. With her back to me, she lay on an elbow and her head descended, then began rising and falling rhythmically. I could just imagine his hard cock in her prim, warm, grandmotherly mouth. My dick got hard as iron; I ran my hand inside my under shorts and started touching myself. From time to time, I heard her soft slurping and smacking sounds intermixed with his heavy breathing.

"Oh fuck," the man moaned, "Use your tongue, lick it ... the tip ... yeah, like that ... oh God, feels good. Now kiss it up and down ... yeah, yeah that's it."

I wanted so badly to see her going down on him, but I had to content myself with just picturing it in my mind.

"Now suck me again but harder. Yeah ... Oh you old cocksuckin' slut --"

There was a quick plopping sound as my grandmother spat out his cock and whispered in alarm: "Hush your filthy mouth! You're talking too loud! You'll wake them!"

"Here, lemme feel your titties," said the man, huskily. Then, for the next couple of minutes, he must've been manhandling her breasts and I heard nothing but his occasional sighs accompanied by wet sucking sounds as Mehmaw serviced him with her mouth. Then: "Suck my balls."

Mehmaw reacted vehemently: "I certainly will not! I'm not an animal!"

"Do it," the man threatened in a coarse whisper, "or I swear to Christ --"

"No-no-no, just ... just spread your legs. I can't get to you in this position."

I heard her softly grunt as she contorted herself, laying her belly over his thigh, to take his scrotum in her mouth.

"Oh yeah, suck my bag -- oh!" His breathing was coming faster. "Now lick my balls ... yeah. Now run your tongue all 'round the tip of my tool ... yeah, all around like that. Run your tongue back and forth over the tip."

Mehmaw said, "There's more liquid coming out. Are you sure you're not having an orgasm?"

"I ain't ready to cum yet. Lick the juice, it won't kill ya."

"It's salty," she said.

"Put your lips just around the head and suck it. Okay, now go all the way down on it."

"I'll choke," she complained, but she tried doing as demanded, and it did make her gag.

"Move your head up and down."

Her head went back to bobbing again. I could hear the soft sucking sounds and the man's moans of mounting pleasure.

After a while he croaked, "If you keep that up I'm gonna cum in your mouth. Here, quick, lie on your back."

"Why? What're you going to do?"

"What do you mean, what'm I gonna do? I'm gonna fuck you."

"No!" Mehmaw exclaimed.

"Get on your goddamn back!"

"I don't want to have intercourse with you. You can have an orgasm, can't you, if I just keep on using my mouth?"

I heard her resume sucking him, and he let her do it for a while, but then he finally pushed her head away and said, "Get on your back."

"No, please --"

"Lie on your fuckin' back!" He pushed her over and forced her legs apart.

"Oh don't!" she pleaded.

"Listen, I ain't had a woman in five years. You're gettin' your brains fucked out tonight, baby, an' that's no lie."

"No, don't --!"

He got between her legs and rubbed the tip of his cock back and forth over her pussy lips. Then he must have stuck the head inside her.

"Oho, oh don't, don't, don't, no," she babbled, "I don't want you to.

I'm pretty certain he must've been the first man other than my grandfather to have sex with her. And here she is, my Mehmaw, being violated by a fucking convict! And I'm two feet away from all this, watching it. Jesus Christ!

"Oh, no, don't! Oh! Ow! Ow, oh you're hurting -- Stop! How old are you?"

"Me? I'm thirty."

"I'm thirty-three years older than you. It's like having sex with your mother. How can you do this?"

"My momma never had tits like yours," he said, and started humping her.

"Oho! Oho!" Mehmaw hooted.

"Shut the fuck up! Keep your voice down," the guy said. He must have been wild with lust. He began pumping her hard. "Oh shit, your pussy's so tight!" he groaned.

Little involuntary gasps escaped from Mehmaw with each thrust. He bore down on her, grinding. She moaned deep and low. He slipped his arms under her thighs and hiked them up to deepen his angle of penetration.

"Oh, what're you doing?" Mehmaw asked, unnerved.

He kept the backs of her thighs propped up on his chest as he went to work on her. He was getting all the way into Mehmaw now; I could hear his balls slapping against her ass. Whenever he bore in extra deep, her cunt made wet, rubbery, stretching sounds.

"Oho! Too hard - ahaaah! Not so hard! Ohh! Oh, you're too deep! Oh God! Too - unnh -- deep! Nunnhh! Nunnhh!"

He rolled her further up onto her shoulders, the soles of her feet pointing up at the ceiling. As he fucked her, she grunted and wheezed as the breath was squeezed out of her with each descending stroke.

"A-herrhh .... heh-herrrhhhh ... Unnhh ... heh-herrhhh ..." He was going into her nearly straight up and down, like an oil derrick. "Huunnh!" she gasped. "Ahaarrrh!! You're crushing me! Ucch! Huh-hurrrhh! I can't breathe -- eh-heh-herrhhh ..."

Her pleading seemed to only further excite him. He sank down into her extra hard, rotated his hips, grinding in deep, his cock going 'round and 'round.

Mehmaw felt it, all right. "Uh-hurrh!" she groaned. "Oooo-hah-haarrh! Oh God! Oh God! Errrhhhh-ah!"

The breath seethed between his teeth as he sped up his pace. The bed shuddered non-stop as he hammered her like a madman, accompanied by the sound of flesh smacking flesh.

"Unnh!" he grunted. "Oh -- I'm gonna cum --"

"Oh no-no-no, don't! Pull out!"

"I'm fixin' to cum a bucketful --"

"Don't --"

His body was wracked by a series of shuddering spasms as he began to spew his cum into her.

Mehmaw groaned as she felt his seed spurting: "Oh my God!"

Slowly, his spasms subsided. He lay heavily on top of her, not moving. I could imagine his thick mass of sperm pooling inside her. No doubt about it, Mehmaw was thoroughly defiled now.

"Get off," she gasped, "I can't breathe."

He finally pulled out and collapsed heavily beside her on the mattress.

I quickly scooted back to the sofa bed and got under the sheets beside my mother. At last the man got up and left the room.

I heard my grandmother softly sobbing. But then, almost immediately, another male form appeared in the doorway and without hesitation went straight to her bed.

I heard her say, "Oh please, I need to get up to douche --"

But he climbed on her and immediately entered her. I heard her small outcry of surprise, then the sound of flesh smacking flesh. I was almost too afraid to move from my bed for a closer look, but finally worked up my nerve I got and crawled like a commando back behind the armchair. A couple of times I heard squishing sounds as he fucked in the other guy's sperm, then I heard cunt farts followed by more squishing.

The man murmured through his heavy breathing. "Can you - unh -- feel me inside you?"

"Oh, yeh-hess," Mehmaw said, lightly panting.

After several minutes, I heard the man moan softly as he began discharging his wad, "Unhh! Fuck!" My grandmother moaned right along with him.

After he was through, he got off her and staggered from the room.

Another man entered and plunked himself down beside Mehmaw.

"Get on your belly," he said gruffly, "an' don't sass me. Raise your ass up, c'mon."

He positioned her the way he wanted, then commenced fucking her doggy style. He reached around, clutching her swaying breasts in his two fists, and roughly rode her like a bull on a heifer. I heard her grunt and groan.

After a while, he lay on his back and ordered her to get on top. I saw her huge breasts swing out as she ponderously swung a leg over to straddle him. She held herself open with two hands, then eased herself down, slowly impaling herself on his cock. He gripped her ass and began fucking away. He shifted his hands to her waist and pulled her down, burying his cock up to its roots in her. She tried to suppress her outcries.

A few minutes later, he said, grunting, "You work now, you bitch!"

She began rapidly rocking her hips back and forth.

"No, goddammit, slow down!"

She obediently slowed the pace, rocking back and forth, allowing his cock to explore every inch of her. And then:

"Keep goin' ... I'm gonna cum!"

"Oh no!" my grandmother gasped, as she felt him spurting.

After about twenty seconds of exhausted silence, Mehmaw climbed off of him and fell heavily onto her belly.

The moment he left, I returned to my bed and for the rest of the night I lay listening to the sounds of my mother's snoring mixed with the obscene sounds of my grandmother being raped. They let her go pee a couple of times, but as soon as she got back, they'd start in again. They fucked her six ways from sundown, using her like a cheap whore.

As dawn began to break and daylight crept into the room, I peeked out from under the covers, as the last of the bunch had her. It was the headman now -- Jared. Good leader that he was, he'd made sure his men had been catered to first. Now it was his turn, and he was making the most of it. He lay on his back with Mehmaw straddling him.

By dawn's early light I saw my full-figured grandmother, drenched in sweat, her once perfectly coiffed gray hair now matted close to her skull. Her big hips were pumping and grinding, her huge boobs swaying to the rhythm of their movements, getting pounded from below by his huge ebony cock playing hide-and-seek in her cum-oozing cunt.

She looked exhausted, delirious. He'd give her a series of long, sensuous strokes followed by hard, brutal, staccato jabs that had her swooning. Her chin dropped onto her chest, her eyes closed, while his big hands roamed her tits, kneading them, pushing them together. He strained his neck up to kiss and suck the thick protruding nipples. As he did, she looked down at him, lips parted, overcome by sexual heat.

He changed tempo, slowly running all the way in and out. Her head lolled, side-to-side. She bit her lower lip and swept her tongue across her lips as she rode him. He pulled her face down to him, mashing their lips together, running his tongue inside her mouth. Her mouth went slack, too weak to resist. Their faces deformed salaciously.

He pushed her back upright and gave her rapid-fire, hard pistoning strokes. A torrent of moans flowed from her. Now he pulled her toward him again, his face sandwiched between her huge tits. He sucked a nipple between his lips, then nipped it gently between his teeth. Mehmaw whimpered through her panting, her face flushed a deep brilliant red. I had never seen such an expression. Her usually composed and dignified features were distorted almost beyond recognition by her feverish sexual exertions.

One of her hands lay on his broad chest, the other on his hip, as she chunked herself feverishly up and down on him. I caught flashes of his thickly veined, ebony shaft, slick and shiny with her juices, sawing in and out of her cunt. She began making undulating hip movements, then rocked forward till barely the last inch of him was still inside, then leaned way back, engulfing him all the way up to his balls.

I watched, mesmerized as she reached back on his command to massage his swollen nuts. She became more vocal: "Oho ... oho-ho-ho - ahaarrhh!" A violent shudder went through her and her breathing became strained.

All of this, I now realize, were signs of her climaxing. After she came, her posture was limp, but then his continuous, non-stop thrusting got her revved up all over again. You could see it build, each time a little bigger. She seemed increasingly distressed.

"Oh," I heard her plead after one of her explosive orgasms, "Stop! Oh God stop! You're going to kill me! Oho!"

I must have witnessed her have at least four orgasms in rapid succession. No wonder she was exhausted, considering the workout he was giving her after she'd already serviced all those other men.

Finally, mercifully, his grunting began to crescendo. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her down as hard as he could onto his cock. I could see his entire body stiffen, then release in shuddering waves as he began pulsing his sperm into her.

Her body convulsed with the shock of his throbbing inside her. "Oho! Oho!" Mehmaw exclaimed. "Eh-herr-herrhhh!"

He grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her down to him, kissing her hard. She wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss, probably not even realizing she was doing it.

God knows how much cum he'd put up inside her. Probably enough to make a hundred black babies. A good thing Mehmaw isn't in her childbearing years anymore, I thought; she'd be knocked up for sure.

After it was all over, she lay sprawled across his broad chest, completely done in, her voluminous breasts spilling out between them.

He rolled her off him, got up, threw the top sheet over her naked body, and walked out of the room, his dark black back and buttocks still glistening with sweat.

I looked at Mehmaw. She was already sound asleep.

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